starpoint resort group shares las vegas activities

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  1. 1. Las Vegas Activities For Travelers Shared By Starpoint Resort Group When you are headed to Las Vegas for your next vacation, Starpoint Resort Group wants to make sure that you can have an unbelievable trip.
  2. 2. Starpoint Resort Group knows that Las Vegas is one of the most extraordinary destinations in the United States and it is a great choice for those who love top of the line entertainment, dining, and thrills. A city with a hundred different kinds of entertainment, Las Vegas will keep you endlessly engaged, especially when you try these activities.
  3. 3. HEAD TO THE LAKE When you visit in the summer months, and want to spend a day away from The Strip, Starpoint Resort Group recommends heading to Lake Mead. Just a short way away from the lights and shows, it is great to cool off in the waters or have a day of thrills when you try jet skiing, or boating. This makes a great day trip during a Las Vegas vacation, especially if you are planning on staying in Las Vegas for a while.
  4. 4. GET DIFFERENT VIEWS OF THE CITY When you visit Las Vegas, Starpoint Resort Group knows that there are many sides of Las Vegas that many do not fully appreciate. Seeing the city from above when visiting the Stratosphere or another high attraction will give you some astounding views. If you want to people watch, try sitting at an outdoor caf to see a variety of visitors and street performers as they walk by. Make sure that you are able to appreciate Las Vegas in every way.
  5. 5. APPRECIATE SOME ART Las Vegas is known for entertainment, but it also has a thriving art scene. Starpoint Resort Group encourages you to visit the arts district to see the many galleries and art shops that are found there. Visit during first Fridays to enjoy late access to these.
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