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REDACTED From: Tom Lew [mailto: Sent: Sunday, 29 March 2009 2:25 PMTo: '[email protected]'Cc: REDACTED REDACTED ; ' '; 'David Dawkins' Subject:

FW: Insce matters

Stephen, further to past discussions I correspondence we are bringing ou an u date regarding a matter here regarding l~~nshl

Sunshine Coast Church

(Formerly Sunshine Coast Church ) in connection with Jonathan Baldwin,

a former youth Pastor whilst Pastor Ian Lehmann was the Senior Pastor. The case between Jonathan Baldwin (former youth Pastor) and fLA !(former youth member) has now been before the court.

Mr Baldwin has been sentenced to eight years in jail for what the courts say was "calculated" sexual abuse of a teenage boy which started at age 13. The court jury found him guilty of, the maintaining charge, sodomy and eight counts of indecent treatment of a child. Now that this has gone through the court and Mr Baldwin has been charged, there is a real possibility that Civil charges may be made. This would impact the Snr Pastor at the time, Pastor Ian Lehmann and alsolSunshine Coast Church I

I am making you aware of the situation and await your instructions on what steps if any we should be taking going forward.

Regards Tom Lew


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