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  • 1. re-inventing taxiTaxibeat Ltd. Sina 11 Athens, Greece
  • 2. the taxi market is not a real market
  • 3. broken
  • 4. a market exists where choice isavailable, based on informationthe absence of choice and information leads to a broken taxi industry: bad service, invisible taxis, disappointed customers
  • 5. problem1 information gap cabs under-utilize ride time while customers are available2 lack of choice cabs are stumbled upon and hailed not selected3 no incentive for dierentiation drivers do not gain loyalty by better service, customers cannot reward good drivers
  • 6. the founding teamNick DrandakisFounder - CEOKostis SakkasCo-founder, Web Developer launchNick DamilakisCo-founder, iPhone developerMichael SctosDesign, UI/UX
  • 7. how do we do it?Two mobile applications (one for drivers, one for passengers), enable them to connect in real time and make a transaction.
  • 8. basic workowhow can I nd a taxi? who to hail? on what criteria? Taxibeat app locates Apart from ratings, customer Information to be used as passenger who taps sees every possible detail criteria include rating, Search about each available driver. All distance, services oered (eg in one screen to choose from. wi), car model, languages spoken etc.
  • 9. basic workowwhere is my driver? did my driver arrive? can I rate my driver? Passenger sees the hailed Taxibeat sends a push Customer rates the driver, thedriver while approaching on notication when the driver rating becomes available to all the the map. arrives at pickup location other customers in the future.
  • 10. platformsAndroid iPhone Web watch the promo video at:
  • 11. whats unique about Taxibeat? Taxibeat is changing the way people use taxis in cities, by doing we create two basic things:a marketplace Taxi Discovery: makes it easy for people to locate all nearby taxis, choose and hail the one that they want, with a tap on a smartphone (or a click on a pc). for taxi Taxi Choice: Introduces a reputation mechanism between services passengers and taxi drivers, which eventually leads to the formation of a high quality taxi fleet in each city.
  • 12. traction results of 12 months in market1250 drivers 75% rst time users repeat usage double rides every two months 66,5% of rides are rated by users average rating per ride: 4,83 75% of rst users make more than 1 ride 45% of rst users make more than 5 rides
  • 13. emergent benets a bigger change underway in the Athens taxi industry after the Taxibeat launchcustomers getting consistently aboveaverage taxis at the usual price, happyto be able to inuence the taxi servicequality drivers competing by adding new services (onboard wi, entertainment, facilities, etc), improving their behavior
  • 14. engagement
  • 15. global expansion
  • 16. thank youNick Drandakis | |