ultra light startups' novemberfest showcase!

S Welcome to the Ultra Light Startups Novemberfest Showcase We are honored to have the New York Angels, Launch.it and Private Tap here along with our sponsor TriNet!

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Ultra Light Startups had it's first Novemberfest to celebrate the over 600 startups that have pitched at the event over the past three years. Check out some of the amazing companies in the slide show.


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Welcome to the Ultra Light Startups Novemberfest

ShowcaseWe are honored to have the New York Angels, Launch.it and Private Tap here along with our

sponsor TriNet!

Page 2: Ultra Light Startups' Novemberfest Showcase!

Key Stats and Launch.it partnership

Ultra Light Startups Launched the First News Publication for Startups To Write Their Own News

This will ensure that the over 600 startups that have pitched at the event can easily be found, discovered and shared by all media and attendees at the event and everyone online.


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Happy to announce that our beta is now open in New York City. For everyone interested in a better (and easier!) way to network and explore careers, today we invite you to join our community of young professionals and begin meeting interesting people over a drink.


 Sign up at beta.treatin.gs 

Announcing Public Beta

Hayden Williams

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Just Won the EDUCAUSE Game Changers Competition! USEED provides a crowdfunding + eLearning platform designed specifically for college students to fundraise for their ideas and causes, while simultaneously empowering HigherEd institutions to win new donors and better engage their community.

useed.orgBrian Sowards

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Revenizer Partners with Mailchimp and Others to Create the First Online Marketing Coach for Small Business Revenizer, an online application developed to help small businesses get more from their online marketing efforts, today announced its partnership with MailChimp, adding scorecards with real-time statistics and built in advice on how to get better results from the email marketing service. The application also supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, YouTube, foursquare and FreshBooks in a similar way.

 Phil Rogers

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CHEEK’D:  connect offline.  engage online.Cheek’d is a clever new service that introduces real-life spontaneity to online dating.  According to its founder and namesake, Lori Cheek, “the concept promotes the use of an intriguing and provocative set of business card sized introductions used to engage a romantic prospect when feeling awkward, shy or simply desiring a new approach.” 


cheekd.comLori Cheek

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Let's try a social network.  Buyers and Seller can join groups and sort one another and find one another as they do on social networks like facebook.  But a dedicated Niche social site.  Instead of a personal profile, you profile your house.  Instead of a personal profile, your profile will describe what you are looking for.  You can join a group of buyers interested in a particular town and sellers can seek you out.  Or you can find people selling in a town and check out all those homes then connect directly.


homingcloud.comTina Fine

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Grafighters Brings Drawings To Life On Phones And Tablets

Grafighters closed its online beta last month as it focuses on the final stages of development for the highly anticipated mobile app. The game that brings doodles to life attracted more than 20k players during the few months it was available. Although the age and ability level of the users ranged from crayon weilding toddlers to professional illustrators, they seemed to compliment each other well. There is something about watching a poorly drawn dinosaur squaring off against an elaborately sketched super hero that is undeniably compelling.

Eric Cleckner

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Hazarai, in the words of Ian, is what happens when “Ebay knocks-up Etsy at Comic-Con”

An online social marketplace catering to all things geek and pop culture.  a one stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out.”  Essentially, it’s an online, 24/7 comic con, without the overstretched spandex.  Oh, and without the fees to list, sell, or enter.   Don’t get us wrong–nothing beats Comic Con, but it’s nice to have Hazarai around for the other 361 days of the year.

HAZARAI.comIan Griggs

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We realize the pain of selling on multiple marketplaces, stealing countless hours away from your business.

The idea of online selling has changed. It is no longer enough to just have one store, but now, online sellers need to extend their reach to substantially increase sales. If you have the products, we have the outlets. Join us today.

Who do we cater to?

Whether you are a growing retailer or just starting out, our solution will help you scale to the next level…Whether you are a growing retailer or just starting out, our solution will help you scale to the next level

Jason Nadaf

We've built the easiest, most efficient solution for selling everywhere online.

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Stereotypes Accepted to DreamIt 2013 Winter Class!Stereotypes helps you stay connected to friends through your taste in music

Music has an emotional power that helps you feel connected to people even when they are not around. Simply knowing someone’s favorite music allows you to feel that connection anytime you hear one of their favorite songs, music from an artist they like, and sometimes even just music from one of their favorite genres.

With Stereotypes, you can:• Share your taste• Learn about other people's taste• Discover similarities and differences in

taste, and• Discover new music from people with

similar taste


Jason Keck

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Nerdy With Children Is The Premiere Site For Alternative ParentsNerdy With Children is the premiere site for alternative parents who want their children to inherit the same awesomely nerdy ways. We feature cool products, publish nerd-worthy stories and advice, and create a community where like-minded parents can interact to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with one another.


http://nerdywithchildren.com/Nick Veneris

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How Ministore's App Launched In The Middle Of Hurricane Sandy

Sell directly from your phone simply and beautifully.

Choose or take a photo of something you want to sell. Pick one of a dozen sales or marketing filters and save it. Turn a photo into a photo-recipe, a daily deal, your own Groupon style deal, a Fab styled deal, place the image on a t-shirt or mug, add context write on the photo... a story even. Add a price or a discount. Then the fun begins. Share to Facebook, but also share to eCommerce. You read that right, you can finally share to eCommerce through our cloud. Share to Etsy, eBay, Amazon or your own site. Go to ministore.me to download our desktop client. Access all of your files as they're prepped to be sold. 


