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The newsletter of Central Depository Services (India) Limited January 2000 What’s new? The Spirit of Service CDS today CDS Associates About CDS For Private Circulation Only Depository Participants Registrars Companies Stock Exchanges Board of Directors Management Team What’s inside? CDS infoline CDS infoline My best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous New Year. My greetings also embrace your family, the staff of your organisations, and all others dear to you. It is my belief that we stand at the threshold of an era of plentitude and prosperity. Enlightened governance by men who are steadfast in their convictions will pave the way for accelerated growth and all-round progress. I have always been inspired in my life by an essay titled "The Spirit Of Service" written by my mentor Late Shri Krishna Gopal Sarda. To me personally, the work has been a treatise of conduct throughout my life. It has inspired, advised and comforted me during various phases of my life and like a beacon has always drawn me to itself, in times good as well as trying. "The Spirit of Service" is not a work that deserves to be hidden under a bushel, but is to be shared with all who like us and yourself have opted to be in Services Sector. I have no doubt that followed in letter and spirit this would help you achieve excellence in your business. CDS is a service organisation and the depository of the users, by the users and for the users.We at CDS have been extremely focussed in striving for customer satisfaction. Our improved services have attracted many investors, both individuals & corporate. We believe that our service will become our product one-day. It is with this in mind that I sincerely appeal to you to help us make CDS as the depository of the Investors' choice. I wish every day in the ensuing year which happens to be the first year of the new century brings you all these and much more. by implementing the best of these, M G Damani Chairman & Managing Director

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The newsletter of Central Depository Services (India) Limited January 2000

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The Spirit of Service

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CDS infolineCDS infoline

My best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous NewYear. My greetings also embrace your family, the staff ofyourorganisations,andall othersdear toyou.

It is my belief that we stand at the threshold of an era ofplentitude and prosperity. Enlightened governance bymen who are steadfast in their convictions will pave theway foracceleratedgrowthandall-roundprogress.

I have always been inspired in my life by an essay titled"The Spirit Of Service" written by my mentor Late ShriKrishna Gopal Sarda. To me personally, the work hasbeen a treatise of conduct throughout my life. It hasinspired, advised and comforted me during variousphases of my life and like a beacon has always drawn meto itself, in timesgoodaswell as trying.

"The Spirit of Service" is not a work that deserves to behidden under a bushel, but is to be shared with all wholike us and yourself have opted to be in Services Sector. Ihave no doubt that followed in letter and spirit this wouldhelpyouachieveexcellence inyourbusiness.

CDS is a service organisation and the depository of theusers, by theusersand for theusers.Weat CDShavebeenextremely focussed in striving for customer satisfaction.Our improved services have attracted many investors,both individuals & corporate.We believe that our service

will become ourproductone-day.

It is with this in mind that I sincerely appeal to you to helpusmakeCDSas thedepositoryof the Investors' choice.

Iwisheveryday in theensuingyearwhichhappens tobethe first year of the new century brings you all these andmuchmore.

by implementing the best of these,

M G DamaniChairman & Managing Director

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CDS has signed an agreement with Bank of India (BOI), which has received registration from SEBI


Chairman & Managing Director, CDS signed the agreement in a warm ceremony held on December


BOI has beencloselyassociatedwith theBSEfor over 75years, bothas aclearingbankandclearinghouse throughacompany calledBOI ShareholdingLtd inwhichBOI holds 51%stake andBSE49%.BOI,whichwas the first sponsorBankofCDS,holdsatpresenta10%stake inCDS.

BOI will commence operations at its Stock Exchange branch and Capital Markets branch atMumbai. BOI will shortly launch CDS-DP services from its branches at Calcutta, Bangalore,Ahmedabad,ChennaiandNewDelhi.

The workload on the clearing houses/clearing corporations has reduced substantially due toprogress indematerialisation.SEBIhad thusearlier reduced thenodeliveryperiod to7days.

SEBI has vide its press release no. PR/226/2000 dated November 28, 2000 decided to do away withtheconceptofnodeliveryperiod forcorporateactionssuchas issueofdividendandbonusshares forthecompanieswhosesecuritiesare traded in thecompulsorydematerialised form.uritiesare traded in thecompulsorydematerialised form.

SEBI also proposes to make this applicable to Rights Issues subject to ascertaining certain legal andprocedural requirements. This will ensure continuous trading of shares on ex-basis and will reducethepossibilitiesofpricemanipulationduring thenodeliveryperiod.

In order to further simplify the process of share transfer and processing of demat requests, SEBIwould be preparing a model code for Registrars after holding discussions with the RegistrarsAssociationof India (RAIN).

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"Notoncenor twice inour rough islandstory,ThepathofDutywas theway toglory".

Man is, by nature, a social being. Aman without a society to live in is either an angel or a beast. The angels or the beasts are either aboveor indifferent to human sufferings, sorrows or happiness. They have got little concern with humanity. The beasts live and die forthemselves and not for others. An unsocial being's fate falls under the same category. His existence and non-existence both are alike insociety. For a man who does not love others, live for others, nay, die for others is neither a human nor a divine being, but a being whosecreator might be other than God. "Man is made after the image of God" says the Bible, and God is always helpful to his created beings.Then why should we-the created beings, not have the spirit of service in us? To imbibe this spirit, we should live together in society, for,as Cowper says, "Society, Friendship and Love are divinely bestowed upon man." Living together in society should give a free play toloveandsympathy. It is loveandsympathy that bindsusall intoonewhole. Nay, it is thekey-stoneof thewholehumanorganisation. Tohave thisvirtue inoneself, onemusthaveaclearunderstandingofone'sownduty toothers.

A truesenseofduty infuses inman the 'spirit' of service tohumanityand thereby tohisdivineCreator.

Hence, 'the Spirit of Service' means the 'spirit' that leads people to help and serve others, their fellowmen, at the sacrifice of money,comfortsandeven life.

We must convince men that they are all sons of one Heavenly Father and are bound to fulfil and execute one sole law here on earth; thateach of them is bound to live not for himself but for others; that the aim of existence is not to be more or less happy, but to makethemselves and others more virtuous, that to struggle against injustice and error (wherever they exist in the name and for the benefit ofthose brethren) is not only a right but a duty- a duty which may not be neglected without sin-a duty which continues throughout one'swhole life.

"Everyone has his duties", says Smiles, "to perform, the richest as well as the poorest. To some life is pleasure, to others suffering. Butthebestdonot live for self-enjoymentoreven for fame. Their strongestmotivepower ishopeful, usefulwork ineverygoodcause".

"The sphere of duty", he adds, "is infinite. It exists in every station of life. We have it not in our choice to be rich or poor, to be happy orunhappy. But it becomes us to do the duty that everywhere surrounds us."We have various duties, of which, duty to our neighbours andduty toour fellow-beingsare thedutiesof thehighestexcellence thatbindall-bothmanandGod.

There are two classes of obligations on the part of a good worker-one class makes him do good to others out of his own conscience, andthe other makes him do the same when compelled under certain condition; of these two, the former yields greater benefit out of workdone in the truest senseof theword,whereas the latter yieldsmuch lessbenefit.

It doesgood to thesoul towork for loveandmercyandnot withselfishor evil motives. Workdone for love isa thousand timesbetter thanworkdone for money. The first inspires inus thesenseof trueheroismandself-devotion, whereas thesecond is asort of bargainbetweenthebenefactorand theonewhoreceivesbenefit.

Look at the self-denying spirit of Grace Darling. When the steamer Forfarshire was on its voyage from Hull to Dundee, a storm arose inthe sea. The steamer "struck with tremendous force the Hawkers rocks and snapped in two". Some of its crew took possession of a boatand saved their lives. Nine, climbed on the rock and began to cry for help. Grace Darling, a mere girl, who was on the lighthouse half amile off, heard their cries and went out to them in a boat for their rescue. Although the fog lay thick and the sea was boisterous, she didnot care forherown lifeandwassuccessful inbringing themsafe to theshore. Thatwasamomentwhenshe felt the true joyofher life.

True happiness really comes from the service done to others in an unselfish and philanthropic spirit. We feel the greatest amount ofsatisfaction, when we find an opportunity to help and serve our fellowmen in a spirit that has no touch of selfishness in it. We are sentinto the world by God to work and not to pass our days in mere idleness. If there be no work in life, life will ultimately become uselessanddull, just likeaswordwhich rusts anddoes not shinewithout use. Aman loses all activities in life, if hedoes nowork inanysphereofhis earthly duties. We are sent into the world, not to indulge merely in self-gratification, but to do at least some amount of good to otherswhich may be possible for us. No doubt we live primarily for ourselves, but unless and until we can lend some help to others, we cannotenjoy the real beauty of this life; for true heroism consists in giving away the thing which we prize most and love most, and the more wegive thenoblerwebecome;and this iswhyShakespeare so loudlyexclaims, "Love thyself last; andcherish thosehearts thathate thee".

We all know how Howard giving up all his own comforts, served the sick and the wounded. He tried his best to ameliorate the conditionof theprisonersandsucceeded ingetting the lawsagainst thecriminalsmade lesssevere.

We are always in the habit of furthering our own interests taking no care for the good of others. We are highly pleased if we can satisfy

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our carnal appetite with sumptuous and delicate dishes, taking no notice at all of those who are destined to pass their days in starvation.Some have the greatest amount of riches and thousands of slaves under them to carry out their orders, whereas there are others who are sounfortunate that they do not get proper food and even proper houses to live in. Is it possible for a man of conscience to stand with his eyesshut without lending a helping hand? Of course, not. We hear pitiable stories of strange accidents which bring tears to our eyes; but it isstrange andverystrange that we onlyheave sighafter sighbut take nopains actually tosuccor the unfortunate sufferers by those events, bygivingsubstantial helpor byanyother means.Whenever wepassalongastreet, wecomeacrossmanystreet beggars, poor menandvariousother unfortunate people, who attract our attention by their wretchedness and poverty. Shall we simply remain satisfied with seeing theirwretchedness and feeling pity for them and saying that all this was the result of the sins of their former lives, sins which compel them tosuffer so longas they remainhereon thisearth, and takenopainsatall tohelp theminanyway? Is it not farbetter foraman togoup to themand succour them as far as possible than to pass a remark which makes the sufferers more sorrowful? Certainly so. We sometimes requirelittle money or intelligence to serve others in their need. And in such cases are we not in a position to help our fellow-brethren which onlyrequiressomeamountofphysicalexertion?

Think of our Indian hero, Ishwar ChandraVidyasagar. He rose from indigence to pre-eminence. From a post of fifty rupees he rose to oneof five hundred and that too he resigned for the sake of his conscience. Though poor, he gave almost all he had to others. Is it not the truespirit of service?Certainly it is.

We are fully aware of the fact that men who receive help are really benefited but the giver too is thereby blessed, because in satisfying hisfellow-brethren he satisfies God himself. Here we see, that a man wishing to serve others performs a double function which makes himdear both to his fellow-brethren and to the Almighty Father. Hence we see, that such spirit of service, like mercy, is twice blessed: " Itblesseshimthatgivesandhimthat receives".

We must always be on our guard that in exercising the spirit of service we are not led astray and feel pride for the good done. The best kindof service that a human being can perform is done in secret. There it does its work devotedly and nobly. It does not advertise itself. Hewho helps and serves others for the sake of fame, honour and power, does not reap the real fruits of the service done by him. All good actsshould always be done in such a way that the left hand should not know what the right hand does. 'Duty must be done for Duty's sake andnot fornameor fame'.

Men may possess immense wealth and the most fertile brains which on proper use and exercise may do much for the community of whichthey are members. Men of this sort may see their brethren struggling hard for existence and passing through various difficulties anddisadvantages, but these selfishmenwill not take any trouble todo the least possible thing toalleviate their sufferings. Suchmenare reallytheobjectsof shameand thesooner theydie thebetter it is for thecommunity. They forget themaxim, " It is notgood to live for self alone".Sometimes, again, we find others who make the following proverb the motto of their life: " Eat drink and be merry, for to-morrow you maydie". Such men will never do any good to their fellow-brethren and will ever remain satisfied with serving their own interests. Such menare innowaybetter than thosementionedabove.

Lastly there might be some lacking in wealth, physical strength, sufficient intelligence and other equipments which are the instruments ofhelping and serving others. But though they may not possess the above requirements, yet they may still possess one thing which goesahead of all, and that is a 'good will' and a 'good heart'. We are aware of the well known saying, "Good will and sympathy are the touch-stone of life" and men possessing them will do wonders in their life. They may be poor in money, but they are morally and spiritually rich.It is quite natural on their part that where money is indispensable, they will never be disappointed in their attempt to secure it. They havingthe spirit of service in them, will beg money of those who are rich enough to spare it for a noble purpose. God forbid that they should beunsuccessful in it, but if they fail they will not give way to dejection or despair. The service, which such men will be doing to the people ingeneral, is the service that surpasses all other work done for the suffering humanity. The good will and the good heart of such men reallyachieve marvelous results in the field of charity and kindness. They evoke heavenly joy from above down to the selfish world beneath.Mencannotbutpraiseandspeakhighlyof these truesonsof theHeavenlyFather.

The duty of helping others does not end in giving alms to the poor and money to the needy. It consists also in nursing the sick and givingshelter to the fatherlessandmotherless,whosometimes findnoplaceeven to lay theirheads in.

Miss Nightingale though a woman, set a glorious example of love and service. She did not care for her own life even in nursing cholerapatients. Shewent to thebattle-fields toserve thewoundedsoldiers.

Who has not heard of Sir Philip Sidney? While lying mortally wounded in the field, he asked for water. When water was brought to him,he sawa wounded soldier looking wistfully at him. He at once handed the glass to himsaying, "Your need is greater than mine". Sir Philipdieda fewdaysafter, but the inspiringexampleofself-denial setbyhimstill remains.

The spirit of service may bear other forms also, such as loyalty, patriotismand self sacrifice. We are generally concerned with good deedsthat require less amount of self-sacrifice and at the same time are within the easy reach of all. But the above forms of service require truesacrifice of money, ease, comfort and sometimes even life. A true patriot is undoubtedly the pride of the country, but a loyal man deservesno less glory. While dealing with these different form in which the spirit of service manifests itself, I cannot help mentioning two brilliantexamplesof loyaltyandpatriotism:-

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Birbar sacrificed his own son for the good of the king, his master. Not only was his son sacrificed but at his death, Birbar's wife,daughterandhehimself gaveup their lives. Is it not true loyalty? ForwhomdidBirbar losehiswhole familyandhis life? For theking,hismaster, and forduty'ssake.

Many Indianheroessacrificed themselves in theGreatWar for thegoodof thekingand thecountry.

Nelson was a man of excellent genius. He was not only a brave and courageous seaman: but the true flame of patriotism ever burned inhisheroicsoul. It canbewell-expressed in thewordsofHomer:

"Onebestomen is to fight for father-land". At the timeofhisdeathNelsonsaid, "ThankGod, Ihavedonemyduty".

The noble deeds of these great heroes deserve special mention on account of the work done by them in the true sacrifice of life in anunselfish spirit. But it is a matter of great regret that we are not proud of such heroes in the present age. There no doubt exist heroes andgreatmen in thepresent age, but incomparisonwith thepast heroes, their workseems tobe lacking in trueunselfishdevotion. But thankGod that the true spirit of service is gradually being awakened in the minds of our fellow-brethern showing signs of a better world tocome.

The importance of the spirit of service has been felt by the young men of Bengal for the last few decades. Had not this spirit beenawakened in their minds, thousands of the suffering communities would have long ago left this world for good and the pains and agonyof thesuffererswouldhavebeengreatly intensified.

We fully know how the Ram Krishna Mission and the other philanthropic Missions are working in the best spirit in our country. TheseMissions serve the suffering classes irrespective of caste, creed and colour. They are achieving tremendous success day by day; wordsfail todescribe the realbenefitwhich thesemissionsareconferringon thesufferingpeople.

Among the students also, the spirit of service has laid a very deep foundation. In almost all the big cities and towns, there are collegesand schools. Some of these institutions, though not all, have started funds intended to help the poor students in the prosecution of theirstudies. These fundsaregenerallycalled "BenevolentorPoororDutyFunds".

We know also that in some colleges there are nursing Associations, the main purpose of which is to nurse the sick and the diseasedpersons. These Associations are under the guidance of the students themselves. These students work with heart and soul with anunselfishdevotion to theirduty.

These are no doubt hopeful signs for the students who should become honest workers and true patriots loving the country in which theyareborn. Happy is theageand fortunate is thecountry thataboundswithsuchheroes livinganddying for theirDuty towardshumanity.

