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General quiz

A famous Hollywood actress has this tattoo on her left arm depicting Co-ordinates of some fixed points.Identify the actress and the significance of the tattoo.Q1.Q2.

In the earliest depictions, X was said to be a stable transuranic element (element 126) that finally decays to iron. This notion was later changed when X came to be known as the ore form of a radioactive element; an alloy made up of 15.08% plutonium, 18.06% tantalum, 27.71% xenon, 24.02% promethium, 10.62% dialium, 3.94% mercury, and 0.57% of an unknown substance. What is X?

Progressive cluesrulesThere will be a series of 3 clues displayed one after the other.If the team answers after the first clue then it gets 20 points,Second clue fetches 10 points.Third clue fetches 5 points.Teams can make one attempt per clue, if it is wrong or they wish to pass then they move on to the next clue.The team must wait at least 10 sec before giving an answer at the time when the question is open for pounce so as to allow the other teams time to write their answer.When the first clue is displayed, the other 5 teams can bang the table and make an attempt to answer by writing it on the sheet of paper. Correct attempt +20, incorrect attempt -10Q11. I was originally named Mortimer and born on 18 November, 1928.Q1I was originally named Mortimer and born on 18 November, 1928.

I first appeared in the movie 'Steamboat Willie'.

Q1I was originally named Mortimer and born on 18 November, 1928.

I first appeared in the movie 'Steamboat Willie'.

I was created by Walt Disney.MICKEY MOUSEQ9.

X has its origins as a commercial slogan for Pepsi advertisement in 1998, at JWT by Anuja Chauhan who eventually became Vice President and Executive Creative Director at JWT, Delhi, and author of books like, The ZoyaFactor(2008). Thereafter it soon gained mass popularity, and became a battle slogan andrallying cry, first used by Capt. Vikram Batra, an officer of the Indian Army, during the 1999 Kargil War and widely reported in the media. ID X


This logo was used in the advertisement of which famous line of branded clothing?Q11.What is the significance of this image in our everyday life?


When requested to make an appeal for funds for the 1932 Olympic hocket team, which famous Indian is believed to have asked, 'What is hockey?' ?Q13.

In 1791 a Dublin theater owner named James Daly made a bet that he couldintroduce a word into the language within twenty-four hours. He then went out and hired a group of street urchins to write the word "X", which was a nonsense word, on walls around the city of Dublin. Within a day, the word was common currency and had acquired a meaning (since no one knew what it meant, everyone thought it was some sort of test) and Daly had some extra cash in his pocket. However, there is no evidence to support the story, and the term was already in use before the alleged bet in 1791.

Which word??Q14.

Xs parents had named him Y, a legend in his own field. Coincidentally enough, he married a woman having the same name as the wife of Y.

He featured in a kids programme called Wonder Balloon on Doordarshan in1980. Playing four keyboards on TV was an exhilarating experience for him and people began to recognise him.

A Hindu by birth, X converted to Islam when a Pir called Sheikh Abdul Qadir cured his sister from a fatal illness.

Identify X and Y.Q15. The first installment of this video game was released in 1993. While subsequent installments had names such as X-95, X-98, this first installment was not called X-93 but something else.This product was revolutionary in a sense that it shifted the paradigm of how such products were designed and what technology was used. Over the years, minor and major improvements in quality and appearance have pushed this product to the very top. There has however been stiff competition from at least one another company that makes such a product, and the two rival products have staunch supporters and detractors. While both these companies battle rampant piracy, the former has an advantage over the masses due to its extensive licensing rights that provides users with an original experience.Which two companies and products am I talking about?


During the Mughal period ,it was used like a cloth to wipe off excess oiloff the hands after the completion of an oil rich food laden with meat and fat. It also occupied a unique place in the Emblem of the royalty of Oudh under the control of Mughals.

What is being talked about?


The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word meaning "insolence", "cheek or "audacity". The modern English usage of the word has taken on a broader meaning, having been popularized through vernacular use in film, literature, and television. The word is sometimes interpretedparticularly in business parlance as meaning the amount of courage, mettle or ardor that an individual has. In Hebrew, It is used indignantly, to describe someone who has overstepped the boundaries of accepted behaviour. In traditional usage, the word expresses a strong sense of disapproval, condemnation and outrage.

ID the good word which has made significant role in the film Haider.



Mocking BirdWood BreakerEgg BeaterGlass JawParabeakKamikazeQ19.