Geoff Grandberg

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Creating new opportunities to discover artwork in local venues

At any given time, there are tens of thousands of artists whose work is not being seen by potential collectors. And it’s not because their work isn’t top-notch, lots of it is. It’s not seen by collectors because there’s only a finite amount of wall space in these art galleries.

By partnering with the trendiest New York City venues – hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. – we’re giving local artists an entirely new channel to show their artwork and find new collectors.



Ari Grazi

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What can I do with the Property Tax Database?

You can compare your property taxes to your neighbors', and make sure they are fair and equitable. If they aren't, you will have all the data you need to start preparing your case for a reduction.

Charlie Rubin

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Share Travel with JauntletJauntlet is a service for sharing and enhancing travel experiences. Aimed at independent travelers (or backpackers) going to a series of places over an extended period of time, it takes the disparate content people are creating on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and Instagram while they travel and organizes it into a engaging, sharable format that can be posted back to the social graph.



Tom Kincaid

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Maia Yogurt Adds Whole Foods and Brings On Key TalentMaia Yogurt is a new Probiotic Greek Yougrt with 10x the Probiotics, 10g+ Protein and 10x the benefits.  With Less Added (Cane) Sugar and 3g Prebiotic Fiber, Maia Yougrt was designed for Mothers and their Families as an Energizing, Full-Filling, Premium Greek Yogurt.  Maia helps you feel great and look your best. 

Maia will launch in NYC Jan 2013 after an overwhelming New England launch. 



Hamilton Colwell

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FaithStreet is a social community for churches and Christians

FaithStreet is a social community for churches and Christians. We currently work with over 6,500 churches in all 50 states.

Our goal is to build a social network for Christian communities. Our first project is a church discovery app.

There are over 1 million churches and other Christian communities in the U.S., representing over 60 million Americans.

Sean Coughlin

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Consumer facing Online Wealth Management Platform for Financial Advisors

Wealth management is a service that aligns your assets—savings, real estate, stocks and bonds—with your long-term financial goals using the latest asset allocation strategies. Our Portfolio Builder (freely available by logging into our Web site) constructs a custom-tailored investment mix just for you. We're currently working on a Financial Planner that will devise a long-term financial strategy based on what you want.

Alexey Sokolin

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TickPick takes on StubHub with new site design, Priceline-like auctionsTickPick offers a marketplace for reselling already purchased tickets, but it differentiates itself from StubHub by costing less to use and giving more support to buyers and sellers. Similar to Priceline, people can place real-time bids on tickets and sellers can accept or reject the offers. The service also includes algorithms to highlight the best possible deals on tickets.

Brett Goldberg

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QLabs Systematizes Building StartupsAfter a year and a half developing new and innovative businesses for AOL Ventures, QLabs is spinning out of AOL.   With it, QLabs brings an experieced team skilled in software development, design and marketing, an efficient process for repeatedly building new businesses and existing portfolio companies. 


Examples of QLabs' existing portfolio companies: 

Huntsy (http://huntsy.com) has gained significant traction and currently has more than 22K users.

Rootsy (http://rootsy.com) showed a 1.2x viral coefficient in early market testing.

Framey (http://framey.com) has been profitable for over a year. 


Dave Renz

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MeebleMail.com Announces Acceptance Into Astia’s Elite Global Entrepreneur Program and Expert Community

MeebleMail.com is the only destination for personalized email stationery templates from well-known brands in fashion, home design, professional sports & entertainment that insert into the most popular email clients: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Aol Mail. The core product is consumer email stationery that sells for up to $2.99 per design for an annual subscription. Other products include custom email stationery for businesses who want consistent branding across all email communications and an advertising platform for marketers.



Sharon Gaffney

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Educational Crowdfunding & Academic Support

Meghan and Melissa Davis, two sisters, created GoEnnounce (Educational Crowdfunding & Academic Support) as a site dedicated to students and their supporters. With GoEnnounce, students can create a personal page to "ennounce" their school updates to their family and friends-- whether that's asking for help studying for a Geometry test, sharing their latest soccer team win, or crowdfunding to the cut costs like club fees, tuition, and field trips.

Meghan Davis

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Allows a unique shopper experience because it offers a premium fashion destination along local luxury fashion communities We are the one stop to indulge in an enhanced online engagement with boutiques. You experience exclusivity with a personalized live styling expert. Take us with you when you visit a local boutique and receive discounts on your next Skype styling points towards discounts for sharing your finds. Virtual shopping in boutiques online and we take you to our virtual fitting room.


Mildred Brignon

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Thanks for the delicious beer!

Rockaway Brewing Company is a small nano (2bbl) brewery dedicated to making quality beer locally.  We produce small batch hand crafted beer for local restaurants and craft beer bars in NYCas well as selling Growlers (64 oz bottles) from the brewery. Our goal is to build a followingand grow through introducing NYC to locally produced quality beer. 

Sugar Hill offers an unusually rich, smooth character, well-balanced taste and uncompromised artisanal quality. A refreshing complement to any meal or special occasion. The medium body, golden ale is known for its drinkability and has a subtle citrus accent with a finish of hops and malt flavor.