In 'the Revelation of St. John the Divine', it is written "Christ washed us from our sins in his own blood". Such was Christ! when comessuchanother?

"VictoriaandEdwardhavepassedaway,But their kindactionswill passawaynever".

No good action, no example dies away. It lives for ever in our race, while the frame moulders and disappears. A noble deed moulds thevery thoughtandwill of futuregenerations.

The spirit of service is co-eternal and co-existent with God. It begins and ends in Him. But God is infinite and so, duty is unlimited. Itis tooboldanact to try toput down the glories of duty inblackandwhite. We may rest satisfiedbyexclaiming, "Life is DutyandDuty isLife", andalways remembering the fact that to live for others is to love themand to loveothers is to loveGod. And it is there that the truespirit of service lies. Letuseverbear inmind-.

"Whatever thy raceorspeech, thouart thesame,Before theeyesDuty,aconstant flame,Shinesalwayssteadfastwithunchanging light,Throughdarkdaysand throughbright".


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As on December 15, 2000, CDS, hassigned agreements with 2113companies. Of these 2062 Companiesare available for depository services.


As on December 15, 2000 CDS has131 DPs offering depository servicesin more than 51 locations across thecountry .


As in November 2000, more than 10301lakh shares were dematerialised.


As in November, 2000, a total quantityof 64.56 crore shares worth Rs. 9689crores were settled in demat form.

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CDS Today:

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CDS Associates - Depository Participants :
















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Renaissance Securities Limited 193/1, New Cloth Market, Ahmedabad-380 002 216 7976 217 6660 217 6664

The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad Kamdhenu Complex, Opp. Sahajanand College, 079-630 7971/77 079-630 8877Near Polytechnic, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad-380 015

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Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd C-5 Kusum Deep Complex, Chowk, Lucknow, (0522) 255022/23/255 005 (0522) 255 021Lucknow-226 003

Century Consultants Limited 21, Ashok Marg, Lucknow-226 001 0522-280 326 / 280 329 0522-280 326

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited C/O. Mlk Securities Pvt Ltd, 1-A, Ground Floor, 0522-231695Govinda Apt, Shahnajar Road, Lucknow-226001

State Bank Of India Civil Lines, Ludhiana-141 001 0161-449 080/449 081 0161-449 076

Uttam Financial Services Limited 7-B, Dev Vihar, M.D.A Colony, Civil Lines, 0591-428 721/417 908 0591-351 940Moradabad-244 001

ABN Amro Bank N.V Raheja Chambers, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, 022-281 2527/28/281 2529022-281 2589Mumbai-400 021

Advani Share Brokers Private Limited 621, P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai-400 023 267 1533 262 4369

Amu Shares & Securities Limited Crescent Chambers, Gr.Flr, Homi Modi Cross St., 265 3410 265 6989 265 5299Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd 35/B Ganjawala Shopping Centre, Unit No.1/35/B, 893 5838 891 8340 895 6124S.V.. Road Borivali (W), Mumbai-400 092

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd. Union Co-Op Insurance Bldg., 3rd Floor, P.M.Road, 282 9104 282 9105 282 5850 / 6091Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Asian Markets Securities Pvt. Limited 21/A, Shruti, Yashodham Enclave, Film City Rd, 91-22-841 3030/841 3100 91-22-840 6189Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400 063

Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd. Nirmal, 12th Floor, Nariman Point , Mumbai-400 021 91-22-285 1155/287 5222 91-22-287 4632

B R Jalan Securities Private Limited 3, Ruther Field Street, 3rd Floor, Kalaghoda, 022-267 5746/5815/267 022-267 7705Fort, Mumbai-400 023 5997/2389

Bank Of Baroda 44, Shree Krupa, M.G. Road, Ghatkopar, Mumbai-86 022-511 6899/6717/ 022-511 344514 1862

Bank Of Baroda Hem Niwas Compound, S.V. Road, Kandivli (West), 022-8050291/0600 022-807 2167Mumbai-400 067 8050291/0600

Bank Of India** Jeroo Building, 137/139, M.G. Road, Fort, Mumbai-23 022-262 1820 261 1599 022-262 2027

Bank Of India** Stock Exchange Building, Ground Floor, 022-262 6998 262 6956 022-265 5896P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Bank Of Maharashtra Janmangal, 2nd Floor, 45/47, B.S Marg, Fort Branch, 91-22-262 6748 262 1779 91-22-266 1295Mumbai-400 023

The Bank Of Rajasthan Limited 18/20 Cawasji Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai-400001 2873472 2841787 2873471

Bhagirat Merchant Stock Broking Pvt Ltd 24-B, Rajabahadur Compound, 115, 3rd Floor, 91-22-262 1618 91-22-262 1526Hamam Street, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Bharat C Bagri 1207/A, P.J.Towers, Dalal Street , Mumbai-400 001 265 33/37 265 5502 265 7337

Bharat C. Bagri 404, Stock Exchange Tower, Dalal Street, Mumbai-1 022-265 2792/267 6713 022-267 1273

Birla Sun Life Securities Limited Ahura Centre, 2nd Floor, Tower 'B', 96, 91-22-830 2952/2953/54A.D. Mahakali, Caves Rd., Andheri (East), Mumbai-93

BOI Shareholding Ltd. Stock Exchange, Rotunda Bldg., Ground Floor, 022-267 6017 022-265 0801A. Doshi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

C.R.Kothari And Sons Shares & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd F-2, Kamlesh Building, Plot No. 368-4, 022-824 5719/824 5720 022-836 8007Shere-E-Punjab Society, Andheri (East), Mumbai-99

Centurian Bank Limited 10-10B/16A, Bandukwala Bldg, British Hotel Lane, 2705036/37/38/39 2704956Fort, Mumbai-400023

Century Consultants Limited 24 / B, Rajabahadur Compound, 102, Ground Floor, 022-2631701-5 022-2620550Ambalal Doshi Marg, Mumbai-400023

Churiwala Securities Private Limited 304/5, Commerce House, Nagindas Master Road, 267 0035/267 1713 91-22-2674614Fort, Mumbai-400 023 265 1012

Citibank N.A. Ramnord House, 77, Dr. A.B. Road, 22-494 9275/494 4167 22-494 3400P.O. Box 16586, Worli, Mumbai-400 018

9Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

Depository Participants Address Tel. number Fax

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G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

Depository Participants Address Tel. number Fax

Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd 506, Maker Chambers V 221, Nariman Point, 282 2992 287 6173 287 0092Mumbai-400 021

Deutsche Bank 222, Dr. D. N. Road, Kodak House, 91-22-207 8453 91-22-207 5975Ground Floor, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Limited 417, Stock Exchange Tower , Mumbai-400 023 91-22-265 4201/265 5442 91-22-265 1641

DJS Stock And Shares Limited 43, V B Gandhi Marg, Fort , Mumbai-400 023 265 4085/265 2340 267 1126265 2196

DJS Stock And Shares Limited C/O Mittali Trust, 8/B Shirin, Sohrab Palace, 022-610 8397 022-618 5011Nariman Road, Off. Nehru Rd.,Vileparle(E), Mumbai-400 057

Enam Securities Private Limited 2a & 2b, Hari Chambers, Ground Floor, 91-22-265 5535 91-22-266 6201Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Gandhi Securities And Investment Pvt Ltd R-545, Rotunda Building, 5th Floor, 022-2623836/7/265 0923 265 0933Bombay Samachar Marg, Mumbai-400 001

Global Trust Bank Limited II Floor, Hari Chambers, 58/64, 022-264 4920 022-269 4257Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Gupta Equities Pvt. Limited D-21, Dhanraj Mahal, Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj, 022-232 5607 263 2891Marg, Colaba, Mumbai-400 039.

H T Nanavati Securities Pvt Limited 104, Vikas, 11, Bank Street , Mumbai-400 001 265 3/43 2657087/1807- 265 288508

HDFC Bank Limited Kamala Mills Compound, 1st Floor, Senapati Bapat 022-491 0492/496 1616 022-492 9722Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013

Hem Securities Limited 14/15, Khatau Building, 1st Floor, 022-266 6156/266 6157 022-262 599140 Bank Street, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

ICICI Limited Shanti, 13, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, 91-22-261 8251/265 0618 91-22-265 0621Mumbai-400 001

IIT Corporate Services Limited IIT House, Off M.Vasanji Road, Opp Vazir Glass, 022 - 822 5599 022 -821 5352/838Nr. J.B.Nagar, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 059

Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd. Raja Bahadur Compound, Bldg. No. 5, 2nd Floor, 91-22-265 1348 91-22-265 519543 Tamarind Lane, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Indsec Securities And Finance Limited 116, Free Press House, 215, Free Press Journal Marg, 022-2046753,2822362 022-2829360Mumbai - 400 021

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd ILFS House, Raheja Vihar, Plot No.14, 91-22-857 0965 91-22-8570948/949Chandivli, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 072 8570970/954

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd Jalaram Jyot, 1st Floor, 63, Ghogha Street, 288 6851 417 15/53 288 6854Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Inventure Growth & Securities Limited 5-Anand Kunj, Daftary Road, Malad (East), 22-881 6159/888 8270/71 22-881 6160Malad (East), Mumbai-400 097

ISJ Securities Private Limited 401-D, Natwar Chambers, 194, Nagindas Master Road, 022-261 6178/267 4252 022-267 5488Fort, Mumbai-400 023

J G Shah Financial Consultants Pvt. Limited 418, Stock Exchange Tower, Dalal Street, 022-265 1688/3432Fort, Mumbai-400 023 265 2694 022-270 4675

Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune 71/73, Botawala Building, Ground Floor, 91-22-263 0568/263 0569 91-22-265 4451Alkesh Dinesh Modi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Joindre Capital Services Limited J K Somani Building, 1st Floor, British Hotel Lane, 022 2690112-21 022 2700449Off B S Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400023

Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Private Limited 319, Commerce House, Nagindas Master Road, 022-267 6440/6455/ 022-262 4226Fort, Mumbai-400 023 270 2246

Kantilal Mangaldas Securities Pvt. Limited 100/104, D.G. Chambers, 2nd Flr, 91-22-267 5282/267 6500 91-22-267 7447Nanik Motwni Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Kaushik Shah Shares And Securities Limited 28, ITTS House, Rope Walk Lane, K. Dubhash Lane, 022-287 4860/284 4762 022-282 4126Mumbai-400 023

Khambatta Securities Limited 10, Horniman Circle, Botawala Building, 266 4287 265 4652Ground Floor, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares And Securities Pvt Ltd 1102, Stock Exchange Tower, Dalal Street, 2655353 2654372Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares And Securities Pvt Ltd 17, Lumbini Palace, 4, V. S. Khandekar Road, 8304914 8205311Vile Parle (E), Mmbai - 400 057.

M/S Hasmukh Lalbhai PS-23, Rotunda, 2nd Floor, Stock Exchange, 2652068 2652814 2652068Bombay Samachar Marg, Mumbai-400 001

M/S. Jitendra J. Bhabhera 213, Veena Chambers, 21, Dalal Street, Fort, 91-22-267 4727/267 1828 91-22-267 7537Mumbai-400 023

M/S. Sanjay C. Baxi 23/25, Ambalal Doshi Marg, 3rd Floor, 022-265 3872/265 3812 022-265 6985Fort, Mumbai-400 023

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Depository Participants Address Tel. number Fax

G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

Madhukar C Sheth 3, Bansilal Building, 13, Homi Modi Street, 265 3932 265 3938 265 9275Fountain, Mumbai-400 001

Maheshwari Equity Brokers Pvt. Limited 601, Dalalmal House, 206, J.B. Marg, 022-204 2514/287 2539 022-281 2252Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021

Maliram Makharia Finstock Private Limited 215, Rewa Chambers, 31, New Marine Lines, 91-22-209 3428/209 3429 91-22-201 3304Mumbai-400 020

Malti Securities Private Limited 405, Rotunda Building, Mumbai Samachar Marg, 91-22-261 1268 91-22-270 0678Fort, Mumbai-400 001 2610727/998

Mangla Capital Services Pvt. Limited 162-C, Mittal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021 288 6789/356/2/3 288 6855

Mehta Vakil And Company Private Limited Pg-11, Ground Floor, Rotunda Building, 022-265 2620/1082/ 022-265 6179B.S. Marg, Mumbai-400 001 267 8748

MLR Securities Private Limited 1st Floor, Suryamahal Building, 5, 022-265 1370/267 1487 022-265 0423Burjorji Bharucha Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited 401-B, Natwar Chambers, 94, Nagindas Master Road, 267 6136 262 4348Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited C/O Nebula Consultants P Ltd, 8, Jain Mansion,Daftary Road, Malad (East), Mumbai-400 097

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited 81, Bajaj Bhavan, 8th Flr, Nariman Point , Mumbai-21. 022-2812500

Mukesh Babu Securities Limited 12-A /1, New Sion Co-Op Hsg, Sion West, Mumbai-22 022-4018218-9 022-40826874078158/8206

National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd. Trade World, Senapati Bapat Marg, 022-497 2950-59 022-497 2994Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013

Nikko Stock Broker Pvt. Limited R-410, Rotunda Building, Bombay Samachar Marg , 91-22-265 6770 91-22-265 3277Mumbai-400 001

Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Limited 38-B, Khatau Building, 2nd Floor, Alkesh Dinesh 91-22-264 1234/265 2111 91-22-262 4414Mody Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd 807/8, Raheja Centre, 8th Floor, 022-232 2222/232 2520 022-232 5388/89Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021

Pratik Stock Vision Pvt Limited 21, Khatau Building, 2nd Floor, 40/48, Bank Street, 022-2654793/2654794/95 022-264 4796Fort, Mumbai-400 023

R.M. Share Trading Private Limited Pm-8, Rotunda Building, Mazzanine Floor, 91-22-265 6034/262 5194Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

R.N.Patwa Share & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd 725, Rotunda, Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort, 91-22-265 1951/265 7258 91-22-269 5647Mumbai-400 023

Renaissance Securities Limited 714, Rotunda Bldg., Stock Exchange, 91-22-263 1177/263 1213 91-22-266 5921B.S. Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 023

Renaissance Securities Limited C/O H.K.B Securities, S-2/4, Shree Dwarkadesh, 91-22-878 6854/878 6855 91-22-878 6857Bangur Nagar, Goregaon(W), Mumbai-400 090

Saikripa Securities Limited 216, P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai-400 023 022-265 0121/1485/ 022-265 1485270 4124

Sam Global Securities Limited 506, 5th Floor, Nanabhai Mansion, 022-265 4252/4257/ 022-267 1922Sir. P.M. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 001 265 4590/5509

Sarvin Capital Limited 713, Maker Chambers V, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21 91-22-2884745 91-22-2884739

Shreehari Shares And Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd 58-A, Laxmi Bhavan, Flat No 13, 3rd Floor, D Road, 022-281 1934 022-281 0749Churchgate, Mumbai-400 020 9821051881

SMIFS Securities Limited Common Wealth Building, 4th Floor, 82, 91-22-265 8027/28/N.M. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 001 265 8041 91-22-262 3364

SMK Shares And Stock Broking Pvt. Limited 224, P. J. Tower, 2nd Floor, Dalal Street, 265 5590/ 2623999 2676885Mumbai-400 023 262 3434

SSKI Investor Services Private Limited A-206, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor, Senapati, 022-498 2000 022-498 2626Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013

Standard Chartered Bank Custody & Clearing Services, Phoenix Centre, 91-22-491 8483/491 9444 91-22-8592/93Phoenix Mills, Compd., Senapati Bapat Marg,Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013

Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Gresham Assurance House, 132, Mint Road, Mumbai-1 91-22-266 5545 91-22-266 3221

State Bank Of India** Mumbai Main Branch, 1st Floor, Mumbai 022-263 1182 /265 1363 022-269 5277Samachar Marg, Mumbai-400 023

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd. ( Institutional ) 44/1, Mehra Estate, L.B.S. Marg, Near Vikhroli Stn, 5795246/5779622-29 5795279Vikhroli (West), Mumbai-400 079

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd. (Retail) 44/1, Mehra Estate, L.B.S. Marg, Near Vikhroli Stn, 5795261/5779622-29 5795250Vikhroli (West), Mumbai-400 079

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Limited 9, Parekh Vora Chambers, 66, N.M. Road, 262 4787/262 1086 261 3625/265 7901Fort, Mumbai-400 023


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12 Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

SVV Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. 917-B, P.J. Towers, 9th Floor, Dalal Street, Mumbai-23 265 5330/265 5648 265 6515

Sykes & Rays Equities (India) Limited 3rd Floor, Cama Building, 24/26, Dalal Street, 022-284 1811/ 022-284 6021Fort, Mumbai-400 001 204 0245/0392

The Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank Ltd. 23, Kedia Kunj, J.B. Nagar, Andheri (East), Mumbai-59 91-22-834 3695 91-22-834 3699

The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corpn. Ltd Custody & Clearing, Sudam Kalu Ahire Marg, 91-22-498 0000/ 91-22-498 0040Worli, Mumbai-400 025 491 7033/28

UTI Securities Exchange Limited Merchant Chambers, 4th Floor, Sir Vithaldas 022-2030165 022-2030177/0120Thckersey Marg, New Marine Lines, Mumbai-400020

Vijan Share & Securities Pvt. Ltd. 504-A, Jeejeebhoy Towers, Dalal Street, 269 2217 269 2218 267 2799Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Limited 205, Gundecha Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, 207 2298 207 2177 208 9268Fort, Mumbai-400 001

Woodstock Broking Private Limited 7/10, Botawala Building, 1st Floor, Horniman Circle, 022-265 9496 022-265 9497Fort, Mumbai-400 001

B R Jalan Securities Private Limited Room No 16, Sutapatti, Muzaffarpur-842 001 0621-266 839/266 840 0621-242 345

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd. 409/412, Heera Plaza, Juhi Mangalwari, 0712-731922-4 0712-731925Near Telephone Exchange, Nagpur-440 008

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited C/O, Prachi Investments Ltd., 101, Sarda Sankul, 0253-579201/574782M.G.Road, Nasik-422001

Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd 7, Zaver Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Near Municipal 0253-561 672/567 823 0253-561 672Corporation, Nasik Road-422 101

Abhipra Capital Limited Bm-1, Dilkhush Industrial &, Commercial Complex, 011-724 7797/98/721 4564011-721 5530Gt Karnal Road, Azadpur, Delhi-110 033

Alankit Assignments Limited 205-206, Anarkali Complex, Jhandewalan 011-351 3514/16/ 011-355 2001Extension, New Delhi-110 055 354 5773/74

B R Jalan Securities Private Limited D-68, Hauz Khas, Ground Floor Front, 011-696 8101/ 011-651 1267New Delhi-110 016 651 1919/4050

BLB Limited 4318/3, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110 002 011-327 2728/621 7678 011-328 5758

Delhi Stock Exchange 3/1, Asaf Ali Raod, New Delhi-110 002 011-329 2002 011- 337 9953

Globe Capital Market Limited 706 - 707, Ansal Bhawan, 16, Kasturba 011 3720887/89/91Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001 3720891 011 3720880

Integrated Master Securities Limited 8-G, Hansalaya, 15, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-1 011-332 2136/2143/ 011-332 2187332 2187/2259

Sam Global Securities Limited 17, Netaji Subash Marg, Opposite Golcha Cinema, 011 3270790/6190 011 3258027Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd. Tej Building, I Floor, 8 B, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg , 011-371 2807 011-373 1771New Delhi-110 002

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Limited E-2/16, White House, 3rd Floor, Ansari Road, 011-328 1192 011-328 5385Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110 002

Uttam Financial Services Limited H.N. 25, Sector 15-A, Noida-201 301 091-451 3390/3325/ 5934 091-451 5935

Renaissance Securities Limited C/O Vijayalakshmi Securities, 7-292, Proddatur. 08564-43494/57945 08564-58287

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd. C/O, Albright Shares & Stocks, 1st Floor, 0771-654 407/616 743Chawala Chambers, Jeevan Bima Marg,Pandri, Raipur-492 004

Ajay Natavarlal Securities Pvt Limited 403, Star Chambers, 4th Floor, 229763 229782 236773Harihar Chowk, Rajkot-360001

Rajkot Nagarik Sahkari Bank Limited Nagarik Bhavan No. 1, Dhebarbhai Road, Rajkot-1 0281-233 916-918 0281-223933

SKSE Securities Limited Popatbhai Sorathia Bhavan, Sardar Bazar, Rajkot-31 0281-442 145/691 257 0281-447 576

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Limited 1st Floor, Palace Road, Sirohi-307 001 02972-30689

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Limited C/O Ganpati & Co, 37, K-Block, 0154-440 383 0154-433 003Sri Ganga Nagar-335 001











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Depository Participants Address Tel. number Fax

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Depository Participants Address Tel. number Fax






Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & Securities Pvt Ltd 10/2531, 1st Flr., Trushna, Building, Opp. Rukhmabai 0261-424 290Hospital, Bhagatalao Main Rd, Surat-395 003

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited C/O, Surat Securities Limited, Surcom, 0261-419813/435505P.O. Box No. 243, 2nd Floor, Balaji Road, Surat-3

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd 509 Goodluck Textile Market, Ring Road , Surat-2 0261 655670

Renaissance Securities Limited C/O Gentleman Securities, Manav Kalyan Road, 334622 339062Tinsukia, Namghar Road, Tinsukia-786125

H T Nanavati Securities Pvt Limited Tc, 13/386-1, Kunnukhuzhi, Trivandrum-695 037 0471-440 934/9847062392 0471-442 194

ISJ Securities Private Limited 124, Bapu Bazar, Udaipur-313 001 0294-423 611/612/422 1810294-423 611

Renaissance Securities Limited 33, Daitya Nagri, Saheli Marg, Udaipur-313 001 0294-526 798 0294-526 798

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd 7, Toram Bavdi, Mewar Motors, Link Road, Udaipur-1 0294 413088 0294 416081

Bank Of Baroda 101, Payal Complex - II, Lokmanya Tilak Road, 0265-361910 0265-362028Sayajigunj, Vadodara-390005

Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited 3rd Floor. Fortune Towers, Sayajigunj, 0265-361 534/361 474/9730265-361 452P.O. Box 2547, Vadodara-390 005

** - Operations to commence shortly.

CDS Associates - Stock Exchanges :

The following Stock Exchanges are connected with CDS to facilitate trading and settlement of dematerialisedsecurities :

The Stock Exchange, Mumbai

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited*

The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad

Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited

The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited*

* — Settlement through CDS to commence shortly.

Visit us at www.centraldepository.com 13

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CDS Associates - Registrars

1 A.O.K. In-house Share Registry 3, Community Centre,Naraina Industrial Area, Phase - I,Near Payal Cinema, New Delhi -110028

2 Aarthi Consultants Private Limited 1-2-285, Domalguda,Hyderabad-500029 7604653/7636715/ 7632184

3 ABC Computers Private Limited National Council Of Education, Bengal, 4832972/ 4832970

4 ABS Consultant Pvt. Limited Stephen House, Room No.99, 6th Floor,4, 033-2430153/ 033-2430153

5 Alankit Assignments Limited 205-206, Anarkali Complex, Jhandewalan Extn., 3545773-74/ 3552001New Delhi - 110055

6 Alpha Systems Private Limited 30, Ramana Residency, 4th Cross, Sampige Road, 3460815-818

7 Ami Computers (I) Limited 60A & 60B, Chowringhee Road,Calcutta-700020 033-2800900/ 033-2406585

8 Amtrac Management Services Limited Plot No. 101/102, M.I.D.C., 19th Street, Satpur, 351892 351126

9 Ankit Consultancy Private Limited 2nd Floor, Alankar point, Geeta Bhawan Chouraha, 0731-491298 0731-265798

10 321-S, Chirag Delhi, Near Shahid Bhagat Singh College, 011-6231990/ 011-6222146

11 Bigshare Services Private Limited E/2, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Sakinaka, 8523541/8524914 8525207

12 C B Management Services Limited P-22, Bondel Road,Calcutta-700019 2802486/2803495 2470263

13 Cameo Corporate Services Limited 'Subramanian Building', No. 1, Club House Road, 8460390-94

14 Canbank Computer Services Limited R & T Centre, Hotel Broadway Complex, 080-2872461/62 080-2872804No.19, K. G. Road, Bangalore-560009.

15 CIL Securities Limited 214, Raghava Ratna Towers, Chirag Ali Lane, 3203155/3202398 3203028

16 Computech International Limited W-40, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, 6316770-73 6922997

17 Computech Share Cap Limited 147, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort,Mumbai-400023 2671824/26 2670380

18 Data Software Research Co. Limited Sree Sovereign Complex, No. 22, 4th Cross Street, 4833738/4834487 4834636

19 Datamatics Financial Software Plot No. A 16 & 17, MIDC Part B Cross Lane,Marol, 8375519-24 8350217

20 Dynamic Superways and Exports Limited Rainbow Palace, I C Colony Cross Road No.5, 022-8918257/8937793 022-8937845

21 EIH Limited 4, Mangoe Lane,Calcutta-700 001 033-2485883/2206141 033-2420957

22 ICICI Infotech Services Limited Maratha Mandir Annexe, Dr. A.R.Nair Road, 3051988/3006717 3006738

23 IIT Corporate Services Limited IIT House, Off M. Vasanji Road, Opp. Vazir Glass, 8225599 8381417

24 Ikon Visions Pvt. Limited 33, Sanali Heavens, 8-3-948, Ameerpet,Hyderabad-73 040-3744138/356 040-3744356

25 Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited 46/3, Vijayaraghava Road, T.Nagar,Chennai-600017 8238891/94/96/97 8220652

26 Intime Spectrum Registry Private Limited 260 - A, Shanti Industrial Estate, Sarojini Naidu Road, 5647731/5672716/5684590 5672693

27 Investor Services of India Limited IDBI Building, 2nd Floor, A' Wing, Sector - 11, 022-7579636 022-7579650

28 Karvy Consultants Limited Karvy House, 46, Avenue 4, Street No.1, 3303221/3320251/751/752 3311968

011-5792013/14/15 011-5792011


Jadavpur University Campus,Jadavpur,Calcutta-700032 4731163/1292

BBD Bag (East),Calcutta-700001 2201043





A B Road,Indore-452002

New Delhi-110 017 6232390

Andheri (East),Mumbai-400072



,New Delhi-110020

Trustpuram,Opp. Playground, Kodambakkam,Chennai-24

& Services Limited Andheri (E),Mumbai-400 093

Borivli (W),Mumbai-400 103


Mumbai Central,Mumbai-400008

Near J. B. Nagar,Andheri (E),Mumbai-400059

Mulund (W),Mumbai-400080

Plot No-39-41, CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400 614

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034

Beetal Financial & Computer Services (P) Ltd.

Sr.No Name Address Tel. No Fax

14 Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

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G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

16Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

29 M. N. Dastur & Company Limited Matulya Centre 'A', 249, Senapati Bapat Marg, 4931065/78 4931316

30 Maheshwari Datamatics Pvt. Limited 6 Mangoe Lane, 2nd Floor, Calcutta-700 001 033-2435809/2435029 033-2484787

31 MAS Services Private Limited AB-4, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029 6104142/6104326/6108303

32 MCS Limited Sri Venkatesh Bhavan, Plot No.27, Phase II, Road No.11 8201785/5741/5742 8201783

33 MCS Software Solutions Ltd Rajan House, Opp. Century Bazar, Prabhadevi, 4302930 4379417

34 Mondkar Computers Pvt. Limited 21, Shakil Niwas, Mahakali Caves Road, 022-8221966/836620 022-8366620

35 Nagarjuna Investors Services Limited 1, Nagarjuna Hills, Hyderabad-500082 040-3353057

36 Niche Technologies Private Limited C-444 Bagree Market, 4th Floor, 71, 033-2200556/2200557

37 PCS Industries Limited 1st Floor, Hyfa Building, Andheri Kurla Road, Safed Pool, 8510446/8510647 8520193/8524091

38 Pinnacle Shares Registry Private Limited Near Ashoka Mills Compound, Naroda Road, 2120582/2120338 2122963

39 Premium Financial Services Limited 477, A-2 Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate, 4960621-22 4950128

40 Purva Sharegistry (India) Limited 33 Printing House, 28-D, Police Court Lane, 022-2617957/2632967 022-2626407

41 R & D Consultants Limited 610, Dalamal Tower, 211, Free Press Journal Road, 022-2884667/2884668

42 RCMC Share Registry Private Limited 1515, 1st Floor, Bhisham Pitamah Marg, 4649720/4692346/4601017 4692345

43 S K Computers 4/18 Poddar Nagar, Jodhpur Park, Jadavpur,Calcutta-68 033-4831875/2410871 033-4831875

44 S.K.D.C. Consultants Limited No.11, Street No.1, S.N.Layout, Tatabad, Coimbatore-12 499856/494704 499574

45 Sathguru Management Consultants Limited Plot No.15, Hindi Nagar, Punjagutta, Hyderabad-500034 3354042/6507

46 Sharepro Services Satam Estate, 3rd Floor, Above Bank of Baroda, Chakala 8215168/8329828/8347719/ 837564

47 Sharex (India) Private Limited Luthra Industrial Premises, Andheri Kurla Road, 8515606/5644 8512885

48 Sindhu Corporate Services Private Limited 18A[New No. 492], East Marredpally,Secundrabad-26 7733478 7733479

49 Skyline Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. 123, Vinoba Puri,Lajpat Nagar - II,New Delhi-110 024 011-6838501/6920625 011-6918352

50 SRG Infotec Limited "Devraha House", A-256, Industrial Area,Phase-I, 6812434/6812828 6812366

51 Tata Consultancy Services Ram House, 1st Floor, Behind Kamat Club, 022-8765241 022-8765185

52 Tata Share Registry Limited Army & Navy Building, 148, Mahatma Gandhi Road, 2873831/2850886 2844160

53 Trident Investment and Portfolio 4th Main Road, United India Colony,Kodambakkam, 044-4844217

54 Venture Capital & Corporate Investments Ltd 6-2-913/914, 3rd Floor, Progressive Towers, 3324804/3322264 3324803

55 Wisec Global Limited B-6/6, Commercial Complex, Safdarjung Enclave, 011-6181584-85/6164506 011-6168876

56 X L Softech Systems Limited 1-2-597/17, Lower Tank Bund Road, Domalguda, 040-3220284/3221444 040-3221888

Lower Parel,Mumbai-400013

,MIDC Industrial Area, Marol, Andheri (E),Mumbai-93

Mumbai-400 025

,Andheri (E),Mumbai-400 093


2357270/7271/3070/ 033-2156823BRB Basu Road, Calcutta-700001

Andheri (E), Mumbai-400072


Dhanraj Mill Compound,S J Marg,Lower Parel (W),Mumbai-400 013

Behind Old Handloom House, Fort, Mumbai-400 001

2834347/2834374/ 022-2855753Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021

Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi-110003

Cardinal Gracias Road, Andheri, Mumbai-400099 8218

Safed Pool, Andheri (E),Mumbai-400 072

Okhla,New Delhi-110020

S V Road, Goregaon (W),Mumbai-400062


4800886/4844204/ 044-4800884Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai-600 024


New Delhi-110029


Sr.No Name Address Tel. No Fax

Page 16: 298 KB CDSL Infoline January-2000

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

16 Visit us at www.centraldepository.com

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

1 21st Century Management Services Limited Y 8-May-002 A P R Limited Y 26-Jun-003 Aakar Engineering Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Y 25-Sep-004 Aanjay Software Limited Y @@5 Aarthi Drugs Limited ## 24-Jul-006 Aarthi Industries Limited ## 24-Jul-007 Aasheesh Securities Limited Y 26-Dec-00*8 Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Limited Y 28-Aug-009 ABB Alstom Power India Limited Y 24-Jul-00

10 ABB Analytical Limited(formerly, CG Elsag Bailey Limited) @@

11 ABB Instrumentation Limited(formerly, Birla Kent - Taylor Limited) Y @@

12 Abbott Laboratories (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-0013 Abee Info-Consumables Ltd

(formerly, Abee Printer Ribons Ltd) Y 8-May-0014 ABG Heavy Industries Ltd 30-Oct-00*15 Abhishek Industries Limited Y @@16 Abhyudya Trading Limited Y @@17 Abir Chemicals Ltd Y 26-Mar-0118 ABM International Limited Y 26-Feb-0119 Abner Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 29-Jan-01*20 Accurate Exports Limited Y 25-Sep-0021 Accurate Transformers Limited Y 29-Jan-0122 Ace Software Exports Limited ## 30-Oct-0023 ACI Infocom Ltd.

