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Dear Investors and all our Associates, Passing of the Depositories Act in August 1996 was a significant milestone in the history of Indian capital market. Clearly, it was a product of the reform process. Though, CDSL was a late entrant, CDSL's contribution in the success of demat trading is no way insignificant and it has demonstratively made the demat system more affordable to investors. In the past twelve months, CDSL has achieved substantial progress on all fronts be it technical, operational or expension of its network. Today, CDSL has 167 registered depository participants offering demat at 336 locations in 95 cities. CDSL has the largest number of companies admitted into its system. Number of instruments admitted in the CDSL system exceeds 5300, which includes over 1100 debt instruments like debentures, bonds, mutual fund units, pass through certificates and commercial papers. If 2001 was a year of consolidation for CDSL, the year 2002 would usher in streamlining of operational and technical systems, introduction of web based online transaction facility and admitting of government securities in the CDSL system. I am also delighted to inform you that, in its on-going disinvestment programme, the Government of India has once again chosen CDSL for divesting its holding in Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. The recent decision of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to extend rolling settlement to all scrips as well as to shorten the settlement cycle to T+3 (trading date plus three days) will catapult Indian markets into the league of most advanced markets. We, at CDSL, are equipped to handle these changes. With the built in advantages CDSL system offers, I am sure you will transact all your securities trading business through your CDSL account. B G Daga Managing Director The newsletter of Central Depository Services (India) Limited February 2002 What’s inside? CDS infoline CDS infoline Stakeholders Bank of Baroda Bank of Maharashtra Centurion Bank Ltd. HDFC Bank Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) Union Bank of India Bank of India State Bank of India The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd. What’s new? CDS today CDS Associates Registrars Stock Exchanges Depository Participants Companies For Private Circulation Only

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Dear Investors and all our Associates,

Passing of the Depositories Act in August

1996 was a significant milestone in the

history of Indian capital market. Clearly, it

was a product of the reform process. Though,

CDSL was a late entrant, CDSL's

contribution in the success of demat trading

is no way insignificant and it has

demonstratively made the demat system more affordable to investors.

In the past twelve months, CDSL has achieved substantial progress on

all fronts be it technical, operational or expension of its network. Today,

CDSL has 167 registered depository participants offering demat at 336

locations in 95 cities. CDSL has the largest number of companies

admitted into its system. Number of instruments admitted in the CDSL

system exceeds 5300, which includes over 1100 debt instruments like

debentures, bonds, mutual fund units, pass through certificates and

commercial papers.

If 2001 was a year of consolidation for CDSL, the year 2002 would

usher in streamlining of operational and technical systems, introduction

of web based online transaction facility and admitting of government

securities in the CDSL system.

I am also delighted to inform you that, in its on-going disinvestment

programme, the Government of India has once again chosen CDSL for

divesting its holding in Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

The recent decision of the Securities and Exchange Board of India

(SEBI) to extend rolling settlement to all scrips as well as to shorten the

settlement cycle to T+3 (trading date plus three days) will catapult

Indian markets into the league of most advanced markets. We, at CDSL,

are equipped to handle these changes. With the built in advantages

CDSL system offers, I am sure you will transact all your securities

trading business through your CDSL account.

B G DagaManaging Director

The newsletter of Central Depository Services (India) Limited February 2002

What’s inside?

CDS infolineCDS infolineStakeholders

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Maharashtra

Centurion Bank Ltd.

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Standard Chartered Bank

The Stock Exchange,Mumbai (BSE)

Union Bank of India

Bank of India

State Bank of India

The Calcutta Stock ExchangeAssociation Ltd.

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What's New?

Union Bank of India (UBI), Depository Participant of CentralDepository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) launches "UnionDemat"

The United Western Bank Limited (UWB) registers as DP ofCDSL

: UBI, a leading public sector bank which has 2023branches across the country, has launched "Union Demat" -depository services exclusively through CDSL. The function washeld at UBI's Mumbai Samachar Marg Branch on February 1,2002. Shri V. Leeladhar, Chairman and Managing Director, UBI

launched the Depository Services in the presence of Shri B. G.Daga, Managing Director, CDSL. Other senior officials of UBIand CDSL and a large number of customers were present at thelaunch. UBI is the first DP which has introduced instruction slipsfor on / off market transfers printed on security paper with theformats for all types of transactions in bilingual form. Theservices are presently available from the bank's MumbaiSamachar Marg branch, while other Mumbai branches of UBIwill presently act as collection centres. UBI also plans to extendCDSL's services through its branches across the country.

: UWB has obtained registration from Securities andExchange Board of India (SEBI) to act as a Depository Participantof CDSL. UWB signed an agreement to this effect with CDSL onJanuary 7, 2002. The agreement was signed by Mr. S. T. Gadre,Managing Director, UWB, and Mr. B. G. Daga, ManagingDirector, CDSL, at a function held at CDSL's office at Mumbai.

Also present were Mr. V. V. Raut, Executive Director, CDSL, Mr.M. J. Hudli, Chief Manager, UWB, and other senior officials ofboth organisations. UWB will now be offering the facility to opendemat accounts, and to hold and transact securities through CDSL,besides converting its own portfolio to demat form. UWBproposes to offer CDSL services from all its 37 branches inMumbai, in a phased manner. These branches will beelectronically connected to the main site of UWB at Mumbai, andlater the facility will be extended to the other branches. UWB has awide network of branches in Maharashtra and is working towardstotal networking and computerisation of its branches and offices.

SIFCL launched its CDSLdepository services at its Goregaon(W) office in Mumbai, at agrand function held on December 15, 2001 . Shri Pallav Kumar,Deputy Director, SIFCL and Shri V.V.Raut, Executive Director,CDSL performed the inauguration.

Market regulator, SEBI hasdirected the stock exchanges (Refdated ) to abolish the "no-delivery" periodfacility on account of various corporate actions such as issue ofdividend and bonus/rights shares in stocks that are traded undercompulsory dematerialised mode.

CDSL has recently introduced the facility to permitclearing members and/or investors to make early pay-in ofsecurities. The facility will enable clearing members and theselling investor to reduce margin money payable. This early pay-in will involve transfer of securities from clearing member /beneficial owner to a designated account. Clearing members canobtain the account number of the designated account from theclearing house of the exchange / clearing corporation.

CDSL has obtained approvalfor establishing Close User Group (CUG) network therebyenabling inter-city leased line connections. Outstation DPs/RTAswho are currently connected to CDSL through V-Sat can shift toleased line connectivity, if they so desire. Queries if any regardingthe above issues may be addressed at Mumbai to Mr.AllwynMoraes (extn 8664), Mr.Prithwijit Dinda (extn 8626) on tel. no.022-2723333, in Calcutta to Mr. Rajesh Bhattacharjee on tel. no.033-5588782- and in New Delhi to Mr.Harsharan Singh Wadhwaon tel. no 011-6224005.

Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited (SIFCL)launches CDSL DP servcies: :

"No-delivery" Period Abolished:

Early Pay-in :

Inter-city leased line connectivity :

SMD/Policy/Cir-03/2002January 30, 2002

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Companies having maximum overdue demat requests :

Procedure for change of RTA :

Compulsory rolling settlement :

In linewith SEBI's press release Ref.No.PR 200/2001 dated November21, 2001, a list of 100 companies with highest number of pendingdemat requests beyond 30 days is being published regularly onour website www.centraldepository.com. The list can be accessedunder the head "Companies with maximum overdue dematrequests" on the home page of the website.

Issuer/RTA's are informed thatfor effecting change in RTA in the CDSL system the followingdocuments should be submitted :

A fresh tri-partite agreement between the Issuer, new RTA andCDSL.A "No-objection certificate' from the existing RTA, stating ithas no objection to the change.A certificate, giving information of the physical & electronicshareholders which should includea) Total Issued capitalb) Balance under CDSL Folioc) Balance under NSDL Foliod) Physical shares as per Register of MembersEither a practicing company secretary or practicing charteredaccountant should certify the information. The saidinformation should be provided to both the depositories on thesame date and the information should not be more than 7calendar days old.A Cheque / Pay order / Demand Draft of Rs.5,000/- in favourof "Central Depository Services (India) Limited" payable atMumbai.The Issuer shall also advise the existing RTA to clear thepending demat requests.

For further clarifications, kindly contact Mr.Sandeep Pathak(extn 8632) or Mr.Aashish Bajpai (8421) on tel no. 022-2723333at Mumbai, Mr. Rajesh Bhattacharjee on tel.no. 033-5588782 atCalcutta and Mr.Harsharan Singh Wadhwa on tel. no 011-6224005 at New Delhi.

SEBI, in its Board meetingheld on May 14, 2001 has decided that "stocks which are not in thecompulsorily rolling settlement mode from July 2, 2001 will bebrought under compulsorily rolling settlement with effect fromJanuary 2, 2002" (Ref No. PR/220/2001 dated 19.12.2001). As onJuly 02, 2001, 414 scrips had been brought under compulsoryrolling settlement mode. SEBI has also decided that all scripslisted on all the stock exchanges, would be traded only underrolling settlement mode w.e.f January 02, 2002 and no scrip shallbe traded on weekly settlement basis.

The scrips of companies (SEBI circular Ref No.D&CC/FITTC/CIR05/2001dated December 26, 2001) whichhave not signed agreements and established connectivity withboth the depositories by September 30, 2001, will be traded on'Trade to Trade' settlement mode in the rolling settlement fromDecember 31, 2001. These scrips will be moved into normalrolling settlement once they have established connectivity withboth the depositories as per the procedure already laid down bySEBI. Further, scrips of companies that have establishedconnectivity with both the depositories as on October 31, 2001and November 30, 2001 shall be moved into the normal rollingsettlement mode from the 'trade to trade' settlement window of theexchanges with effect from January 31, 2002 and February 28,2002, respectively.







Disaster Recovery Site : CDSL has shifted its DisasterRecovery Site (DRS) to a new location at Navi Mumbai. TheDRS has state-of-the-art facilities and redundancy features interms of connnectivity media and electrical failures. Primary andback-up electric supply is sourced from 2 separate suppliers.There is also Uninterrupted Power Supply system (UPS) back-upfor 3 days. All data from the main site is replicated at the DRSwith a 15 minute time-lag, through a 2 MBPS leased line.Application synch after new releases is achieved within 48 hours

CDSL, in association with The StockExchange, Mumbai (BSE) and the Madras Stock Exchange(MSE), conducted a series of Investor seminars in Tamil Nadu atChennai, Karaikudi, Madurai, Salem and Coimbatore fromDecember 14-18, 2002. The seminars recorded impressiveturnout from investors and were also attended by severalClearing Members of MSE and their sub-brokers. MSE which isa Depository Participant of CDSL, will shortly commenceopening and servicing demat accounts for retail investorsthrough an electronically-connected network of service centrescovering various cities/towns in Tamil Nadu.

01. 26-Jan- 02 Saturday Republic Day02. 23-Feb-02 Saturday Bakri-Id03. 25-Mar-02 Monday Moharram04. 29-Mar-02 Friday Good Friday/Holi05. 14-Apr-02 Sunday Ambedkar Jayanti06. 01-May-02 Wednesday Maharashtra Day07. 15-Aug-02 Thursday Independence Day08. 10-Sep-02 Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi09. 02-Oct-02 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti10. 15-Oct-02 Tuesday Dashera11. 04-Nov-02 Monday Laxmi Puja12. 06-Nov-02 Wednesday Diwali13. 19-Nov-02 Tuesday Guru Nanak Jayanti14. 07-Dec-02 Saturday Ramzan Id15. 25-Dec-02 Wednesday Christmas

Depending upon the exigencies of work/business

requirements, CDSL may alter/change any of the Holidaysfor which separate circulars will be issued.

The CDSL system will however be available to users even

on holidays, unless otherwise intimated by CDSL in duecourse.

Investor Seminars :

CDSL Holidays During The Calendar Year 2002S.No Date Day Description

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CDSL Today:(as of 10.02.2002)

Companies admitted 4211

Companies available for demat services (equity) 4189

Companies whose debt instruments are admitted 60

Debt instruments available for demat 757

Commercial paper available for demat 94

Mutual fund units available for demat 8

Pass thru certificates available for demat 4

Number of depository participants 167

Number of branches with LIVE connectivity 336

Number of cities / towns with LIVE connectivity 95

Number of locations with LIVE connectivity 177

Total demat quantity (securities) 4003.37mn

Settlement for January 2002

Quantity (securities) 223.60 mn

Value (Rs.) 25274.40 mn

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The Real Time Gross ShowContributed by Mr. Vineet Bhatnagar, Managing Director, Refco - Sify Securities India Pvt. Ltd.

Of late, many central banks have created newRTGS systems or improved their existing onesto strengthen their wholesale paymentsystems and India shall soon be on track too.With RBI announcing that real-time grosssettlement (RTGS) is just round the corner, theIndian payment systems are all set to witness awhole new world of sophistication.

Central banks of almost all fully developedcountries have encouraged the use of real-timegross settlement payments systems forsecurities and foreign exchange transactionsbecause of the virtual agreement that grosssettlement systems make wholesale paymentsystems more immune to widespread financialdisruption. Fedwire - Federal Reserve'sFedwire Funds Transfer Service, TARGET -Trans European Automated Real-time GrossSettlement Express Transfer System, CHAPSUnited Kingdom's Clearing HouseAutomated Payment System, BOJ-Net - Bankof Japan's large value funds transfer serviceare some examples of RTGS systems.

Real-time gross settlement systems are large-value funds transfer services that operatecontinuously during business hours to providesettlement of payment obligations, which areirrevocable. In words of the Committee onPayment and Settlement Systems of theCentral Banks of the G10 countries, "This is agross settlement system in which bothprocessing and final settlement of fundstransfer instructions can take placecontinuously (i.e. in real time). Transfers aresettled individually without netting the debitsagainst credits".

Irrevocable fund transfers on RTGS systemsoccur when a central bank debits the accountof the party paying-in and credits the accountof the party receiving the funds. This transferof value from payer to payee is simultaneousand final. As the funds transfer occurs (at leastin principle) at the time the instructions of thepayer are transmitted to the central bank, it issaid to be in real time.

Says Adil Patrawala, Vice President at aleading brokerage outfit, "With the currentsetup of money transfers through physicalinstruments, the essence of the 'real-time'element would be lost. For RTGS to be trulyoperational, an effective and efficientelectronic securities and money transfermechanism has to be devised first. Thisimplies a massive network in terms of onlineconnectivity of all concerned participants andtheir respective funds and securities accountsto RBI's systems"

The obvious advantage of such a setup is thatRTGS systems carry negligible settlement risksince they provide immediate finality of fundsthrough continuous intra-day final transfers.Participants who require same day paymentfor their large value transactions will benefitfrom RTGS since it fulfills this requirement.

But all this comes for a price. Since RTGSsystems operate on the basis of considerableliquidity being available within the system,they tend to be costly.

The design and implementation of RTGSsystems differ considerably from one countryto another. Two important issues along whichcurrently operating RTGS systems differ are(1) policies towards the granting of centralbank intra-day credit and (2) the existence andmanagement of cheque / pay-order queues.

Intra-day credit is valuable in an RTGSsystem because it can reduce paymentblockages that may arise. One participant'soutgoing payment awaits an incomingpayment from another participant, whichmay, in turn, be waiting on a payment from athird participant. Payments may becomeblocked in RTGS systems because of the"cover principle" in gross settlement systems:An outgoing payment order is executed if andonly if the sending bank currently hassufficient cash balances, or cover, in its fundsaccount at the central bank. This kind of ascenario may lead to the worst case where inno participant can make a payment through anRTGS system because all cash balances heldby participants are due to receive paymentsfrom others.

Although unlimited central bank intra-daycredit (also called daylight overdrafts as theseloans are required to be repaid by the end ofthe day) would eliminate this gridlock, it is notoffered in any RTGS systems because such apolicy may lead to participants' managingtheir intra-day liquidity less intensively. Sucha situation could give rise to an acute liquiditycrisis, into which central banks would need tointervene in their role as lender of last resort.Ample availability of central bank intra-daycredit could also hamper the emergence ofintra-day money markets, which are, inprinciple, a necessary component of acomplete and efficient set of financialmarkets. The reason is that participants whoneed funds to make payments in an RTGSsystem and don't have access to intra-daycentral bank credit resort to borrowings in theintra-day money market. Thus theimplementation of RTGS in India could alsosee the birth of a vibrant intra-day moneymarket.

Some RTGS systems do allow participants tosend payments for amounts greater than theirreserve balances immediately prior to the timeof the request. In carrying out such a paymentrequest, the central bank extends a short-termloan (daylight overdraft) to fund the reserveaccount of the sending bank. Such overdraftscan be made operational in various ways.Among G-10 RTGS systems, daylight overdrafts on Fedwire within a participant'sspecified limit do not generally requirespecific collateral backing. This feature isadvantageous to participants, which typically

do not need to hold or manage significantamounts of reserves or collateral for paymentpurposes. Another model for central bankextensions of intra-day credit requires aborrowing participant to fully collateralize theoverdraft. To be fully effective as a centralbank risk-management tool in a real-timepayments system, a full-collateralizationpolicy requires that collateral securities beavailable for real-time pledges, as well.

Despite the fact that all RTGS systems arecapable of operating in real-time, somepayment orders in some RTGS systems are notcarried out immediately. For example, when asending participant has insufficient funds in itscurrent account and central bank intra-daycredit is not available, either temporarily forthat bank or as a matter of system design, thepayment order will not be executed. A pendingpayment order is subject to two differentresponses by central banks.

In one case, the payment order is rejectedoutright and the sender may enter it into an'internal queue' that assigns priority tooutgoing payments. Selected payment ordersare then resubmitted to the RTGS system whensufficient covering funds in the participant'sfunds account become available, either frompayments received or via borrowing fromanother participant. Alternatively, a paymentorder that cannot be executed because ofinsufficient reserve funds may enter a'centralized queue' maintained by the centralbank. That is, rather than returning thepayment order unexecuted to the sendinginstitution, the central bank retains all paymentorders that require incoming cover centrally.

When adequate reserves become available toexecute any of the queued requests, the centralbank then reenters the payment order into thesystem. A centrally located and managedqueue can facilitate an orderly flow ofpayments because the system operator canidentify payment requests that will offset eachother to some extent. That is, one paymentprovides cover for the next, which providescover for the next, and so forth. This type ofqueue management is termed "optimization"by the Bank for International Settlements. Theexistence of a centralized queue andoptimization routines may, again, discourageintensive management of intra-day liquidityby participants and the practice ofsystematically anticipating payments that arebeing held in queues tends to increase systemicinter dependence and settlement risk preciselythe problems that RTGS systems are designedto eliminate.

The way Indian policy makers will shape thisentire design is going to be interesting towatch. Though it takes time for establishedsettlement practices to change, RTGS is all setto make an impact on the Indian markets.

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Trading Strategy for SuccessContributed by Mr. Motilal Oswal, Chairman & Managing Director, Motilal Oswal SecuritiesLimited

There are only two driving emotions in the stock market - Greed and Fear. Greed is a very acceptableemotion and we thrive on it. However, avarice which is irrational greed, is a trader's enemy.

An old saying in the stock market is :- Rule No.1 - Don't loose money, and Rule No.2 - Don't forget Rule No.1.

The first step in trading is to set aside a particular amount for trading. This should be the amount which is notrequired for immediate needs and should be a small portion of the trader's net worth.

The next is to have a pre-planned trading system. This should be arrived at by testing different systems on datafor a number of scrips for a short period. A detailed record should be compiled of the number of trades,successes, failures, capital invested, gains and losses after brokerage. This strategy should be tested acrossscrips and should be scrip independent. Build into this strategy, a profit booking rule. More importantly, havea stop loss strategy. However confident one may be, some trades are going to turn sour. Ensure that your system gives you the right risk-rewardratio which is favorable. Once you have planned you play, play your plan.

Traders often make simple mistakes which can be costly, Never jump into a trade if you are late in catching the opportunity.As they say, bettersafe than sorry.Another common mistake is to forget the system and get into what some bull is reportedly buying or selling .Yet another is to getinto any junk stock because it belongs to a sector that is currently hot. Others are compulsive traders and get into positions even though theirsystem is not generating any buying or selling signals.

Successful trading is simple; it lies in doing simple things well, taking profits and cutting losses to a plan.

