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Deck covering a few of the gotchas that I've found building Visualforce pages to run inside Salesforce1 and some of the workarounds I've found.


  • 1. Keir Bowden, CTO BrightGen @bob_buzzardSalesforce1 For Visualforce Developers

2. Accessing Visualforce Mark page as mobile Classic in Spring 14 Create Tab Add to Mobile Navigation 3. Accessing Visualforce Appears in menu Available in app 4. Unsupported Elements Anything outside the Apex namespace E.g. 5. Unsupported Elements If it creates a widget Use HTML5 type attribute Let the browser provide the widget Suitable touch keyboard No type for lookups! 6. Example Types type=date type=number 7. JavaScript Object In app navigation Visualforce knows it is in Salesforce1 Installed or HTML5? Inspect user-agent on iOS Risky see Dolphin browser 8. Click event is Slow Webkit waits 300ms for double click Use touch events instead Support is patchy: JavaScript libraries e.g. Event, Zepto 9. is your Friend 10. Child Browser External links child browser Internal links current page child browser iOS only! 11. iPhone App Rotation 12. Using Child Browser 13. List Jumping Worse with bootstrap! 14. Using Child Browser 15. Bootstrap Responsive Tables Text wrapsResponsive Table - scrolls 16. Default Behaviour 17. Using Child Browser 18. is your Enemy 19. Detecting 20. Android does nothing! External links open in browser Responsive tables behave correctly 21. Truly mobile pages (non-WIFI) 22. Best Practice Avoid - viewstate! Avoid round trips Single page application Business Logic in JavaScript Remoting or REST API 23. Q&A