warm front- update for se can shida bassiti. network regional manager. november 2008

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Warm Front- Update for SE CAN Shida Bassiti. Network Regional Manager. November 2008

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Warm Front- Update for SE CAN

Shida Bassiti. Network Regional Manager.

November 2008

Today’s updates

• Warm Front activity in the SE and team additions

• Customer Survey results from July 08• Launch of Stakeholder FAQ guide• Trading insulation Warm Front/ CERT• Private rented sector• What to expect guide-client literature

Activity in the SE and team additions

South team

Shida Bassiti- Network Regional Manager

Nicky Jones- Partnership Development Officer (Oxon, Avon and Glos)

James Merrill- Partnership Development Officer (Surrey, Kent, East and West Sussex) started 21st Oct

Craig Betts- Partnership Development Officer ( Berks,Bucks and Hants) starts 2nd Dec

Other useful contacts

Stakeholder Enquiry team- 0191 247 3822The stakeholder enquiry team are a dedicated small team set up specifically to help stakeholders with application queries on behalf of a [email protected]

Customer Response- complaints handlingFor all complaints submitted from a stakeholder Irene Cairns should be the main point of contact. Irene will ensure the complaint is logged, investigated and will respond to you direct with a [email protected]

Networking team- 0800 316 0093The networking team can assist with literature requestsPortal queries or other signposting within eaga in the absence of your Partnership Development Officer [email protected]

Warm Front activity update

• Warm Homes week. 9 MP events and client visits across the SE

• Timelines. Despite record activity insulation average install time = 40 days and heating average = 63 days.

All clients are being told to expect an ‘up to’ 6 month wait for heating to manage expectations during the peak winter months.

Warm Front referralsApril to Oct 08 Qualifying referrals

Berks 933

Bucks 1058

Hants 3436

East Sussex 2062

West Sussex 2294

Kent 3755

Surrey 1334

Oxon 713

Total 15,585

Customer Survey results July 08• Customer satisfaction is measured in 2 main ways

across the scheme.

• - Monthly sample surveys from each installer

• - 1000 surveys from 6 points of the Warm Front customer journey surveyed twice a year.

• The 6 points of measurement are: registering for a grant, pre-installation, inspection, service recover, breakdown repairs, annual service visits.

Customer Survey results July 08• Typical survey response rate is 35-40%• Heating results- 92% overall satisfied with the work

carried out by the installer. 91% would recommend to a friend or relative. Also over 90% scores for timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and overall quality of workmanship.

• Insulation results- 91% overall satisfied with the work carried out. 90% would recommend to a friend or relative. Also over 90% scores for timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and overall quality of workmanship

Warm Front FAQ Stakeholder guide

• Client contributions• Enquiries and

complaints• Trading measures with

CERT• Useful contact numbers

• Referrals

• Survey

• Installation

• Inspection

• Warranty and Aftercare

• Private tenants

FAQ Guide

Warm Front and trading measures

• eaga has trading agreements with all of the 6 main utilities including a sole agreement to deliver the entire CERT obligation for Scottish Power.

• Warm Front 1 (June 2000- May 2005)Although trading did take place, CERT trading went back into WF funding and did affect the clients account

• Warm Front 2 (June 2005 to date)We now can trade all CERT fundable measures and do NOT reduce the clients account or come out of the £2700 or £4000 clients account

CERT trading

Warm Front- private rented sector

• Heating repairs.

Heating repairs are not covered for private tenants unless we have evidence by way of mandated tenancy agreement showing that the tenant owns or has responsibility for maintenance of the heating. Otherwise heating repairs are a landlords responsibility.

• New heating systems where no heating or no heating system (ie less than 3 ESH’s in 3 living areas exc bedrooms) we can offer heating to private tenants

Warm Front- What to expect guideClient Literature

• Client literature received for every applicant• 1) Initial letter registering them on the scheme.• 2) Customer promise letter• 3) What to expect guide ( at assessor visit)• 4) After care guide (by post following installation for

gas heating repairs/replacments and new systems)

Thank you

Shida Bassiti

[email protected]

07960 042167