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CIL Securities Ltd.Tel : 040-320 3155Karvy Consultants Ltd.Tel : 040-332 5518Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.Tel : 040-322 2645The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 040-474 5920The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd.Tel : 040-3222641-42

Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 0230-421 934

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0731-565975ISJ Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 0731-705420-22

State Bank Of IndiaTel : 0731-702 736State Bank Of IndoreTel : 0731-548 318The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0731-533 062

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0141-370352Hem Securities Ltd.Tel : 0141-378 608Suresh Rathi Sec Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0141-363919Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0141-520682The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0141-369445

H.T. Nanavati Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0181-226 964

Asit C Mehta Inv Intermediates Ltd.Tel : 0257-226743

B R K Shares & Stk Brokers P Ltd.Tel : 0288-553310/92180Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0288-661 246/248

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 07432-40116

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 01592-32355

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0291-628619Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0291-441382/383Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 0291-612374Renaissance Securities LtdTel : 0291-628619/719Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0291-636171The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0291-627365

State Bank Of India, Main BranchTel : 0512-303123














Acme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.Tel : 02698-24401-02

Motilal Oswal Securities LtdTel : 0231-660713Renaissance Securities LtdTel : 0231-660713

Accord Capital Markets Ltd., Mahendra RdTel : 033-476 2125/5404Bank Of India, B R MSaraniTel : 033-2485703/1973Dalmia Securities Ltd., Sarat Bose RoadTel : 033-2806544-49DJS Stock & Shares Ltd., Lyons RangeTel : 033-2206269East India Securities Ltd., Salt LakeTel : 033-334 5527/5689Lohia Securities Ltd., Lyons RangeTel : 033-210 8722M Prasad & Co. Ltd., Judges Court Road,Tel : 033-4792700-01R M ShareTrading Pvt Ltd., I E PlaceTel : 033-2103860Sam Global Securities Ltd., I E PlaceTel : 033-221 1096SKP Securities Ltd., Camac StreetTel : 033-2828719/8793Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.,Park Street,Tel : 033-226 2030The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd., GaneshChandraAvenue,Tel : 033-2377412-13Vedika Securities Pvt Ltd., ShambhunathPandit StreetTel : 033-2231245

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0744-361 155The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0744-324 007

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0522-282303Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd.Tel : 0522- 255022/23Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0522-231695/211903Sykes & Ray Equities (I) Ltd.Tel : 0522-331196

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9Visit us at www.centraldepository.com









LSE Securities Ltd.Tel : 0161-412316-18State Bank Of IndiaTel : 0161-449 080

DJS Stock & Shares LtdTel : 0452-735776

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0824-429614

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0121-643908

B R K Shares & Stk Brokers P Ltd.Tel : 02892-24360

Uttam Financial Services Ltd.Tel : 0591-428 721

Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-6351177Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-6250001

UTI Securities Exchange Ltd.Tel : 022-6941500

Total Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-6514095-98ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-6408575OTC Exchange Of IndiaTel :

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd, UdipiTel : 08252-34295

Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.Tel : 91-22-830 2952C.R.Kothari And Sons Shares & StockBrokers (P) Ltd.Tel : 022-824 5719Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Ser. Ltd.Tel : 022-857 0965IIT Corporate Services Ltd.Tel : 022-8306790/1Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares AndSecurities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-6965555

The Greater Bombay Co-op. Bank Ltd.Tel : 022-834 3695





Acme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-8912256/62Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-893 5838Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-8896315

Shreehari Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-281 1934

Sykes & Ray Equities (India) Ltd.Tel : 022-2040425/0392

Advani Share Brokers Private Ltd.Tel : 022- 267 1533Acme Shares & Stock Private LtdTel : 022-2657316/18Amu Shares & Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-265 3410Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-2377065B D Shah Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2835543B R Jalan Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-267 5746/5815Bank Of India, FortTel : 022-262 1820Bank Of India, P. J.TowerTel : 022-262 6998Bank Of MaharashtraTel : 022-262 6748Bhagirat Merchant Stock Broking Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-262 1618Bharat C BagriTel : 022-265 8920/2652792Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar Shares & StockBrokers P Ltd.Tel : 022-2075651BNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2670029BOI Shareholding Ltd.Tel : 022-2723626Centurion Bank Ltd.Tel : 022-2705036/37/38/39Churiwala Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-267 0035/267 1713Deutsche BankAGTel : 022-207 8453Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Ltd.Tel : 022-265 4201Enam Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-265 5535Gandhi SecuritiesAnd Investment Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2723836

GlobalTrust Bank Ltd.Tel : 022-264 4920HT Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2650499Hem Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-266 6156IKAB Securities & Investment Ltd.Tel : 022-2310571Integrated Master Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2672987/23871Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-288 6851ISJ Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-261 6178J G Shah Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-265 1688/3432Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., PuneTel : 022-263 0568Joindre Capital Services Ltd.Tel : 022-2690112-21K.Jayantilal Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-2651199K M Jain Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2334978-79Kaji & Maulik Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-265 2164/4592Khambatta Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-270 2576/77Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-2677917-22Kantilal Mangaldas Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-267 5282Kaushik Shah SharesAnd Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-287 4860M/s Hasmukh LalbhaiTel : 022-2723068M/s. Jitendra J. BhabheraTel : 022-267 4727M/s. Sanjay C. BaxiTel : 022-265 3872Madhukar C ShethTel : 022-265 3932Malti Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-261 1268MehtaVakilAnd Company Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-265 2620/1082MLR Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 022-265 1370Mother India Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2876431-32Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2675494 /Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-264 1234Oriental Bank Of CommerceTel : 022-2674579/6066Prarup Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-2826940-42


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Pratik StockVision Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-265 4793R B K Share Broking Ltd.Tel : 022-2651529/2646R.M. ShareTrading Private Ltd.Tel : 022-265 6034R.N.Patwa Share & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd.Tel : 022-265 1951Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2721213/2632Saikripa Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2721095Sam Global Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-265 2422Shilpa Stock Brokers Private Ltd.Tel : 022-2624220/1

SMIFS Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-265 8027/28SPS Share Brokers Private Ltd.Tel : 022-267 5556/1335Sunidhi Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd.Tel : 022-2631417Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-262 4787SVV Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-2723133/35The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 022-2873472The Omniscient Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-270 0774Union Bank Of IndiaTel : 022-2674115Vijan Share & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-269 2217Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.Tel : 022-207 2298Wellworth SharesAnd Stock Broking Ltd.Tel : 022-2675758/0365

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-8727241

Sino Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-2334811-14Sykes & Ray Equities (I) Ltd.Tel : 022-2655330

Bank Of BarodaTel : 022-511 6899/6717

Asian Markets Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-841 3030ICICI Ltd.Tel : 022-8736300

Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-878 6854

Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd.Tel : 022-8755502



SMK SharesAnd Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-265 5590/ 2623999

Acme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-3425999

Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd.Tel : 022-4982000B R Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-4988844Emkay Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-4606690HDFC Bank Ltd.Tel : 022-491 0492Standard Chartered BankTel : 022-491 8483Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Ltd.Tel : 022-4910076

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-4453652

ICICI Ltd.Tel : 022-4924100

Asit C Mehta Inv. Intermediates Ltd.Tel :

ABNAmro Bank N.VTel : 022-281 2527/28Birla Sunlife Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2880041-43Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-282 2992 / 2044805Indsec SecuritiesAnd Finance Ltd.Tel : 022-2046753,Keynote Capitals Ltd.










Bank Of BarodaTel : 022-8083243Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-8617309

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.Tel :0 22-881 6159Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-8440640

Acme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-5620231

Tel : 022-2025230Kotak Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-2341100Maheshwari Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-204 2514Maliram Makharia Finstock Private Ltd.Tel : 022-2818969Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-232 2222Rashi Equisearch Private Ltd.Tel : 022-2044270

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-3448104/1057

Mukesh Babu Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-4018218-9Gupta Equities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 022-232 5607

DJS StockAnd Shares Ltd.Tel : 022-6185011DJS StockAnd Shares Ltd.Tel : 022-6103594

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.Tel : 022-5795261

Citibank N.A.Tel : 022-494 9275The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corpn.Ltd.Tel : 022-498 0000

B R Jalan Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 0621-266 839

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & Sec PvtLtd.Tel : 0268-29020/24/26



Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates LtdTel : 022-8577898

B R Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 022-3613415/2553








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Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0712-731922-4Kantilal Chhganlal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0712-732448Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0712-538181Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 0712-241062

Asit C. Mehta Inv. Intermediates Ltd.Tel : 0253-454174-75Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0253-572196Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0253-579201

Bank Of BarodaTel : 022-770 9854

Interconnected Stock ExchangeTel : 022-7812056/58/59Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-7661278

R N Patwa Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. LtdTel : 02637-50110

Abhipra Capital Ltd.,AzadpurTel : 011-724 7797/98Alankit Assignments Ltd., JhandewalanExtensionTel : 011-351 3514/16B R Jalan Securities Private Ltd, Hauz KhasTel : 011-696 8101Bank Of India, Barakhamba RoadTel : 011- 3721843-44BLB Ltd., Darya GanjTel : 011-327 2728Express Securities Pvt Ltd, ConnaughtCircusTel : 011-3326940Globe Capital Market Ltd., KasturbaGandhi MargTel : 011- 3720887/89/91IKM Investor Services Ltd., East PatelNagarTel : 011-5787743Indus Portfolio Private Ltd., Bali NagarTel : 011-5457390Integrated Master Securities Ltd.,Barakhamba RoadTel : 011-332 2136/2143

K & A Securities Pvt Ltd., New FriendsColonyTel : 011-6832111/29511Master Capital Services Ltd., BarakhambaRoadTel : 011-3738633Sam Global Securities Ltd., DaryaganjTel : 011-3270790/6190Sam Global Securities Ltd., AzadpurCommercial ComplexTel : 011- 7228354Sam Global Securities Ltd.,PitampuraTel : 011 -715793Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.,Bahadurshah Zafar MargTel : 011-371 2807Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd., DaryaGanjTel : 011-328 1192The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd., Karol BaghTel : 011- 5712934Uttam Financial Services Ltd., BahadurShah Zafar MargTel : 011-3317228Zuari Investments Ltd., Nehru PlaceTel : 011-6413319/3376

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 01742- 630192

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0832-231130

Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 08564-43494

Bank Of BarodaTel : 020-5421255/36997PSE Securities Ltd.Tel : 020- 4485701-03

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tel : 0771-654 407Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.Tel : 0771- 535642

Ajay Natavarlal Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0281-229763B R K Share & Stock Brokers P Ltd.Tel : 0281-476305-06Rajkot Nagarik Sahkari Bank Ltd.Tel : 0281-233 916/917SKSE Securities Ltd.







Tel : 0281-442 145The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel :

B R Jalan Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 0341-444226

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd., Palika BazarTel : 01262-54502

Acme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.Tel : 02425-25451

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 02972-30689

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 01666-20713

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0154-440 383The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0154-430 359/259

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & SecuritiesPvt LtdTel : 0261-424 290Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Tel : 0261-419813Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0261- 655670

Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd.Tel : 022-5470890

Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 0374-334622

HT Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd,Tel : 0471-440 934

Emkay Share & Stock Brokers P Ltd.Tel : 0294-415405ISJ Securities Private Ltd.Tel : 0294-423 611/612Renaissance Securities Ltd.Tel : 0294-526 798Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.












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Tel : 0294 413088The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.Tel : 0294-560547

Bank Of BarodaTel : 0265-361910Vadodara Stock ExchangeTel : 0265-361 534/474

Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd.Tel : 02638-439063






B R K Share & Stock Broker Pvt Ltd.Tel : 02876- 43827/959

BNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0866- 566271BNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd.Tel : 0866 -577005

Steel City Securities Ltd.Tel : 0891-549675-80

Kantilal Mangaldas Sec P Ltd.Tel : 02765-2766 15/34


CMC Ltd.CMC House,C-18 Bandra-Kurla Complex,Mumbai-400051Tel.: 6591000/01/02

SDG Software TechnologiesMaker Chember 5,

4 floor, 422,Nariman PointMumbaiTel.: 2041999/2041996


CDSL depository participants: Back-office software vendors

PSI Data Systems Ltd. ,Indiana Business Center, Indiana House,Marol Naka.Andheri (E)Mumbai-400059Tel.: 8507336-44

Infotech Resources402, Sharda Chembers,New Marine lines,Mumbai-400020Tel.: 2032497,2007672

Acer Softwares1/B-43, Mittal Industrial Estate,Andheri-Kurla Road, Marol,Mumbai-400059Tel.: 8502876

Chaudhari InternationalShiv Sagar Estate,A Block,Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli,Mumbai-400018Tel.: 4928638/47/48

Alok Textile Industries LimitedBank of BarodaBank of IndiaBharti Mobile LimitedBirla Tata AT & T LimitedBOC India LimitedBPL Mobile Comminuctions LimitedCentral Bank of IndiaCentury Enka LimitedCentury Textiles and Industries LimitedCyrus Investments LimitedDalmia Cement (Bharat) LtdDena bankExport-Import Bank of IndiaFloatglass India LimitedGodavari Marathwada Irrigation DevelopmentCorporation, AurangabadGrasim Industries LimitedGujarat Borosil LimitedGujarat Gas Company LimitedHindalco Industries LimitedHindustan Aeronautics LimitedHindustan Copper LimitedHousing and Urban Development CorporationLimited

Housing Development Finance CorporationLimitedICICI Bank LimitedICICI LimitedIFCI LimitedIndian Aluminium Company LimitedIndian Oil Corporation LimitedIndian Rayon and Industries LimitedIndo Gulf Corporation LimitedIndustrial Development Bank of IndiaITI LimitedKrishna Bhagya Jal Nigam LimitedKSB Pumps LimitedLarsen & Toubro LimitedLeaseplan India LimitedLIC Housing Finance LimitedMadras Cements LimitedMaharashtra State Financial CorporationNational Aluminium Company LimitedNational Thermal Power Corporation LimitedNeyveli Lignite Corpration LimitedNirma LimitedNorth Eastern Electricity Supply Company of OrissaLimited

Prism Cement LimitedPunjab National BankReliance Capital LimitedReliance Industries LimitedReliance Petroleum Ltd.Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam LimitedShree Rama Multi-Tech LimitedSKF Bearings India LimitedSouthern Electricity Supply Company of Orissa LimitedSrei International Finance LimitedState Bank of IndiaState Bank of IndoreTata Chemicals LimitedTata Engineering and Locomotive Company LimitedTata Finance LimitedTata Investment Corporation LimitedThe Arvind Mills LimitedUnion Bank of IndiaUTI Bank LimitedVanasthali Textile Industries LimitedVarun Shipping Company LimitedWestern Electricity Supply Company of Orissa Limited

Companies which have admitted their debt instruments into CDSL

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Company Name Company NameCompany NameCompany Name Company Name

CDSL Associates - Issuer Companies

21st Century Management ServicesLtd.A J Brothers Ltd.A K Automobiles Ltd.A K S Credits Ltd.A P R Ltd.Aakar Engineering & ManufacturingCompany Ltd.Aanjay Software Ltd.Aarsree Agra LtdAarthi Drugs Ltd.Aarthi Industries Ltd.Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd.Aasheesh Securities Ltd.Aaswa Trading & Exports LtdAbacus Computers LtdAban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd.ABB Analytical Ltd.ABB Industrial IT Development CenterLtdABB Instrumentation Ltd.ABB Lenzohm Service LtdAbbott Laboratories (India) Ltd.ABC India LtdAbee Info-Consumables LtdABG Heavy Industries LtdAbha Property Project LtdAbhinandan Enterprises LtdAbhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd.Abhishek Finlease LtdAbhishek Industries Ltd.Abhyudya Trading Ltd.Abir Chemicals LtdABL Biotechnologies Ltd.ABM International Ltd.Accurate Exports Ltd.Accurate Traders Ltd.Accurate Transformers Ltd.Ace Software Exports Ltd.Ace Stonecraft Ltd.ACI Infocom Ltd.Acknit Knitting Ltd.Acrow India Ltd.Acrysil Ltd.Action Financial Services Ltd.Adam Comsof Ltd.Adani Exports Ltd.Adarsh Derivatives LtdAdarsh Plant Protect LtdAddi Industries Ltd.Addlife Pharma LtdADF Foods Ltd.Adhunik Ferro Alloys LtdAdhunik Meghalaya Steels Pvt. Ltd.Adhunik Steels LtdAdinath Bio-Labs LtdAdinath Textiles Ltd.Aditya Consultants & Traders LtdAditya Global Techno CorporationsLtd.Aditya International LtdAditya Spinners Ltd.Adlabs Films Ltd.Ad-Manum Finance LtdAdor Fontech Ltd.Ador Powertron Ltd.Ador Technopak LtdAdtech Power Systems LtdAdvanced Micronic Devices Ltd.Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd.Advani Oerlikon Ltd.Advent Computer Services Ltd.Advik Laboratories Ltd.Aegis Logistics LtdAekta LtdAesculapius Remedies LtdAFT Industries Ltd.Aftek Infosys Ltd.Agarpara Company Ltd

Agarwal Bolts LtdAgee Gold Refiners LtdAGK Computer Secure Prints Ltd.Agro Dutch Industries LtdAgro Tech Foods LtdAGS Infotech LtdAhlcons Parenterals (India) Ltd.Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd.Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd.AIMCO Pesticides Ltd.Aishu Fincorp LtdAjanta Commerce LtdAjanta Pharma Ltd.Ajanta Soya Ltd.Ajay Home Products Ltd.Ajcon Capital Markets Ltd.Akai Asian LtdAkanksha Finvest Ltd.Akar Laminators LtdAkar Tools LtdAKC Steel Industries Ltd.AKL Soft & Infosys (India) LtdAKS International Ltd.Aksh Optifibre Ltd.Akshar Finance LtdAkshay Fiscal Services Ltd.Akshay Software Technologies Ltd.Alacrity Electronics Ltd.Alacrity Housing Ltd.Alang Industrial Gases Ltd.Albert David Ltd.Albright & Wilson Chemicals IndiaI Ltd.Alchemie Organics Ltd.Alembic Glass Industries Ltd.Alembic LtdAlexcon Foamcast Ltd.Alfa Ica (India) LtdAlfa Laval (India) Ltd.Alfa Transformers Ltd.Alfavision Overseas (India) Ltd.Alfred Herbert (India) LtdAlipurduar Tea Company Ltd.Alka Diamond Industries Ltd.Alka Securities Ltd.Alka Spinners Ltd.Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.Alliance Management & Fiscal Services LtdAllianz Capital & Management ServicesLtd.Allianz Securities Ltd.Allied Capital Services LtdAllsoft Corp. Ltd.Alok Industries LtdAlpha Drug India Ltd.Alpha Graphics India LtdAlpha Hi-Tech Fuel Ltd.Alphageo (India) Ltd.Alpic Finance Ltd.Alpine Commercial Company LtdAlpine Housing Development CorporationLtdAlps Industries LtdAlps Infosys Ltd.Alstom LtdALSTOM Power India LtdAmal Products LtdAmalgamated Development LtdAmalgamations Repco Ltd.Amani Trading & Exports LtdAmar Shakti Commerce & Industries LtdAmara Raja Batteries Ltd.Amarchand Mangaldas Properties Pvt. Ltd.Amarchand Towers Property Holdings Pvt.Ltd.Amarjothi Spinning Mills LtdAmarshiv Opticals Ltd. formerly GemEyeadorns LtdAmbalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd.

