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You Dont Know Me
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  • 7/30/2019 You Dont Know Me


    Armando Gutierrez, Ed.D.

    Contact: Armando Gutierrez @lamugs

    You dont know me.

    You watched me come to your class just like any other student. You greeted me

    with a warm smile and caring eyes. You asked me to have a seat in your invitingclassroom. I watched you speak words I didnt understand. I watched as theother students raised their hands to question your words. I sat in the cold seat asthe minutes went by like hours. I heard you call my name, and I waited for you toask me, who I was.

    You dont know the painstaking ordeal it took for me to get here this morning.You dont know how it feels to wake up in the dark or the fear in my heart when Ihave to wait for the bus. You dont know that I have no umbrella, or why myclothes are wet and unkempt when I enter your class. You think I cant feel yourdisappointment in me.

    You dont know I am grateful that I have an opportunity to learn. You dont knowthat despite my appearance, my color, my imperfections, I choose to look beyondyour quizzical gaze.

    You dont know that last nights cold dinner was from the dumpster outside thatfancy restaurant, the one near the bridge where we sleep.

    You probably wonder why I stare at you as you eat in front of the class. You dontknow the noise in my stomach is because I didnt have enough change in mypocket for breakfast this morning.

    You dont know why I come to your class half-asleep. You dont know howuncomfortable it is for three people to sleep in a car, to sleep with one eye open,

    just in case.

    You dont know how lucky I feel that, at least, we have a car.

    You dont know I am listening, I do care, and I do want to learn.

    You dont know the tremendous courage it takes to raise my hand to answer yourquestions. You dont know the last time I was in a classroom and how theyridiculed me for not pronouncing the words correctly.

    You dont know that in your classroom, I am the luckiest person in the world.

    You dont know that I am your student.