the scary episode: top issues in email that freak u out

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Top Issues in Email Marketing that Freak You OutYour

Jenny Lassi has been affiliated with HighRoad Solution for 8 years first as a client and then as an employee. With experience handling deployments and deliverability for a wide range of clients with optimized recipient engagement top-of-mind, Jenny routinely trouble shoots deliverability issues from ISP level filtering to email client level filtering (email Forensics as she refers to them). She also consults with clients on authentication, content, content strategy, email preference center management & other deliverability optimization tactics.Todays Contentwww.highroadsolution.comFreakyKinda FreakyShouldnt be FreakyResources

Email or do not email there is no try. 4Im sending to all subscribers to invite them to our event and got the worst deliverability everOMG!4Improvement OpportunitiesAdjust time period of campaignsRun full list through email validation tool first to weed out bad email addressesSend in batched deployments versus in one deploymentMake sure your delivery config is up to snuff like DKIM/SenderIDwww.highroadsolution.com6I think my list is correct and all content in my email but having Send Live Message button anxiety! Mommy!6Improvement OpportunitiesRelax its just emailIf there is a mistake, you can use sent message metrics to segment out engaged subscribers and resent correctionsYou can verify your list prior to send by comparing AMS data to Segment data

www.highroadsolution.com8I know our Members put in their correct email address but theyre invalid nowpffft!8Improvement OpportunitiesSpot check the email address for obvious mistakesUse the systems Invalid syntax report during import processReview the bounce logs routinely to look for ISP issues that may have invalidated the recordwww.highroadsolution.com10People are on the opt-out list that never went to our epchmmmmm!10Improvement OpportunitiesInclude an unsubscribe link in the email pre-header area tooMake sure there is an easy to see way to manage preferences or unsubscibeAlways honor the unsubscribe when launching

15Why did my email say Dear Olson when the first name was Robert??? Grrrrr15Improvement OpportunitiesMap first name and last name correctly but spot check several records in HighRoadIf importing multiple columns, save as .txt file versus .csv in case any cell values have a comma in themMake sure your email message body is using the correct tag

18Ugh my responsive template isnt being responsive!!!18Improvement OpportunitiesProof the original HTML code to ensure the tags are in the correct orderAlways use the correct workflow process when adding your content to the template Word>Notepad>Control C>control V before you delete placeholder contentwww.highroadsolution.comHTML Tag Correct Order

Responsive CSS

www.highroadsolution.comCorrect Workflow ProcessMessages>Create MessagePull in responsive templatePaste all text into Notepad first, then highlight, then copyPut cursor just before the placeholder textControl V to paste Notepad content directly into templateThen hightlight/delete placeholder text

23I dont know who edited and sent that messagesheesh!23User Activity Log

www.highroadsolution.com25Im traveling and dont see the full navigation barack!25Data SecurityAuthorized locations security protocol tracks IP address of login attemptTraveling? Beware of rotating IPsUsing HotSpot? Beware of rotating IPsGo to to get IP addressCall/Email HighRoad Support

www.highroadsolution.comLogged into same account simultaneously from 172.26.541.14 and 172.28.541.18?

Go to Doggie Jail!28I set up User Accounts and they cant log-ineeeww!28User Account Set-UpWhen a new User Account is set up for you or your password changed, you will get an email notification with that Temporary Password.DO NOT copy/paste password from that email notificationType in or first paste into Notepadwww.highroadsolution.com30No one is opening or clicking on my email! What gives?30Hard to say not knowinAre your delivered emails reaching inboxes?Is your email mostly graphics?If so, are you using Alt Text?Is the Call-to-Action CTA obvious?What story do the bounce logs tell?www.highroadsolution.com32It didnt deploy, but I didnt know it wasnt senteeek!32Trouble Shooting 101Was it a Live Message you hit send now? If so, was there a subscriber count for the Included segment? Was there a Excluded segment? Did that wipe out the count?Was it a Scheduled Message? If so, was it touched by any user?

www.highroadsolution.com36My sent email had the wrong imageahhh!36Image PathsAn image path is the URL to that image on the server that hosts the graphicWhen importing an image, the system uses the name in the path to that imageIf you delete that image and import a new image of the same size with the same name, the path would be the same and served in the sent email.

www.highroadsolution.com39My sent email had the wrong linkgahhh!39Link BadFire Badahhhh!You can change a link after the email has been sent by going to Reports>Sent Message, select the email and hit the Edit buttonOverwrite the new link over the old and hit save. Anyone who hasnt opened the message will be served the correct

42Feeling eMoody?Perhaps you suffer from EMS

4243Need Campaign Help?HighRoad has expanded their already large pool of resources with content developers who will work with you to craft your campaigns for optimal engagement success.

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43 44Thank you for participating in the Top Issues in Email Marketing that Freak You Out Webinar!Did I Miss Anything Freaky? Q&A Time!Note: Be sure to look for an email featuring a recording of todays webinar and a copy of the presentation. 44Thank you!www.highroadsolution.comOther questions for Jenny?

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