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* OR Highlight. *. * OR Highlight. *. Label your picture. Add an "Entrance". SAFE, VIEW SMELL. NO?. in a Castle. http://www.iol.ie/~sligogrm/lifeinacastle.htm#Castles. A fun source. · Click on the globe to go to the web-site and return to this "notebook". - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Label your pictureAdd an "Entrance"



A fun source Click on the globe to go to the web-site and return to this "notebook". While it is loading look at the following pages. Look at the images and the "medieval" names of KeepBattlements Lancet windowsMachicolations Garderobe

These appear on the website too. Write the "medieval" name with a very brief modern description. If & when you finish all -Make a small drawing of any you like (in pencil as you can colour it later) Go back to Web Site and try to do the test .... You already know the answer to question 7 and should be able to guess the answer to question 8 Have funin a Castle

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KeepBattlements Lancet windowsMachicolations Garderobe

http://www.iol.ie/~sligogrm/index.htmThis is a Website for the Castles (but there are many more) from which I took some of the images