(formerly, Sujata Data Products Ltd) Y 8-May-0024 Acknit Knitting Limited Y 26-Feb-0125 Action Financial Services Limited Y 28-Aug-0026 Adam Comsof Limited Y 24-Jul-0027 Adani Exports Limited ## 26-Jun-0028 Adarsh Derivatives Ltd Y 25-Sep-0029 Addlife Pharma Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*30 Adelphia Vision India Limited Y @@31 ADF Foods Limited

(formerly, American Dry Fruits Ltd). Y 30-Oct-0032 Adinath Textiles Limited Y 26-Dec-00*33 Aditya International Ltd Y 26-Feb-0134 Adlabs Films Limited Y @@35 Ador Fontech Limited Y 28-Aug-0036 Ador Powertron Limited Y @@37 Adtech Power Systems Ltd Y 26-Mar-0138 Advani Oerlikon Limited Y 8-May-0039 Advent Computer Services Limited Y 30-Oct-0040 Aegis Chemical Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-0141 AFT Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-0042 Aftek Infosys Limited Y 29-Nov-9943 Agee Gold Refiners Limited

(formerly Autoriders Industries Limited Y 8-May-0044 AGK Computer Secure Prints Limited Y 30-Oct-0045 Agro Dutch Foods Limited Y 28-Aug-0046 Agro Tech Foods Ltd. (formerly ITC Agro-Tech Ltd.) ## 26-Jun-0047 Ahlcons Parenterals (India) Limited Y 26-Dec-00*48 Ahmednagar Forgings Limited Y 28-Aug-0049 AIMCO Pesticides Limited Y 25-Sep-0050 Ajanta Pharma Limited Y 24-Jul-0051 Ajanta Soya Limited Y 30-Oct-0052 Ajay Home Products Limited ## 25-Sep-0053 Akanksha Finvest Limited Y 26-Feb-0154 AKL Soft & Infosys (India) Ltd

(formerly, Akil Plastics Ltd) Y @@55 Aksh Optifibre Limited Y @@56 Akshay Fiscal Services Limited Y @@57 Akshay Software Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-0058 Alacrity Electronics Limited Y 30-Oct-0059 Albert David Limited Y 29-Jan-0160 Albright & Wilson Chemicals India Limited Y 30-Oct-0061 Alchemie Organics Limited ## 24-Jul-0062 Alembic Ltd (formerly, Alembic

Chemical Works Ltd) ## 28-Aug-0063 Alexcon Foamcast Limited Y 30-Oct-0064 Alfa Ica (India) Ltd 26-Dec-00*65 Alfa Laval (India) Limited Y 21-Mar-0066 Alfa Transformers Limited Y 27-Nov-00*67 Alfavision Overseas (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-0068 Alka Spinners Limited Y 24-Jul-0069 Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited Y 28-Aug-0070 Allianz Capital & Management Services Limited Y 8-May-0071 Allianz Securities Limited Y 8-May-0072 Allsoft Corp. Ltd. Y 8-May-0073 Alok Textile Industries Limited Y 21-Mar-0074 Alpha Drug India Limited Y 28-Aug-0075 Alpha Graphics India Ltd Y 30-Oct-0076 Alpha Hi-Tech Fuel Limited Y @@77 Alphageo (India) Limited Y 29-Jan-0178 Alpic Finance Ltd. Y 25-Sep-0079 Alps Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*80 Alps Infosys Limited Y 8-May-0081 Alstom Ltd. ## 26-Jun-0082 Amara Raja Batteries Limited Y 17-Jan-0083 Amarshiv Opticals Limited Y @@84 Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Limited Y 28-Aug-0085 Ambica Agarbathies & Aroma Industries Ltd Y @@86 Ambitious Plastomac Limited Y 29-Jan-01

87 Ambuja Cement Eastern Limited Y 25-Sep-0088 Ambuja Cement Rajasthan Limited

(formerly DLF Cement Ltd) ## 31-May-9989 Amco Vinyl Limited Y 29-Jan-01*90 American Remedies Limited Y 24-Jul-0091 Amex Information Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul 0092 Amforge Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-0093 AMGF Intercorp Ltd (formerly, Ashu Motor

& General Finance Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01*94 AMI Computers (I) Limited Y 24-Jul-0095 AMICI India Limited Y 26-Feb-0196 Amit Spinning Indsutries Limited Y 24-Jul-0097 Amol Dicalite Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*98 AMR Softech Limited Y @@99 Amtek Auto Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*

100 Amtrex Hitachi Appliances Limited(formerly, Amtrex Appliances Limited) ## 24-Jul-00

101 Anant Raj Industries Ltd (formerly, Anant RajClay Products Ltd) Y 29-Jan-01

102 Ancent Software International Limited Y 8-May-00103 Anco Communications Limited Y 28-Aug-00104 Andamans Timber Industries Limited Y 27-Nov-00*105 Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*106 Anka India Limited Y @@107 Ansal Buildwell Limited Y 26-Mar-01*108 Ansal Housing & Construction Limited Y 30-Oct-00109 Ansal Properties & Industries Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01*110 Antartica Ltd. (formerly, Antartica Graphics Ltd.) ## 24-Jul-00111 Apar Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00112 Apcotex Lattices Limited Y 8-May-00113 Apex Capital Markets Limited Y 26-Feb-01114 Aplab Limited Y 24-Jul-00115 Apollo Finance Limited Y 25-Sep-00116 Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited Y 28-Aug-00117 Apollo International Limited Y 25-Sep-00118 Apollo Tyres Limited Y 29-Nov-99119 Apple Credit Corporation Limited Y 26-Jun-00120 Apple Finance Limited Y 8-May-00121 Aptech Limited Y 31-May-99122 Aravali Industries Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*123 Aravali Securities & Finance Limited Y 27-Nov-00*124 Archana Software Limited Y 8-May-00125 Archies Greetings & Gifts Limited Y 17-Jan-00126 Aridhi Hi-Tech Limited Y 25-Sep-00127 Arihant Cotsyn Limited Y 26-Mar-01128 Arihant Enterprises Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*129 Arihant Industries Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*130 Arihant Threads Limited Y 25-Sep-00131 Arman Lease & Finance Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*132 Arnit Infotech Limited (formerly, Chitalia

Infotech (India) Limited) Y 8-May-00133 Aroni Chemical Industries Limited Y @@134 Arraycom (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00135 Arrow Webtex Limited Y 24-Jul-00136 Artefact Software & Finance Limited ## 25-Sep-00137 Arvind International Limited Y 27-Nov-00*138 Arvind Products Limited ## 24-Jul-00139 Arvind Remedies Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*140 Asahi India Safety Glass Limited Y 24-Jul-00141 Ascu Hickson Limited @@142 Asea Brown Boveri Limited (ABB Limited) Y 31-May-99143 Ashapura Minechem Limited Y 24-Jul-00144 Ashika Credit Capital Limited Y 24-Jul-00145 Ashima Ltd. (formerly, Ashima Syntex Ltd.) Y 28-Aug-00146 Ashirwad Capital Limited Y 28-Aug-00147 Ashirwad Steels & Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01148 Ashok Leyland Finance Limited Y 29-Nov-99149 Ashok Leyland Limited ## 29-Nov-99150 Ashram Online.com Ltd

(formerly, Tatia Skyline & Health Farms Ltd) Y 29-Jan-01151 Asian Bearing Limited Y 30-Oct-00152 Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd

(formerly, Tropicana Resorts & Properties Ltd) Y @@153 Asian Electronics Limited ## 28-Aug-00154 Asian Hotels Limited ## 21-Mar-00155 Asian Paints (India) Limited ## 31-May-99156 Asian Tea & Exports Limited Y 30-Oct-00157 ASIL Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01158 Asman Investments Limited Y 24-Jul-00]159 Assam Brook Limited Y 26-Feb-01*160 Assam Carbon Products Limited 26-Dec-00*161 Associated Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-00162 Associated Profiles & Aluminium Limited Y 24-Jul-00163 Astra Microwave Products Limited Y @@164 Astra-IDL Limited Y 21-Mar-00165 Atco Healthcare Limited Y 24-Jul-00166 Atco Technologies Ltd (formerly, Atco

Industries Limited) Y 8-May-00167 Atlantic Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*168 Atlas Copco (India) Limited Y 17-Jan-00169 Atlas Cycle Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00170 ATN International Limited ## 8-May-00171 ATN Telefilms Limited Y 24-Jul-00172 Atul Limited Y 26-Jun-00]

173 ATV Projects India Limited Y 30-Oct-00174 Aurangabad Paper Mills Ltd Y 30-Oct-00*175 Auro Laboratories Limited Y 29-Jan-01176 Aurobindo Pharma Limited Y 24-Jul-00177 Autolec Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01178 Autolite (India) Limited Y 26-Feb-01*179 Automotive Axles Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00180 Autoriders Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-00181 Avantel Softech Ltd

(formerly, Avantel Communications Ltd) Y 24-Jul-00182 Aventis Cropscience India Ltd (formerly, Agrevo

India Ltd & formerly, Hoechst Schering Agrevo Ltd)Y 28-Aug-00183 Avery India Limited ## 21-Mar-00184 Avinash Information Technologies Limited

(formerly, Mangalya Exports Limited) Y @@185 Avon Organics Limited ## 24-Jul-00186 AxSys Healthtech Limited (formerly,

Dr. Ramayya’s Pramila Hospitals Limited) Y 26-Mar-01187 Aztec Software & Technology Services Limited Y @@188 B N R Udyog Ltd (formerly, Rathi Share

& Stock Brokers Ltd) Y @@189 B.K. Duplex Board Limited Y 26-Dec-00*190 B2B Software Technologies Ltd

(formerly, Ravileela Financial Services Ltd) Y 8-May-00191 Baid Mercantiles Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*192 Bajaj Auto Finance Limited Y 26-Jun-00193 Bajaj Auto Limited ## 31-May-99194 Bajaj Hindustan Limited ## 26-Jun-00195 Bajaj Hirers & Lessors Ltd Y 30-Oct-00196 Bajwa Agro Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01197 Bala Techno Global Ltd

(formerly, Bala Techno Finance Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01*198 Bala Techno Synthetics Limited Y 26-Mar-01199 Balaji Distilleries Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00200 Balaji Industrial Corporation Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*201 Balaji Telefilms Limited Y @@202 Ballarpur Industries Limited ## 29-Nov-99203 Balmer Lawrie & Co. Limited Y 26-Jun-00204 Balrampur Chini Mills Limited 21-Mar-00205 Balurghat Technologies Ltd

(Formerly, Balurghat Transport Co. Ltd) Y 25-Sep-00206 Balwas e-Com India Ltd (Global e-Com India Ltd.) Y 24-Jul-00207 Bampsl Securities Limited Y 24-Jul-00208 Banco Products (India) Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01209 Bangalore Softsell Limited Y 24-Jul-00210 Bank of Baroda (BOB) Y 31-May-99211 Bank of India (BOI) Y 31-May-99212 Bank Of Punjab Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00213 Bank of Rajasthan Limited Y 26-Jun-00214 Banka (India) Limited Y 26-Feb-01215 Bannari Amman Sugars Limited Y 28-Aug-00216 Baron Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-00217 BASF India Limited ## 29-Nov-99218 Bata (India) Limited ## 31-May-99219 Bathina Technologies (India) Ltd

(formerly, Srico Systems India Ltd) Y @@220 Bausch & Lomb India Limited Y 17-Jan-00221 Bayer (India) Limited Y 21-Mar-00222 Bayer ABS Limited Y 28-Aug-00223 Beeyu Overseas Limited Y 25-Sep-00224 Bell Ceramics Ltd. Y 25-Sep-00225 Bell Marshall Tele Systems Limited Y @@226 Bells Controls Ltd. Y 30-Oct-00227 Berger Paints India Ltd Y 28-Aug-00228 Best and Crompton Engineering Limited Y 26-Jun-00229 Bestavision Electronics Limited Y 26-Feb-01230 Bestcorp Securities Limited 26-Feb-01*231 BFL Software Limited Y 29-Nov-99232 Bhagawati Gases Limited Y 26-Feb-01233 Bhageria Dye-Chem Limited Y @@234 Bhagwandas Metals Limited Y @@235 Bhagyanagar Metals Ltd Y 30-Oct-00236 Bhagyanagar Wood Plast Limited Y 30-Oct-00237 Bhandari Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-00238 Bhandari Udhyog Limited Y 26-Jun-00239 Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited Y 26-Jun-00240 Bharat Bhushan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00241 Bharat Bijlee Limited Y 21-Mar-00242 Bharat Commerce & Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01243 Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) Y 26-Jun-00244 Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) Y 26-Jun-00245 Bharat Forge Limited ## 29-Nov-99246 Bharat Gears Ltd. 26-Feb-01*247 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) ## 31-May-99248 Bharat Hotels Limited Y 24-Jul-00249 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) Y 31-May-99250 Bharat Rasayan Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*251 Bharti Healthcare Limited @@252 Bhartiya International Limited Y 24-Jul-00253 Bhilwara Spinners Limited Y 29-Jan-01*254 Bhor Industries Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*255 Bhushan Commercial Enterprises Ltd Y 26-Mar-01256 Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd. Y 25-Sep-00257 Bhuvan Tripura Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01

Page 17: 298 KB CDSL Infoline January-2000

G .o .SScr Cipl hes itsW D .

Visit us at www.centraldepository.com 17

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

258 Bhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01259 Bihar Caustic And Chemicals Limited Y 26-Feb-01260 Bijco Holdings Limited Y 26-Mar-01*261 Bimetal Bearings Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*262 Binani Industries Limited Y 21-Mar-00263 Binary Semantics Limited Y 24-Jul-00264 Biofil Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 24-Jul-00265 Biopac India Corporation limited Y 24-Jul-00266 Birla 3M Limited ## 28-Aug-00267 Birla Century Finance Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*268 Birla Corporation Limited ## 26-Jun-00269 Birla Ericsson Optical Limited Y 28-Aug-00270 Birla Global Finance Limited (BGFL) Y 31-May-99271 Birla VXL Limited Y 8-May-00272 Birla Yamaha Limited Y 28-Aug-00273 BITS (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-00274 BLB Limited Y 26-Jun-00275 Bloom Dekor Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*276 Blow Plast Limited Y 26-Jun-00277 Blue Chip India Limited Y 26-Mar-01*278 Blue Dart Express Limited Y 28-Aug-00279 Blue Diamond Securities & Finance Limited Y 26-Feb-01280 Blue Star Infotech Limited Y @@281 Blue Star Limited Y 17-Jan-00282 BNK Capital Markets Limited Y 27-Nov-00*283 Bobshell Electrodes Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*284 BOC India Limited ## 29-Nov-99285 Bombay Drugs & Pharma Limited Y 30-Oct-00286 Bombay Swadeshi Stores Limited Y @@287 Bommidala Aquamarine Limited Y 27-Nov-00*288 Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited ## 8-May-00289 Borax Morarji Limited Y @@290 Boston Education & Software Technologies

Ltd (formerly, Lucky Agencies Ltd) Y @@291 BPL Engineering Limited Y 8-May-00292 BPL Limited ## 31-May-99293 BPL Refigeration Limited Y 8-May-00294 BPL Sanyo Technologies Limited Y 8-May-00295 BPL Sanyo Utilities & Appliances Limited ## 8-May-00296 Brady & Morris Engineering Company Ltd Y 25-Sep-00297 Brawn Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 26-Dec-00*298 Brels Infotech Ltd. (formerly, Appu Industries Ltd.) Y 30-Oct-00299 Britannia Industries Limited Y 31-May-99300 Broadcast Worldwide Limited Y @@301 Brushman (India) Limited Y 27-Nov-00*302 BSEL Information Systems Ltd. Y 8-May-00303 BSES LTD Y 31-May-99304 BSL Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*305 Bulls And Bears Portfolios Limited Y 26-Dec-00*306 Burroughs Wellcome (India) Limited Y 29-Nov-99307 Cable Corporation of India Limited Y 28-Aug-00308 Cabot India Limited Y 28-Aug-00309 Cadbury (India) Limited ## 31-May-99310 Calcom Vision Limited Y 29-Jan-01311 California Software Company Limited Y @@312 Camlin Limited Y 24-Jul-00313 Can Fin Homes Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*314 Canbank Mutual Fund - Canstar (80L) Y 24-Jul-00315 Canbank Mutual Fund - Canstar (CG) Y 25-Sep-00316 Cannan International Infotech Limited ## 8-May-00317 Capital Hotels & Developers Limited Y 29-Jan-01*318 Caprihans India Limited Y 28-Aug-00319 Carbon Everflow Limited ## 8-May-00320 Carborundum Universal Limited ## 21-Mar-00321 Carnation Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-00322 Carrier Aircon Limited Y 17-Jan-00323 Castrol India Limited Y 31-May-99324 Cat Technologies Limited Y 8-May-00325 Catvision Products Limited Y 25-Sep-00326 Cauvery Software Engg.Systems Limited Y 30-Oct-00327 CCAP Ltd (formerly, Central Concrete & Allied

