studio photography, part 1

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1. STUDIOPHOTOGRAPHYHAMIZAH BINTI EMRANJONES JOYNER JUGAHKHAIZATUL AKHMAR BINTI AMAN 2. WHAT IS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY? A studio is an artist's or worker's workroom, or the catchallterm for an artist and their employees who work within thatstudio. A photographic studio is a business owned and representedby one or more photographers, possibly accompanied byassistants and pupils, who create and sell their own andsometimes others' photographs. 3. STUDIO EQUIPMENTS 4. C-STAND Metal stand that holds items in place Important to use (instead of having someone holdthe reflector or light) because youre sure wanteverything is exactly the same each time you shoot 5. CUTTER (AKA FLAG) An opaque device placed in front of a light sourcethat cuts/reduces the light Works best when placed close to the subject ratherthan close to the light 6. Net or Scrim Grid spot A net or screen-likematerial that reduces theamount of light Can me metal (hot lights)or fabric (strobes) Changes the amount oflight, but not the quality ofit A honey-combed grid thatfits over a strobe reflectorlight to focus the lightinto a spot 7. Barn Doors Soft Box Black metal flaps (doors)that changes the shape oflight source Used with hot or othertypes of focused lightsources A box with black sides &soft diffused material onthe end that fits over alight source (not hot light) Modifies the light sourceinto very soft diffused butdirectional window light The larger the box, thesofter the light 8. Cookie Silk Device that is placed infront of hard light sourceto break up the light Can be solid with cut-outsor celo made of screen A device of diffusedmaterial that softens &reduces the light Works best when placedclose to the subject ratherthan close to the light 9. REFLECTOR Any method of reflectingthe light source Can be a matte foam coreboard for difficult light anda mirror for very hard,directing light The metal collar thatsurrounds a strobe light iscalled a reflector itreflects & directs the lightfrom the head 10. Snoots Umbrella Black metal tube thatchanges the shape of alight source A light modifier that can worksimilar to a soft box, but lessdirectional Can shoot through the silk of awhite umbrella, or bounce off ofa black exterior with silver/whiteinterior 11. TYPES OF LIGHT 12. TECHNIQUESBasic Lighting Techniques (1).mp4