Ambica Agarbathies & Aroma IndustriesLtdAmbitious Plastomac Ltd.Ambuja Cement Eastern Ltd.Ambuja Cement Rajasthan LtdAmco India LtdAmerican Remedies Ltd.Amex Information Technologies Ltd.Amforge Industries Ltd.AMGF Intercorp LtdAMI Computers (I) Ltd.AMICI India Ltd.Amines & Plasticizers LtdAmit Commercial Company LtdAmit International Ltd.Amit Securities LtdAmit Spinning Industries Ltd.Amluckie Investment Company LtdAmol Dicalite LtdAMP Sanmar Assurance Company LtdAMR Softech Ltd.Amrapali Developers (India) Ltd.Amrapali Industries Ltd.Amrit Banaspati Company LtdAmstar Laminates Ltd.Amtek Auto Ltd.Amtek India Ltd.Amtrex Hitachi Appliances Ltd.Ananda Bag Tea Company LtdAnant Raj Industries LtdAncent Software International Ltd.Anco Communications Ltd.Andamans Timber Industries Ltd.Andhra BankAndhra Cements LtdAndrew Yule & Co. LtdANG Exports Ltd.Anglo India Jute Mills Company LtdAnglo-French Drugs & Industries LtdAnil Biochem LtdAnil Chemicals & Industries LtdAnil Pesticides Ltd.Anil Products LtdAnjani Fabrics LtdAnjani Synthetics LtdAnka India Ltd.Ankit Prachi Trading & Investment LtdAnkita Pratisthan LtdAnkur Commercial LtdAnkur Drugs & Pharma LtdAnkush Finstock LtdAnna Finance LtdAnnamallai Finance LtdAnnapurna Foils Ltd.Anod Plasma Spray LtdAnsal Buildwell Ltd.Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd.Ansal Properties & Industries Ltd.Antartica Ltd.Anukampa Vanijya Ltd.Anukul Investments Ltd.Apar Industries Ltd.Apcotex Lattices Ltd.Apeego LtdApex Capital Markets Ltd.Aplab Ltd.Apollo Finance Ltd.Apollo Finvest (India) LtdApollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.Apollo International Ltd.Apollo Investments Ltd.Apollo Tyres Ltd.Apple Allied Industries LtdApple Credit Corporation Ltd.Apple Finance Ltd.Applicomp (India) Ltd.Applitech Solution Ltd.Appu (India) LtdAptech Ltd.APW President Systems Ltd

Aradhana Investments Ltd.Aravali Industries LtdAravali Securities & Finance Ltd.Arcee Industries LtdArchana Software Ltd.Archies Greetings & Gifts Ltd.Arcuttipore Tea Company Ltd.Arham Plastics Ltd.Aridhi Hi-Tech Ltd.Arihant Avenues & Credit LtdArihant Capital Markets LtdArihant Classic Finance Ltd.Arihant Cotsyn Ltd.Arihant Enterprise Ltd.Arihant Enterprises LtdArihant Finance (India) LtdArihant Foundations & Housing LtdArihant Industries LtdArihant LtdArihant Threads Ltd.Arman Lease & Finance LtdArmchair Investments LtdArmour Polymers LtdArnit Infotech Ltd.ARO Granite Industries Ltd.Aroni Chemical Industries Ltd.Arora Fibres LtdArpan Leasing Company LtdArraycom (India) Ltd.Arrow Cables Ltd.Arrow Coated Products LtdArrow Webtex Ltd.Artefact Software & Finance Ltd.Artson Engineering LtdAruna Sunrise Hotels LtdArunoday Mills LtdArvind International Ltd.Arvind Products Ltd.Arvind Remedies LtdAryaman Financial Services LtdAsahi India Safety Glass Ltd.Asahi Infrastructure & Projects LtdAscent Exim (India) LtdAscu Hickson Ltd.Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. (ABB Ltd.)Ashapura Minechem Ltd.Ashiana Agro Industries LtdAshiana Housing & Finance (India) LtdAshiana Ispat LtdAshika Credit Capital Ltd.Ashima Ltd.Ashirwad Capital Ltd.Ashirwad Steels & Industries Ltd.Ashish Polyplast LtdAshok Alco-Chem LtdAshok Leyland Finance Ltd.Ashok Leyland Ltd.Ashok Polymers LtdAshram Online.com LtdAsian Bearing Ltd.Asian CERC Information Technology LtdAsian Electronics Ltd.Asian Hotels Ltd.Asian Independent Network LtdAsian Paints (India) Ltd.Asian Star Company LtdAsian Tea & Exports Ltd.Asian Telephone Services LtdAsiatic Food (Exports) LtdASIL Industries Ltd.Ask Financial Services LtdAsk Me Info Hubs Ltd.ASM Technologies LtdAsman Investments Ltd.Asoka Ferrocast LtdASP Technologies LtdAssam Brook Ltd.Assam Carbon Products Ltd.Assam Company LtdAssam Roofing Ltd

Associated Infotech Ltd.Associated Leasing LtdAssociated Pigments LtdAssociated Profiles & Aluminium Ltd.Associated Transrail Structures LtdAstra Microwave Products Ltd.Astra-IDL Ltd.Atco Healthcare Ltd.Atcom Technologies LtdAtlantic Spinning & Weaving Mills LtdAtlas Copco (India) Ltd.Atlas Cycles (Haryana) LtdATN International Ltd.Atul Ltd.ATV Projects India Ltd.Auckland International Ltd.Audichem (India) LtdAunde Faze Three Autofab Ltd.Aurangabad Cryogenics LtdAurangabad Paper Mills LtdAuro Laboratories Ltd.Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.Auto Pins (India) Ltd.Autocomps India LtdAutolec Industries LtdAutolite (India) Ltd.Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd.Automotive Axles Ltd.Autoriders Finance Ltd.Avadh Mercantile Company LtdAvantel Softech LtdAvanti Business Machines Ltd.Avanti Feeds Ltd.Aventis Cropscience India LtdAventis Pharma LtdAvery India Ltd.Avinash Information Technologies Ltd.Avon Mercantile LtdAvon Organics Ltd.AVT Natural Products LtdAvtar Finance & Management ConsultantsLtdAxel Polymers Ltd.Axis Capital Markets (India) Ltd.Axles India Ltd.Axon Infotech LtdAxon Trading & Manufacturing CompanyLtdAxSys Healthtech LtdAxtel Industries Ltd.Ayoki Mercantile LtdAztec Software & Technology Services Ltd.B & A LtdB A & Brothers (Eastern) LtdB J Duplex Boards Ltd.B N R Udyog LtdB N Rathi Securities LtdB P Capital Ltd.B S Holdings & Credit Ltd.B S Refrigerators LtdB T Syndicate LtdB.K. Duplex Board Ltd.B2B Software Technologies LtdBaaz Trading & Investment LtdBacchhat Investment & Finance LtdBadridas Investment Company Ltd.Badrinath Industries Ltd.Baffin Engineering Projects LtdBagaria Trading LtdBaghmari Tea Company LtdBagrodia Forgecast LtdBaid Mercantiles Ltd.Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd.Bajaj Auto Ltd.Bajaj Electricals LtdBajaj Hindustan Ltd.Bajaj Hirers & Lessors LtdBajaj Plastics Ltd.Bajaj Tempo Ltd.

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Bajwa Agro Industries Ltd.Bakelite Hylam LtdBakra Pratisthan Ltd.Bal Pharma Ltd.Bala - Bestos (India) LtdBala Techno Global LtdBala Techno Synthetics Ltd.Balaji Amines LtdBalaji Commercials LtdBalaji Distilleries Ltd.Balaji Hotels & Enterprises LtdBalaji Industrial Corporation LtdBalaji Telefilms Ltd.Balkrishna Industries Ltd.Ballabh Commercial LtdBallarpur Industries Ltd.Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.Balmer Lawrie Van Leer LtdBalrampur Chini Mills Ltd.Balrampur Commercial Enterprises LtdBalurghat Technologies LtdBalwas e-Com India LtdBambino Agro Industries Ltd.Bampsl Securities Ltd.Banaras Beads LtdBanco Products (India) Ltd.Bangalore Printing & Publishing CompanyLtdBangalore Softsell Ltd.Bank of Baroda (BOB)Bank of India (BOI)Bank Of Madura LtdBank Of Punjab Ltd.Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.Banka (India) Ltd.Bankam Investment Ltd.Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.Banswara Syntex Ltd.Banswara Textile Mills LtdBarasia Holding & Trading Company LtdBarcley Enterprises LtdBaron Infotech Ltd.Basant Agro Tech (India) Ltd.BASF India Ltd.Bata (India) Ltd.Bateli Tea Company LtdBathina Technologies (India) LtdBatliboi LtdBaxi Brothers LtdBayer (India) Ltd.Bayer ABS Ltd.Bayer Diagnostics India LtdBazel International LtdBCB Brokerage Private Ltd.BCC Finance Ltd.BCC Fuba India LtdBDH Industries LtdBDPS Software Ltd.Bee Electronic Machines Ltd.Beekay Engineering & Castings Ltd.Beekay Steel Industries LtdBeeyu Overseas Ltd.Bell Ceramics Ltd.Bell Marshall Tele Systems Ltd.Bellary Steels & Alloys Ltd.Bells Controls Ltd.Bemco Hydraulics LtdBenares Hotels LtdBenchmark Mutual FundBengal Tea & Fabrics LtdBerger Paints India LtdBest and Crompton Engineering Ltd.Bestavision Electronics Ltd.Bestcorp Securities Ltd.Betala Global Securities LtdBetsy Growth Finance LtdBF Utilities Ltd.Bhagalaxmi Investments Private LtdBhagawati Gases Ltd.Bhageria Dye-Chem Ltd.

Bhagheeratha Engineering LtdBhagiradha Chemicals & Industries LtdBhagwandas Auto Finance Ltd.Bhagwandas Metals Ltd.Bhagwati India LtdBhagyanagar Metals LtdBhagyanagar Wood Plast Ltd.Bhagyodaya Marketing Company Ltd.Bhairav Enterprises LtdBhaktwatsal Investments LtdBhandari Consultancy & Finance LtdBhandari Hosiery Exports LtdBhandari Udhyog Ltd.Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd.Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd.Bharat Bhushan Share & Stock BrokersLtd.Bharat Bijlee Ltd.Bharat Commerce & Industries Ltd.Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML)Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL)Bharat Fertiliser Industries Ltd.Bharat Forge Ltd.Bharat Gears Ltd.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL)Bharat Hotels Ltd.Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL)Bharat Rasayan LtdBharat Rubber Regenerating CompanyLtd.Bharat Seats LtdBharat Starch Industries Ltd.Bharatpur Nutritional Products LtdBharti BT Internet Ltd.Bharti BT Ltd.Bharti Cellular Ltd.Bharti Enterprises Private Ltd.Bharti Healthcare Ltd.Bharti Mobile Ltd.Bharti Mobinet LtdBharti Telecom LtdBharti Telenet Ltd.Bharti Telesoft LtdBharti Telesonic Ltd.Bharti Telespatial Ltd.Bharti Teletech Ltd.Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd.Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steels LtdBhartiya International Ltd.Bhaskar Agrochemicals Ltd.Bhaskar Shrachi Alloys Ltd.Bhilwara Holdings LtdBhilwara Spinners Ltd.Bhoomi Promoters & Developers Pvt. Ltd.Bhor Industries LtdBhoruka Gases LtdBhushan Commercial Enterprises LtdBhushan Steel & Strips Ltd.Bhuvan Tripura Industries Ltd.Bhuwalka Steel Industries LtdBi LtdBigoo Investments LtdBihar Caustic And Chemicals Ltd.Bihar Hotels LtdBihar Sponge Iron Ltd.Bihar Tubes Ltd.Bijco Holdings Ltd.Bijni Dooars Tea Company Ltd.Bimetal Bearings LtdBinani Industries Ltd.Binary Semantics Ltd.Bindawala Banijya LtdBinod Jute & Fibre LtdBio Tea Estates LtdBiofil Chemicals and PharmaceuticalsLtd.Biopac India Corporation Ltd.Biowin Pharma (India) Ltd.Birla 3M Ltd.

Birla Capital & Financial Services Ltd.Birla Century Finance LtdBirla Corporation Ltd.Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd.Birla Global Finance Ltd. (BGFL)Birla Kennametal LtdBirla Tata AT&T LtdBirla Technologies LtdBirla VXL Ltd.Birla Yamaha Ltd.Birmingham Thermotech Ltd.Bisil Plast Ltd.Bisra Stone Lime Company LtdBITS (India) Ltd.BLB Ltd.Bliss Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals IndiaLtdBloom Dekor LtdBloom Industries Ltd.Blossom Industries LtdBlow Plast Ltd.Blue Chip India Ltd.Blue Dart Express Ltd.Blue Diamond Securities & Finance Ltd.Blue Print Securities LtdBlue Star Infotech Ltd.Blue Star Ltd.Bluechip Tex Industries LtdBNK Capital Markets Ltd.Bobshell Electrodes LtdBOC India Ltd.Bokaro Power Supply Company LtdBolton Properties LtdBombay Baroda Roadways (India) LtdBombay Drugs & Pharma Ltd.Bombay Paints LtdBombay Polymers LtdBombay Swadeshi Stores Ltd.Bommidala Aquamarine Ltd.Bongaigaon Refinery & PetrochemicalsLtd.Borax Morarji Ltd.Bormah Jan Tea Company LtdBorosil Glass Works LtdBorosil Holdings Ltd.Boston Education & Software TechnologiesLtdBoulevard Properties LtdBPL Engineering Ltd.BPL Ltd.BPL Mobile Communications LtdBrady & Morris Engineering Company LtdBrahm Ispat LtdBrawn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Brels Infotech Ltd.Brescon Corporate Advisors LtdBridge Securities Ltd.Bright Brothers LtdBrijlaxmi Leasing & Finance LtdBrilliant Securities LtdBrindavan Commercial LtdBritannia Industries Ltd.Broadcast Worldwide Ltd.Brushman (India) Ltd.BS Appliances LtdBSEL Information Systems Ltd.BSES LTDBSL LtdBSR Finance & Constructions Ltd.BST LtdBTW Industries Ltd.Bubna Stock Broking Services LtdBudge Budge Company Ltd.Bulls And Bears Portfolios Ltd.Buniyad Chemicals Ltd.Burr Brown (India) Ltd.Burroughs Wellcome (India) Ltd.C J Gelatine Products LtdC L S Ltd.

Cable Corporation of India Ltd.Cabot India Ltd.Cadbury (India) Ltd.Calcinor India LtdCalcom Vision Ltd.Calcutta Jute Manufacturing Company LtdCalcutta Silk Manufacturing Company LtdCaledonian Jute & Industries LtdCalifornia Software Company Ltd.Camac Commercial Company LtdCamex Intermediates Ltd.Camlin Ltd.Camphor & Allied Products Ltd.Camson Technologies LtdCan Fin Homes LtdCanbank Mutual Fund - Canstar (80L)Canbank Mutual Fund - Canstar (CG)Cannan International Infotech Ltd.Capfin India Ltd.Capital Hotels & Developers Ltd.Capital Trade Links Ltd.Capital Trust Ltd.Caplin Point Laboratories LtdCapman Financials Ltd.Caprihans India Ltd.Carbac Holdings LtdCarbon Everflow Ltd.Carbon Specialities LtdCarborundum Universal Ltd.Carnation Industries Ltd.Carnation Nutra-Analogue Foods Ltd.Carrier Aircon Ltd.Castrol India Ltd.Castron Technologies LtdCat Technologies Ltd.Catvision Products Ltd.Cauvery Software Engg.Systems Ltd.CCAP LtdCCS Infotech Ltd.Ceat Ltd.Cee (I) TV Entertainments Ltd.Ceejay Finance LtdCeekay Daikin LtdCeenik Exports (India) LtdCentak Chemicals Ltd.Centax (India) LtdCentral Distillery & Breweries Ltd.Central India Industries LtdCentrum Finance Ltd.Centurion Bank Ltd.Century Enka Ltd.Century Extrusions Ltd.Century Laminating Company Ltd.Century Plyboards (I) Ltd.Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.Cepham Milk Specialities Ltd.Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd.CESC Ltd.CFL Capital Financial Services LtdCG Glass LtdCG Igarshi Motors Ltd.CG-Vak Software & Exports Ltd.Chain Investments LtdChakkilam Infotech Ltd.Chakrapani Promotions LtdChaman Lal Setia Exports LtdChambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd.Champagne Indage LtdChampion Commercial Co. LtChandni Engineering LtdChandra Prabhu International LtdChandrika Traders Ltd.Channel Guide India Ltd.Charchika Impex LtdCharminar Breweries Ltd.Charms Industries LtdChartered Capital & Investment Ltd.Checons LtdChembond Chemicals LtdChemcaps Ltd

Chemfab Alkalis LtdCheminor Drugs Ltd.Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.Chennai Petroleum Corporation LtdCheslind Textiles LtdChettinad Cement Corporation Ltd.Cheviot Agro Industries LtdCheviot Company Ltd.Chhabra Spinners LtdChicago Pneumatic India Ltd.Chicago Software Industries Ltd.Chirawa Cements LtdChitrakut Holdings LtdCHL Ltd.Choice International Ltd.Chokhani Securities LtdChoksh Infotech Ltd.Choksi Laboratories LtdChoksi Tube Company LtdCholamandalam Investment and FinanceCompany Ltd.Chordia Food Products LtdChowgule Steamships Ltd.Chromatic India Ltd.Ciba Specialty Chemicals (India) Ltd.CIL Securities Ltd.Cimmco Birla LtdCindrella Financial Services LtdCindrella Hotels LtdCinerad Communications Ltd.Cinevistaas LtdCipla Ltd.Cistro Telelink LtdCitiport Financial Services Ltd.Citurgia Biochemicals LtdCity Holdings LtdCity Online Services Ltd.City Union Bank Ltd.Cityman LtdClariant (India) Ltd.Clarity Financial Services LtdClarixxon Technologies Ltd.Classic Biotech & Exports Ltd.Classic Diamonds (India) Ltd.Classic Growers Ltd.Classic Leasing & Finance Ltd.Classique Trade Holdings LtdClio Infotech LtdClutch Auto Ltd.C-Mac Centum Ltd.CMC Ltd.CMI Ltd.CMM Broadcasting Network LtdCMS Infotech Ltd.Coates of India Ltd.Cochin Minerals & Rutile LtdColama Commercial Company LtdColgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.Colinz Laboratories Ltd.Colix Beverages LtdColor Chips (India) LtdColour-Chem Ltd.Combine Overseas Ltd.COmfort INtech LtdCommitment Capital Services Ltd.Commitment Finance LtdCompact Disc India Ltd.Competent Automobiles Company Ltd.Compuage Infocom Ltd.Compucom Software LtdCompudyne Winfosystems Ltd.Comp-U-Learn Tech India Ltd.Computech International Ltd.Computer Point Ltd.Computer Power (India) Ltd.Computerskill LtdConart Engineers Ltd.Consolidated Fibres & Chemicals LtdConsortex Karl Doelitzch (India) Ltd.Consortium Vyapaar Ltd.

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Container Corporation of India Ltd.(ConCor)Contech Software Ltd.Continental Coffee LtdContinental Construction Ltd.Continental Controls Ltd.Continental Fiscal Management LtdControl Print (India) Ltd.Coral India Finance & Housing LtdCoral Laboratories LtdCoral Newsprints LtdCorcomp Infosystems Ltd.Core Emballage LtdCore Healthcare Ltd.Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd.Coromant (India) LtdCoronet Industries Ltd.Corporate Courier & Cargo LtdCorporation BankCosboard Industries Ltd.Cosco (India) Ltd.Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.Cosmo Films Ltd.Country Credit Capital LtdCoventry Coil-O-Matic (Haryana) Ltd.Cozy Enterprises LtdCranex Ltd.Cravatex LtdCrazy Infotech Ltd.Creative Castings LtdCreative Eye Ltd.Creative World Telefilms LtdCredence Sound & Vision Ltd.Credit Rating Information Services of IndiaLtd. (CRISIL)Crescent Finstock LtdCressanda Commercial & Financing LtdCrest Communications Ltd.Crompton Greaves Ltd.Cross Country Hotels Ltd.Crystal Audio Ltd.Crystal Credits Corporation Ltd.CS Software Enterprise Ltd.CSJ Technologies Ltd.CT Cotton Yarn Ltd.Cubex Tubings LtdCubical Financial Services LtdCummins India Ltd.Cuprum Bagrodia LtdCure Specs Lasers Ltd.Cybermate Infotek Ltd.Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd.CyberSpace Infosys LtdCybertech Systems & Software Ltd.Cyberwave Internet Solutions Ltd.Cynamid Agro Ltd.D & H Welding Electrodes (India) LtdD R Softech and Industries LtdD S Kulkarni Developers Ltd.Dabriwala Banijya Udyog Ltd.Dabur India Ltd.Daewoo Motors India Ltd.Daffodil Investment & Trading CompanyLtdDagger-Forst Tools LtdDai-Ichi Karkaria LtdDaikaffil Chemicals (India) LtdDairy Den Ltd.Daisy Systems Ltd.Dalal Street Investments LtdDalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.Dalmia Laminators LtdDamodar Threads LtdDankuni Investments Ltd.Danlaw Technologies India Ltd.Darshan Oils LtdDatabase Finance Ltd.Datamatics Technologies Ltd.Datanet Systems Ltd.

