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    Vinegar Hill Landcare


    Community Action Plan

    2016 / 17

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    1. INTRODUCTION The Vinegar Hill Landcare Group with assistance from Granite Borders Landcare

    commenced Community Action Planning at the end of 2016. As a result this

    Handbook has been produced that documents issues of concern in their area,

    community engagement activities of interest and contact details. The purpose of this

    is to track issues and activities with a review process to be undertaken yearly to

    update the handbook. The handbook will also be giving to landholders moving into

    the district to introduce them to the Group.

    The Group consists of 8 individuals over 6 properties covering 8,836 ha.

    2. DESCRIPTION OF GROUP AREA The Vinegar Hill Landcare Group area is defined by the following boundaries (see

    Map 1 & 2):

    From the Community Action Planning Initial surveys completed by group members

    the following general information has been summarised;

    Property sizes of Group members are approximately 2,500 Ha.

    The main land use within this area is cattle grazing with some horse breeding


    Most properties have a rotational grazing system.

    There are some parcels of land being cropped but are mainly dependent on the

    season as no one irrigates in the area.

    Roughly 100% of members have their enterprise as their main source of income.

    All members felt their water supply was adequate at present.

    All members at time of initial survey were not comfortable with their understanding of

    the Native Vegetation Legislation.

    3. OBJECTIVES OF GROUP Maintain a representative group in the sub catchment area;

    Promote the Vinegar Hill Landcare Group to other landholders to increase this coordinated and cooperative approach to natural resource management ;

    Granite Borders Landcare Committee to provide land managers with support, facilitate NRM improvements and actively source funds for activities.

    Develop projects to ensure any future funding opportunities to assist landholder

    NRM projects are not missed;

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    Map 1 Vinegar Hill Landcare Group Area

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    Map 2 Vinegar Hill Landcare Group Area Satellite Image

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    4. Areas of further investigation

    Alternative Production Methods

    Soil Erosion

    Property Planning

    Weeds 23rd November 2016 Weed Identification and Control Methods Awareness Day with Stuart Boyd-Law, Tony Cook and Neil Rossington..

    Business Planning / Management

    Feral Animal Control 25th January 2017. Wild Dog Trapping and Information Day with Stuart Boyd-Law, Dan Matthews and David Worsley.

    Fire Risk Management

    Seed Propagation

    Soil Carbon

    Native bees 11th March 2017 Information workshop with Marc Newman

    Native Vegetation 15th March 2017. Information workshop with NT LLS Luc Farago.



    Privet in creek $50-80,000 Site visit with Luc Farago 15th March 2017



    This plan may be reviewed on 1st February 2018, and, if necessary, modified to

    ensure it achieves its goals. If there is any element of this plan that is not functional,

    prior to 1st February 2017, the plan may be altered through consensus at a Vinegar

    Hill Landcare Group meeting.

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    Appendix 1 - Review of the Handbook

    Are the issues defined still the same?

    Yes / No

    If no, what has changed?



    Are the stakeholders for the plan, still the same? Yes / No

    If no, list any changes


    Are the issues identified in the plan still the same?

    Yes / No

    If no list changes





    Where the actions planned undertaken?

    Yes / No

    If no, list deficiencies / problems

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    Are there changes required to the action list ?

    Yes / No

    If yes, list changes required

    Should any additional information be added to this plan?

    Yes / No

    If yes, list additional information to be included in the plan


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