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  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    Puja procedure

    Worship byMantra-mudra

    There's been a request that I explain the mantra-mudra pujathat I do for mysalagrama silas.This constitutes the usual form of my daily worship. I offer upacaraslikesnana(bathing) and

    dhupa-dipa-puspa(incense, lamp and flower) in the form of mantraand mudra. ut on days

    when I resume worship after an interruption (for example, after a long !ourney), and on special

    holy days like "kadasi and #anmastami, I offer dravya(physical items). That takes more time toprepare and execute. $rila %rabhupada said that daily cooking and &eity worship should be

    completed within an hour's time. $o generally I try to keep to that instruction by offering

    mantra-mudra puja.

    The mantras

    There are upacaras(items of offering), thus there are offering mantras.elow is a list of

    * mantras.This list contains more than only because there are some repetitions. +hat this

    list shows is the order in which the upacarasare offered during thepuja accordingly, acamana(purification of the mouth) is offered at - different times (after the first time the acamana mantrachanges to idam punaracamaniyam, I again offer acamana.) /lso, at the end an offering of

    sarvam(all upacaras) is made to conclude thepujato each worshipable personality. In this way,

    though there are only upacaras, in the course of mypujaI am chanting * offering mantras.

    . idam asanam00offering a seat (all these upacara mantrasare to be spoken together with the

    mantrathat addresses the &eity, such as klim gopijanaballabhaya namah).

    . etat padyam00offering water to the lotus feet-. idam arghyam00offering water to the hands for washing1. idam acamaniyam00offering acamana

    2. esa madhuparka00offering a sweet drink

    . idam punaracamaniyam00offering acamanaa second time3. idam snaniyam00bathing

    4. idam sottariya vastram00offering cloth

    5. imani abharanani00offering ornaments*. esa gandhah00offering sandalwood and scented oils and purfume

    . esa dhupa00offering incense

    . esa dipa00offering a lamp

    -. etani sacandana puspani00offering flowers1. etani sacandana tulasi00offering tulsi lea6es

    2. idam naivedyah00offering foodstuffs

    . idam paniyajalam00offering water to drink3. idam punaracamaniyam00offering acamanaa third time

    4. etat tambulam00offering mouth freshener

    5. idam malyam00offering garlands*. idam sarvam00offering e6erything

  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    Outline of the steps of worship

    /t the start, I do a preliminary acamana, chanting the om apavitra6erse and doingpranayama


    I offer obeisances and wake Their 7ordships

    8ffering prayers to the spiritual master (Sri Guruvastakametc.) and %anca0tatt6a and 9are :rsna

    mahamantrasI clean the altar, change the &eities' water, set up thepuja items

    ;ull acamana(om kesavaya manahetc.), visnu smaranam, mangala santi, bhuta-suddhi,

    obeisances, om apavitra acamanawithpranayama mudra.

    +ith mantrasand sprinkling of water I draw a protecti6e circle around the place ofpuja, showkhadga-mudrafor dig-bandha(closing the directions), and purify e6erything within the circle


  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    /rghya mudra. /camaniya mudra.

    >adhuparka mudra. %unaracamaniya mudra.

    I prepare the snana06edi with a tulasi leaf and flower petals and then show cakra and dhenu

    mudras. 86er the 6edi I chant klim gopi!anaballabhaya namah eight time, counting the mantra

    on my fingers. Then I show matsya mudra.

  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    +ith a6ahana mudra I in6ite the silas to sit on the snana06edi. I do not physically place Them on

    the 6edi I meditate on Their going there.

    $howing snana mudras. The $$#$ silas are bathed eight times by mudra0mantra. I chant a 6erse

    from the $ri #agannatha0astakam for each bath.

    I prepare the throne of $$#$ for Their return

    after bathing as I prepared the snana06edi.

    9a6ing returned to Their throne, Their are

    dressed. ?astra mudra is shown.

  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    /bharana mudra. =andha mudra.

    &hupa mudra. &ipa mudra.

    %uspa mudra. Tulasi patra mudra (identical to puspa mudra).

  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    %unaracamaniya mudra. The general mudra again, now shown for


    >alya mudra. $howing the sar6a mudra, which is a gesture

    made with the right hand on both sides of the&eity, starting on the left.

    =ayatri (mula0mantra for &eity).

    Summary of the rest of the worship

    I worship the lotus feet of $rimati @adharani, which stand next to $$#$, with mantra-mudraof

    dhupa, dipa, puspaand mala. Then I chant 9ergayatriand offer prayers to $$#$ and $rimati

  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    @adharana together.

    I worship $ri0$ri 7aksmi0$esasayi by offering the same mantra0mudras as to $$#$. 9owe6er I

    do not offer physical naivedya. $ince $$#$ are the main &eities, all othersilasshare the physical

    naivedyathat They recei6e.

    I worship $ri =irira!a by offering mantra0mudras for bathing, dressing, ornaments,gandha,

    garlands, flute and e6erything.

    These pictures show the offering of tulasi that is made at the end, to all silas. I chant Tulasiprayers at this time. 9er lea6es are applied to each of the silas.

    9ere, prasadam from the snana06edi and the tulasi offering is placed in a brass pot that is then

    offered to $rila %rabhupada and $ri =uruparampara. =arlands are offered by mantra0mudra to all


  • 8/10/2019 Puja Procedure


    /fter the pu!a I offer a fire ya!na. ut this, too, on most days I do by mantra0mudra. Instead of

    physically offering ghee into a fire, I offer the @am0bi!a mudra and the dipa mudra to the ya!na06edi. The Ca!na0purusa silas preside o6er the fire sacrifice. /ctually, this ya!na constitutes the

    specific worship for these two silas.