Datapro Information Technology Ltd.Datasoft Application Software (India) Ltd.Datt Mediproducts LtdDatum Securities Ltd.Datum Technologies (India) Ltd.Daulat Securities Ltd.Daurala Organics LtdDazzel Confindive LtdDB (International) Stock Brokers Ltd.DB Merchant Banking Services Ltd.DCL Finance Ltd.DCL Polyesters Ltd.DCM Financial Services Ltd.DCM Ltd.DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd.DCM Shriram Industries Ltd.DCW Ltd.Deal (India) LtdDeccan Bearings LtdDeccan Cements LtdDeccan Polypacks LtdDeepak Fertilisers and PetrochemicalsCorporation Ltd.Deepak Nitrite Ltd.Deepak Spinners LtdDeeplok Financial Services LtdDeevee Commercials Ltd.Dejoo Valley Investment Company LtdDeldot Systems Ltd.Delhi Merchant Bankers LtdDelta Paper Mills Ltd.Delton Consultants LtdDena BankDenison Hydraulics India LtdDenso India Ltd.Dera Paints & Chemicals Ltd.Design Auto Systems Ltd.Dev Fasteners LtdDevarsa Gas-Chem Ltd.Devika Proteins LtdDevine Impex LtdDevki Leasing & Finance Ltd.Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.DFL Finance LtdDFM Foods LtdDGP Securities Ltd.DGP Windsor India Ltd.Dhampur Invertos Ltd.Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd.Dhandapani Finance LtdDhankari Investments Ltd.Dhanlaxmi Fabrics Ltd.Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co.Ltd.Dharani Finance LtdDharani Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.Dharnendra Industries LtdDhoot Industries Ltd.DHP Financial Services LtdDhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd.Diamines & Chemicals LtdDiamond Agro Industries LtdDiamond Cables Ltd.Diamond Shipping Company Ltd.Diana Tea Company LtdDigital GlobalSoft Ltd.Digital Multiforms Ltd.Dishergarh Power Supply Company LtdDivine Entertainment LtdDivi’s Laboratories Ltd.Divya Jyoti Industries Ltd.Divya Mercantile LtdDJS Stock & Shares LtdDLF Universal Ltd.D-Link (India) Ltd.DLX LtdDMC Vaults LtdDolat Investments Ltd.Dollex Industries Ltd.Dolphin Laboratories Ltd.Dolphin Medical Services Ltd.

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd.Donear Industries LtdDoogar & Associates Ltd.Dot Com Global LtdDover Securities Ltd.Down Town Trading & Investments LtdDPIL LtdDr. M. Soy and General Food LtdDr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital Ltd.Dredging Corporation of India Ltd.DSJ Communications Ltd.DSM Agro Products Ltd.DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd.DSQ Holdings LtdDSQ Industries Ltd.DSQ Software Ltd.Duck Tarpaulins LtdDujodwala Paper Chemical Ltd.Dujodwala Products Ltd.Dujohn Laboratories Ltd.Duke Commerce Ltd.Duncans Industries LtdDuphar Interfran Ltd.Duphar Pharma India LtdDuropack Ltd.Dutron Polymers LtdDwarikesh Sugar Industries LtdDwekam Industries LtdDynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd.Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.Dynamic Industries LtdDynamic Portfolio Mgmt & Services Ltde - Serve International LtdE Merck (India) Ltd.E.Com Infotech (India) LtdE.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd.E.Star Infotech Ltd.East West Hotels LtdEastern Dooars Tea Company Ltd.Eastern Fibre Industries Ltd.Eastern Gases Ltd.Eastern Investments LtdEastern Sugar & Industries LtdEastman Agro Mills LtdEasun Capital Markets Ltd.Easun Reyrolle LtdEbers Pharmaceuticals LtdECE Industries LtdEclat Infoway Ltd.Ecoboard Industries Ltd.Ecoplast LtdEFL Foods LtdEicher Ltd.Eicher Motors Ltd.Eider Commercials LtdEider E-Commerce Ltd.Eider Infotech Ltd.Eider Technologies Ltd.EIH Associated Hotels LtdEIH Ltd.Eimco Elecon (India) Ltd.EITA India LtdElango Industries LtdElbee Services Ltd.Elder Health Care LtdElder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Elder Projects LtdElecon Engineering Company Ltd.Electric Control Gear (India) Ltd.Electrical Manufacturing Company LtdElectrolux Kelvinator LtdElectrosteel Castings Ltd.Elegant Floriculture & Agrotech (India) Ltd.Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd.Elgi Equipments Ltd.Elgi Finance LtdElgi Rubber Products LtdElgitread (India) Ltd.Elite Capital & Management Services Ltd

Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd.Ellenbarrie Tea Company LtdElnet Technologies LtdElpro International LtdElpro Packaging LtdElque Polyesters LtdEltrol Ltd.Ema India LtdEmami Ltd.Emami Paper Mills Ltd.EMCO LtdEmergy Pharma Ltd.Emkay Consultants Ltd.Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd.Emmsons International Ltd.Emrald Commercial Ltd.Emtex Industries (India) Ltd.Enchante Jewellery Ltd.Encore Infosys Ltd.Encore Software Ltd.Endo Labs LtdEnergy Development Company Ltd.Energy Products (India) Ltd.Enfield Suppliers Pvt. LtdEngineers India Ltd. (EIL)Enkay Texofood Industries LtdEnrich Industries Ltd.Ensa Steel Industries LtdEnterprise Intelligent Systems Ltd.Eonour Technologies LtdEPC Industrie LtdEpic Enzymes Pharma and IndustrialChemicals Ltd.Era Constructions (India) LtdEra Financial Services (India) LtdEri - Tech Ltd.Esab India Ltd.Escorts Finance Ltd.Escorts Ltd.Escorts Mutual FundESI Ltd.Esjay Commerce Ltd.Eskay K’n’IT (India) LtdEssar Oil Ltd.Essar Shipping LtdEssar Steel Ltd.Essel Propack LtdEssel Software & Services Ltd.Essemm Information Systems Ltd.Esskay Telecom Ltd.Ester Industries LtdETC Networks LtdEtco Telecom Ltd.Eternit Everest Ltd.ETP Corporation Ltd.Eupharma Laboratories Ltd.Euro Leder Fashion LtdEuro-Gold Jewellery LtdEuropean Software Alliances LtdEurotex Industries & Exports LtdEveready Industries India Ltd.Everest Organics Ltd.Evergo Capital Ltd.Evergreen Commercial Company Ltd.Everlon Synthetics Ltd.Excel Glasses Ltd.Excel Industries Ltd.Excel Infotech Ltd.Excel Prosoft Ltd.Excellon Agencies LtdExide Industries Ltd.Exim Finance Ltd.Expo Gas Containers LtdExpress Leasing LtdExquisite Exports Ltd.Extol Commercials LtdExx-On Financial Services LtdEZ-Comm Trade Technologies Ltd.Facts Securities LtdFAG Bearings India Ltd.

Fairfield Atlas LtdFairyland Amusement & Water Parks Ltd.FAL Industries Ltd.Farmtek Agro Exports LtdFarry Industries Ltd.Fast Track Entertainment LtdFaze Three Exports LtdFCGL Industries Ltd.FCL Technologies & Products LtdFCS Software Solutions Ltd.FDC Ltd.Fedders Lloyds Corporation Ltd.Federal Technologies Ltd.Fem Care Pharma Ltd.Fenoplast Ltd.Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd. (FACOR)FGP Ltd.FI Sofex Ltd.Ficom Organics LtdFilaments India Ltd.Filatex India Ltd.Filmcity Media Ltd.Finalysis Credit & Guarantee Company Ltd.Finance Exchange (India) Ltd.Financial & Management Services LtdFinancial Eyes (India) Ltd.Financial Technologies (India) LtdFine Drugs & Chemicals LtdFine-Line Circuits LtdFinolex Cables Ltd.Finolex Industries Ltd.Fintech Communication Ltd.First Leasing Company Of India Ltd.Fit & Fine Biotech Ltd.Fizza Trading Ltd.Flamour Finance & Securities Ltd.Flat Products Equipments (India) LtdFlawless Diamond (India) LtdFlex Engineering LtdFlex Foods Ltd.Flex Industries Ltd.Flexo Film Wraps (India) Ltd.Floatglass(I) Ltd.Floreat India LtdFlower Trading & Investment Co. LtdFluidomat Ltd.Focus Industrial Resources LtdFoods & Inns LtdForbes Gokak Ltd.Fore C Software Ltd.Forex Finance LtdFort Gloster Industries Ltd.Fort William Industries Ltd.Fortis Financial Services Ltd.Fortune Financial Services (India) Ltd.Fortune Informatics Ltd.Fortune Infotech Ltd.Fortune Investors & Traders Ltd.Foseco India Ltd.Foundry Fuel Products Ltd.Fourth Generation Information Systems LtdFramatome Connectors OEN Ltd.Freedom Industries Ltd.Freshtrop Fruits LtdFrick India Ltd.Frontier Information Technologies Ltd.Frontier Leasing & Finance LtdFrontline Corporation LtdFrontline Securities LtdFrontline Soft Ltd.Fujitsu ICIM Ltd.Fulford (India) Ltd.Future Communications LtdFuture Software Ltd.Futuristic Securities LtdG - Tech Info - Training LtdG G Automotive Gears LtdG G Dandekar Machine Works LtdG K Consultants LtdG K Investments Ltd.

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G K S Holdings Ltd.G M Breweries LtdG P Electronics Ltd.G R Cables Ltd.G R Industries & Finance LtdG R Magnets LtdG.D. Goenka India Ltd.G.V.Films Ltd.Gabriel India LtdGagan Gases Ltd.Gajra Bevel Gears LtdGalada Finance LtdGalada Power & Telecommunication Ltd.Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Ltd.Galaxy Info-Soft Ltd.Galaxy Multimedia Ltd.Gamma Infoway Exalt Ltd.Gammon India Ltd.Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd.Ganesh Anhydride Ltd.Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd.Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd.Ganesh Polytex Ltd.Ganges Manufacturing Company LtdGangotri Textiles LtdGanodaya Finlease Ltd.Garden Silk Mills Ltd.Garg Acrylics LtdGarg Furnace LtdGarlon Polyfab Industries LtdGarnet Construction LtdGarnet Paper Mills LtdGaruda Finance Ltd.Garware Marine Industries Ltd.Garware Polyester Ltd.Garware Shipping Corporation Ltd.Garware Synthetics LtdGarware Wall Ropes Ltd.Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL)GATI LtdGautam Resources Ltd.Gayatri Starchkem LtdGayatri Sugar Complex LtdGaylord Commercial Company LtdGCCL Construction & Realities LtdGDL Leasing & Finance LtdGDR Media LtdGDR Software Ltd.GE Capital Transportation FinancialServices Ltd.Gee Kay Finance & Leasing Company LtdGeefcee Finance LtdGeekay Imaging Ltd.Gei Hamon Industries Ltd.Gem Cables & Conductors Ltd.Gemini Communications Ltd.Gemini Constructions LtdGemini Tradelinks LtdGemstone Investments LtdGenesys International Corporation LtdGenesys Securities LtdGenomic Valley Biotech LtdGenomics Biotech LtdGenus Commu-Trade LtdGenus Overseas Electronics Ltd.Geodesic Information Systems LtdGeojit Securities Ltd.Geometric Software Solutions CompanyLtd.Georg Fischer Disa LtdGeorge Williamson (Assam) Ltd.German Gardens Ltd.German Remedies Ltd.GESCO Corporation Ltd.Gestetner (India) LtdGhanshyam Steel Works Ltd.GIC Housing Finance Ltd.Gilada Finance & Investments Ltd.Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Ltd

Gillette India LtdGiltedge Asset Management Services LtdGiltedge Equiderivatives LtdGiltedge Forex LtdGiltedge Infotech LtdGiltedge Investment Banking ServicesLtdGiltedge Portfolio Management ServicesLtdGini Silk Mills Ltd.Ginni Filaments LtdGinni International Ltd.Giriraj Print Plast Ltd.GIS Ltd.GIVO Ltd.GKB Ophthalmics LtdGKN Driveshafts (India) LtdGKW Ltd.Glance Finance LtdGlaxo India Ltd.Gleitlager (India) Ltd.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Glittek Granites Ltd.Global Boards Ltd.Global Capital Ltd.Global Capital Markets LtdGlobal Corporation Ltd.Global e-Solutions LtdGlobal Finance & Securities Ltd.Global Infrastructure & Technologies LtdGlobal Software LtdGlobal Trust Bank Ltd. (GTB)Globe (India) Ltd.Globe Soya Products LtdGlobe Stocks & Securities Ltd.Globsyn Technologies Ltd.Glofame Cotspin Industries LtdGloster Jute Mills Ltd.GMM Pfaudler LtdGMR Infrastructure Ltd.GMR Technologies & Industries LtdGMR Vasavi Infotech Ltd.GMS Computers (India) Ltd.Goa Carbon LtdGobind Sugar Mills LtdGodavari Drugs Ltd.Godavari Fertilisers & ChemicalsLtdGodfrey Phillips India Ltd.Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.Godrej Foods Ltd.Godrej Industries LtdGoenka Business & Finance LtdGoetze (India) Ltd.Gogia International Securities LtdGogineni Tobaccos Ltd.Goldcrest Finance (India) LtdGolden Capital Services Ltd.Golden Carpets LtdGolden Laminates Ltd.Golden Legand Leasing & FinanceLtdGolden Properties & Traders Ltd.Golden Securities Ltd.Goldfields Leasing Finance & InvestmentCompany LtdGoldiam International Ltd.Goldman Securities LtdGoldstone Technologies LtdGoldstone Teleservices Ltd.Golechha Global Finance LtdGolkunda Diamonds & Jewel leryLtd.GOM Industries LtdGomti Finlease (India) LtdGontermann Peipers Ltd.Good Value Irrigation LtdGood Value Marketing Company LtdGoodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd.

Goodricke Group Ltd.Goodyear India Ltd.Gopala Polyplast Ltd.Goplee Lease & Finance Ltd.Gora Projects LtdGordon Herbert (India) Ltd.Gordon Woodroffe Ltd.Govind Commercial Company LtdGovind Rubber Ltd.Goyal Associates Ltd.Grabal Alok Impex LtdGraceful Properties LtdGrand Foundry LtdGranules India Ltd.Graphic Finance Ltd.Graphite India Ltd.Grasim Industries Ltd.Grauer & Weil (India) LtdGravity (India) LtdGreaves Ltd.Greenply Industries LtdGriffin Chemicals LtdGrindwell Norton Ltd.GRIVS Hotels Ltd.Grover Leasing Ltd.Grovy Exports & Marketing Ltd.Growth Compusoft Exports Ltd.Growth Techno Projects LtdGruh Finance LtdGSB Finance Ltd.GSL Securities Ltd.Gslot Entertainment LtdGTC Industries LtdGTCL Mobile-Com Technology Ltd.GTL LtdGTN Textiles Ltd.Gufic Biosciences LtdGufic Pharma Ltd.Gujarat Alkal ies and ChemicalsLtd.Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.Gujarat Apollo Equipments Ltd.Gujarat Arth LtdGujarat Borosil LtdGujarat Bulk Packs LtdGujarat Capital Ventures Ltd.Gujarat Carbon & Industries Ltd.Gujarat Craft Industries LtdGujarat Credit Corporation Ltd.Gujarat Cypromet LtdGujarat Fiscon LtdGujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.Gujarat Gas Company Ltd.Gujarat Guaranty & Financials Ltd.G u j a r a t H e a v y C h e m i c a l s L t d .(GHCL)Gujarat Hotels LtdGujarat Incatel TelecommunicationLtdGujarat Industrial Power Co. Ltd.(GIPCL)Gujarat Intrux LtdGujarat Investa LtdGujarat Lease Financing Ltd.(GLFL)Gujarat Mineral Development CorpLtd.(GMDC)Gujarat Narmada Spinning Ltd.Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. Ltd.(GNFC)Gujarat NRE Coke LtdGu ja ra t Opt i ca l Communica t i onLtd.Gujarat Overseas Drugs LtdGujarat Perstorp Electronics Ltd.Gujarat Propack LtdGujarat Raffia Industries LtdGujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd.Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

(GSFC)Gujarat Telephone Cables LtdGujarat Texspin Ltd.Gujarat Themis Biosyn LtdGulf Oil India Ltd.Gulmohar Finance Ltd.Gulshan Chemfills Ltd.Gulshan Polyols Ltd.Gulshan Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.Gunja International Ltd.Gupta Synthetics LtdH K Finechem LtdH P Cotton Textile Mills Ltd.Haldyn Glass Gujarat LtdHanil Era Textiles Ltd.Hanuman Tea Co. Ltd.Hanumant Ispat LtdHarbor Network Systems Ltd.Hardcastle & Waud Manufacturing Co.LtdHaria Exports Ltd.Harig Crankshafts LtdHarisiddha Trading & Finance Ltd.Harita Finance Ltd.Harita Grammer LtdHariyana Metals LtdHarrisons Malayalam Ltd.Harsh Chemicals LtdHarsha Capital Services LtdHarvic Management Services (India) LtdHaryana Breweries Ltd.Haryana Fibres Ltd.Haryana Petrochemicals Ltd.Haryana Sheet Glass LtdHaryana Steel & Alloys Ltd.Haryana Suraj Maltings LtdHasimara Industries LtdHasti Finance Ltd.Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom LtdHatigor Tea Estates LtdHatsun Agro Product LtdHavell’s India Ltd.Havmore Financial Services (India) LtdHawkins Cookers LtdHB Estate Developers Ltd.HB Leasing & Finance Company LtdHB Portfolio Ltd.HB Stockholdings Ltd.HBL Nife Power Systems LtdHCL Infosystems Ltd.HCL Office Automation Ltd.HCL Technologies Ltd.HDFC Bank Ltd.Heera Ispat Ltd.HEG Ltd.Helios & Matheson Information TechnologyLtdHenkel Spic India Ltd.Herald Commerce Ltd.Hercules Hoists LtdHerdillia Chemicals Ltd.Herdillia Oxides & Electronics Ltd.Heritage Foods (India) LtdHeritage Housing Finance Ltd.Hero Honda Motors Ltd.Hester Pharmaceuticals LtdHexagon Engineers Ltd.HGI Industries Ltd (Hindusthan Gas &Industries Ltd)HGI Securities LtdHifunda.Com Ltd.High Energy Batteries (India) LtdHighland Industries LtdHikal LtdHillock Agro Foods (India) LtdHilltone Software & Gases LtdHimachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.(HFCL)Himadri Chemicals & Industries Ltd.

Himadri Credit & Finance Ltd.Himalaya Granites Ltd.Himalaya International Ltd.Himatsingka Auto Enterprises LtdHimatsingka Motor Works LtdHimatsingka Seide Ltd.Hind Industries LtdHind Ispat LtdHind Leasing & Finance LtdHind Lever Chemicals Ltd.Hind Rectifiers LtdHind Syntex Ltd.Hindalco Industries Ltd.Hinduja TMT LtdHindustan Adhesives Ltd.Hindustan Bio Sciences LtdHindustan Composites LtdHindustan Construction Co. Ltd (HCC)Hindustan Development CorporationLtd.(HDC) merged with Hindustan Eng &Ind Ltd.Hindustan Dorr Oliver LtdHindustan Everest Tools LtdHindustan Financial Management Ltd.Hindustan Hardy Spicer LtdHindustan Inks and Resins Ltd (HIRL)Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL)Hindustan Motors Ltd.Hindustan National Glass & IndustriesLtd.Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd(HOEC)Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. (HOC)Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(HPCL)Hindustan Powerplus Ltd.Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Ltd.Hindustan Stockland Ltd.Hindustan Tin Works LtdHindustan Vidyut Products Ltd.Hindustan Wire Products Ltd.Hindustan Zinc Ltd.Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Ltd.Hindusthan Seals Ltd.Hipolin LtdHiran Orgochem LtdHisar Metal Industries Ltd.Hisar Spinning Mills LtdHitech Drilling Services India Ltd.Hitech Entertainment Ltd.Hi-Tech Gears Ltd.Hi-Tech Plast Containers (India) LtdHitechi Jewellery Industries Ltd.Hitkari China LtdHitkari Industries LtdHittco Online Technologies LtdHMA Starware LtdHMT Ltd.Hoganas India Ltd.Home Trade Ltd.Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.Horizon Multiprojects LtdHotel Leela Venture Ltd.Hotel Silver Plaza Ltd.Hotline Glass LtdHotline Teletube & Components Ltd.Housing Development Finance CorporationLtd. (HDFC)Howard Hotels Ltd.Howrah Mills Company Ltd.Hughes Software Systems Ltd.Hughes Tele.com (India) Ltd.Huldibari Industries & PlantationCompany LtdHunt Commercial LtdHyderabad Flextech LtdHyderabad Industries Ltd.Hydro S & S Industries LtdHypersoft Technologies Ltd