Products Ltd) Y 26-Dec-00*328 CCS Infotech Limited Y @@329 Ceat Financial Services Limited Y 28-Aug-00330 Ceat Limited ## 21-Mar-00331 Cee (I) TV Entertainments Limited Y @@332 Centak Chemicals Limited Y 28-Aug-00333 Centrum Finance Limited @@334 Centurion Bank Limited Y 26-Jun-00335 Century Enka Limited Y 21-Mar-00336 Century Extrusions Limited ## 8-May-00337 Century Plyboards (I) Limited ## 25-Sep-00338 Century Textiles and Industries Limited ## 29-Nov-99339 Cepham Milk Specialities Limited Y 26-Mar-01340 Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-00341 CESC Limited ## 8-May-00342 CG Glass Ltd 26-Dec-00*343 CG Igarshi Motors Limited Y 28-Aug-00344 Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Limited ## 31-May-99345 Champagne Indage Ltd

(formerly, Indage India Ltd) Y @@346 Charms Industries Ltd

(formerly, Charma Ceramics Ltd) Y 30-Oct-00*347 Chartered Capital & Investment Limited Y 30-Oct-00

348 Checons Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*349 Cheminor Drugs Limited ## 17-Jan-00350 Chemplast Sanmar Limited ## 28-Aug-00351 Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

(formerly Madras Refineries Limited) ## 31-May-99352 Cheslind Textiles Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*353 Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited Y 28-Aug-00354 Cheviot Company Limited Y 26-Dec-00*355 Chicago Pneumatic India Limited Y 28-Aug-00356 Chicago Software Industries Limited Y 8-May-00357 Choice International Limited Y 30-Oct-00358 Choksh Infotech Limited Y 8-May-00359 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Com Ltd. ## 26-Jun-00360 Chowgule Steamships Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00361 Chromatic India Limited @@362 Ciba Specialty Chemicals (India) Limited Y 21-Mar-00363 CIL Securities Limited Y 24-Jul-00364 Cimmco Birla Ltd Y 29-Jan-01365 Cinerad Communications Limited Y 30-Oct-00366 Cinevista Comunications Limited Y 24-Jul-00367 Cipla Limited Y 31-May-99368 Citicorp Securities & Investments Limited ## 29-Nov-99369 Citurgia Biochemicals Ltd Y 25-Sep-00370 City Online Services Limited Y @@371 City Union Bank Limited Y 25-Sep-00372 Cityman Ltd (formerly, Cityman Clothing India Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01373 Clariant (India) Limited Y 21-Mar-00]374 Clarity Financial Services Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*375 Classic Biotech & Exports Limited Y 30-Oct-00376 Classic Global Impex Limited Y 26-Feb-01*377 Clio Infotech Ltd (formerly, Clio Finance Ltd) Y 8-May-00378 Clutch Auto Limited Y 30-Oct-00379 C-Mac Centum Limited Y 28-Aug-00380 CMC Limited Y 21-Mar-00381 CMI Limited Y 30-Oct-00382 CMM Broadcasting Network Ltd

(formerly, Trimline Investments Co. Ltd) Y 8-May-00383 CMS Infotech Limited ## 8-May-00384 Coates of India Limited ## 26-Jun-00385 Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited Y 31-May-99386 Color Chips (India) Ltd Y 30-Oct-00387 Colour-Chem Limited Y 21-Mar-00388 Combine Overseas Limited Y 26-Mar-01389 Comfort Fininvest Limited Y 26-Jun-00390 Commitment Capital Services Limited 27-Nov-00*391 Commitment Finance Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*392 Compact Disc India Limited Y 26-Dec-00*393 Competent Automobiles Company Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*394 Compuage Infocom Limited Y @@395 Compucom Software Ltd Y 30-Oct-00396 Compudyne Winfosystems Limited Y 25-Sep-00397 Comp-U-Learn Tech India Limited Y 25-Sep-00398 Computech International Limited Y 24-Jul-00399 Computer Point Limited Y 26-Feb-01*400 Computer Power (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00401 Computerskill Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*402 Consolidated Fibres & Chemicals Ltd ## 28-Aug-00403 Consortex Karl Doelitzch (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00404 Container Corporation of India Limited (ConCor) Y 31-May-99405 Contech Software Limited Y 24-Jul-00406 Continental Construction Limited Y 26-Feb-01407 Continental Controls Limited Y @@408 Control Print (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-00409 Corcomp Infosystems Ltd. Y 8-May-00410 Core Emballage Ltd Y 29-Jan-01411 Core Healthcare Limited Y 28-Aug-00412 Coromandel Fertilisers Limited ## 26-Jun-00413 Corporation Bank ## 31-May-99414 Cosco (India) Limited Y 26-Feb-01415 Cosmo Ferrites Limited Y 30-Oct-00416 Cosmo Films Limited Y 24-Jul-00417 Crabtree Securities & Credits Limited Y 26-Mar-01*418 Cranex Limited Y 30-Oct-00419 Crazy Infotech Limited Y 25-Sep-00420 Creative Eye Limited Y 24-Jul-00421 Credence Sound & Vision Limited Y 26-Mar-01422 Credit Rating Information Services of India

Limited (CRISIL) Y 29-Nov-99423 Crest Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-00424 Crompton Greaves Limited ## 31-May-99425 Cross Country Hotels Limited Y 30-Oct-00426 Crystal Audio Limited Y 30-Oct-00427 Crystal Credits Corporation Limited Y 30-Oct-00428 CS Software Enterprise Limited Y 24-Jul-00429 Cummins India Limited Y 29-Nov-99430 Cure Specs Lasers Limited Y 30-Oct-00431 Cybermate Infotek Limited Y 8-May-00432 Cyberscape Multimedia Limited Y @@433 Cyberspace Infosys Limited Y 8-May-00434 Cybertech Systems & Software Limited Y 29-Nov-99435 Cyberwave Internet Solutions Limited Y 25-Sep-00436 Cynamid Agro Limited Y 28-Aug-00437 D R Softech and Industries Ltd

(formerly, D R Industries Ltd) Y 8-May-00

438 D S Kulkarni Developers Ltd. Y 30-Oct-00439 Dabur India Limited Y 31-May-99440 Daewoo Motors India Limited Y 28-Aug-00441 Dagger-Forst Tools Ltd Y 26-Feb-01442 Daikaffil Chemicals (India) Ltd Y 25-Sep-00443 Dairy Den Limited Y @@444 Daisy Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-00445 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00446 Dankuni Investments Limited Y 30-Oct-00447 Danlaw Technologies India Limited ## 8-May-00448 Database Finance Limited Y 30-Oct-00449 Datamatics Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-00450 Datanet Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-00451 Datapro Information Technology Limited Y 28-Aug-00452 Datasoft Application Software (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00453 Datum Technologies (India) Limited Y 25-Sep-00454 Daulat Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-01*455 DB (International) Stock Brokers Limited Y 29-Jan-01*456 DCL Polyesters Limited Y 8-May-00457 DCM Financial Services Ltd. ## 30-Oct-00458 DCM Limited Y 26-Jun-00459 DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited ## 21-Mar-00460 DCW Limited Y 8-May-00461 Deal (India) Ltd (formerly, Deegvijay

Electronics & Leasing Ltd) Y 29-Jan-01462 Deccan Cements Ltd 26-Feb-01*463 Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corpn Ltd. ## 8-May-00464 Deepak Nitrite Limited Y 28-Aug-00465 Deepak Spinners Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*466 Deldot Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-00467 Dena Bank Y 8-May-00468 Denim Enterprises Limited Y 24-Jul-00469 Denso India Limited

(formerly, Nippondenso India Limited) Y 8-May-00470 Design Auto Systems Limited Y 30-Oct-00471 Devika Proteins Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*472 Devki Leasing & Finance Limited 29-Jan-01*473 Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited Y 28-Aug-00474 DFM Foods Limited Y 26-Mar-01*475 DGP Windsor India Limited Y 26-Jun-00476 Dhampur Invertos Limited Y 30-Oct-00477 Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Limited Y 26-Feb-01478 Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co.Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00479 Dhunseri Tea & Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01*480 Diamond Shipping Company Limited Y 29-Jan-01*481 Digital Equipment (India) Limited ## 31-May-99482 Digital Multiforms Limited Y 30-Oct-00483 Divi’s Laboratories Limited Y 24-Jul-00484 Divya Jyoti Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-00485 DLF Universal Limited Y 26-Feb-01486 D-Link (India) Limited @@487 Dolat Investments Limited Y 24-Jul-00488 Dollex Industries Limited Y @@489 Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00490 Dot Com Global Limited Y @@491 Dover Securities Limited Y 26-Mar-01*492 Dr. M. Soy and General Food Ltd ## 30-Oct-00493 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. ## 31-May-99494 Dredging Corporation of India Limited Y 28-Aug-00495 DSJ Communications Limited Y 30-Oct-00496 DSM Agro Products Limited Y 24-Jul-00497 DSQ Biotech Limited Y 28-Aug-00498 DSQ Software Limited Y 29-Nov-99499 Dujohn Laboratories Limited Y 25-Sep-00500 Duncans Industries Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*501 Duphar Interfran Limited Y 28-Aug-00502 Duropack Limited Y 30-Oct-00503 Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd Y 24-Jul-00504 Dynacons Systems & Solutions Limited Y 24-Jul-00505 Dynamatic Technologies Limited Y 28-Aug-00506 Dynamic Portfolio Mgmt & Services Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*507 E Merck (India) Limited Y 29-Nov-99508 E.Com Infotech (India) Ltd Y 25-Sep-00509 E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited Y 26-Jun-00510 E.Star Infotech Limited Y @@511 e.Xchange on the Net Ltd (formerly, NODS

Worldwide Ltd & formerly, WorldwideTechnologies Ltd) ## 8-May-00

512 Eastern Fibre Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01513 Eastern Sugar & Industries Ltd Y 30-Oct-00514 Easun Reyrolle Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*515 ECE Industries Ltd (formerly, Electric

Construction & Equipment Co. Ltd) Y 26-Mar-01*516 Eclat Infoway Limited Y 28-Aug-00517 Ecoboard Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00518 Eicher Limited ## 8-May-00519 Eicher Motors Limited ## 21-Mar-00520 Eider E-Commerce Limited Y @@521 Eider Infotech Limited Y 8-May-00522 Eider Technologies Limited Y 26-Feb-01523 EIH Associated Hotels Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*524 EIH Limited Y 31-May-99525 Eimco Elecon (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-00526 Elbee Services Limited Y 28-Aug-00

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

527 Elder Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 26-Jun-00528 Elecon Engineering Company Limited Y 28-Aug-00529 Electrical Manufacturing Company Ltd Y 28-Aug-00530 Electrolux Kelvinator Ltd (formerly,

Maharaja International Ltd) Y 28-Aug-00531 Electrosteel Castings Limited ## 17-Jan-00532 Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00533 Elgi Equipments Limited Y 26-Jun-00534 Elgitread (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-00535 Elite Capital & Management Services Ltd Y 26-Mar-01536 Elnet Technologies Limited Y 30-Oct-00537 Elpro International Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*538 Emco Limited (formerly, Emco Transformers Ltd) Y 21-Mar-00539 Emkay Consultants Limited Y 26-Mar-01*540 Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Limited Y 30-Oct-00541 Emmsons International Limited Y 26-Feb-01542 Emtex Industries (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-00543 Encore Infosys Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*544 Encore Software Limited Y 28-May-00545 Energy Development Company Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01546 Engineers India Limited (EIL) Y 24-Jul-00547 Enrich Industries Limited Y 8-May-00548 Ensa Steel Industries Ltd (formerly,

Ensa Steel & Developers Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01549 Epic Enzymes Pharma and Indl Chemicals Ltd. Y 21-Mar-00550 Esab India Limited ## 29-Nov-99551 Escorts Finance Limited Y 26-Jun-00552 Escorts Limited ## 31-May-99553 Escorts Mutual Fund Y 28-Aug-00554 Eskay K’n’IT (India) Ltd (formerly Shree Krishna

Petro Yarns Ltd.) ## 8-May-00555 Essar Oil Limited Y 8-May-00556 Essar Shipping Ltd Y 26-Jun-00557 Essar Steel Limited ## 31-May-99558 Essel Packaging Limited Y 31-May-99559 Essel Software & Services Limited Y @@560 Essemm Information Systems Limited Y @@561 Esteem Capital & Management Services Limited Y 30-Oct-00562 Ester Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01563 Eternit Everest Limited Y 21-Mar-00564 Eupharma Laboratories Limited Y 26-Jun-00565 European Software Alliances Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*566 Eurotex Industries & Exports Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*567 Eveready Industries India Limited ## 21-Mar-00568 Everest Organics Limited Y 26-Mar-01569 Evergo Capital Limited Y 30-Oct-00570 Excel Glasses Limited @@571 Excel Industries Limited ## 29-Nov-99572 Excel Infotech Limited @@573 Exide Industries Limited ## 17-Jan-00574 Exquisite Exports Limited Y @@575 EZ-Comm Trade Technologies Limited Y 8-May-00576 FAG Bearings India Limited ## 28-Aug-00577 FCS Software Solutions Limited Y @@578 FDC Limited Y 28-Aug-00579 Fedders Lloyds Corporation Limited Y 29-Jan-01*580 Federal Technologies Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00581 FGP Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01582 FI Sofex Limited Y 24-Jul-00583 Filaments India Limited Y 26-Feb-01584 Filatex India Limited ## 25-Sep-00585 Filmcity Media Limited Y 25-Sep-00586 Finolex Cables Limited Y 29-Nov-99587 Finolex Industries Limited ## 8-May-00588 Fintech Communication Limited Y 25-Sep-00589 Flamour Finance & Securities Limited Y 28-Aug-00590 Flat Products Equipments (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-00591 Flex Chemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-00592 Flex Engineering Ltd Y 26-Feb-01593 Flex Foods Limited Y 26-Feb-01*594 Flex Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00595 Flexo Film Wraps (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-00596 Floatglass(I) Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00597 Fluidomat Limited Y @@598 Forbes Gokak Limited Y 28-Aug-00599 Fore C Software Limited Y 24-Jul-00600 Fort Gloster Industries Limited ## 24-Jul-00601 Fortune Informatics Limited Y 28-Aug-00602 Fortune Infotech Limited Y @@603 Fortune Investors & Traders Limited Y 26-Mar-01604 Foseco India Limited Y 28-Aug-00605 Fourth Generation Information Systems Limited Y @@606 Framatome Connectors OEN Limited Y 28-Aug-00607 Freedom Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01608 Frick India Limited Y 27-Nov-00*609 Frontier Information Technologies Limited Y 25-Sep-00610 Frontline Securities Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*611 Frontline Soft Limited Y 24-Jul-00612 Fujitsu ICIM Limited Y 21-Mar-00613 Fulford (India) Limited ## 24-Jul-00614 G P Electronics Limited Y 24-Jul-00615 G R Cables Limited Y 30-Oct-00616 G.D. Goenka India Limited 30-Oct-00*617 G.V.Films Limited Y 25-Sep-00

618 Gabriel India Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*619 Galada Power & Telecommunication Limited Y 26-Feb-01620 Galaxy Indo-Fab Limited Y @@621 Galaxy Info-Soft Limited Y @@622 Galaxy Multimedia Limited Y 26-Jun-00623 Gamma Infoway Exalt Limited Y 8-May-00624 Gammon India Limited Y 28-Aug-00625 Gandhi Special Tubes Limited Y @@626 Ganesh Anhydride Limited Y 28-Aug-00627 Ganesh Benzoplast Limited Y 8-May-00628 Ganesh Housing Corporation Limited Y 29-Jan-01*629 Gangotri Textiles Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*630 Garden Silk Mills Limited Y 24-Jul-00631 Garware Polyester Limited Y 26-Jun-00632 Garware Shipping Corporation Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01633 Garware Wall Ropes Limited Y 8-May-00634 Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) Y 31-May-99635 GATI Ltd (formerly, GATI Corporation Ltd) Y 28-Aug-00636 GDR Software Limited Y 24-Jul-00637 Geekay Imaging Limited Y @@638 Gei Hamon Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-00639 Gem Cables & Conductors Limited Y 25-Sep-00640 Genesys International Corporation Ltd Y @@641 Genus Commu-Trade Ltd

(formerly, Ganapati Hi-Tech Ltd) Y 30-Oct-00642 Geojit Securities Limited Y 28-Aug-00643 Geometric Software Solutions Company Limited ## 26-Jun-00644 Georg Fischer Disa Ltd Y 29-Jan-01645 George Williamson (Assam) Limited ## 21-Mar-00646 German Remedies Limited Y 17-Jan-00647 GESCO Corporation Limited Y 24-Jul-00648 Gestetner (India) Ltd Y 26-Feb-01649 GIC Housing Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-00650 Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Ltd Y 25-Sep-00651 Gillette India Ltd (formerly, Indian Shaving

Products Ltd (ISPL)) Y 17-Jan-00652 Gini Silk Mills Limited Y @@653 Ginni Filaments Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*654 Ginni International Limited Y 29-Jan-01655 GIVO Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01656 GKN Driveshafts (India) Limited

