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Distributed intelligence and energy Siniša Rodić Project Manager - Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy UNDP CO Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • 1. Distributed intelligence and energy Sinia Rodi Project Manager - Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy UNDP CO Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Overview THE CORE PROBLEM 3,000 Families in the most remote rural areas lack access to power in BiHOUR THOUGHTS How to find an sustainable and affordable solution?THE SOLUTION TO OUR THOUGHTS A worldwide challengeHow to fit into UNDP procedures (SOPs)?THE SOLUTION TO THE CORE PROBLEM Have a winner!/ Scaling-upUNDP internal impact...UNDPs INNOVATION PRIZE DRAFT POLICY! 3. The Core Problem In Bosnia and Herzegovina more than one million persons displaced during the war have returned to reclaim their lives. For most of them, houses have been reconstructed and normal living conditions restored, but still more than 3,000 families in the most remote rural areas lack access to power. In most cases such an investment is not economically justified (for Power Utilities). 4. The Core Problem 5. Our Thoughts design and develop a sustainable, standalone&cost-effective solution off-grid renewable energy supply PV power of 1,25 kWh/day and 120 l/day of DHW be user friendly Investment costs not higher than 5.000 6. The Challenge World-wide challenge Nesta challenge service provider / administrator The winner will receive a $20,000 cash prize UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina will pilot the winning solution in a rural area for up to 50 returnee families 7. Judging Criteria investment costs energy output battery capacity hot water capacity reliability average running costs maintenance costs simplicity of use and replication potential 8. Road to the Winner3741st shorlisting UNDP BiH2 1solutions received2nd shorlisting Nestatested solution 9. the Winner Renewable Energy Kit was tested in period from August 3, 2013 until September 20, 2013 The test confirmed that selected solution meets all criteria set by the challenge (it is even better!). This system works much better than I was expecting, even though it was not expected that laundry machine will work it works too. I have enough energy for the needs of my family. 10. the Winner Mr. Nikola Sakan /Telefon Inzenjering - Belgrade, Serbia 11. UNDP internal impact 12. Lessons learned... It is time consuming! ...it is a long path, full of small barriers, from idea to realization! Your biggest investment is the time and effort you have to contribute to this process. ...you do not know whether you will succeed or not!! 13. Lessons learned... 14. THANK YOU! Energy and Environment UNDP CO Bosnia and Herzegovina [email protected]