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Hytone Texstyles LtdI - Flex Solutions LtdI B Industries LtdI G Petrochemicals Ltd.IB Infotech Enterprises LtdIBP LtdIccon Oil & Specialities Ltd.ICDS LtdICDS Securities LtdICES Software Ltd.ICI (India) Ltd.ICICI Bank LtdICICI Infotech Services Ltd.ICICI Investment Management CompanyLtd (CBO Fund)ICICI Ltd.Icon Biopharma & Healthcare LtdICSA (India) LtdIDBI Bank Ltd.Ideal Carpets Ltd.IEC Software Ltd.IFB Agro Industries Ltd.IFB Industries Ltd.IFB Securities Ltd.IFGL Refractories Ltd.IID Forgings Ltd.IIT Capital Services Ltd.IKAB Securities & Investment Ltd.IKF Finance LtdIKF Software.Com Ltd.IL&FS Venture Corporation Ltd.IMAP Technologies Ltd.IMP Finance LtdIMP Power LtdInani Marbles & Industries LtdInani Securites Ltd.Incap Financial Services LtdIncap Ltd.Incon Engineers LtdIncorporated Engineers LtdInd Bank Housing Ltd.Ind Tra Deco Ltd.Indag Rubber Ltd.Indbank Merchant Banking ServicesLtd.Indcap Financial Ltd.India Carbon Ltd.India Cements Capital & FinanceLtdIndia E-Commerce Ltd.India Emerging Companies InvestmentLtd.India Finance LtdIndia Foils Ltd.India Gelatine & Chemicals LtdIndia Glycols Ltd.India Gypsum Ltd.India International Marketing CentreLtd.India Lease Development LtdIndia Motor Parts & Accessories LtdIndia Nippon Electricals LtdIndia Online Network Ltd.India Polyfibres Ltd.India Polyspin LtdIndia Securities Ltd.India Steamship Company Ltd.Indiacom Directories LtdIndian Acrylics Ltd.Indian Aluminium Company Ltd.(INDAL)Indian Base Metals Company LtdIndian Capital Corporation LtdIndian Card Clothing Company Ltd.Indian Extractions LtdIndian Glass & Electricals LtdIndian Infotech And Software Ltd.Indian Lead Ltd.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOC)

Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd.Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.(IPCL)Indian Products LtdIndian Rayon & Industries LtdIndian Resorts Hotels Ltd.Indian Ropeways & Engg. Co. LtdIndian Seamless Enterprises LtdIndian Seamless Steels & Alloys Ltd(ISSAL)Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.Indian Wood Products Company LtdIndiana Current Control LtdIndicarb LtdInditalia Refcon Ltd.Indo Asian Finance Ltd.Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd.Indo Biotech Foods LtdIndo Borax & Chemicals LtdIndo Britain Agro Farms LtdIndo Care Pharmaceuticals LtdIndo Count Finance LtdIndo Count Industries Ltd.Indo Credit Capital LtdIndo French Biotech EnterprisesLtd.Indo Green Projects LtdIndo Gulf Corporation LtdIndo Matsushita Appliances Co. LtdIndo Matsushita Carbon CompanyLtdIndo National Ltd.Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.Indo-Castle Multimedia Ltd.Indo-City Infotech Ltd.Indo-Continental Hotels & ResortsLtd.Indo-Pacific Software & Entertainment LtdIndore Exporting & Importing Co.LtdIndraprastha Medical CorporationLtd.Indrayani Biotech Ltd.Indsil Electrosmelts LtdInd-Swift Laboratories Ltd.Ind-Swift Ltd.Indu Nissan Oxo Chemical IndustriesLtd.Induj Enertech LtdInduj Infotech LtdIndus e-Solutions Ltd.Indus Networks Ltd.IndusInd Bank Ltd.Indusmin Foods LtdIndustrial Development Bank of India(IDBI)Industrial Fiscal Services Ltd.Industrial Investment Trust Ltd (IIT)Inertia Industries Ltd.Infar (India) LtdInfobahn Technologies Ltd.Info-Drive Software Ltd.Infoquest Software Exports LtdInformation Technologies ( India)Ltd.Infosys Technologies Ltd. (Infy)Infotech Enterprises Ltd.Infra Industries LtdInfragro Industries Ltd.Infrastructure Leasing & FinancialServices Ltd (IL & FS)Ingersoll- Rand (India) Ltd.Innosoft Technologies Ltd.Innova Health Systems Ltd.Innovation Medi Equip LtdInnovation Software Exports Ltd.Innovative Marine Foods Ltd.Innovative Tech Pack Ltd.

Innovision E-Commerce Ltd.Inox Leasing & Finance LtdInsilco Ltd.Insul Electronics LtdInsutech India Ltd.Integra Hindustan Control LtdIntegrated Capital Services Ltd.Integrated Data Systems Ltd.Integrated Enterprises (India) LtdIntegrated Finance Company LtdIntegrated Financial Services Ltd.Integrated Hi-Tech Ltd.Integrated Rubian Exports LtdIntegrated Technologies Ltd.Intellvisions Software Ltd.Intensive Air Systems Ltd.Inter State Finance Ltd.Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd.Interface Financial Services LtdInterfit Techno Products LtdInternational Best Foods Ltd.International Combustion (India) Ltd.International Commenter LtdInternational Constructions Ltd.International Conveyors Ltd.International Travel House Ltd.Intertec Communications Ltd.Interworld.Com Ltd.Intop Software Solutions Ltd.Intra Infotech Ltd.Introl (India) Ltd.Intron Ltd.Invesca Share Securities LtdInvestment & Precision CastingsLtdInvestment Trust of India Ltd.Investsmart India Ltd.Invinex Laboratories Ltd.ION Exchange (India) Ltd.IP Rings Ltd.Ipca Laboratories Ltd.Ipisteel LtdIQ Infotech Ltd.IQMS Software Ltd.Irmac Services India Ltd.Ishita Drugs & Industries Ltd.Ishwar Medical Services Ltd.Ishwar Textiles LtdIsibars Ltd.ISL Consulting Ltd.Ispat Alloys Ltd.Ispat Finance Ltd.Ispat Industries Ltd.Ispat Profiles India Ltd.IST Ltd.IT & T Ltd.IT Microsystems (India) Ltd.I TC Bhadracha lam Pape rboa rdsLtd.ITC Hotels Ltd.ITC Ltd.ITI Ltd.ITL Industries LtdITW Signode India Ltd.Ivee Injectaa LtdIVP Ltd.IVRCL Infrastructures & ProjectsLtd.J A Finance Ltd.J B Chemicals & PharmaceuticalsLtd.J B Marketing & Finance LtdJ F Laboratories LtdJ J Automotive Ltd.J J Exporters Ltd.J J Finance Corporation Ltd.J J Spectrum Silk Ltd.J K Corp Ltd.J K Dairy And Foods Ltd

J K Industries Ltd.J K Paper LtdJ K Pharmachem LtdJ K Udaipur Udyog LtdJ L Morison (India) LtdJ M A Industries LtdJ M B Commercial & Credit LtdJ M Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.J S M Investments Ltd.J.K.Synthetics Ltd.J.R.Fabricators Ltd.Jagadhatri Foods LtdJagan Lamps Ltd.Jagatjit Industries Ltd.Jagson Airlines Ltd.Jagsonpal Finance & Leasing Ltd.Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Jai Corp Ltd.Jai Mata Glass Ltd.Jai Parabolic Springs LtdJaihind Synthetics LtdJain Irrigation Systems Ltd.Jain Marbles Udhyog Ltd.Jain Studios Ltd.Jain Vanijya Udyog Ltd.Jainco Projects (India) Ltd.Jaipan Industries LtdJaiprakash Industries Ltd.Jaipur Polyspin Ltd.Jaisal Securities LtdJaju Enterprises LtdJaju Investments LtdJalpac India Ltd.Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd.Jamna Auto Industries Ltd.Janice Textiles LtdJanki Securities LtdJasch Industries LtdJasmine Commercials LtdJay Bharat Maruti LtdJay Kay Dee Industries Ltd.Jay Rapid Roller LtdJay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.Jay Yuhshin LtdJaya Computers & Software LtdJayabharat Credit LtdJayabharat Sarees Ltd.Jayant (India) Ltd.Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd.Jayanti Commercial Ltd.Jayaswals Neco Ltd.Jayatma Spinners LtdJaycee Industries Ltd.Jaypee Hotels Ltd.Jayshree Chemicals LtdJayshree Nirman LtdJayshree Polytex Ltd.Jaysynth Dyechem Ltd.Jaysynth Dyestuff (India) LtdJBF Industries Ltd.JBM Auto Components LtdJBM Tools Ltd.JCT Electronics Ltd.JCT Ltd.Jeco Exports & Finance Ltd.Jeet Machine Tools LtdJeet Vanijya Ltd.Jeevan Softech Ltd.Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd.Jenson & Nicholson Financial ServicesLtd.Jetking Infotrain Ltd.Jhantla Investments LtdJhaveri Weldflux Ltd.JIK Industries Ltd.Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd.Jindal Hotels Ltd.J indal I ron and Steel Company

Ltd.(JISCO)Jindal Online.com Ltd.Jindal Photo Films Ltd.Jindal Polyester LtdJindal Steel & Power LtdJindal Strips Ltd.Jindal Vijayanagar Steel LtdJindal Worldwide Ltd.Jingle Sales LtdJM Basic FundJMC Projects (India) Ltd.JMD Sounds Ltd.JMT Auto LtdJog Engineering LtdJoindre Capital Services Ltd.Jolly Rides Ltd.Jost’s Engineering Company LtdJoymat Hotel Resorts Ltd.JPT Securities Ltd.Jubilant Organosys LtdJullundur Motor Agency (Delhi) Ltd.Jumbo Bag LtdJupiter Associates LtdJupiter Bioscience LtdJupiter Biotech LtdJupiter Industries & Leasing LtdJupiter Infosys Ltd.Jyoti Cosmetics (Exim) LtdJyoti LtdJyoti Overseas LtdJyoti Resins & Adhesives LtdJyoti Structures Ltd.K B Steel LtdK C P Sugar & Industries CorporationLtd.K D Commercials Ltd.K G Denim Ltd.K G Khosla Compressors Ltd.K S Oils LtdK V Foundations India LtdK.Z. Leasing & Finance LtdKaashyap Radiant Systems Ltd.Kabirdas Investments LtdKabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd.Kabsons Industries Ltd.Kachchh Minerals LtdKadvani Securities LtdKailash Ficom LtdKaira Can Company Ltd.Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.Kajaria Iron Castings Ltd.Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Ltd.Kakatiya Textiles Ltd.Kale Consultants Ltd.Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd.Kalpana Industries Ltd.Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.Kalpavriksha Industries LtdKalptaru Papers Ltd.Kals Information Systems Ltd.Kalyani Brakes Ltd.Kalyani Commercials LtdKalyani Sharp India Ltd.Kalyani Steels Ltd.Kalyanpur Cements LtdKamadgiri Synthetics LtdKamakhya (India) LtdKamar Chemicals and Industries Ltd.Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.Kamla Dials & Devices LtdKanchan International Ltd.Kanco Enterprises Ltd.Kandagiri Spinning Mills LtdKanel Oils & Exports Industries Ltd.Kanha Vanaspati Ltd.Kanika Infotech Ltd.Kanoi Paper & Industries Ltd.Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd.Kanpur Plastipack LtdKanthal India Ltd.

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Kapila Textiles Ltd.Kappac Pharma LtdKaran Woo-Sin Ltd.Karanpura Development Company LtdKarnataka Financial Services Ltd.Karnavati Alfa International Ltd.Karuna Cables LtdKarunanidhi Investments & TradingCompany LtdKarunasindhu Financiers & Investors LtdKaruturi.Com Ltd.Karwa Securities Ltd.Katwa Udyog LtdKaveri Telecoms LtdKay Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.Kay Vee Aar Ltd.Kaypee & Co. (Agencies) LtdKBS Capital Management Ltd.KCC Software Ltd.KCIL LtdKDL Biotech LtdKEC International Ltd.Kedia Chemical Industries LtdKEI Industries Ltd.Kejriwal Enterprises Ltd.Kemicare Products Ltd.Kemp and Company LtdKemrock Industries & Exports Ltd.Ken Financial Services LtdKengold (India) Ltd.Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd.Kerala Chemicals & Proteins Ltd.Kerry Jost Engineering LtdKesar Enterprises LtdKesar Petroproducts Ltd.Kesoram Industries Ltd.Kesoram Textile Mills LtdKeswani Synthetics Industries LtdKetki India LtdKevalin Securities Ltd.Keynote Corporate Services Ltd.KFA Corporation Ltd.Khaitan (India)Ltd.Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers LtdKhaitan Electricals Ltd.Khandwala Capital Services Ltd.Khandwala Securities Ltd.Khatod Investments & Finance Co. LtdKhemka Containers LtdKHL Properties LtdKhoday India LtdKhodiyar Industries Ltd.Khyati Mulitmedia-Entertainment Ltd.formerly Khyati Resorts Ltd.Kiduja Industries Ltd.Kilburn Chemicals Ltd.Kilburn Office Automation LtdKilitch Drugs (India) LtdKillick Nixon Ltd.Kinetic Engineering Ltd.Kinetic Fincap LtdKinetic Investments Ltd.Kinetic Motor Company Ltd.Kiran Print Pack LtdKirloskar Brothers Ltd.Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd.Kirloskar Electrodyne Ltd.Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.Kirloskar Investments & Finance Ltd.Kirloskar Multimedia Ltd.Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. (KOEL)Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd.Kirti Automobiles LtdKirti Finvest LtdKirti Seeds Biotech LtdKisan Mouldings Ltd.Kishco Cutlery LtdKitchen Appliances India Ltd.Kitply Industries Ltd.

KJMC Financial Services Ltd.KJMC Global Market (India) Ltd.KLG Capital Services Ltd.KLG Systel Ltd.Knitworth Exports Ltd.Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Koatex Infrastructure Ltd.Kochi Refineries LtdKodak India Ltd.Kohinoor Capital & Securities LtdKolar Information Technologies Ltd.Kolmak Chemicals LtdKome-On Communication Ltd.Konark Synthetics LtdKonkan Tyres LtdKopran Ltd.Kosian Industries LtdKotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. (KMFL)Kotawala (India) Ltd.Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd.Kothari Industrial Corporation Ltd.Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd.Kothari Plantations & Industries LtdKothari Products Ltd.Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Ltd.Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills LtdKPIT Infosystems LtdKPL International LtdKRBL LtdKrebs Biochemicals Ltd.Krishna Capital & Securities Ltd.Krishna Engineering Works Ltd.Krishna Filaments Ltd.Krishna Industrial Corporation Ltd.Krishna Knitwear Technology LtdKrishna Lifestyle Technologies LtdKrishna Vinyls LtdKrisn Information Technologies Ltd.Kriti Industries (India) Ltd.Krone Communications Ltd.Krypton Industries Ltd.KSB Pumps Ltd.KSC Securities LtdKSE LtdKshemya Investments LtdKSL & Industries LtdKTL Infosys Ltd.Kulkarni Power Tools LtdKumbhat Financial Services LtdKunal Overseas Ltd.Kunststoffe Industries LtdKushagra Software Ltd.Kushal Software Ltd.Kusum Industrial Gases Ltd.Kwality Builders & Developers LtdKwality Credit & Leasing Ltd.Kwality Dairy (India) Ltd.L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd.La - Mere Apparels LtdLa Multi Info Systems Ltd.La Opala RG LtdLabh Construction & Industries LtdLadderup Finance LtdLaffans Petrochemicals Ltd.Lahoti Overseas Ltd.Lakhani India Ltd.Lakshmi Auto Components Ltd.Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd.Lakshmi Finance & Industrial CorporationLtd.Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. (LMW)Lakshmi Overseas Industries Ltd.Lakshmi Precision Screws LtdLan Eseda Industries LtdLancing Investment Ltd.Lanco Global Systems Ltd.Lanco Industries LtdLanco Infratech Ltd.Landmarc Leisure Corporation Ltd.Lanyard Foods Ltd

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L & T)Larsen Services & Trading Company LtdLaser Eye Care Ltd.Laxman Polymers LtdLCC Infotech Ltd.Leasemen Fin - Invest (India) Ltd.Ledo Financial Services LtdLedo Tea Company Ltd.Lee & Nee Software (Exports) LtdLeo Industrials Ltd.Lexicon Commercial Enterprises LtdLiberty Oil Mills Ltd.Liberty Phosphate LtdLiberty Shoes Ltd.Libords Infotech LtdLibords Securities LtdLIC Housing Finance Ltd. (LICHFL)Lifestyle Fabrics Ltd.Lifetree Convergence LtdLikhami Commercial Company LtdLimelight Trade & Commerce LtdLimtex Investments Ltd.Linaks Microelectronics Ltd.Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd.Lincoln Industries LtdLincoln Pharmaceuticals LtdLinear Polymers LtdLink House Industries Ltd.Linkson Leasing LtdLintas Mercantiles LtdLippi Systems Ltd.Litaka Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Little Kingdom World LtdLiverpool Finance LtdLivewell Home Finance Ltd.LKP Merchant Financing Ltd.Lloyd Electric & Engineering LtdLloyd Rockfibres Ltd.Lloyds Finance Ltd.Lloyds Metals & Engineers Ltd.Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.LMJ Services Ltd.LML Ltd.LN Polyesters Ltd.Logix Microsystems Ltd.Lohia Securites Ltd.Lok Housing & Constructions Ltd.Lomax Properties & Traders LtdLongview Tea Company LtdLords Chemicals Ltd.Lotus Chocolate Company Ltd.Lotus Homes LtdLotus Udyog LtdLoyal Textile Mills Ltd.Lumax Industries Ltd.Luminaire Technologies Ltd.Lunkad Aluminium Ltd.Lupin Chemicals Ltd.Lupin Laboratories Ltd.Lyka Labs Ltd.Lynx Machinery & Commercials LtdLyons Industrial Enterprises Ltd.M B Commerce Ltd.M B Commercial Company Ltd.M B Parikh Finstocks LtdM C C Investment & Leasing Company Ltd.M J Pharmaceuticals LtdM M Forgings LtdM M Rubber Company LtdM P Agro Industries Ltd.M P Investment & Consultancy ServicesLtd.M P Telelinks Ltd.Maars Software International Ltd.Machino Plastics Ltd.Mack Trading Company LtdMacmillan India Ltd.Madan Financial Services Ltd.Madanlal Ltd.Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd.

Madhu Intra Ltd.Madhu Jayanti International LtdMadhucon Projects LtdMadhur Capital & Finance Ltd.Madhur Industries LtdMadhusudan Industries Ltd.Madhusudan Oils and Fats Ltd.Madhusudan Securities LtdMadhya Bharat Papers LtdMadhya Pradesh Glychem Ltd.Madhyadesh Papers LtdMadras Cements Ltd.Madras Fertilizers Ltd.Madura Coats LtdMafatlal Dyes & Chemicals LtdMafatlal Finance Company LtdMafatlal Industries Ltd.Mafatlal Lubricants LtdMagan Industries Ltd.Magicut Tools Ltd.Magma Leasing Ltd.Magna Electro Castings LtdMagnum Ltd.Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Ltd.Mahaan Foods Ltd.Mahalakshmi Fibres & Industries LtdMahalaxmi Rubtech Ltd.Mahan Industries LtdMahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL)Mahanivesh (India) LtdMaharaja Shree Umaid Mills LtdMaharashtra Distilleries Ltd.Maharashtra Industrial Leasing &Investments LtdMaharashtra Polybutenes LtdMaharashtra Scooters Ltd.Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.Mahaveer Infoway Ltd.Mahavir Impex Ltd.Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd.Mahesh Agricultural Implements & SteelForgings LtdMahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M & M)Mahindra British Telelcom Ltd. (MBT)Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Ltd.(MUSCO)Maikaal Fibres Ltd.Maithan Alloys Ltd.Majestic Auto Ltd.Makers Laboratories Ltd.Malabar Buildings Products Ltd.Malabar Trading Company Ltd.Malar Hospitals Ltd.Mallcom (India) Ltd.Malos Software Solutions Ltd.Malvica Engineering Ltd.Malvika Steel LtdMalwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd.Manali Petrochemical Ltd.Manappuram General Finance & LeasingLtd.Manavta Holdings Ltd.Manbhawani Investment Ltd.Mandya Finance Company Ltd.Mangal Steel Enterprises LtdMangalam Cements Ltd.Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd.Mangalam Timber Products Ltd.Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.(MRPL)Mangalya Soft-Tech Ltd.Manipal Finance Corporation LtdManjeera Constructions LtdManna Glass Tech Industries Ltd.Mannesmann Rexroth (India) LtdManoj Housing Finance Company LtdManorama Industrial & Technical ServicesLtd

Manorath Mercantiles LtdManphool Exports Ltd.Mansi Finance (Chennai) LtdMantra Online LtdMantri Udyog LtdManugraph India LtdManush Distributors Ltd.Maple Industries (Laminates) LtdMaral Overseas Ltd.Marda Commercial & Holdings Ltd.Mardia Chemicals Ltd.Mardia Extrusions LtdMardia Samyoung Capillary TubesCompany LtdMardia Steel LtdMardia Tubes LtdMarg Constructions LtdMarg Holdings & Financial Services LtdMarico Industries Ltd.Maris Spinners LtdMarket Creators Ltd.Marmagoa Steel LtdMarson’s Ltd.Marson’s Power & InfrastructureDevelopment LtdMartin Burn Ltd.Marudhar Food & Credit Ltd.Maruti Securities Ltd.Marvel Capital & Finance (India) Ltd.Marvel Industries Ltd.Mascon Global Ltd.Mascot Online.Com Ltd.Mascot Systems Ltd.Maskara Industries LtdMastek Ltd.Master Chemicals Ltd.Master Exchange & Finance Ltd.Master Multi - Tech LtdMaster Trust Ltd.Mather & Platt (I) Ltd.Mather & Platt Fire Systems LtdMather & Platt Pumps LtdMathew Easow Research Securities Ltd.Matrix Laboratories LtdMatsushita Lakhanpal Battery India LtdMatsushita Television and Audio India Ltd.Maud Tea & Seed Company LtdMauria Udyog Ltd.Maurya Industrial Resources LtdMax India Ltd.Maximaa Systems Ltd.Maximus Steel Manufacturing LtdMayank Hotels Ltd.Mayank Services LtdMayo Hospitals Ltd.Mayur Leather Products LtdMayur Uniquoters Ltd.Mazda LtdMcDowell & Company Ltd.Mcnally Bharat Engineering Company Ltd.MCS Ltd.Medhawi Traders Ltd.Media Matrix Worldwide LtdMedia Savvy (India) LtdMedia Video Ltd.Medicamen Biotech LtdMedi-Caps LtdMedicorp Technologies Ltd.Mediline Equipments & Computer Systems(I) Ltd.Medinova Diagnostics Services Ltd.Meenakshi Industries LtdMefcom Agro Industries Ltd.Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd.Mega Channel Computers Ltd.Mega Corporation Ltd.Mega Fin (India) LtdMegasoft Ltd.MegaVisa Marketing & Solutions Ltd.