(formerly, GKN Invel Transmissions Limited) Y 24-Jul-00657 GKW Limited Y 26-Feb-01658 Glaxo India Ltd. Y 31-May-99659 Gleitlager (India) Limited Y 26-Mar-01660 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 24-Jul-00661 Glittek Granites Limited Y 26-Feb-01*662 Global Capital Limited Y 30-Oct-00663 Global Finance & Securities Limited Y 26-Feb-01*664 Global Software Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*665 Global Tele-Systems Limited ## 29-Nov-99666 Global Trust Bank Limited (GTB) ## 31-May-99667 Globe Stocks & Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-01668 Globsyn Technologies Limited Y @@669 GMR Technologies & Industries Limited

(formerly, GMR Vasavi Industries Limited) Y 28-Aug-00670 GMR Vasavi Infotech Limited Y 8-May-00671 GMS Computers (India) Limited Y 8-May-00672 Godavari Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*673 Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Y 25-Sep-00674 Godrej Foods Limited Y 26-Jun-00675 Godrej Soaps Limited Y 21-Mar-00676 Goetze (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00677 Golden Laminates Limited Y 29-Jan-01678 Golden Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-01679 Goldiam International Limited Y 28-Aug-00680 Goldstone Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-00681 Gontermann Peipers Limited Y 28-Aug-00682 Goodlass Nerolac Paints Limited Y 26-Jun-00683 Goodricke Group Limited Y 21-Mar-00684 Goodyear India Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00685 Gopala Polyplast Limited Y 27-Nov-00*686 Goplee Lease & Finance Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01*687 Govind Rubber Limited Y 30-Oct-00688 Goyal Associates Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01689 Grand Foundry Ltd 29-Jan-01*690 Graphic Finance Limited Y 26-Mar-01691 Graphite India Limited Y 28-Aug-00692 Grasim Industries Limited ## 31-May-99693 Gravity (Ind) Ltd (formerly, Gravity Silk Mills Ltd) Y 28-Aug-00694 Greaves Limited Y 8-May-00695 Greenply Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*696 Grindwell Norton Limited Y 28-Aug-00697 Grover Leasing Limited Y 26-Feb-01*698 Grovy Exports & Marketing Limited Y 29-Jan-01*699 Growth Techno Projects Ltd Y 26-Mar-01700 GTC Industries Ltd ## 30-Oct-00701 GTN Textiles Limited Y 28-Aug-00702 Gufic Biosciences Ltd (formerly, Central

Finance Ltd) Y @@703 Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited Y 8-May-00704 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited Y 31-May-99705 Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited Y 24-Jul-00706 Gujarat Arth Ltd Y 30-Oct-00

707 Gujarat Borosil Ltd Y 30-Oct-00708 Gujarat Capital Ventures Limited Y 8-May-00709 Gujarat Carbon & Industries Limited Y 27-Nov-00*710 Gujarat Credit Corporation Limited ## 25-Sep-00711 Gujarat Cycles Limited Y 26-Feb-01*712 Gujarat Cypromet Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*713 Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited Y 28-Aug-00714 Gujarat Gas Company Limited ## 17-Jan-00715 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited (GHCL) Y 28-Aug-00716 Gujarat Incatel Telecommunication Ltd Y 25-Sep-00717 Gujarat Industrial Power Co. Limited (GIPCL) Y 26-Jun-00718 Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd.(GLFL) Y 28-Aug-00719 Gujarat Mineral Development Corp Ltd.(GMDC) Y 21-Mar-00720 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. Ltd.(GNFC) ## 31-May-99721 Gujarat Sidhee Cement Limited ## 28-Aug-00722 Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chem. Ltd. (GSFC) Y 17-Jan-00723 Gulf Oil India Limited Y 26-Jun-00724 Gulshan Sugars & Chemicals Limited Y @@725 Gunja International Limited

(formerly, Gunja Investment & Trading Limited) Y 29-Jan-01*726 Hanuman Tea Co. Limited Y 30-Oct-00*727 Harbor Network Systems Limited

(formerly, Digital Leasing & Finance Limited) Y 30-Oct-00728 Haria Exports Limited Y @@729 Harisiddha Trading & Finance Limited @@730 Harita Finance Limited Y 24-Jul-00731 Harrisons Malayalam Limited Y 28-Aug-00732 Havell’s India Limited Y 26-Mar-01*733 Hawkins Cookers Ltd Y 30-Oct-00734 HB Estate Developers Limited Y @@735 HB Leasing & Finance Company Ltd Y @@736 HB Portfolio Limited Y @@737 HB Stockholdings Limited Y 26-Feb-01*738 HBC Flextech Limited Y 30-Oct-00739 HCL Infosystems Limited ## 31-May-99740 HCL Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-00741 HDFC Bank Ltd. Y 31-May-99742 HEG Limited (formerly, Hindustan

Electro-Graphites Ltd) ## 24-Jul-00743 Helios & Matheson Information Technology

Ltd (formerly, Express Financial Exchange Ltd) Y @@744 Henkel Spic India Limited Y 24-Jul-00745 Herdillia Unimers Limited Y 30-Oct-00746 Hero Honda Motors Limited ## 31-May-99747 HGI Industries Ltd (Hindusthan Gas & Ind. Ltd) Y 25-Sep-00748 Hifunda.Com Limited Y @@749 Hikal Ltd. (formerly, Hikal Chemicals Ind. Ltd.) Y 28-Aug-00750 Hilltone Software & Gases Ltd (formerly,

Hilltone Industrial Gases Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01751 Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. (HFCL) ## 17-Jan-00752 Himadri Chemicals & Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01753 Himadri Credit & Finance Limited Y 26-Dec-00*754 Himalaya Granites Limited Y 26-Feb-01*755 Himalaya International Limited Y 25-Sep-00756 Himatsingka Seide Limited ## 21-Mar-00757 Hind Industries Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*758 Hind Lever Chemicals Limited ## 17-Jan-00759 Hind Syntex Limited Y 28-Aug-00760 Hindalco Industries Limited Y 31-May-9761 Hinduja Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-00762 Hindustan Adhesives Limited Y 29-Jan-01763 Hindustan Composites Ltd

(formerly, Hindustan Ferodo Ltd) Y 26-Dec-00*764 Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd (HCC) Y 28-Aug-00765 Hindustan Development Corporation Ltd.

(HDC) merged with Hindustan Eng & Ind Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01766 Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*767 Hindustan Inks and Resins Ltd (HIRL) ## 26-Jun-00768 Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) ## 31-May-9769 Hindustan Motors Limited Y 17-Jan-00770 Hindustan National Glass & Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00771 Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd (HOEC) Y 26-Jun-00772 Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited (HOC) Y 8-May-00773 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) Y 31-May-99774 Hindustan Powerplus Ltd. Y 28-Aug-00775 Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00776 Hindustan Zinc Limited Y 31-May-99777 Hitech Drilling Services India Limited ## 29-Nov-99778 Hitech Entertainment Limited Y 24-Jul-00779 Hi-Tech Gears Limited Y 25-Sep-00780 Hitechi Jewellery Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00781 HK Agrochem Limited Y 28-Aug-00782 HMA Starware Ltd Y @@783 HMT Limited Y 26-Jun-00784 Hoechst Marion Roussel Limited Y 17-Jan-00785 Hoganas India Limited Y 26-Jun-00786 Home Trade Limited

(formerly, Euro Asian Securities Limited) Y 30-Oct-00787 Honda Siel Power Products Limited

(formerly, Shriram Honda Power Equipments Ltd) Y 24-Jul-00788 Hotel Leela Venture Limited Y 26-Jun-00789 Hotel Silver Plaza Limited Y 29-Jan-01790 Hotline Teletube & Components Limited Y 25-Sep-00791 Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd. (HDFC) Y 31-May-99

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

792 Howard Hotels Limited Y 26-Dec-00*793 Hughes Software Systems Limited Y 26-Jun-00794 Hughes Tele.com (India) Limited Y @@795 Hyderabad Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-00796 I G Petrochemicals Limited Y 26-Jun-00797 IB Infotech Enterprises Ltd

(formerly Indian Beverages Ltd) Y 25-Sep-00798 IBP Ltd Y 26-Jun-00799 Iccon Oil & Specialities Limited Y 24-Jul-00800 ICES Software Limited ## 8-May-00801 ICI (India) Limited ## 17-Jan-00802 ICICI Banking Corporation Limited ## 31-May-99803 ICICI Investment Mgmnt Com. Ltd (CBO Fund) Y @@804 ICICI Limited ## 31-May-99805 IDBI Bank Limited Y 21-Mar-00806 IDI Limited ## 8-May-00807 IEC Software Limited Y 8-May-00808 IFB Agro Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01809 IFB Industries Ltd. Y 25-Sep-00810 IFB Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-01811 IFGL Refractories Limited ## 24-Jul-00812 IIT Capital Services Limited Y 30-Oct-00813 IKAB Securities & Investment Limited Y @@814 IKF Software.Com Limited @@815 IL&FS Venture Corporation Limited Y 30-Oct-00816 IMAP Technologies Limited Y @@817 IMP Power Ltd (formerly, Industrial Meters Ltd) Y 24-Jul-00818 Inani Securites Limited Y 26-Dec-00*819 Incap Limited Y 29-Jan-01*820 Ind Tra Deco Limited Y 30-Oct-00821 Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd. Y 30-Oct-00822 India E-Commerce Limited Y @@823 India Emerging Companies Investment Limited Y 25-Sep-00824 India Foils Limited Y 8-May-00825 India Glycols Limited Y 8-May-00826 India Gypsum Limited Y 28-Aug-00827 India International Marketing Centre Limited Y 26-Dec-00*828 India Lease Development Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*829 India Nippon Electricals Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*830 India Securities Limited Y 26-Jun-00831 Indian Acrylics Limited Y 30-Oct-00832 Indian Aluminium Company Limited (INDAL) ## 26-Jun-00833 Indian Card Clothing Company Limited Y 8-May-00834 Indian Infotech And Software Limited Y 8-May-00835 Indian Lead Limited Y 25-Sep-00836 Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC) ## 17-Jan-00837 Indian Organic Chemicals Limited Y 26-Jun-00838 Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Y 25-Sep-00839 Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (IPCL) Y 31-May-99840 Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd ## 31-May-99841 Indian Toners & Developers Limited Y 30-Oct-00842 Indicarb Ltd 29-Jan-01*843 Inditalia Refcon Limited Y 30-Oct-00844 Indo Asian Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-00845 Indo Biotech Foods Ltd Y 26-Mar-01846 Indo Britain Agro Farms Ltd Y 26-Mar-01847 Indo Count Finance Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*848 Indo Count Industries Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01*849 Indo French Biotech Enterprises Limited Y 30-Oct-00850 Indo Gulf Corporation Limited ## 31-May-99851 Indo National Limited Y 28-Aug-00852 Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Limited Y 31-May-99853 Indo-Castle Multimedia Limited Y 25-Sep-00854 Indo-City Infotech Limited Y @@855 Indo-Continental Hotels & Resorts Limited Y 30-Oct-00*856 Indo-Pacific Software & Entertainment Ltd

(formerly, Indo-Pacific Securities Limited) Y @@857 Indraprastha Medical Corporation Limited Y 26-Feb-01*858 Indrayani Biotech Limited Y 30-Oct-00859 Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited Y 30-Oct-00860 Ind-Swift Limited Y 30-Oct-00861 Induj Enertech Limited

(formerly, S.Kumars Power Corporation Limited) ## 24-Jul-00862 Indus e-Solutions Limited Y 8-May-00863 Indus Networks Limited Y 25-Sep-00864 IndusInd Bank Limited Y 31-May-99865 Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) Y 31-May-99866 Industrial Investment Trust Limited (IIT) ## 8-May-00867 Infar (India) Ltd Y 29-Jan-01868 Infoquest Software Exports Ltd Y 25-Sep-00869 Information Technologies (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00870 Infosys Technologies Limited (Infy) Y 31-May-99871 Infotech Enterprises Limited Y 28-Aug-00872 Infragro Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01*873 Ingersoll- Rand (India) Limited ## 17-Jan-00874 Innareddy Computer Software Associates (I) Ltd. Y 8-May-00875 Innosoft Technologies Limited Y 8-May-00876 Innovation Medi Equip Ltd Y 25-Sep-00877 Innovation Software Exports Limited Y 26-Dec-00*878 Insilco Limited Y 24-Jul-00879 Insutech India Limited Y 25-Sep-00880 Integrated Capital Services Limited Y 26-Mar-01881 Integrated Data Systems Limited Y 27-Nov-00*882 Integrated Enterprises (India) Ltd Y 26-Jun-00

883 Integrated Financial Services Limited Y 26-Dec-00*884 Integrated Hi-Tech Limited Y 25-Sep-00885 Integrated Technologies Limited 25-Sep-00886 Inter State Finance Limited Y 26-Mar-01*887 Inter State Oil Carrier Limited ## 28-Aug-00888 Interfit Techno Products Ltd 25-Sep-00889 International Best Foods Limited

(formerly, Corn Products Limited) Y 26-Jun-00890 International Combustion (India) Limited Y 26-Mar-01*891 International Travel House Limited Y 28-Aug-00892 Intertec Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-00893 Intop Software Solutions Limited @@894 Intron Limited Y 29-Jan-01895 Investment Trust of India Limited Y 28-Aug-00896 Investsmart India Limited Y @@897 ION Exchange (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00898 IP Rings Limited Y 28-Aug-00899 Ipca Laboratories Limited Y 24-Jul-00900 IQ Infotech Limited Y @@901 IQMS Software Limited Y @@902 Irmac Services India Limited Y 24-Jul-00903 Ishwar Medical Services Limited Y 30-Oct-00904 Isibars Limited Y 26-Jun-00905 Ispat Alloys Limited ## 26-Jun-00906 Ispat Industries Limited ## 8-May-00907 Ispat Profiles India Limited ## 24-Jul-00908 IT & T Limited Y @@909 IT Microsystems (India) Limited Y 8-May-00910 ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited ## 31-May-99911 ITC Hotels Limited ## 26-Jun-00912 ITC Limited ## 31-May-99913 ITI Limited Y 26-Jun-00914 ITW Signode India Limited Y 29-Nov-99915 IVP Limited Y 30-Oct-00916 IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Limited Y 26-Jun-00917 J A Finance Limited Y 25-Sep-00918 J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited ## 24-Jul-00919 J F Laboratories Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*920 J J Automotive Limited 27-Nov-00*921 J J Exporters Limited Y 25-Sep-00922 J J Finance Corporation Limited 26-Dec-00*923 J J Spectrum Silk Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*924 J K Corp Limited Y 24-Jul-00925 J K Dairy And Foods Ltd Y 25-Sep-00926 J K Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00927 J K Pharmachem Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*928 J K Udaipur Udyog Ltd Y 26-Feb-01929 J.K.Synthetics Limited Y 8-May-00930 J.R.Fabricators Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01931 Jagan Lamps Limited Y 26-Mar-01932 Jagson Airlines Limited Y 26-Dec-00*933 Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 24-Jul-00934 Jai Mata Glass Limited Y 26-Mar-01935 Jain Irrigation Systems Limited Y 8-May-00936 Jain Studios Limited Y 30-Oct-00937 Jaiprakash Industries Limited Y 29-Nov-99938 Jaipur Polyspin Limited ## 30-Oct-00939 Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited Y 26-Jun-00940 Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd Y 26-Feb-01941 Jay Kay Dee Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*942 Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00943 Jayant Agro-Organics Limited Y 24-Jul-00\944 Jayaswals Neco Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*945 Jaycee Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*946 Jaypee Hotels Limited Y 24-Jul-00947 Jaysynth Dyechem Limited Y 28-Aug-00948 JBF Industries Limited Y 8-May-00949 JCT Electronics Limited Y 28-Aug-00950 JCT Limited Y 8-May-00951 Jeevan Softech Limited Y 24-Jul-00952 Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited Y @@953 Jenson & Nicholson (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-00954 JIK Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-00955 Jindal Iron and Steel Company Ltd.(JISCO) Y 31-May-99956 Jindal Online.com Limited Y 25-Sep-00957 Jindal Photo Films Limited Y 26-Jun-00958 Jindal Steel & Power Limited Y 24-Jul-00959 Jindal Strips Limited Y 29-Nov-99960 Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd Y 26-Jun-00961 JM Basic Fund Y 28-Aug-00962 JMC Projects (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-00963 Jog Engineering Ltd Y 26-Mar-01964 Joindre Capital Services Limited Y 28-Aug-00965 Jolly Rides Limited Y 30-Oct-00966 Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi) Limited Y 29-Jan-01*967 Jupiter Orga Limited Y 30-Oct-00968 Jyoti Structures Limited ## 21-Mar-00969 K C P Sugar & Industries Corporation Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*970 K G Denim Limited Y 26-Jun-00971 K G Khosla Compressors Limited ## 26-Jun-00972 K.Z. Leasing & Finance Ltd Y 30-Oct-00973 Kaashyap Radiant Systems Limited Y 25-Sep-00974 Kabra Extrusiontechnik Limited Y 26-Dec-00*975 Kajaria Ceramics Limited ## 28-Aug-00

