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Microsoft Word - Controversial Material Zoé Cazaubiel.docxZoé Cazaubiel 1st Case 1’50 until the end of the video
“Touche pas à mon poste” is a famous TV show in France, this show is really controversial and often on the edges of the law. The show is presented by Cyril Hanouna and some famous people in France, there are more than one million viewers at each show. This sequence was particularly viral in France and has caused a lot of talk. You can see Soraya Riffy, an actress, really uncomfortable. The presenter Cyril Hanouna encourages one of his colleagues Jean-Michel Maire to kiss the actress who seems not to feel like it at all. He then decides to kiss the woman's breast without her consent and without warning her. The viewers were shocked and called the act a sexual assault. Then, the CSA (supreme audio- visual council) received hundreds of complaints about people. Then, the CSA said that "this footage conveys gender stereotypes and presents a degrading image of women." A formal notice (a formal notice allows you to explain to the other person what you are accusing him or her of in a formal and precise manner before taking legal action) has been issued against the show. 2nd Case A speech of Eric Zemmour: Eric Zemmour is a controversial personality in France, he is a political journalist and a writer. At a right-wing convention in September 2019, a 25 minutes’ speech was diffused in direct on the TV channel LCI where he has made a violent charge against Islam. In his words: “Islamisation of the streets”, “invasion, colonisation, occupation”, “in the streets, veiled women and men in djellabas are propaganda by the fact”.