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The Intimate Portrait Welcome Guide by - Zoé Photography


  • Intimate portraitwelcome guide

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    06 Rediscover Your Inner Beauty

    What Every Woman Wants

    What You Want

    Your Session

    What to Expect


    Studio Policies

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  • Be You, Beautiful

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    Fine Art and Intimate Boudoir Photographs

    Celebrate your beauty and share your gorgeous photographs with the one you love.

    Rediscover your inner beauty - feel gorgeous, look amazing.


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  • What every woman wantsAt Zo Photography we know how important it is

    to look and feel beautiful - our beauty consultant

    works with you on your hair and make up, followed

    by your fabulous photo shoot with Zo, creating the

    artwork for your walls. Dont wait for it... celebrate

    who you are today!


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    What every woman wants


  • The best and most

    beautiful things in

    the world cannot be

    seen or even touched.

    They must be felt

    with the heart.

    Helen Keller


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  • We want you to have a luxurious experience with Zo Photography Your Fine Art Boudoir Shoot is not simply about the photographs being taken, its about you enjoying the finer things in life, relaxing, feeling great, looking gorgeous - and later, enjoying the memories of a perfect day in your treasured photographs to share with your loved one. So its important that we style the shoot to suit you.

  • What you want

  • Your Session


  • Booking your shoot

    Please call to book your session we generally book from 2-4 weeks ahead. Your session will last around 2-3 hours including time with our stylist.

    Preparing for your shoot

    You want to look your best for your shoot so here are our recommen-dations. Around 2-3 weeks before you shoot you may want to get your hair cut and coloured (if your roots are showing at your shoot there is an additional retouch fee to cover this up).

    Avoid tanning for at least 2 weeks before your shoot. False tan is more apparent in photographs than in person please trust us on this as tan-ning lines cannot be dealt with easily during the retouching process.

    You may want to have a manicure and pedicure so book your appointment for a day or two before your shoot.

    For the week or so before your shoot make sure you moisturise every day, and particularly moisturise after your shower on the day of your shoot you should also shave, or book a waxing session for a day or two before.

    On the morning of the shoot you may want to have your hair blow dried by your own stylist, although our stylist is able to finish your dry hair for you. Please arrive with your hair washed and dried without any product applied.

    Its best to avoid alcohol for the few days before you shoot (and definitely the night before), and try to a great nights sleep too.

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    What to expectAt Your ShootWhen you arrive for your shoot we will talk with you about what you want before you go into makeup where you can relax for a little while as you are looked after by our Rougette from So Coco Rouge.

    Your shoot will begin when you are ready and you can have 2 changes of clothes (so thats 3 outfits in total), which may include lingerie and if you want to we can go to full nude. The choice is yours.

    After Your ShootAt your ordering session you will be shown around 40 photographs to choose from this is going to be difficult for you as you will love so many of the pictures. Its best to allow yourself between 1 and 2 hours for your ordering session.

    Please make sure that anyone who is significant in your purchasing decisions is with your for your appointment.


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  • Images and photo captions


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    QuestionsShould I lose weight before I book in ?

    I love photographing real women curves are in at Zo Photography! And having a few curves myself I have learned how to make the best of them so that we women can look amazing, whatever dress size we are.

    Do you do airbrushing?

    Every photograph that you view is prepared to proof level and if you choose to buy the disk of images then all your photographs on the disk are proof ready. You will see some examples of your photographs finished as fine art when you view your images. Any photograph you purchase for your album or for wall art will receive extra special attention, retouched to your specifications and finished as fine art. Fine art images are available to purchase from 14x10 and larger.

    My friend does makeup can I have a reduction in the price if she comes with me to do my makeup ?

    Whilst we are happy for you to have your hair and makeup done by your own stylist this must be finished before you arrive for your shoot. We cannot reduce the price of your shoot if you decide to do this. We highly recommend that you have your makeup expertly applied by our own makeup artist who knows the work that we deliver and will ensure that your makeup is suitable for that. She will also finish your hair ready for photographs, although we are happy for you to visit your own hair stylist for a blow dry before your appointment.

  • Can you provide a wardrobe for me to choose from?

    Because women are so varied in what they like and what size they are we dont usually provide a wardrobe. However if you would like to book our stylist to work with you to select suitable clothes from your own wardrobe or to help you with purchases of new clothes then please contact us about this service. Our stylist can also provide accessories for your shoot so that we get the look just so..

    Can I buy a CD of photographs to get my own prints done ?

    You can purchase a proof ready disk of your photographs, however as artists we prefer that you buy a disk of your favourite photographs that have been finished as fine art. This is available to purchase once the retouching and fine art finish has been completed on your chosen photographs.

    Please be aware that it takes some time for each photograph to be carefully retouched and finished to a fine art standard.

    Can I bring my mum or a friend with me to the shoot ?

    We are always happy to welcome one person as your chaperone to keep you company. Or you can purchase a shoot for them as well (up to 5 women together sisters with mum or a group of friends) and make a day of it all together enjoying being pampered and having a shoot together and as individuals.

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    You can postpone your booking if you need to but we ask that you give

    us at least 72 hours notice and we will work with you to find a suitable

    alternative date for you. Were not keen on having rules, but just as you

    are busy, we are too, and so we need to take a 50 deposit at the time

    of booking, which covers the cost of our stylist should you need to cancel

    your booking within 72 hours of your appointment.

    Viewing your photographs

    After your shoot we will agree an ordering session with you so that you

    can see your photographs and place your order. This ordering session is

    generally 1-2 weeks after your shoot. Please allow about 2 hours for your

    ordering session so that you can enjoy selecting the pictures you want to


    Archiving of photographs whilst you decide

    Your photographs will be available for you to view at your ordering ses-

    sion about 2 weeks after your shoot. If you struggle to make up your

    mind your images can be archived for 2 weeks. After this time we need

    to archive your photographs to make space for shoots that come after

    yours. Archiving can be arranged at a fee of 50 for 2 weeks.

    Archiving of photographs after you receive your products

    The photographs you choose for your wall art and prints will be archi-

    ved until your order is delivered. After this time all images are deleted

    from our system. Should you want your images to be archived this can

    be arranged for 100 for 6 months.

    Studio Policies

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    Be your own kind of beautiful


  • Be your own kind of beautiful

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