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Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd.Melstar Information Technologies Ltd.Menon Bearings LtdMercator Lines Ltd.Mercury Fund Management Company LtdMerit Credit Corporation Ltd.Merit Investment LtdMetal Coatings (India) LtdMetalman Industries Ltd.Metrochem Industries LtdMewar Industries Ltd.Mewar Polytex LtdMFL Housing Finance Ltd.Micro Technologies (I) Ltd.Microcity (India) Ltd.Microcon International Ltd.Mid East Portfolio Management Ltd.Mid India Industries Ltd.Midas Pharmasec Ltd.Midas Solutions India Ltd.Mid-day Multimedia Ltd.Midland Mercantiles LtdMidland Rubber & Produce Co. LtdMidland Services LtdMidpoint Software & Electro Systems LtdMihijam Vanaspati Ltd.Millars India LtdMillennium Cybertech LtdMillennium Infocom Technologies Ltd.Milton Plastics Ltd.Minal Engineering LtdMinaxi Textiles Ltd.Minda Finance LtdMinda HUF Ltd.Minda Industries LtdMindteck India Ltd.Mini Diamonds (India) LtdMini Soft Ltd.Minolta Finance LtdMint Investments LtdMintage Electro Equipments Ltd.Mirc Electronics Ltd.Mirch Mirex Ltd.Mirza Tanners Ltd.MK Aromatics Ltd.MKJ Developers Ltd.MKJ Enterprises Ltd.Mobile Telecommunications Ltd.Model Financial Corporation Ltd.Modella Woollens Ltd.Modern Dairies Ltd.Modern Financial Services Ltd.Modern Shares & Stock Brokers LtdModex International Securities LtdModi Hoover International LtdModi Rubber Ltd.Modipon Ltd.Modisoft Private LtdModison Metals Ltd.Moh LtdMohan Meakin Ltd.Mohit Industries LtdMohit Paper Mills Ltd.Mold-Tek Technologies LtdMonalisa Infotech LtdMoneshi Agro Industries Ltd.Monica Electronics LtdMonnet Industries LtdMonnet Ispat LtdMonotona Exports Ltd.Monotype India LtdMonozyme India Ltd.Monsanto India LtdMontari Industries Ltd.Moonbeam Industries LtdMoonstar Investments LtdMorarjee Gokuldas Spinning & WeavingCo.Ltd.Morarka Finance Ltd.Morepen Hotels Ltd.

Morepen Laboratories Ltd.Morgan Industries LtdMorgan Stanley Mutual FundMorgan, Walker & Co. LtdMoschip Semiconductor Technology LtdMoser Baer India Ltd.Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.Motor Industries Company Ltd (MICO)Motorol Enterprises Ltd.Motorol Speciality Oils LtdMoulin Commercial LtdMount Everest Mineral Water Ltd.Mount Shivalik Industries Ltd.Movilex Irrigation Ltd.Moving Picture Company (India) Ltd.Mphasis BFL LtdMRF Ltd.MRO - TEK Ltd.Mrugesh Trading Ltd.MSL Industries LtdMTZ Industries LtdMTZ Polyfilms LtdMudit Investment & Trading Company LtdMudra Ispat Ltd.Mukand Engineers Ltd.Mukand Ltd.Mukat Pipes Ltd.Mukerian Papers Ltd.Mukesh Babu Financial Services Ltd.Mukta Arts Ltd.Mukunda Industrial Finance Ltd.Muller & Phipps (India) LtdMulti Arc India Ltd.Multilateral Finance & Investment LtdMultimetals LtdMultiplus Holdings LtdMultiplus Resources Ltd.Munjal Auto Industries LtdMunjal Showa Ltd.Munoth Financial Services LtdMunoth Hire Purchase LtdMunoth Investments LtdMurari Investment & Trading Company LtdMurli Agro Products Ltd.Murudeshwar Ceramics LtdMy Fair Lady Ltd.My Fellow Fashions (Exports) Ltd.Mysore Breweries Ltd.Mysore Cements Ltd.Mysore Petrochemicals Ltd.N D Metal Industries LtdN G Industries Ltd.N K Industries LtdN K Textile Industries LtdN R Agarwal Industries Ltd.Nachmo Knitex Ltd.Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd.Nagarjuna Agrichem LtdNagarjuna Construction Company Ltd.Nagarjuna Drugs Ltd.Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.(NFCL)Nagarjuna Institute Of SoftwareTechnology Ltd.Nageshwar Investment LtdNagpur Foundries Ltd.Nagpur Power & Industries LtdNagreeka Exports Ltd.Nahar Exports Ltd.Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd.Nahar International Ltd.Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.Nahar Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd.Nakoda Textile Industries LtdNalanda Hotels & Properties LtdNalco Chemicals India LtdNalin Lease Finance Ltd.Nam Credit & Investment Consultants LtdNamaste Exports Ltd

Namokar Trade (India) Ltd.Namtech Electronic Devices Ltd.Naraingarh Sugar Mills LtdNarmada Cements Company Ltd.Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Ltd.Narmada Macplast Drip Irrigation SystemsLtd.Natco Pharma Ltd.Nath Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.Nath Seeds Ltd.National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO)National Engineering Industries LtdNational Fertilizers Ltd (NFL)National Flask Industries Ltd.National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd.(NOCIL)National Peroxide LtdNational Plastic Industries Ltd.National Plywood Industries Ltd.National Steel Industries Ltd.Natraj Proteins LtdNatural Capsules LtdNaturo-Pest Ltd.Nava Bharat Ferro Alloys Ltd.Navinon LtdNavneet Publications (India) Ltd.Nawratan Arts Ltd.NCC Finance LtdNCJ International Ltd.NCL Industries Ltd.NCL Seccolor LtdNCS Gayatri Sugars LtdNDA Securities Ltd.Nectar Biotech Ltd.Nedungadi Bank Ltd.Neelachal Technologies Ltd.Neelamalai Agro Industries LtdNeelkanth Rockminerals Ltd.Neepaz Steels (India) Pvt. Ltd.Neeraj Consultants Ltd.Negolice India Ltd.Neha International Ltd.Neil Industries Ltd.NELCO Ltd.Nelliampathy Tea & Produce Co. LtdNeo Sack LtdNeocure Therapeutics Ltd.NEPC Agro Foods Ltd.NEPC India LtdNEPC Paper & Board LtdNEPC Textiles LtdNestle India Ltd.Net Axis Software Services Ltd.Net4India LtdNetlogic Technologies Ltd.Netripples.com Software Ltd.NetVision Web Technologies LtdNetv is ta In fo rmat ion Techno logyLtd.Network Ltd.Networth Stock Broking Ltd.Neuland Laboratories Ltd.New India Sugar Mills Ltd.New Mount Trading & Investment CompanyLtdNewgen Software Technologies Ltd.Newton Engineering & Chemicals LtdNexcen Softech Ltd.Nexgen Technologies LtdNexus Software Ltd.Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.NGL Fine-Chem LtdNicco Corporation LtdNicco Parks & Resorts Ltd.Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd.Nice Papers LtdNicholas Piramal India Ltd.Nigolice Trading Private Ltd.Nihar Infoway Ltd.

NIIT Ltd.Nijjer Agro Foods Ltd.Nikhil Adhesives Ltd.Nikki Global Finance Ltd.Nila Infrastructures Ltd.Nilchem Capital LtdNilchem Industries LtdNile Ltd.Nilkamal Plastics Ltd.Nimbus Communications Ltd.Nirav Commercials Ltd.Nirlon Ltd.Nirma LtdNiryat Sam Apparels (India) LtdNishel Investment & Trading Company Ltd.Niskalp Investments & Trading CompanyLtdNivena Industries & Exports LtdNiyati Industries Ltd.Noble Explochem Ltd.Noble Trading Company LtdNoida Medicare Centre Ltd.Nonstop Plantation LtdNonsuch Tea Estates Ltd.Norben Tea & Exports Ltd.Norris Medicines Ltd.North Eastern Exporters LtdNorth Western Cachar Tea Company LtdNortheast Securities Ltd.Northern Foods LtdNouveau Multimedia Ltd.Nova Iron And Steel LtdNova Petrochemicals Ltd.Novartis India Ltd.Novel (India) LtdNovo Agritech LtdNovopan Industries Ltd.NPR Finance LtdNRB Bearings Ltd.NRC Ltd.NRI Investments LtdNucent Finance LtdNuchem Ltd.Nucleus Securities Ltd.Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.Numaligarh Refinery Ltd.Numech Emballage LtdNumeric Power Systems LtdNumero Uno Projects Ltd.Oasis Cine Communication LtdOasis Infotech Ltd.Oasis Securities Ltd.Objectone Information Systems LtdOcean Infrastructure Ltd.Oceana Software Solutions Ltd.OCL India Ltd.Octagon Industries Ltd.Octagon Technology Ltd.Octal Credit Capital Ltd.Odissi Securities Ltd.Odyssey Corporation LtdOdyssey Technologies Ltd.Odyssey Video Communications Ltd.Offshore Finvest Ltd.Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC)Oil Country Tubular Ltd.Ojas Technochem Products Ltd.Ojswi Trades Investments & Finance LtdOK Play India Ltd.Olympia Capitals LtdOlympic Commercial Enterprises Ltd.Olympic Oil Industries LtdOm Development Ltd.Om Metals & Minerals Ltd.Om Udyog Ltd.Omax Autos Ltd.Omega Ag - Seeds (Punjab) LtdOmega Interactive Technologies Ltd.Omega Laboratories LtdOmkar Overseas Ltd

Omkar Pharmachem Ltd.Omni Ax’s Software Ltd.Omni Dye-Chem Exports LtdOmnitex Industries (India) Ltd.Onida Finance Ltd.Onida Savak LtdOnline Media Solutions Ltd.Ontrack Systems Ltd.Onward Technologies Ltd.Oodlabari Company LtdOptel Telecommunications Ltd.Opto Circuits (India) LtdOracle Credit Ltd.Orbit Airfreight Ltd.Orcap Securities Ltd.Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Orchid Securities Ltd.Organic Coatings LtdOrient Abrasives Ltd.Orient Ceramics & Industries LtdOrient Information Technology Ltd.Orient Paper & Industries Ltd.Orient Press LtdOrient Tradelink LtdOriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd

Oriental Hotels Ltd.Origin Agrostar LtdOrissa Minerals Development Company LtdOrissa Sponge Iron Ltd.Orpine Systems Ltd.Ortin Laboratories Ltd.Oscar Investments LtdOswal Agro Mills Ltd.Oswal Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.Oswal Spinning & Weaving Mills LtdOswal Sugars LtdOtco International Ltd.OTIS Elevator Company (India) Ltd.Otoklin Plants & Equipments LtdOudh Sugar Mills Ltd.Overseas Cables LtdOverseas Capital LtdOverseas Finlease LtdOxford Industries Ltd.P G Foils Ltd.P K Leasing & Finance Ltd.P R Cements LtdPacific Cotspin Ltd.Pacific Industries Ltd.Paco Exports LtdPadam Cotton Yarns LtdPadmalaya Telefilms Ltd.Padmini Technologies LtdPal Credit & Capital Ltd.Pallawi Resources LtdPallawi Trading & Manufacturing CompanyLtdPalsoft Infosystems LtdPampasar Distillery Ltd.Pan India Resorts & Land Development LtdPan Packaging Industries LtdPanacea Biotec LtdPanama Petrochem Ltd.Panjon LtdPankaj Polymers LtdPantaloon Retail (India) Ltd.Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries LtdParaan LtdParadeep Phosphates LtdParagon Finance LtdParamount Communications Ltd.Paramount Finco & Traders LtdParas Petrofils Ltd.Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Parbati Holdings Ltd.Parekh Aluminex Ltd.Parekh Distributors LtdParekh Platinum Ltd.

Oriental Containers Ltd.

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Parenteral Drugs (I) Ltd.Pariwar Finance & Investment (I) LtdParke Davis (India) Ltd.Parker Agrochem Exports Ltd.Parnami Credits Ltd.Paro Leasing & Finance LtdParry Agro Industries LtdParrys Confectionery Ltd.Parsharti Investment LtdParsoli Corporation Ltd.Paschim Petrochem Ltd.Passari Cellulose LtdPasupati Acrylon LtdPasupati Fabrics LtdPasupati Fincap Ltd.Pasupati Seohung LtdPasupati Spinning & Weaving Mills LtdPatel Engineering Ltd.Patel On-Board Couriers Ltd.Patel Roadways LtdPatels Airtemp (India) Ltd.Patna Electric Supply Company LtdPatriot Trading Company Ltd.Patspin India LtdPatton Electro LtdPatton LtdPaushak LtdPavapuri Trading & Investment CompanyLtd.PCI Papers Ltd.PCS Industries Ltd.Peacock Industries Ltd.Peacock Traders & Exporters LtdPearl Energy & Infrastructures Ltd.Pearl Engineering Polymers Ltd.Pearl Global LtdPearl Polymers Ltd.Pearl Transport Company Ltd.Pebco Motors LtdPee Bee Steel Industries LtdPeerless Abasan Finance Ltd.Peeti Securities Ltd.Pegasus Castalloy Ltd.Peirce Leslie India LtdPekon Electronics Ltd.Pench Valley Coal Company LtdPennar Aluminium Company Ltd.Pennar Aqua Exports Ltd.Pennar Industries Ltd.Pennar Profiles Ltd.Penrose Mercantiles Ltd.Penta Pharmadyes Ltd.Pentagon Global Solutions Ltd.Pentamedia Graphics LtdPentasoft Technologies LtdPentium Infotech Ltd.Perfect Circle India LtdPeriwal Industrial Corporation Ltd.Permanent Magnets LtdPetron Engineering Construction Ltd.Pfizer Ltd.Pharmaids Pharmaceuticals LtdPhil Corporation LtdPhilips India Ltd.Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.Phoenix International Ltd.Phoenix Lamps India LtdPhoenix Mills Ltd.Photoquip India Ltd.Phyto Chem (India) Ltd.Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd.Piccadily Sugar &Allied Industries Ltd.Pidilite Industries Ltd.Pilani Investment & Industries CorporationLtd.Pinnacle Trades & Investments Ltd.Pioneer Distilleries LtdPioneer Embroideries Ltd.Pioneer Investcorp Ltd.Pioneer Polyfeb Ltd.

Pioneer Protec Ltd.Pioneer Technoparks LtdPiramal Holdings LtdPitamber Coated Papers Ltd.Pithampur Poly Products LtdPitti Laminations LtdPittie Finance Ltd.Pix Transmissions Ltd.Planters Polysacks LtdPlastiblends India Ltd.Platy Metallurgicals LtdPlenty Valley Intra LtdPMCSoft Ltd.PNB Gilts Ltd.PNC Capital Trust Ltd.Poddar Heritage Investments LtdPoddar Pigments Ltd.Poddar Udyog LtdPoint Plast LtdPokarna Granites Ltd.Polar Industries LtdPolar Pharma India LtdPolaris Software Lab Ltd.Polo Hotels Ltd.Polychem LtdPolycon International LtdPolylink Polymers (India) Ltd.Polymechplast Machines Ltd.Polyplex Corporation LtdPolypro Fibrils (India) LtdPondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.Ponni Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.Ponni Sugars (Erode) LtdPorritts & Spencer (Asia) Ltd.Powersoft Global Solutions Ltd.Prabhat (India) LtdPradeep Metals Ltd.Pragnya Software Systems Ltd.Praj Industries Ltd.Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd.Prajeev Investments LtdPrakash Industries LtdPrakash Leasing Ltd.Pranavaditya Spinning Mills LtdPrashant Investments LtdPrateek Coke LtdPratibha Manufacturing & Marketing LtdPratik Panels LtdPratiksha Chemicals LtdPrecision Electronics Ltd.Precision Fastners Ltd.Precision Paper Industries LtdPrecision Wires India LtdPrecot Mills Ltd.Premco Global LtdPremier Auto Electric Ltd.Premier Auto Finance LtdPremier Explosives Ltd.Premier Instruments & ControlsLtd.(PRICOL)Premier Road Carriers Ltd.Premier Tyres LtdPremium Capital Market & InvestmentsLtdPremium Exchange & Finance Ltd.Pressure Sensitive Systems (India) LtdPrima Plastics Ltd.Primax Fiscal Services LtdPrime Capital Market LtdPrime Property Development CorporationLtdPrime Securities Ltd.Prime Textiles LtdPrimenet Global LtdPrincipal Capital Markets LtdPrincipal Pharmaceuticals & ChemicalsLtd.Prism Cement Ltd.Prithvi Securities Ltd

Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.Privilege Investments LtdPrivy Financial Services LtdPrix India Ltd.Priya International LtdPriya Ltd.Priyadarshini Cement LtdPriyadarshini Spinning Mills LtdPriyanka Marketing LtdPriyansh Saree Industries Ltd.Procal Electronics India Ltd.Procter & Gamble (India) Ltd.(P & G)Progressive Extractions & Exports LtdProline Software & Finance Ltd.Promact Plastics Ltd.Prosoft Systems Ltd.Protchem Industries (India) Ltd.Proto Infosys LtdProvestment Services LtdPrraneta Industries Ltd.Prudential ICICI AMC - ICICI PremierSchemePrudential ICICI AMC Ltd - ICICI PowerSchemePrudential Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Prudential Stock Broking Services LtdPrudential Sugar Corporation LtdPSI Data Systems Ltd.PSL Holdings LtdPSTS Heavy Lift & Shift LtdPudumjee Agro Industries Ltd.Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.Puja Corporation LtdPuneet Resins LtdPunjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.Punjab Anand Lamp Industries Ltd.Punjab Chemicals & PharmaceuticalsLtd.Punjab Communications Ltd.Punjab Tractors Ltd.Punjab Woolcombers LtdPunsumi India Ltd.Purak Vinimay LtdPurbasha Resources LtdPushkar Banijya LtdPushpanjali Floriculture Ltd.PVD Plast Mould Industries Ltd.Pyxis Technology Solutions Ltd.Q-Flex Cables & Softwares Ltd.Quantum Digital Vision (India) LtdQuantum Softech Ltd.Quest Financial Services Ltd.Quest International India LtdR C A Ltd.R D Estates & Resources Ltd.R K Ispat Ltd.R K Manufacturing Company LtdR K Wire Products LtdR M Mohite Textiles Ltd.R R Financial Consultants Ltd.R S Software India Ltd.R S Weaving Industries LtdR T Exports Ltd.Raajratna Metal Industries Ltd.Raasi Refractories LtdRadhe Developers (India) LtdRadhika Spinning Mills Ltd.Radiant Financial Services Ltd.Radiant Software Ltd.Radico Khaitan Finance LtdRadico Khaitan Ltd.Raghav Industries LtdRaghunath International LtdRaghunath Tobacco Company Ltd.Raghuvir Synthetics LtdRahul Commercials Ltd.Raigarh Paper & Board Mills Ltd.Rain Calcining Ltd.Rainbow Denim Ltd.

