1 confidential zipcar at rice university. 2 confidential zipcar 101 zipcar is car-sharing, an...

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  • 1 confidential Zipcar at Rice University
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  • 2 confidential Zipcar 101 Zipcar is car-sharing, an alternative to car ownership that gives you wheels when you want them. Cars are self-service and on-demand (the keys are right inside the cars!). 6 cars live right on campus in the Lovett Lot. Gas, insurance, maintenance, and 180 miles/day are included in every reservation Reservations start at $7.50/hour and $69/day Learn more at zipcar.com/rice Just 4 simple steps puts you in the drivers seat: join reserve unlock drive
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  • 3 confidential Who can drive? All Rice students, faculty, and staff ages 18+ are eligible for Zipcar Members must have had a drivers license for at least one year in any country. Faculty and Staff are eligible for the same discounted membership as students Drivers 21+ can use any of Zipcars 10,000 vehicles in 26 major cities in the US, UK, Spain, Austria, and Canada to get to an internship or when they move off campus after graduation
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  • 4 confidential Getting started Visit zipcar.com/rice Click join now to create a personal membership Join for only $25 for the first year and get $35 in free driving For department use join my departments existing account. Joining department accounts is free. Complete Zipcars online application
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  • 5 confidential Please select a department administrator for the Zipcar account and provide them this information packet. A credit card will be needed to set up the account. Invite employees to join department account. Zipcards are mailed to department account admin. Members activate Zipcards online following instruction packet. Members and or Admins create reservations. Enjoy the ride! Setting up a Department Account
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  • 6 confidential What is a department administrator on a Zipcar account? The person who sets up the departments account is designated as the department administrator. Theyre kind of like the Zipcar ambassador for your department. As an department administrator, youll need to: Inform employees about the account. Approve new members on the account. Remove members from the account, if necessary. Access the account invoice. Manage account payment information. Verify account use for business purposes (not personal use). Determine a Department Administrator
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  • 7 confidential Can an account have more than one department administrator? Yes, you can set up multiple people within your department as Zipcar administrators. Having multiple administrators is helpful for things like: Ensuring new members are approved in someones absence. Allowing finance to access Zipcars online invoices. If you would like to add a coworker as a department administrator, please contact Zipcar at 866.494.7227. Please note that only a current administrator can add another administrator. Determine a Department Administrator
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  • 8 confidential Does a department administrator have to be a Zipcar member? No, anyone in your department can be set up as an administrator at your request. Contact Zipcar at 866.494.7227, we will need their full name and email address to set them up. Determine a Department Administrator
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  • 9 confidential Log onto: www.zipcar.com/rice Select Id like to open a new account for my department. Lets Get Started!
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  • 10 confidential Complete the contact form Lets Get Started!
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  • 11 confidential A confirmation screen appears when the form is submitted An email with further instructions will be sent to your inbox Lets Get Started!
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  • 12 confidential Youll receive an email from a Zipcar Member Service Associate to schedule a time to complete the account setup Please reply to this email to complete the Department Account Setup Lets Get Started!
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  • 13 confidential Department Account Setup Call Make sure you have a credit card and billing information ready If you have individual credit cards request the Affiliate Setup type. Zipcar will walk you through preferences and how to add members. A follow up email will be issued with a link to the account and contact information Zipcards will be mailed to the Department Admin EVERYONE driving a Zipcar needs to apply individually and receive their own Zipcard For group travel, drivers of the car must have a Zipcar membership Your Zipcard for department use can be linked to a personal account. Call Zipcar if youd like to setup a personal account. Additional Information
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  • 14 confidential How do drivers join the account? Manage program by inviting only eligible department members. Once a member of a department account you can also create a personal membership for non- departmental driving. Members are presented with a drop-down to which account to bill Drivers only need to be 18+ to join. Additional Information
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  • 15 confidential Account Controls: Mandatory fields describing each trip. Email notifications when reservations are booked. Administrator has ability to cancel reservations. Administrator (if a driver) can make proxy reservations for other account members. Consolidated Tracking and Billing: 24/7 access to invoices, past reservations, future reservations, member list (remove members at any time), billing in Consistent Member Experience: Existing members reserve, unlock, and drive as they are accustomed to with their personal accounts (only the billing info changes) Members with both accounts (personal and departmental) see a drop- down menu to bill reservations for either for personal or departmental use. Additional Information
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  • 16 confidential Questions? Zipcar 24/7 Member Service Line 1.866.4ZIPCAR (1.866.494.7227) Zipcar University Member Services 617.336.4810 Catie Clemens Houston Market Manager [email protected] 832.523.5445 Travis Reik Zipcar Account Manager [email protected] 617.336.4723