976 Kajaria Iron Castings Limited Y 29-Jan-01*977 Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01*978 Kale Consultants Limited Y 26-Jun-00979 Kalpana Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01980 Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited Y 28-Aug-00981 Kals Information Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-00982 Kalyani Brakes Limited Y 24-Jul-00983 Kalyani Sharp India Limited Y 28-Aug-00984 Kalyani Steels Limited Y 26-Jun-00985 Kanel Oils & Exports Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-01*986 Kanha Vanaspati Limited Y 26-Mar-01987 Kanika Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-00988 Kanoi Paper & Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-00989 Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*990 Karnataka Financial Services Limited Y 30-Oct-00991 Karuna Cables Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*992 Karuturi.Com Limited Y 26-Mar-01993 Kay Pulp & Paper Mills Limited Y 30-Oct-00994 Kay Vee Aar Limited Y 26-Feb-01*995 KCC Software Limited Y 24-Jul-00996 KEC International Limited Y 24-Jul-00997 KEI Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-00998 Kemrock Industries & Exports Limited Y 30-Oct-00999 Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Limited Y 30-Oct-00

1000 Kerala Chemicals & Proteins Limited Y 28-Aug-001001 Kesar Enterprises Ltd Y 28-Aug-001002 Kesar Petroproducts Limited Y 30-Oct-001003 Kesoram Industries Limited Y 31-May-99]1004 Kesoram Textile Mills Ltd Y 25-Sep-001005 Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1006 Khaitan Electricals Limited Y 24-Jul-00]1007 Khandwala Securities Limited Y 24-Jul-001008 Khemka Containers Ltd Y 26-Feb-011009 Khyati Mulitmedia-Entertainment Ltd.

formerly Khyati Resorts Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01*1010 Kiduja Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001011 Kinetic Engineering Limited Y 28-Aug-001012 Kinetic Investments Limited Y 30-Oct-00*1013 Kinetic Motor Company Limited

(formerly, Kinetic Honda Motor Ltd) Y 28-Aug-00\1014 Kirloskar Brothers Limited Y 24-Jul-001015 Kirloskar Electric Company Limited Y 24-Jul-001016 Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-001017 Kirloskar Investments & Finance Limited Y 8-May-001018 Kirloskar Multimedia Limited Y 24-Jul-001019 Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) ## 21-Mar-001020 Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Limited ## 26-Jun-001021 Kisan Mouldings Limited Y @@1022 Kitply Industries Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001023 KLG Systel Limited Y 29-Nov-991024 Knoll Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 17-Jan-00]1025 Kochi Refineries Limited

(formerly Cochin Refineries Limited) ## 31-May-991026 Kodak India Limited ## 26-Jun-001027 Kolar Information Technologies Limited Y 8-May-001028 Kopran Drugs Limited ## 24-Jul-001029 Kopran Limited ## 21-Mar-001030 Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited (KMFL) Y 29-Nov-991031 Kotawala (India) Limited

(formerly, Kotawala Securities Limited) Y 8-May-001032 Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Limited Y 30-Oct-001033 Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited Y 26-Jun-001034 Kothari Petrochemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001035 Kothari Products Limited Y 24-Jul-001036 Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001037 KPIT Systems Limited Y 26-Jun-001038 KPL International Ltd

(formerly, Kanoria Petroproducts Ltd) Y 25-Sep-001039 KRBL Ltd. (formerly, Khushi Ram Behari Lal Ltd.) Y 25-Sep-001040 Krebs Biochemicals Limited Y 28-Aug-001041 Krishna Capital & Securities Ltd. Y 25-Sep-001042 Krishna Engineering Works Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*1043 Krishna Filaments Limited Y 31-May-991044 Krishna Lifestyle Technologies Limited

(formerly, Shree Krishna Polyster Limited). ## 8-May-001045 Krishna Texport Industries Limited Y 8-May-001046 Krisn Information Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-001047 Krone Communications Limited ## 24-Jul-001048 Krypton Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1049 KSB Pumps Limited Y 28-Aug-001050 KTL Infosys Limited Y 8-May-001051 Kukson Footcare Limited Y @@1052 Kunal Overseas Limited Y 25-Sep-001053 Kushagra Software Limited Y 8-May-001054 Kushal Software Limited Y 30-Oct-001055 Kusum Industrial Gases Limited 27-Nov-00*1056 Kvaerner Cementation India Ltd. (formerly,

Trafalgar Housing Construction India Ltd) Y 28-Aug-001057 Kwality Credit & Leasing Limited 26-Dec-00*1058 Kwality Dairy (India) Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1059 L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Limited Y 26-Jun-001060 La Multi Info Systems Limited

(formerly, Shilpa Software Corporation) Y 8-May-001061 Lakhanpal National Limited Y 28-Aug-00

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

1062 Lakshmi Auto Components Limited Y 26-Jun-001063 Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Limited Y 26-Mar-01*1064 Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) ## 28-Aug-001065 Lakshmi Overseas Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-001066 Lan Eseda Industries Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1067 Lancing Investment Limited Y 26-Feb-011068 Lanco Global Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-001069 Larsen & Toubro Limited (L & T) ## 31-May-991070 Laser Eye Care Limited Y 25-Sep-001071 LCC Infotech Limited ## 8-May-001072 Ledo Tea Company Limited 25-Sep-001073 Lee & Nee Software (Exports) Ltd Y 25-Sep-001074 Leo Industrials Limited Y 26-Feb-011075 Liberty Shoes Limited Y @@1076 Libord Infotech Limited Y 8-May-001077 LIC Housing Finance Limited (LICHFL) Y 31-May-991078 Limtex Investments Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1079 Linaks Microelectronics Limited Y 30-Oct-001080 Linc Pen & Plastics Limited Y 25-Sep-001081 Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd Y 26-Feb-011082 Link House Industries Limited Y @@1083 Link International Corporate Services Limited Y 8-May-001084 Lippi Systems Limited Y 25-Sep-001085 Litaka Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 25-Sep-001086 Livewell Home Finance Limited Y 29-Jan-011087 LKP Merchant Financing Limited ## 24-Jul-001088 Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1089 Lloyds Finance Limited Y 8-May-001090 Lloyds Metals & Engineers Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001091 Lloyds Steel Industries Limited Y 8-May-001092 LML Limited ## 17-Jan-001093 LN Polyesters Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1094 Logix Microsystems Limited Y 24-Jul-001095 Lohia Securites Limited Y @@1096 Lok Housing & Constructions Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1097 Lumax Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001098 Lupin Chemicals Limited ## 8-May-001099 Lupin Laboratories Limited ## 29-Nov-991100 Lyka Labs Limited ## 26-Jun-001101 Lyons Industrial Enterprises Limited Y 8-May-001102 M M Forgings Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1103 M P Agro Industries Limited Y @@1104 M P Telelinks Limited Y 30-Oct-001105 M WomenInfoLine.com Ltd.

(formerly, Mudra Consultants Ltd Y 25-Sep-001106 Maars Software International Limited Y 29-Nov-991107 Machino Plastics Limited Y 25-Sep-001108 Madhu Intra Limited Y 26-Feb-011109 Madhur Capital & Finance Limited Y 26-Feb-011110 Madhur Food Products Ltd. Y 29-Jan-011111 Madhusudan Industries Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*1112 Madhya Pradesh Glychem Limited Y 28-Aug-001113 Madras Cements Limited Y 17-Jan-001114 Madras Fertilizers Limited Y 24-Jul-001115 Madura Coats Limited Y 26-Jun-001116 Mafatlal Finance Company Limited Y 30-Oct-001117 Mafatlal Industries Ltd. Y 26-Mar-011118 Magan Industries Limited (formerly,

Shekawat Industries Limited) Y 24-Jul-001119 Magnum Ltd. Y 26-Feb-011120 Maha Rashtra Apex Corporation Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*1121 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) Y 31-May-991122 Maharashtra Scooters Limited Y 26-Jun-001123 Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001124 Mahavir Impex Limited Y 30-Oct-001125 Mahavir Spinning Mills Limited Y 24-Jul-001126 Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M & M) ## 31-May-991127 Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited (MUSCO) Y 24-Jul-001128 Maikaal Fibres Limited Y 26-Mar-011129 Majestic Auto Limited Y 28-Aug-001130 Makers Laboratories Limited ## 26-Jun-001131 Malar Hospitals Limited Y 30-Oct-001132 Mallcom (India) Limited Y 26-Mar-01*1133 Malvika Steel Ltd Y 26-Jun-001134 Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Limited Y 28-Aug-001135 Managalore Refinery & Petrochemicals lTD. (MRPL) Y 31-May-991136 Manali Petrochemical Limited Y 8-May-001137 Mangalam Cements Limited Y 26-Jun-001138 Mangalam Timber Products Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1139 Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited Y 25-Sep-001140 Mangalya Soft-Tech Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*1141 Manna Glass Tech Industries Limited 25-Sep-001142 Manphool Exports Limited Y 26-Feb-011143 Mantra Online Ltd (formerly, Shubh

Automobiles Ltd). Y 29-Jan-01*1144 Manugraph Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001145 Maral Overseas Limited Y 21-Mar-001146 Mardia Chemicals Limited Y 30-Oct-001147 Marico Industries Limited Y 29-Nov-991148 Marudhar Food & Credit Limited Y 26-Feb-011149 Maruti Securities Limited 26-Feb-01*1150 Mascon Global Limited Y 8-May-001151 Mascot Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-001152 Mastek Limited Y 26-Jun-00

1153 Master.Com Software Limited Y @@1154 Mathew Easow Research Securities Limited Y 30-Oct-001155 Matsushita Television and Audio India Limited Y 28-Aug-001156 Max India Limited Y 21-Mar-001157 Maximaa Systems Limited Y @@1158 Mayo Hospitals Limited Y 26-Mar-011159 McDowell & Company Limited Y 17-Jan-001160 Mcnally Bharat Engineering Company Limited Y 24-Jul-001161 MCS Limited Y 24-Jul-001162 Medhawi Traders Limited Y 26-Feb-011163 Media Video Limited Y 8-May-001164 Medicamen Biotech Ltd Y 26-Feb-011165 Medicorp Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-001166 Mediline Equipments & Computer Systems (I) Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001167 Medinova Diagnostics Services Limited Y 29-Jan-011168 Mefcom Agro Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1169 Mefcom Capital Markets Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1170 Mega Channel Computers Limited Y 24-Jul-001171 Mega Corporation Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1172 Melstar Information Technologies Limited Y 26-Jun-001173 Mercator Lines Limited Y @@1174 Mercury Forging & Casting Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1175 Metalman Industries Ltd. Y 27-Nov-00*1176 Metrochem Industries Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1177 Micro Technologies (I) Limited Y 28-Aug-001178 Microcity (India) Limited Y @@1179 Microcon International Limited 30-Oct-001180 Mid India Industries Ltd. Y 26-Feb-011181 Mid-day Multimedia Limited Y @@1182 Midpoint Software & Electro Systems Ltd Y 30-Oct-001183 Millennium Infocom Technologies Limited Y 8-May-001184 Milton Plastics Limited Y 26-Jun-001185 Mindteck India Limited

(formerly, Hinditron Informatics Limited) Y 28-Aug-001186 Mini Soft Limited Y 8-May-001187 Minolta Finance Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*1188 Mirc Electronics Limited Y 24-Jul-001189 Mirza Tanners Limited Y 28-Aug-001190 Mobile Telecommunications Limited Y 30-Oct-001191 Model Financial Corporation Limited Y 24-Jul-001192 Modern Dairies Limited Y 29-Jan-011193 Modern Home Credit And Capital Limited Y 24-Jul-001194 Modi Rubber Limited Y 24-Jul-001195 Modiluft Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001196 Modipon Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*1197 Moh Ltd (formerly, Moh Granites Limited) Y 24-Jul-001198 Mohit Paper Mills Limited Y 26-Feb-011199 Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd

(formerly, Mold-Tek Plastics Ltd) ## 25-Sep-001200 Monalisa Infotech Ltd

(formerly, Monalisa Multiplast Ltd) Y 8-May-001201 Monotona Exports Limited Y 25-Sep-001202 Monsanto Chemicals of India Limited Y 28-Aug-001203 Montari Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-011204 Moon Drugs Ltd. Y 26-Mar-011205 Morarjee Gokuldas Spinning & Weaving Co.Ltd. Y 8-May-001206 Morarka Finance Limited Y 29-Nov-991207 Morepen Hotels Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1208 Morepen Laboratories Limited Y 29-Nov-991209 Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund Y 29-Nov-991210 Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd Y @@1211 Moser Baer India Limited ## 29-Nov-991212 Motherson Sumi Systems Limited ## 28-Aug-001213 Motor Industries Company Ltd (MICO) Y 26-Jun-001214 Motorol Enterprises Limited

(formerly Rinki Petro Chemicals Ltd). Y 25-Sep-001215 Motorol Speciality Oils Ltd Y 25-Sep-001216 Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited Y 30-Oct-001217 Mount Shivalik Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1218 Movilex Irrigation limited ## 24-Jul-001219 Moving Picture Company (India) Limited Y @@1220 MRF Limited Y 17-Jan-001221 MRO - TEK Limited Y 24-Jul-001222 MTZ Industries Ltd (formerly, MTZ (India) Ltd) Y 28-Aug-001223 MTZ Polyesters Limited Y 28-Aug-001224 Mudra Ispat Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1225 Mukand Engineers Limited ## 24-Jul-001226 Mukand Limited Y 26-Jun-001227 Mukesh Babu Financial Services Limited Y 25-Sep-001228 Mukta Arts Limited Y @@1229 Mukunda Industrial Finance Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1230 Multi Arc India Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1231 Multiplus Resources Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1232 Munjal Showa Limited Y 28-Aug-001233 Murli Agro Products Limited Y 30-Oct-001234 Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd Y 26-Feb-011235 Musk Exports Marketing Limited Y 25-Sep-001236 My Fair Lady Limited Y 26-Feb-011237 Mysore Cements Limited ## 24-Jul-001238 Mysore Petrochemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001239 N K Industries Ltd 26-Dec-00*1240 Nachmo Knitex Ltd. Y 29-Jan-011241 Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*1242 Nagarjuna Drugs Limited Y 29-Jan-01

1243 Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. (NFCL) Y 28-Aug-001244 Nagarjuna Institute Of Software Technology

Limited (formerly, Nagarjuna Granites Limited) Y 26-Feb-011245 Nagpur Foundries Limited Y 24-Jul-001246 Nagreeka Exports Limited Y 28-Aug-001247 Nahar Exports Limited Y 8-May-001248 Nahar Industrial Enterprises Limited Y 26-Jun-001249 Nahar International Limited Y 26-Jun-001250 Nahar Spinning Mills Limited Y 21-Mar-001251 Nahar Sugar & Allied Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001252 Narmada Cements Company Limited Y 8-May-001253 Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1254 Natco Pharma Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*1255 Nath Pulp & Paper Mills Limited Y 30-Oct-001256 Nath Seeds Limited Y 25-Sep-001257 National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) Y 31-May-991258 National Flask Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001259 National Organic Chemical Ind. Ltd. (NOCIL) Y 31-May-991260 National Plywood Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1261 National Steel Industries Limited ## 25-Sep-001262 Natural Capsules Limited Y 30-Oct-001263 Nava Bharat Ferro Alloys Limited Y 24-Jul-001264 Navneet Publications (India) Limited ## 29-Nov-991265 NCC Finance Ltd Y 25-Sep-001266 NCJ International Ltd. Y 25-Sep-001267 NDA Securities Limited Y 30-Oct-001268 Nectar Biotech Limited Y @@1269 Nedungadi Bank Limited Y 28-Aug-001270 Neeraj Consultants Limited Y 25-Sep-001271 Neil Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1272 NELCO Limited ## 28-Aug-001273 Neocure Therapeutics Limited Y 30-Oct-001274 NEPC Agro Foods Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001275 NEPC India Ltd (formerly, NEPC Micon Ltd) Y 30-Oct-001276 NEPC Paper & Board Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1277 NEPC Textiles Ltd Y 26-Feb 011278 Nestle India Limited ## 31-May-991279 Netlogic Technologies Limited Y @@1280 Netripples.com Software Limited Y @@1281 Netvista Information Technology Limited

(formerly, Kraft Industries Ltd) Y 29-Nov-991282 Network Limited Y 30-Oct-001283 Neuland Laboratories Limited Y 24-Jul-001284 New India Sugar Mills Limited Y 26-Mar-01*1285 New Mount Trading & Investment Company Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1286 Newgen Software Technologies Limited Y @@1287 Nexcen Softech Limited Y 8-May-001288 Nexus Software Limited Y 25-Sep-001289 Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001290 Nicco Corporation Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1291 Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Limited Y 26-Feb-011292 Nicholas Piramal India Limited Y 17-Jan-001293 NIIT Limited ## 31-May-991294 Nijjer Agro Foods Limited Y 30-Oct-001295 Nikki Global Finance Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1296 Nilkamal Plastics Limited ## 21-Mar-001297 Nimbus Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-001298 Nirav Commercials Limited Y 25-Sep-001299 Nirlon Limited Y 24-Jul-001300 Nirma Ltd (formerly, Nirma Chemical Works Ltd) Y 21-Mar-001301 Nishel Investment & Trading Company Limited Y 26-Mar-011302 Norben Tea & Exports Limited Y 30-Oct-00*1303 Nouveau Multimedia Ltd.

