wwi battles and technology

WWI Battles and Technology CHC2D8 Ms. Gluskin

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WWI Battles and Technology. CHC2D8 Ms. Gluskin. Homework Checkup (Reading Photos and Drawing Conclusions). Transition Words for Drawing Conclusions. Therefore, hence, thus To conclude, in conclusion On the whole. Questions. Did Canada’s soldiers prove themselves in battle? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: WWI Battles and Technology

WWI Battles and Technology

CHC2D8Ms. Gluskin

Page 2: WWI Battles and Technology

Homework Checkup (Reading Photos and Drawing Conclusions)

Comparison ConclusionRich Canadians lived in large mansions, whereas poor Canadians lived in run-down shacks.

Therefore, there was a wide gap between the way rich and poor Canadians lived in the early 1900s showing that inequality was a problem.

Page 3: WWI Battles and Technology

Transition Words for Drawing Conclusions

• Therefore, hence, thus• To conclude, in conclusion• On the whole

Page 4: WWI Battles and Technology


• Did Canada’s soldiers prove themselves in battle?

• Did Canadian soldiers, sailors and others make a difference?

• Did the war lead to useful peacetime technologies?

Page 5: WWI Battles and Technology

Vocabulary for Battles• Battle = fight• Chlorine gas = poison gas• Bloodbath = a situation with a lot of killing• Casualties = wounded and injured • Endurance test = something that took a LONG time• Tactics = strategies• Troops, units• Creeping barrage (watch this video on Vimy Ridge):


• Mow down = kill many people in a short time• Turning point = an event after which there is a major change

Page 6: WWI Battles and Technology

Day 2 Vocabulary

• Dogfight = fight between airplanes in the air• Ace = someone really good at something• Morale = feelings or spirits (of the troops)• Adapt = change to meet your needs• Blockade = prevent from entering• Convoy system = a group of ships travelling

together for protection

Page 7: WWI Battles and Technology

Over the next three days…• Today:

– Fill in Canadian Soldiers in Battle– Start Contributions of Aviators, Sailors…

• Tuesday: – Finish Contributions of Aviators, Sailors…– Start World War I Technology

• Wednesday: – Finish World War I Technology– Report Card on Technology?

• Thursday: – quiz (knowledge and communication) using only vocabulary journal

Page 9: WWI Battles and Technology

Old Technology to Start

Queen’s University Archives, An Archival Look at World War One, N.d., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/technol/Horsesembark.jpg (Feb. 11, 2014).

Where were these horses going?

Page 10: WWI Battles and Technology


Ibid., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/technol/pcheavyhowitz.jpg

What was heavy artillery used for?

Page 11: WWI Battles and Technology


Ibid., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/technol/WWIShips.jpg

Where are these ships waiting to go?

Page 12: WWI Battles and Technology


British National Archives, First World War Convoy System, N.d., http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/pathways/firstworldwar/military_conflict/p_convoy.htm (Feb. 11, 2014).

British Convoy, Aug. 1918

Page 13: WWI Battles and Technology

British Tank

Ibid., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/technol/GermTank.jpg

This British tank had been captured by the Germans.

Page 14: WWI Battles and Technology

British Plane

Ibid., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/technol/WWIPlane2.jpg

What is attached to the wing?

Page 15: WWI Battles and Technology

People Behind the Lines

Ibid., http://archives.queensu.ca/Exhibits/archres/wwi-intro/women/XMASHospital2.jpg

What job would these women have done during the war?

Page 16: WWI Battles and Technology

Day 3 Vocabulary for Technology

• Suffocation = when someone stops breathing• Ban (verb) = forbid, don’t allow• Armour = protection• Reconaissance = information gathering• Depth charge = bomb that explodes underwater• Submersible = something that goes under water• String (verb)= hang

Page 17: WWI Battles and Technology

Changes to Tanks & Influence of Tanks