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  • 1. Then you have to inspire others Create followers Discover new horizons or expand yourown Show the way Be an awakener Help new volunteers

2. You have to strongly believe in voluntary work find an inner motive overhear your own needs, needs thatyou can cover with volunteerism If you dont believe in it dont do it, itwont really succeed 3. Keep a record ofinteresting webpages Exploit the last10 or 15 minutesof every lesson Show enthusiasmabout the newtime filler youpresent Use the schoolsequipment children have toread but can alsowatch or listen Ask for somecreative ideas Make sure thatstudents arewilling toparticipate 4. Web pages onsocial matters NGOs Books Magazines NewspapersExploit all theequipment Pcs -Sslaptops Tv - videoprojections Whiteboard/interactive board Library Paper Printers-photocopiers 5. Develop criticalthought Express creativity Promotecommunication Learn due to theinterest on thetopic(s) Knowledgecomes naturallyas learningexperience andsocial action 6. Develop skillsGain work experienceMake a difference in someones lifeImproves the likelihood that childrenwill volunteer as adults 7. 1. Improve readingand writing skills2. Skimming andscanning a textdeducingmeaning3. Enrichment ofvocabulary Familiarisestudents withsocial issues Offer food forthought Share points ofview Exploit internetand Pc literacy 8. www.amnesty.org www.minorityrights.org www.warchild. www.defenceforchildren.org www.savethechildren.net www.ohchr.org www.greenpeace.org www.actionaid.org 9. www.unesco.gr www.e-ethelontis.gr www.medsos.gr www.isotita.gr www.europa.eu/volunteering 10. refugees poverty Equality ofthe sexeseducation WarChildrensrightsWomensrightstrafficking environmentHumanrights 11. Absolutely Positive Motivated Never tired to watch, discuss, or readabout a topic of general interest They like the material because of itsrelevance to projects or essays theywrite They are very quiet while thinking !!! 12. Become a campaigner Inform other students about a project Create a poster Write an article for the schoolnewspaper Create a video or other presentationDont suggest donating moneyIts not what we aim at 13. watchlistenReadThinkAct 14. In accordance with the analyticalprogramme for secondary schools.Yes, of course you can usewhatever educational material youconsider appropriate for yourstudents needs! Fek 1868 G2/3994/11-10-99 15. They aredreamers They get excited They feel useful They like beinginvolved They can do morethan we expect They try to do theirbest They surprise us You always getmore than youvehoped for They want to seetheir actions results 16. Good Luck!!!