Rainbow Papers LtdRaipur Alloys & Steel Ltd.Raj Agro Mills Ltd.Raj Irrigation Pipes & Fittings LtdRaj Packaging Industries Ltd.Raj Rayon LtdRajapalayam Mills LtdRajasthan Cylinders & Containers Ltd.Rajasthan Gases Ltd.Rajasthan Polyesters Ltd.Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving MillsLtd.Rajasthan Synthetic Industries Ltd.Rajasthan Tube Manufacturing CompanyLtdRajdarshan Industries LtdRajdhani Leasing & Industries LtdRajesh Exports Ltd.Rajesh Global Solutions Ltd.Rajesh Solvex LtdRajeswari Graphics Ltd.Rajnish Enterprises Ltd.Rajpurohit GMP India Ltd.Rajratan Gustav Wolf LtdRajratan Synthetics Ltd.Rajshree Sugar & Chemicals Ltd.Rakesh Textiles LtdRallis India Ltd.Ram Informatics Ltd.Ram Ratna Wires LtdRama Industries Ltd.Rama Newsprint and Papers Ltd.Rama Paper Mills LtdRama Petrochemicals Ltd.Rama Phosphates Ltd.Rama Pulp & Papers LtdRama Vision LtdRamco Industries Ltd.Ramco Systems Ltd.Ramgopal Polytex LtdRammaica (India) LtdRamsons Projects LtdRana Sugars LtdRanbaxy Laboratories Ltd.Rander Corporation LtdRane (Madras) Ltd.Rane Brake Lining Ltd.Rane Computers Consultancy Ltd.Rane Engine Valves Ltd.Range Apparels Ltd.Ranisati Commercial Company LtdRanjit Securities Ltd.Ranklin Investments Ltd.Ransi Softwares India LtdRapicut Carbides Ltd.Ras Propack Lamipack Ltd.Ras Resorts & Apart Hotels LtdRasandik Engineering Industries India Ltd.Rashel Agrotech Ltd.Rashmi Commercial Company LtdRasi Electrodes LtdRasoi LtdRatangiri Textiles LtdRathi Graphic Technologies Ltd.Rathi Ispat LtdRathi Mercantile Industries LtdRathi Udyog Ltd.Ratnabali Capital Markets Ltd.Ratnajyot Metcast LtdRatnamani Metals & Tubes LtdRatni Investments Company LtdRattan Vanaspati Ltd.Raunaq Automotive Components LtdRaval Finance LtdRayBan Sun Optics India LtdRaymed Labs Ltd.Raymond LtdRCF LtdRCS Financial Technology Ltd.RDB Industries Ltd.

Real Strips LtdReal Value Appliances Ltd.Reasonable Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Reckitt Benckiser (India) LtdRecon Healthcare LtdRecron Synthetics Ltd.Recursion Software Ltd.Refnol Resins & Chemicals Ltd.Regal Entertainment & Consultants LtdRegency Ceramics Ltd.Regency Leasing Ltd.Regent Leasing & Finance Ltd.REI Agro Ltd.Relaxo Footwears Ltd.Reliable Plastics Ltd.Reliance Capital Ltd.Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd.Reliance Commercial Company LtdReliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd.Reliance Industries Ltd.(RIL)Reliance Jute Mills (International) LtdReliance Petroleum Ltd.(RPL)Relic Technologies Ltd.Relish Pharmaceuticals LtdRemsons Industries LtdREPL Engineering Ltd.Repro India Ltd.Response Informatics Ltd.Restile Ceramics Ltd.Revathi Equipment LtdRevati Organics Ltd.Rexnord Electronics & Controls Ltd.RFL International LtdRGF Capital Markets LtdRhone Poulenc (India) Ltd.Rich Capital & Financial Services LtdRichfield Financial Services LtdRichgold Finance & Securities LtdRichirich Agro Ltd.RICO Auto Industries Ltd.Ricoh India Ltd.Ricon Commerce Ltd.Riddhi - Siddhi Gluco Biols LtdRider Electronics LtdRiga Sugar Company Ltd.Rishab Exports Ltd.Rishabh Digha Steel & Allied ProductsLtd.Rishabh Enterprises LtdRishi Laser Cutting LtdRishi Packers LtdRishiroop Rubber (International)LtdRitesh Industries Ltd.Ritesh International LtdRiverdale Foods LtdRLF Ltd.RMB Financial Services LtdRNT Plantations Ltd.Roadways India Ltd.Rochees Breweries LtdRock Hard Petro Chemical IndustriesLtdRockwool (India) Ltd.Rohan Finance & Securities Ltd.Rohit Agro Products LtdRohit Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd.Rollatainers Ltd.Rolta India Ltd.Ronson Traders Ltd.Roofit Industries Ltd.Roopa Industries Ltd.Roopacherra Tea Company LtdRose Investments LtdRose Merc Ltd.Roselabs Finance LtdRoselabs LtdRossell Industries LtdRossell Tea Ltd.

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Roto Pumps LtdRoyal Airways LtdRoyal Cushion Vinyl Products Ltd.Royal Finance Ltd.Royal Infosys LtdRoyal Traders LtdRoyale Manor Hotels & IndustriesLtdRPG Cables Ltd.RPG Life Sciences Ltd.RPG Transmission LtdRRM Shares & Securities Ltd.RSL Industries Ltd.RTS Power Corporation Ltd.Rubfila International LtdRuby Traders & Exporters LtdRuchi Infrastructure LtdRuchi Soya Industries Ltd.Ruchi Strips and Alloys Ltd.Rungta Irrigations Ltd.Runit Investments Company LtdRupa & Company Ltd.Rupangi Impex LtdRussel Construction Company LtdRydak Enterprises & InvestmentLtdS & Y Mills Ltd.S B & T International LtdS B International LtdS B Overseas LtdS E Investments Ltd.S Kumars Nationwide LtdS Kumars Nationwide LtdS Kumars Online LtdS M Telesys Ltd.S R Industries Ltd.S S Organics LtdS T Services LtdS&S Power Switchgears LtdSaarc Net Ltd.Sabero Organics Gujarat Ltd.Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd.Sachdev Securities Ltd.Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd.Safari Industries (India) LtdSagar Cements LtdSagar International Ltd.Sagarsoft (India) Ltd.Sahara India Media CommunicationLtdSai Infoservices LtdSai Service Station LtdSai Television Ltd.SAIL Power Supply Company Ltd.Sainik Finance & Industries Ltd.Saint-Gobain Sekurit India LtdSaket Projects LtdSakthi Finance LtdSakthi Sugars Ltd.Salem Erode Investments LtdSalguti Plastics Ltd.Salona Cotspin LtdSalora International Ltd.Sam Industries LtdSamarth International Finlease Ltd.Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd.Sameera Infotainment Ltd.Samkrg Pistons & Rings Ltd.Sampre Nutritions Ltd.Samrat Industrial Resources LtdSamrat Pharmachem LtdSamson Leasing & Finance Company LtdSamtel India LtdSamtex Fashions Ltd.San Media Ltd.Sanchay Finvest LtdSandu Pharmaceuticals LtdSandvik Asia Ltd.Sangal Papers Ltd.

Sangam (India) LtdSangam Health Care Products LtdSanghi Industries LtdSanghi Polysters Ltd.Sanghu Valley (India) LtdSanghvi Movers Ltd.Sanjeevni Industries LtdSanjivani Paranteral LtdSankhya Infotech Ltd.Sanmar Management Services LtdSanmar Properties & Investments LtdSanra Software LtdSantaram Spinners Ltd.Santogen Exports LtdSantosh Fine Fab LtdSantosh Industries Ltd.Sanvan Software Ltd.Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd.Sanyo Impex Ltd.Sapte Investments Private LtdSar Auto Products LtdSarabhai Electronics LtdSarang Chemicals LtdSarda Information Technology LtdSarda Papers LtdSarda Plywood Industries LtdSaregama India LtdSarita Software & Industries Ltd.Sark Systems India Ltd.Sarla Polyester LtdSaroh Infotech Ltd.Sarvodaya Beopar LtdSarvodaya Labs Ltd.Sarvottam Vanijya LtdSataytej Commercial Company LtdSatellite Engineering LtdSathavahana Ispat Ltd.Satin Creditcare Network Ltd.Satkar Electronics LtdSatkriti Investments LtdSatnam Overseas Ltd.Satyam Computers Services Ltd.(Sify)Satyam Projects LtdSatyam Trading Company LtdSaumya Consultants Ltd.Saurashtra Cement Ltd.Savani Financials LtdSaven Technologies Ltd.Savera Hotels Ltd.Savita Chemicals LtdSavitri Overseas Ltd.Saw Pipes Ltd.Sawaca Business Machines Ltd.Sawaca Communications Ltd.Sayaji Hotels LtdSayaji Iron & Engg. Co. Ltd.SBI Home Finance LtdSC Cellular Holdings LtdScanpoint Graphics Ltd.Schablona India Ltd.Schenectady - Beck India LtdSchlafhorst Engineering (India) Ltd.Scintilla Commercial & Credit LtdScintilla Software Technologies Ltd.Scotia Finance Private Ltd.Seagull Leafin Ltd.Search Chem Industries Ltd.Seasons Furnishings LtdSeasons Textiles Ltd.Secunderabad Healthcare Ltd.Securities Capital Investments (India) LtdSecurities Development (India) LtdSecurity Company LtdSeemax Industries Ltd.Seeyok Tea Company Ltd.Seiko Commercial LtdSelan Exploration Technology Ltd.Sellwin Projects LtdSelvas Photographics Ltd.

Senbo Industries Ltd.Senthil Infotek Ltd.Sequel e-Routers Ltd.Sequelsoft India Ltd.Servotech Engineering Industries Ltd.Sesa Goa Ltd.Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd.Seymour Technologies LtdSGN Telecoms LtdShah Alloys LtdShah Foods LtdShahi Shipping LtdShakti Pumps (India) Ltd.Shalibhadra Finance LtdShalibhadra Infosec Ltd.Shalimar Agencies LtdShalimar Agro Products LtdShalimar Paints LtdShalimar Wires Industries LtdShalini Fertilisers LtdShambhu Mercantile Ltd.Shamken Cotsyn Ltd.Shamken Multifab Ltd.Shamken Spinners LtdShanthi Gears LtdShantivijay Jewels LtdShapoorji Data Processing Private LtdShapre Global Info Services LdShardaraj Tradefin Ltd.Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd.Sharp Commercial Enterprises LtdSharp Industries Ltd.Sharp Investments LtdSharp Trading & Finance LtdSharpscan & Prints Ltd.Sharyans Resources LtdShasun Chemicals & Drugs Ltd.Shauma Vanijya Pratisthan LtdShaw Wallace & Company Ltd.Shaw Wallace Gelatines Ltd.Shayona Petrochem Ltd.Sheetal Exports LtdSheetal Securities Finance Ltd.Shervani Industrial Syndicate LtdShetron LtdShikhar Consultants LtdShilp Gravures LtdShimoga Technologies LtdShin Ho Petrochemical (India) LtdShine Computech Ltd.Shital Commercial Ltd.Shiva Cement Ltd.Shiva Fertilizers LtdShiva Paper Mills Ltd.Shivaji Securities Ltd.Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd.Shivam Apperals Export LtdShivgarh Resorts Ltd.Shiv-Vani Universal Ltd.Shonkh Technologies International LtdShrachi Securities Ltd.Shradha Projects LtdShree Acids & Chemicals LtdShree Ajit Pulp & Paper Ltd.Shree Ambeshwar Paper Mills LtdShree Araveli Finlease LtdShree Bhawani Investment & TradingCompany Ltd.Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Ltd.Shree Cements Ltd.Shree Dhan Finance & InvestmentCompany LtdShree Dhanop Finance & Consultancy LtdShree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd.Shree Ganesh Iron Industries LtdShree Hari Chemicals Export LtdShree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries LtdShree Nidhi Trading Co. LtdShree Pacetronix Ltd

Shree Rajasthan Syntex LtdShree Rajeshwaranand Paper Mills LtdShree Rama Multi-Tech Ltd.Shree Securities Ltd.Shree Shubhlabh Infoline.Com Ltd.Shree Steel Wire Ropes LtdShree Synthetics Ltd.Shree Tulsi Online.Com LtdShree Vaani Sugars & Industries LtdShree Vatsaa Finance & Leasing Ltd.Shree Vindhya Paper Mills LtdShreeji Phosphate LtdShrenuj & Company Ltd.Shreyans Industries LtdShreyas Shipping LtdShri Dinesh Mills LtdShri Ganesh Spinners Ltd.Shri Gurudev En-Trade LtdShri Niranjan Ayurved Bhawan Ltd.Shri Shakti LPG Ltd.Shricon Industries LtdShripet Cybertech Systems LtdShriram City Union Finance Ltd.Shriram Investments Ltd.Shriram Transport Finance Ltd.Shrivatsa International LtdShriyam Securities & Finance Ltd.Shubh Shanti Services Ltd.Shubham Industries Ltd.Shukra Bullions LtdShukra Jewellery LtdSHV Energy India LtdShyam Software Ltd.Shyam Star Gems Ltd.Shyam Telecom Ltd.SI Property Development LtdSibar Autoparts Ltd.Sibar Media & Entertainment Ltd.Sibar Software Services (India) LtdSica Breweries Ltd.Siddharth Ormet LtdSiddharth Tubes LtdSiddheswari Garments Ltd.Sidh Enterprises Ltd.Sidh Industries Ltd.Sidh Leasing Ltd.SIEL Ltd.Siemens Ltd.Sierra Optima Ltd.Sika Interplant Systems LtdSilicon Valley Infotech LtdSilktex Ltd.Siltap Chemicals Ltd.Silver Trading & Services LtdSilverline Technologies LtdSilveroak Commercials Ltd.Silversmith India Ltd.Simco Industries LtdSimmonds Marshall Ltd.Simplex Castings LtdSimplex Concrete Piles (India) Ltd.Simran Farms LtdSinclairs Hotels & Transportation Ltd.Sindhu Trade Links LtdSinger India LtdSinghal Overseas LtdSinghania Brothers LtdSingle Window Securities LtdSinhal Holdings LtdSinnar Bidi Udyog LtdSintex Industries LtdSIP Industries Ltd.SIP Technologies & Exports Ltd.Siporex India LtdSiris Soft Ltd.Sita Enterprises LtdSIV Industries Ltd.Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.SJS Holdings Ltd.Skansa Cementation India Ltd

SKF Bearings India Ltd.SKG Consolidated LtdSKM Egg Products Export (India) LtdSKN Industries Ltd.SKOL Breweries Ltd.SKP Securities Ltd.Sky Industries LtdSkylark India Ltd.Skylid Telecommunication Ltd.Skyline NEPC Ltd.Skypak Service Specialists LtdSM Dyechem Ltd.SM Energy Teknik & Electronics LtdSMC Global Securities Ltd.SMIFS Capital Markets Ltd.Smithkline Beecham Consumer HealthcareLtd.SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals(India) LtdSMR Universal Softech Ltd.Smruthi Organics LtdSMZS Chemicals LtdSnow White Metal Industries LtdSnowcem India Ltd.Snowtex Udyog Ltd.Sobhagya Mercantile Ltd.Soffia Software Ltd.Softcell Technologies LtdSoftpro Systems Ltd.Softrak Technology Exports Ltd.Softrak Venture Investment LtdSoftSol India LtdSoftware Technology Group InternationalLtd. (STG International)Solid Carbide Tools Ltd.Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd.Som Construction & Developers LtdSom Datt Finance Corporation Ltd.Som Distilleries & Breweries Ltd.Soma Papers & Industries LtdSoma Textiles & Industries LtdSomplast Leather Industries LtdSona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.Sonali Commercial Ltd.Sonata Software Ltd.Soni Infosys LtdSonia Textiles LtdSoundcraft Industries Ltd.South Asian Enterprises Ltd.South Asian Petrochem Ltd.South East Asia Marine Engineering &Construction Ltd.South India Corporation (Agencies) Ltd.South India Projects Ltd.Southern Herbals LtdSouthern Infosys Ltd.Southern Iron & Steel Company LtdSouthern Ispat Ltd.Southern Online Services Ltd.Southern Petrochemicals IndustrialCorporation Ltd. (SPIC)Sovereign Diamonds LtdSovika Infotek Ltd.Sowbhagya Exports LtdSoyuz Impex LtdSpace Computer & Systems LtdSpalee Systems LtdSpan Diagnostics LtdSpanco Telesystems & Solutions Ltd.Sparc Systems Ltd.Spark Exports LtdSpartan Trade Holdings LtdSpartek Ceramics India LtdSPBL LtdSpectra Industries Ltd.Spectrum Foods Ltd.SPEL Semiconductor LtdSpencer and Company Ltd.Spenta International Ltd.

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Spentex Industries LtdSpic PHI Seeds Ltd.Spice Cell LtdSpice Islands Apparels Ltd.Spice Net LtdSPL Infoweb LtdSPL Ltd.Sprint RPG India Ltd.SPS International Ltd.SPT Securities Ltd.SQL Star International Ltd.Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & AlliedChemicals Ltd.Sree Rayalaseema Hi Strength Hypo Ltd.Sreechem Resins LtdSREI International Finance Ltd.SRF Ltd.SRG Infotec Ltd.SRH Synthetics Ltd.Sri Adhikari Brothers Television NetworkLtd.Sri Chakra Cements LtdSri Chakra Remedies Ltd.Sri Gopal Investments Ltd.Sri Jayalakshmi Tobacco Company Ltd.Sri Krishna Drugs Ltd.Sri Lakshmi Saraswathi Textiles (Arni) LtdSri Nachammai Cotton Mills LtdSri Vasavi Industries LtdSri Vishnu Cement Ltd.Srico Software India Ltd.Srinivasa Hatcheries LtdSr in ivasa Sh ipp ing & Prope r t yDevelopment Ltd.Sriven Multi-tech Ltd.SRU Knitters Ltd.SSI Ltd.St. Angelo’s Computers Ltd.Standard Cables LtdStandard Capital Markets LtdStandard Chrome LtdStandard Industries Ltd.Stanpacks (India) LtdStar Light Credit (India) Ltd.Star Paper Mills Ltd.Starchik Specialities Ltd.Starlite Components Ltd.State Bank of India (SBI)State Trading Corporation of India LtdSteel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL)Steel Products Ltd.Steel Strips Leasing Ltd.Steel Strips Wheels Ltd.Steel Tubes of India Ltd.Steelcast LtdSteelco Gujarat Ltd.Stelco Strips Ltd.Stellar Investments Ltd.Stenly Credit Capital LtdStenly Securities LtdStep Two Corporation LtdSterling Biotech LtdSterling Holiday Resorts (India) Ltd.Sterling Strips LtdSterling Tools Ltd.Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.Sterlite Optical Technologies Ltd.Sterlite Projects Ltd.Stewarts & Lloyds of India Ltd.STI India Ltd.STL Exports LtdStocknet International LtdStone India Ltd.Stovec Industries LtdStresscrete India Ltd.Strides Arcolab LtdSuashish Diamonds LtdSubex Systems Ltd.Subh Shree Commercial Co. Ltd

Subhash Capital Markets Ltd.Subhash Projects & Marketing Ltd.Subhash Silk Mills LtdSubhsree Pat rocham Indust r ia lInvestments LtdSubros Ltd.Subuthi Finance LtdSubway Finance & Investment CompanyLtdSuchinfotech Ltd.Suchitra Finance & Trading Company LtdSudal Industries LtdSudershan Securities LtdSudev Industries Ltd.Sudha Commercial Company Ltd.Sugal & Damani Finlease LtdSugam Agro - Tech LtdSujata Investments LtdSukaram Marketing LtdSukhamay Trading Company LtdSukhjit Starch & Chemicals LtdSulzer India LtdSuma Finance & Investments Ltd.Suman Motels Ltd.Sumangla Investment Company LtdSumedha Fiscal Services Ltd.Sumeet Industries LtdSumeru Leasing & Finance Ltd.Sun Beam Infotech Ltd.Sun Biotechnology LtdSun Earth Ceramics Ltd.Sun Finlease (Gujarat) LtdSun Gold Capital Ltd.Sun Infoways Ltd.Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Suncity Synthetics LtdSundaram Brake Linings LtdSundaram Clayton Ltd.Sundaram Finance Ltd.Sundaram Multi Pap LtdSundram Fasteners Ltd.Sunehari Exports Ltd.Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Ltd.Sunflex Finance & Investment LtdSunflower Commerce Ltd.Sunil Agro Foods Ltd.Sunil Synchem Ltd.Sunita Bonds and Holdings LtdSunitee Chemicals LtdSunku Auto Ltd.Sunraj Diamond Exports LtdSunrise Zinc Ltd.Sunshield Chemicals LtdSunstar Lubricants LtdSunstar Software Systems Ltd.Suparswa Investments LtdSuper Bakers (India) LtdSuper Forgings And Steels Ltd.Super Sales Agencies LtdSuper Spinning Mills LtdSuper Syncotex (India) Ltd.Super Tannery (India) LtdSuperhouse Leathers Ltd.Superprecise Medisys & Softech LtdSuperstar Distilleries & Foods LtdSuperstar Leafin Ltd.Supertex Industries Ltd.Supra Industrial Resources LtdSuprajit Engineering Ltd.Supraneet Finance & ConsultantsLtdSupreme Agro Products LtdSupreme Holdings LtdSupreme Impex LtdSupreme Oil Industries LtdSupreme Oriented Films LtdSupreme Petrochem Ltd.Supreme Telecom & Network (I) LtdSupriya Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Su-raj Diamonds (India) Ltd.Suraj Holdings LtdSuraj Stainless LtdSurana Financial Corporation (India) LtdSurana Metals & Steels (India) LtdSurana Strips Ltd.Surana Telecom Ltd.Surat Electricity Company Ltd.Surat Textile Mills LtdSurdas Trading & ManufacturingCompany LtdSurprise Traders Ltd.Surya Agroils LtdSurya India LtdSurya Roshni Ltd.Suryachakra Seafoods Ltd.Suryajyoti Spinning Mills Ltd.Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd.Suryalata Spinning Mills Ltd.Suryamukhi Trading & Finance LtdSuryanagri Finlease LtdSuryavanshi Spinning Mills LtdSuryo Foods & Industries LtdSuryoday Allo-Metal Powders Ltd.Suryodaya Plastics LtdSutlej Industries LtdSuvarnapuspa Investment Pvt. Ltd.Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Suvridhi Financial Services Ltd.Suzlon Fibres LtdSvam Software Ltd.SVC Superchem Ltd.Swadeshi Projects Ltd.Swal Computers Ltd.Swaraj Engines Ltd.Swaraj Mazda Ltd.Swastik Securities & Finance Ltd.Swastik Spintex LtdSwastik Vinayaka Synthetics LtdSwastika Fin-Lease Ltd.Swetha Engineering LtdSWIL Ltd.Swiss Glascoat Equipments LtdSwitching Technologies Gunther LtdSwojas Energy Foods Ltd.Sword & Shield Pharma Ltd.Sybly Industries LtdSymphony Comfort Systems Ltd.Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd.Syndicate BankSynergy Log-In Systems Ltd.Synfosys Business Solutions Ltd.Syngenta India Ltd.Synthetic Moulders LtdSystel Infotech LtdSystematix Corporate Services Ltd.T & I Global LtdT Kumari (Financiers) LtdT T Ltd.Tabassum International Ltd.Tactfull Investments LtdTai Chonbang Textile Industries Ltd.Tai Industries LtdTainwala Chemical & Plastics (India) Ltd.Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd.Talbros Automotive Components LtdTamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd.(TNPL)Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.Tamilnadu Telecommunications LtdTaneja Aerospace And Aviation Ltd.Tanfac Industries LtdTanla Solutions Ltd.Tanu Healthcare Ltd.Tarai Foods Ltd.Tarrif Cine & Finance Ltd.Tasc Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Tata Advanced Materials LtdTata Chemicals Ltd.