An Interesting Exchange between Two Geniuses:

X to Y: What I most admire about your art. You don't say a word, and the rest of the world understands you.

Y to X: It is true. But your glory is even greater !! The whole world Admires you, even though they don't understand a word of what you say!!

ID X and Y.


Connect with reference to south India:

Circle2 concentric circlesEllipsoidQ22.

When first shown on TV nobody took this genre of TV series seriously. But few companies like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate - Palmolive, and Lever brothers took a risk in sponsoring them. Later it became a great hit and the genre got its name from its sponsors, which is used even today. Identify the name?Q23. The name of this fruit derives from the medieval Latin for seeded apple. This has influenced its common name in many languages, for instance, granada in Spanish, Granatapfel or Grenadine in German, and grenade in French. Interestingly, the French term grenade has also given its name to the military grenade since soldiers commented on the similar shape of early grenades and the name entered common usage. Which fruit am I talking about?Q24. Which immensely significant event in which apart from this person popularly associated with it, 80 others took part, happened along this route?

Q25. Back in the day, animation was an artists job, and not a computers.

Every tiny detail of a cartoon individual had to be drawn painstakingly and meticulously some 30 to 40 thousand times, and omitting some small details or altering them to make things easier to draw would not only make cartoonists breathe a sigh of relief but also potentially saved millions of dollars in man hours.

This is the popular explanation bandied about by people when trying to explain a certain characteristic shared by many cartoons (This is the norm rather than the exception even now, when animation is computer dominated). So much so, that in The Simpsons, God is the only character not to share this characteristic.

What am I talking about?Q26. If you are a woman from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad or Myanmar, what can you no longer do that can be done by women from all other countries in the world? Q27. Currently any individual can ask Google to erase certain search results under the right to be forgotten concept which has been upheld in European law.Using this to his advantage is X, about whom a leading newspaper Lavenir claims that he has asked Google to erase all references to his poor performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup from their search engineAccording to Lavenir, X has filled in the online forms to ensure his poor performance is not featured high on Google and the request is being processed. Apparently, X is keen to remove any references to a score lower than 4/10 for his performance. And, does not want Google to show results where he is named as one of the flops of the World Cup.Who Is the guy to put in this bizarre request? Q28. These pictures together comprise of something which is the only one of its kind present in the world. What do they together represent?

Bet it to win it

Rules When a question is asked to a particular team, the other 5 teams can bang the table and make an attempt to answer.They have to write the answer on the given sheet of paper. Blurting it out will result in penalty.Pounce worth +20/-10Direct question worth +10/0Team has to wait at least 10 seconds before answering the direct question so as to give an opportunity to other teams to bang.Question passes to other remaining teams in case of incorrect answer.Passed question worth +5/0

pick a question Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5




Q21Q22Q23Q24Q25Q26Q27Q28Round 3ANGELINA JOLIEHome


HomeSailors wearing eye-patch to cover one eyeHomeeagleApolloImage of George bush with neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins

Moon landingHomeBHAGAT SINGH

HomeIt led to the introduction of toilets on trains.

There were no toilets in any class of Indian railways by 1909. Babu Okhil Chandra Sen shot this complaint letter to the Transport Superintendent at Sahibaganj, following which toilets were installed in all classes.HomeNobel Peace Prize

HomeJESSE OWENSHomeYEH DIL MANGE MOREHomeLEVIS LOW WAIST JEANSHomeThis image of Mahatma Gandhi is used on currency notes.

HomeMahatma GandhiHomeQUIZHomeX AR REHMANY DILIP KUMAR HomeFIFA by EA SPORTSPro Evolution soccer by konamiHomeRumali RotiHomeChutzpaHome

Egg BeaterGlass JawKamikazeParabeakWood BreakerMocking BirdHomeProgramming LanguagesHomeX Albert Einstein

Y Charlie ChaplinHomeCircle - Idlis

Concentric Circles Vada

Ellipsoid - DosaHomeSoap operasHomepomegranateHomeDandi marchHomeHaving 3 or 4 fingers instead of 5.Marry a man from Saudi arabiaHomeHomeEden hazardHomeSweden Solar System The only to scale model of the solar system with the ratio of 1 : 200 million.rulesEach question is open to all the teams and betting is compulsory.A team can bet a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20.Teams write the answer on a sheet of paper.Points awarded: total points bet / no. of correct answersIn case of no correct answer, the points are returned to the teams with no deductions. Home