Tata Coffee LtdTata Construction & Projects LtdTata Elxsi Ltd.Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd(TELCO)Tata Finance Ltd.Tata Honeywell Ltd.Tata Hydro Electric Power Supply Co. Ltd.Tata Infomedia LtdTata Infotech Ltd.Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.Tata Metaliks LtdTata NYK Transport Systems LtdTata Sponge Iron Ltd.Tata SSL LtdTata Tea Ltd.Tata Telecom Ltd.Tata Yodogawa LtdTatia Finaancial Services LtdTCFC Finance LtdTCG Urban Infrastructure Holdings LtdTCI Finance LtdTCI Industries Ltd.TCM LtdTCP Ltd.Teage Ltd.TechDNA Solutions Ltd.TechNest Solutions LtdTechno Electric & Engineering CompanyLtd.Techtran Polylenses Ltd.Teem Laboratories Ltd.Teesta Agro Industries LtdTeesta Valley Tea Company LtdTej Infoways Ltd.Tejpur Vanijya LtdTele Data Informatics Ltd.Telephone Cables LtdTelephoto Entertainments Ltd.Telesys Software Ltd.Television Eighteen India Ltd. (TV18)Tera Software Ltd.Terai Tea Company LtdTerrygold (India) Ltd.Texmaco Ltd.Texplast Industries LtdTextool Company Ltd.Tezpore Tea Company Ltd.Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills LtdThana Electric Supply Company LtdThe Ahmedabad Electricity Co. Ltd.The Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd.The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.The Andhra Sugars LtdThe Andhra Valley Power Supply Co. Ltd.The Anil Starch Products Ltd.The Antifriction Bearings CorporationLtd.The Arvind Mills Ltd.The Associated Cement Companies Ltd.(ACC)The Bishnauth Tea Company Ltd.The Bombay Burmah Trading CorporationLtd.The Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co.Ltd.The Central Provinces Railway CompanyLtdThe Chamong Tea Company LtdThe Champdany Industries LtdThe Dawn Mills Company LtdThe Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.The Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd.The Dhar Textile Mills Ltd.The Federal Bank Ltd.The Fertilizers and Chemicals TravancoreLtd.The First Custodian Fund (India) Ltd.The Great Eastern Shipping Co.Ltd.(GESCO)

The Grob Tea Company Ltd.The Hindoostan Spinning & Weaving MillsLtdThe Hingir Rampur Coal Company LtdThe India Cements Ltd.The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. (Taj Groupof Hotels)The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd.The Indian Link Chain Manufacturers LtdThe Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd.The Industrial Finance Corporation ofIndia Ltd. (IFCI)The Jam Shri Ranjitsinghji Spg. & Wvg.Mills Co. LtdThe Jeypore Sugar Company Ltd.The Karnataka Bank LtdThe Karur Vysya Bank LtdThe KCP LtdThe Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd.The Lakshmi Vilas Bank LtdThe Loobah Company LtdThe Madras Aluminium Company Ltd.(MALCO)The Methoni Tea Company LtdThe Modern Mills Ltd.The Moran Tea Company (India) Ltd.The Motor & General Finance Ltd. (MGF)The Narang Industries Ltd.The Paper Products Ltd.The Phosphate Company Ltd.The Prag Bosimi Synthetics Ltd.The Pratappur Sugar & Industries LtdThe Premier Automobiles Ltd.The Rai Saheb Rekhchand MohotaSpinning & Weaving Mills LtdThe Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills LtdThe Ravalgaon Sugar Farm LtdThe Right Address Ltd.The Rubber Products LtdThe Ruby Mills Ltd.The Sandesh Ltd.The Saraswati Industrial Syndicate Ltd.The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.(SCI)The Silcal Metallurgic LtdThe Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Ltd.The Sirdar Carbonic Gas Company LtdThe Sirpur Paper Mills LtdThe South Indian Bank LtdThe Standard Batteries LtdThe Supreme Industries Ltd.The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd. (TISCO)The Tata Power Company Ltd.The Tinplate Company Of India LtdThe Ugar Sugar Works LtdThe United Western Bank Ltd.The Victoria Mills Ltd.The Vysya Bank Ltd.The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.Themis Medicare LtdThermax Ltd.Thermax Systems & Software Ltd.Thirani Projects Ltd.Thirdwave Financial Intermediaries Ltd.Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd.Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.Thomson Press (India) LtdTibrewal Global Finance LtdTickwell Commercial Ltd.Tide Water Oil Co. (India) LtdTIL Ltd.Tilaknagar Industries LtdTimes Guaranty LtdTimes Internet Ltd.Timex Watches Ltd.Timken India LtdTinna Overseas Ltd.Tinnevelly Tuticorin Investments Ltd

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Tinsukia Development Corporation LtdTips Industries LtdTirumala Seung Han Textiles Ltd.Tirupati Industries (India) LtdTirupati Shelters Ltd.Titagarh Industries Ltd.Titan Biotech LtdTitan Industries Ltd.Titan Securities Ltd.Titanor Components Ltd.Today’s Writing Products Ltd.Tokyo Finance LtdTokyo Plast International Ltd.Tolani Bulk Carriers LtdTop Cassettes LtdTop Media Entertainment LtdToplight Commercial Ltd.Torrent Cables LtdTorrent Gujarat Biotech LtdTorrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Total Exports LtdToubro Infotech & Industries Ltd.Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd.(TFCI)Toyama Electric LtdTPI India LtdTrade Wings LtdTrans Financial Resources Ltd.Trans Freight Containers Ltd.Trans Techno Foods Ltd.Transchem LtdTranscon Research & Infotech Ltd.Transcorp International LtdTransmatic Systems Ltd.Transpek Industry Ltd.Transport Corp. of India LtdTranstream India.com LtdTransworld Infotech Ltd.TRC Financial Services LtdTrent Ltd.TRF Ltd.Tricom Finance Ltd.Trident Alco - Chem LtdTrident Infotech Corporation LtdTrident Projects Ltd.Tridev Finance Company LtdTrigyn Technologies LtdTrijal Industries Ltd.Trillenium Technologies Ltd.Trimbak Industries Ltd.Trinitron Corp Ltd.Triochem Products LtdTrishakti Electronics & Industries Ltd.Triumph International Finance Ltd.Triveni Engineering & Industries LtdTriveni Glass Ltd.TSL Industries LtdTTG Industries LtdTTK Healthcare Ltd.TTK Prestige Ltd.Tube Investments of India Ltd.Tudor India Ltd.Tulip Finance Ltd.Tulip Star Hotels Ltd.Tulsyan NEC LtdTV Today Network LtdTVS Electronics Ltd.TVS Motor Company LtdTVS Srichakra Ltd.Twenty First Century (India) LtdTwenty First Century Securities Ltd.Twenty-First Century Printers LtdTwin Cities Infotech Ltd.Twinstar Software Exports Ltd.Tyche Peripheral Systems Ltd.Tyford Tea Ltd.Tyroon Tea Company Ltd.U G Hotels & Resorts LtdU P Asbestos Ltd.

U P Hotels LtdUB Engineering LtdUcal Fuel Systems Ltd.Ujjwal LtdUltramarine & Pigments Ltd.Uma Petroproducts India LtdUmang Industrial & Trade DevelopmentsLtdUni Abex Alloy Products Ltd.Unichem Laboratories Ltd.Uniflex Cables Ltd.Unimers India LtdUnimin India Ltd.Uniport Computers Ltd.Uniproducts (India) Ltd.Unique Manufacturing & Marketing LtdUnique Organics LtdUniroyal Textile Industries LtdUnison Metals LtdUnistar Multimedia Ltd.Unisys Softwares & Holding Industries Ltd.Unitech Ltd.United Breweries Ltd. (UB Group)United Credit Ltd.United Drilling Tools Ltd.United Phosphorous Ltd.United Provinces Sugar Company LtdUnited Textiles LtdUniversal Cables Ltd.Universal Enterprises LtdUniversal Luggage Mfg. Co. Ltd.Universal Media Network LtdUniversal Plastics Ltd.Universal Prime Aluminium LtdUniversal Starch - Chem Allied LtdUniworth International LtdUniworth LtdUniworth Textiles LtdUnjha Formulations Ltd.Uno Metals Ltd.Uppal Hotels LtdUpper Ganges Sugar & Industries Ltd.Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd.Usha (India) LtdUsha Beltron Ltd.Usha International Ltd.Usha Ispat LtdUsha Martin Infotech Ltd.Ushakiran Finance Ltd.Ushdev International Ltd.UT Ltd.UTI - Mastershare 86UTI - UNIT SCHEME 64UTI Bank Ltd.Utkal Soap Products Ltd.Uttam Commercial Company Ltd.Uttam Commercial Ltd.Uttam Galva Steels LtdUTV Software Communications Ltd.V & K Softech Ltd.V A M Commercial Company LtdV B Desai Financial Services Ltd.V B Industries LtdV G R Construction LtdV I P Industries Ltd.Vadilal Enterprises LtdVadilal Industries LtdVaibhav Gems Ltd.Vajra Bearings Ltd.Vakrangee Softwares Ltd.Valecha Engineering Ltd.Valiant Communications Ltd.Vallabh Steels LtdValley Abrasives LtdValley Indiana Leisure LtdValson Industries Ltd.Vamshi Rubber Ltd.Vanasthali Textile Industries LtdVanavil Dyes and Chemicals Ltd.

Vans Information LtdVantage Corporate Services LtdVantel Technologies Ltd.Vapi Paper Mills LtdVaranasi Commercial LtdVardhman Industries LtdVardhman Polytex Ltd.Vardhman Spinning & General Mills Ltd.Varinder Agro Chemicals LtdVarun Shipping Company Ltd.Vas Animations & Entertainment LtdVashisti Detergents Ltd.Vasparr Containeurs LtdVasparr Fischer LtdVasudha Trading & Agencies LtdVatican Commercial Ltd.Vatsa Corporations LtdVatsa Education Ltd.Vatsa Music Ltd.Vax Housing Finance Corp. LtdVBC Ferro Alloys Ltd.VBC Finance & Leasing Ltd.VBC Industries Ltd.VCCL LtdVCK Capital Market Services Ltd.Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Ltd.Veena Textiles LtdVeerprabhu Marketing LtdVelan Hotels LtdVenkateshwar Vanijya India LtdVenky’s (India) LtdVenlon Polyester Film Ltd.Ventron Polymers Ltd.Ventura Textiles Corporation Ltd.Venus Eyevision Ltd.Venus Leasing & Finance LtdVenus Remedies Ltd.Venus Sugar Ltd.Vera Laboratories Ltd.Veronica Laboratories Ltd.Vertex Securities LtdVesuvius India Ltd.Viceroy Hotels LtdVickers Systems International LtdVicky Investments LtdVictor Commercial Company LtdVictor Gaskets India LtdVictory Glass & Industries LtdVictory Paper & Boards (India) LtdVideocon Appliances Ltd.Videocon International Ltd.Videocon Leasing & Industrial FinanceLtd.Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL)Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing LtdVijay Growth Financial Services Ltd.Vijay Hemant Finance & Estates Ltd.Vijay Industries & Projects LtdVijaya BankVikas Laminator Ltd.Vikas Leasing Ltd.Vikas WSP Ltd.Vikasjyoti Commerce Ltd.Vikram Commercial LtdVikram Software Ltd.Vikram Thermo (India) LtdVikrant Leasing Ltd.Vikrant Tyres Ltd.Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd.Vimta Labs Ltd.Vinati Organics Ltd.Vinay Cements Ltd.Vincent Commercial Company Ltd.Vindhya Telelinks Ltd.Vindus Holdings Ltd.Vintage Cards & Creations Ltd.Vintage Securities Ltd.Vintron Informatics Ltd.Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd.

Vippy Industries LtdVippy Spinpro LtdVipul Dye Chem Ltd.Viral Syntex Ltd.Virat Crane Industries Ltd.Virat Industries Ltd.Virdhi Commercial Company LtdVirinchi Consultants Ltd.Virtual Dynamics Software Ltd.VirtualSoft Systems LtdVisaka Industries Ltd.Visesh Infosystems LtdVishal Cotspin LtdVishal Electro-Mech (India) LtdVishal Exports Overseas Ltd.Vishnuhari Investments & Properties LtdVishvprabha Trading Ltd.Vishwas Steels Ltd.Visie Cyber Tech Ltd.Vision Organics Ltd.Vision Paints LtdVision Soft Ltd.Vision Technology India Ltd.Visisth Mercantile LtdVista Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Visu Cybertech Ltd.Visual Vistas Ltd.Visualsoft Technologies LtdVital Communications Ltd.Vivid Chemicals Ltd.VJIL Consulting Ltd.VLS Finance Ltd.VMC Software Ltd.VMF Soft Tech Ltd.Volant Textile Mills LtdVolex Finance & Industries LtdVolga Air Technics LtdVolplast Ltd.Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd.Voltas Ltd.Vorin Laboratories LtdVR Woodart Ltd.Vsapte Investments Private LtdVST Industries Ltd.VST Tillers Tractors LtdVulcan Engineers LtdVXL Instruments Ltd.Vyapar.Com & Industries LtdVyaparik Pratisthan LtdW H Brady & Company Ltd.W S Industries (India) LtdWalchand Capital LtdWalchandnagar Industries Ltd.Waldorf India LtdWall Street Finance LtdWallfort Financial Services Ltd.Warner Multimedia Ltd.Warren Tea Ltd.Wartsila NSD India LtdWashington Softwares Ltd.Watson Software LtdWays India Ltd.Weal Infotech Ltd.Webel-SL Energy Systems LtdWebpulse Consulting (India).Com LtdWebsity Infosys Ltd.Weizmann Ltd.Welcome Coir Industries Ltd.Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Wellesley Commercial Company LtdWellington Commercial LtdWellman Incandescent India LtdWellwin Industries Ltd.Wellworth Overseas LtdWellworth Securities LtdWelspun Finance LtdWelspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren LtdWelspun India LtdWelspun Syntex LtdWelterman International Ltd

Wendt (India) LtdWest East Commercials LtdWestern India Shipyard Ltd.Western Industries Ltd.Western Outdoor Media Technologies Ltd.Western Projects LtdWheels India LtdWhirlpool of India Ltd.White Diamond Industries Ltd.White House Cotton Industries LtdWhite Lion Asia LtdWidia (India) Ltd.Willard India LtdWilliamson Financial Services LtdWilliamson Magor & Company Ltd.Wilwayfort India Ltd.Wimco Ltd.Wimplast Ltd.Winmore Leasing & Holdings LtdWinro Commercial (India) LtdWinsome Breweries Ltd.Winsome Textile Industries Ltd.Winsome Yarns LtdWintac Ltd.Winy Commercial & Fiscal Services LtdWipro Ltd.Wires & Fabrics (SA) LtdWisec Global Ltd.Wockhardt Life Sciences Ltd.Wockhardt Ltd.Women Networks LtdWorldwide Leather Exports LtdWPIL LtdWyeth Lederle Ltd.Xedd Telecom LtdXO Infotech Ltd.Xpro India Ltd.Yargo Holdings LtdYarn Syndicate Ltd.Yash Management & Satellite Ltd.Yash Papers LtdYash Trading & Finance LtdYashraj Securities Ltd.Yatish Securities Ltd.Yogi Sungwon (India) Ltd.Yokogawa Blue Star Ltd.Yuken India LtdYule Financing & Leasing Company LtdZ F Steering Gear (India) LtdZandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.Zee Telefilms Ltd.Zen Soft Solutions Ltd.Zen Technologies Ltd.Zen Yarns LtdZenergy LtdZenith Computers Ltd.Zenith Exports LtdZenith Fibres Ltd.Zenith Global Consultants Ltd.Zenith Health Care Ltd.Zenith Infotech Ltd.Zenith Ltd.Zensar Technologies Ltd.Zenu Infotec Ltd.Zicom Electronic Security Systems LtdZigma Software Ltd.Zim Laboratories LtdZircon Traders LtdZodiac Clothing Company Ltd.Zodiac-JRD-MKJ Ltd.Zuari Industries Ltd.Zydus Cadila Ltd

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For the convenience of our associates, seeking to contact CDSL personnel, CDSL has installed multipletelephone lines that can be accessed by dialling the main number 272 3333 to facilitate quick access to theappropriate desk, a department-wise list of extension numbers and e-mail ID's is given below :

Ms.Kirti Nandiwdekar 8663Mr.Chandrashekar Poojary 8639Ms.Poonam Bhide 8624Mr.Shrijit Menon 8427Mr.Girish Pradhan 8662Ms.Monica Arondekar 8626

Mr. Yatin Sang 8654Mr. Ramkumar K 8633Mr. Shailesh Rahate 8608Ms. Preeti Rupji 8655Mr.Aashish Bajpai 8421Mr.Ashish Bhatt 8612Mr.Sandeep Pathak 8632

Mr.Chandrashekhar Thakur 8665Mr.Amit Moghe 8613

Mr.Santosh Kulkarni 8635Mr.Prashant Kokate 8667Ms.Latha Nair 8648

Mr.Prem Mariwala 8615 [email protected] Alvares 8627 [email protected] Fernandes 8653 [email protected] Kumar 8657 [email protected] Bhansali 8335 [email protected] Gandhi 8651 [email protected]. Ashutosh Mishra 8636 [email protected] Mishra 8629 [email protected] Saukar 8652 [email protected]

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CDSL Associates - Stock ExchangesThe following Stock Exchanges are connected with CDSL to facilitate trading and settlement of dematerialised securities








The Stock Exchange, MumbaiNational Stock Exchange of India Ltd.The Delhi Stock Association Ltd.The Calcutta Stock Associaton Ltd.The Stock Exchange, AhmedabadOTC Exchange of IndiaBangalore Stock Exchange Ltd









Madras Stock Exchange Ltd.Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Ltd.Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd.Pune Stock Exchange Ltd.The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd.Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd.Ludhiana Stock ExchangeCochin Stock Exchange

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