(formerly, NFL Infotech Ltd) Y 8-May-001304 Nova Petrochemicals Limited ## 24-Jul-001305 Novartis India Limited Y 31-May-991306 Novopan Industries Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*1307 NRB Bearings Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1308 Nucent Finance Ltd (formerly, Pressman Ltd) Y 24-Jul-001309 Nuchem Limited Y 8-May-001310 Nucleus Securities Limited Y 25-Sep-001311 Nucleus Software Exports Limited Y 24-Jul-001312 Numero Uno Projects Limited Y 28-Aug-001313 Oasis Cine Communication Ltd

(formerly, Oasis Exports Ltd) Y 26-Feb-01*1314 Oasis Infotech Limited Y @@1315 Oasis Securities Limited Y 26-Mar-011316 Oceana Software Solutions Limited Y 24-Jul-001317 Ocl India Ltd. ## 28-Aug-001318 Octagon Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-001319 Octagon Technology Limited Y 30-Oct-001320 Octal Credit Capital Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1321 Odissi Securities Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*1322 Odyssey Technologies Limited ## 8-May-001323 Odyssey Video Communications Limited ## 8-May-001324 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Y 21-Mar-001325 Oil Country Tubular Limited Y 28-Aug-001326 Ojas Technochem Products Limited Y 25-Sep-001327 OK Play India Limited Y 25-Sep-001328 Olympia Capitals Ltd Y 26-Feb-011329 Om Udyog Ltd. 29-Jan-01*1330 Omax Autos Limited 25-Sep-001331 Omega Interactive Technologies Limited ## 8-May-001332 Omkar Pharmachem Ltd. 27-Nov-00*

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

1333 Omni Ax’s Software Limited Y 24-Jul-001334 Omni Dye-Chem Exports Ltd Y 27-Nov-001335 Onida Finance Limited Y 8-May-001336 Onida Savak Ltd Y 26-Mar-011337 Online Media Solutions Limited Y @@1338 Ontrack Systems Limited Y @@1339 Onward Technologies Limited Y 21-Mar-001340 Optel Telecommunications Limited Y 30-Oct-001341 Opto Circuits (India) Ltd Y @@1342 Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited ## 29-Nov-991343 Orient Information Technology Limited Y 24-Jul-001344 Orient Paper & Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001345 Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) Y 31-May-991346 Oriental Containers Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001347 Oriental Hotels Ltd. Y 25-Sep-001348 Orpine Systems Limited Y @@1349 Ortin Laboratories Limited Y 26-Feb-011350 Oswal Agro Mills Limited Y 31-May-991351 Oswal Chemicals & Fertilisers Limited Y 26-Jun-001352 Otco International Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1353 OTIS Elevator Company (India) Limited Y 21-Mar-001354 Otoklin Plants & Equipments Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1355 Oudh Sugar Mills Limited ## 8-May-001356 Overseas Capital Ltd Y 30-Oct-001357 Pacific Cotspin Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1358 Padmalaya Telefilms Limited Y 24-Jul-001359 Padmini Technologies Ltd (formerly,

Padmini Polymers Limited) Y 28-Aug-001360 Pal Credit & Capital Limited Y 30-Oct-001361 Palace Heights Hotels Limited Y 30-Oct-001362 Palsoft Infosystems Ltd formerly Autolite

Capital & Finance Ltd Y 26-Mar-011363 Panacea Biotec Ltd Y 30-Oct-001364 Panama Petrochem Limited Y 26-Mar-011365 Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited Y 25-Sep-001366 Paramount Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-001367 Paras Petrofils Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*1368 Paras Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 24-Jul-001369 Parekh Platinum Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001370 Pariwar Finance & Investment (I) Ltd 26-Dec-00*1371 Parke Davis (India) Limited Y 17-Jan-001372 Parker Agrochem Exports Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1373 Parrys Confectionery Limited Y 26-Jun-001374 Paschim Petrochem Limited Y 24-Jul-001375 Pasupati Acrylon Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1376 Pasupati Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd Y 26-Feb-011377 Patel Engineering Limited ## 24-Jul-001378 Patel On-Board Couriers Limited Y 29-Jan-011379 Patels Airtemp (India) Ltd. Y 29-Jan-011380 PCI Papers Ltd. Y 26-Mar-011381 PCS Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-001382 Peacock Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001383 Pearl Engineering Polymers Limited Y 28-Aug-001384 Pearl Global Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1385 Pearl Polymers Limited Y 28-Aug-001386 Pennar Aluminium Company Limited Y 30-Oct-001387 Pennar Aqua Exports Limited Y 26-Feb-011388 Pennar Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001389 Pennar Profiles Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1390 Penta Pharmadyes Limited Y @@1391 Pentagon Global Solutions Limited Y 24-Jul-001392 Pentamedia Graphics Limited

(formerly, Pentafour Software & Exports Ltd) Y 29-Nov-991393 Pentasoft Technologies Limited

(formerly, Pentafour Communications Limited) Y 31-May-991394 Pentium Infotech Limited

(formerly, Pentium Mercantile Ltd) Y 8-May-001395 Petron Engineering Construction Limited Y 26-Jun-001396 Pfizer Limited ## 31-May-991397 Phil Corporation Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001398 Philips India Limited Y 29-Nov-991399 Phoenix International Limited Y 28-Aug-001400 Phoenix Lamps India Ltd Y 25-Sep-001401 Phoenix Mills Limited Y 8-May-001402 Photoquip India Limited Y 25-Sep-001403 Phyto Chem (India) Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1404 Pidilite Industries Limited ## 26-Jun-001405 Pilani Investment & Industries Corporation Ltd. Y 26-Feb-011406 Pinnacle Trades & Investments Limited Y 30-Oct-001407 Pioneer Embroideries Limited Y 29-Jan-011408 Pioneer Technoparks Ltd (formerly,

Mansukhbhai Financial Services Ltd) Y 26-Feb-011409 Pittie Finance Limited Y 8-May-001410 Pix Transmissions Limited Y 26-Feb-011411 Plastiblends India Limited Y @@1412 PNB Gilts Limited Y 28-Aug-001413 PNC Capital Trust Limited Y 26-Feb-011414 Poddar Pigments Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1415 Polar Industries Ltd 29-Jan-01*1416 Polaris Software Lab Limited Y 26-Jun-001417 Polo Hotels Limited Y 26-Feb-011418 Polychem Ltd Y 25-Sep-001419 Polycon International Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1420 Polymechplast Machines Limited Y 29-Jan-01

1421 Polyplex Corporation Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1422 Porritts & Spencer (Asia) Limited Y 26-Feb-011423 Pradeep Metals Limited Y 24-Jul-001424 Pragnya Software Systems Limited Y 30-Oct-001425 Praj Industries Limited Y 21-Mar-001426 Pratik Panels Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1427 Precision Electronics Limited Y 26-Feb-011428 Precision Fastners Limited Y 28-Aug-001429 Precot Mills Limited ## 26-Jun-001430 Premier Auto Electric Limited Y 24-Jul-001431 Premier Explosives Limited Y 25-Sep-00]1432 Premier Instruments & Controls Ltd.(PRICOL) ## 28-Aug-001433 Prime Securities Limited Y 28-Aug-001434 Prime Softex Limited 26-Dec-00*1435 Principal Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Limited Y 25-Sep-001436 Prism Cement Limited Y 31-May-991437 Pritish Nandy Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-001438 Priyadarshini Cement Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1439 Procal Electronics India Limited

(formerly, Pan Electronics Ltd) Y 25-Sep-001440 Procter & Gamble (India) Ltd.(P & G) Y 31-May-991441 Prosoft Systems Limited Y 30-Oct-001442 Prudential ICICI AMC - ICICI Premier Scheme ## 28-Aug-001443 Prudential ICICI AMC Ltd - ICICI Power Scheme Y @@1444 Prudential Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 30-Oct-00*1445 PSI Data Systems Limited Y 21-Mar-001446 PSL Holdings Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1447 PSM Spinning Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1448 Pudumjee Agro Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-011449 Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills Limited Y 28-Aug-001450 Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001451 Punjab Anand Lamp Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001452 Punjab Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 28-Aug-001453 Punjab Communications Limited Y 28-Aug-001454 Punjab Tractors Limited ## 17-Jan-001455 Punsumi India Limited Y 26-Feb-011456 PVD Plast Mould Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-011457 Pyxis Technology Solutions Limited Y @@1458 Quantum Digital Vision (India) Ltd

(formerly, Quantum Industries (India) Ltd) Y 29-Jan-01*1459 Quantum Softech Limited Y 24-Jul-001460 R K Ispat Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1461 R M Mohite Textiles Limited Y 25-Sep-001462 R S Software India Limited Y 28-Aug-001463 Raajratna Metal Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001464 Radhika Spinning Mills Limited Y 30-Oct-001465 Radiant Financial Services Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1466 Radiant Software Limited Y @@1467 Radico Khaitan Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1468 Raghunath International Ltd Y 30-Oct-001469 Rain Calcining Limited ## 8-May-001470 Raipur Alloys & Steel Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1471 Rajasthan Polyesters Limited ## 26-Feb-01*1472 Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited Y 26-Jun-001473 Rajesh Exports Limited Y 8-May-001474 Rajesh Global Solutions Limited Y 24-Jul-001475 Rajeswari Graphics Limited Y 30-Oct-001476 Rajnish Enterprises Limited Y 26-Feb-011477 Rajpurohit GMP India Limited Y @@1478 Rajratan Synthetics Limited 25-Sep-001479 Rajshree Sugar & Chemicals Limited Y 26-Feb-011480 Rallis India Limited ## 24-Jul-001481 Ram Informatics Limited Y 24-Jul-001482 Rama Newsprint and Papers Limited Y 28-Aug-001483 Rama Petrochemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001484 Rama Phosphates Limited Y 24-Jul-001485 Rama Vision Ltd ## 25-Sep-001486 Ramco Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-001487 Rana Sugars Ltd Y 30-Oct-001488 Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited ## 31-May-991489 Rane (Madras) Limited Y 26-Jun-001490 Rane Brake Lining Limited Y 24-Jul-001491 Rane Engine Valves Limited Y 26-Jun-001492 Range Apparels Limited Y 30-Oct-00*1493 Ransi Softwares India Limited Y 8-May-001494 Ras Propack Lamipack Limited Y 28-Aug-001495 Rathi Udyog Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1496 Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1497 Raunaq Automotive Components Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1498 Raymond Ltd (formerly, Raymond Woollen Mills Ltd)## 29-Nov-991499 RCF Ltd (formerly, Rashtriya Chemicals

& Fertilisers Ltd) Y 8-May-001500 RCS Financial Technology Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1501 Real Strips Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*1502 Reckitt & Colman India Limited ## 31-May-991503 Recron Synthetics Limited (formerly Raymond

Synthetics Limited Y 28-Aug-001504 Recursion Software Limited Y 25-Sep-001505 Refnol Resins & Chemicals Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1506 Regency Ceramics Ltd. Y 29-Jan-011507 Regency Leasing Limited\ Y 26-Dec-00*1508 REI Agro Limited ## 25-Sep-001509 Relaxo Footwears Limited ## 8-May-001510 Reliable Plastics Limited Y 26-Feb-01

1511 Reliance Capital Ltd. ## 31-May-991512 Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd. Y 21-Mar-001513 Reliance Industries Ltd.(RIL) ## 31-May-991514 Reliance Petroleum Ltd.(RPL) ## 31-May-991515 Relish Pharmaceuticals Ltd 26-Feb-01*1516 Remsons Industries Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1517 REPL Engineering Limited Y 30-Oct-001518 Repro India Limited Y 24-Jul-001519 Response Informatics Limited Y @@1520 Revathi -CP Equipment Limited ## 28-Aug-001521 Rhone Poulenc (India) Limited Y 29-Nov-991522 Richfield Financial Services Ltd Y 26-Feb-011523 Richirich Agro Limited Y 29-Jan-011524 RICO Auto Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001525 Ricoh India Limited Y 28-Aug-001526 Rider Electronics Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*1527 RLF Limited 29-Jan-01*1528 Rollatainers Limited Y 26-Jun-001529 Rolta India Limited Y 29-Nov-991530 Roofit Industries Limited ## 26-Jun-001531 Roopa Industries Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1532 Rose Merc Limited @@1533 Roselabs Finance Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1534 Roselabs Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1535 Royal Cushion Vinyl Products Limited Y 25-Sep-001536 Royal Finance Limited @@1537 Royal Infosys Ltd (formerly Demisha Builders Ltd Y 26-Feb-011538 Royale Manor Hotels & Industries Ltd Y 30-Oct-001539 RPG Cables Limited Y 26-Jun-001540 RPG Life Sciences Ltd (formerly, Searle India Ltd) ## 21-Mar-001541 RPG Transmission Ltd (formerly, SAE India Ltd) Y 28-Aug-001542 RTS Power Corporation Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1543 Ruchi Soya Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001544 Rungta Irrigations Limited Y 26-Feb-011545 Rupa & Company Limited Y 26-Feb-011546 Rupangi Impex Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1547 S B & T International Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1548 S B International Ltd

(formerly, Sarda Brothers Ltd) Y @@1549 S E Investments Limited Y 26-Feb-011550 S Kumars Nationwide Ltd

(formerly, S. Kumars Synfabs Ltd) Y 26-Jun-001551 S M Telesys Limited (formerly, S M

Electronics & Services Limited) Y 26-Dec-00*1552 S R Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-011553 S&S Power Switchgears Ltd Y 25-Sep-001554 S.Kumars.Com Limited Y 24-Jul-001555 Saarc Net Ltd. Y 8-May-001556 Sab Nife Power Systems Limited Y 28-Aug-001557 Sabero Organics Gujarat Limited Y 8-May-001558 Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1559 Sagar Cements Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1560 Sagar International Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1561 Sagarsoft (India) Limited Y 24-Jul-001562 Sai Service Station Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*1563 Sai Television Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*1564 Sainik Finance & Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1565 Saket Projects Ltd Y 26-Feb-011566 Sakthi Sugars Limited Y 28-Aug-001567 Salguti Plastics Limited Y 25-Sep-001568 Salora International Limited Y 28-Aug-001569 Samarth International Finlease Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1570 Sameera Infotainment Limited Y @@1571 Samkrg Pistons & Rings Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1572 Sampre Nutritions Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1573 Samtel Color Limited Y 26-Jun-001574 San Media Limited Y @@1575 Sandvik Asia Limited Y 28-Aug-001576 Sangam (India) Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1577 Sanghi Industries Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1578 Sanghi Polysters Limited Y 8-May-001579 Sanghvi Movers Limited ## 28-Aug-001580 Sankhya Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-001581 Sanmar Properties & Investments Ltd Y @@1582 Santosh Industries Limited 26-Dec-00*1583 Sanvan Software Limited Y 8-May-001584 Sanyo Impex Limited Y 28-Aug-001585 Sarda Information Technology Ltd

(formerly, Sarda Fashions Ltd) Y 26-Mar-01]1586 Saregama India Ltd (formerly, The

Gramophone Company of India Ltd - HMV) Y 24-Jul-001587 Sarita Software & Industries Limited

(Formerly, Sri Sarita Synthetics & Industries Ltd) Y 30-Oct-001588 Sark Systems India Limited Y 24-Jul-001589 Saroh Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-001590 Sarvodaya Labs Limited Y 28-Aug-001591 Satellite Engineering Ltd Y 26-Feb-011592 Sathavahana Ispat Limited Y 26-Feb-011593 Satin Creditcare Network Limited

(formerly, Satin Leasing & Finance Limited) Y 29-Jan-01*1594 Satnam Overseas Limited Y 28-Aug-001595 Satyam Computers Services Limited (Sify) Y 31-May-991596 Saurashtra Cement Limited Y 8-May-001597 Saven Technologies Limited Y @@

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

1598 Saw Pipes Limited ## 26-Jun-001599 Sawaca Business Machines Limited Y 8-May-001600 Sawaca Communications Limited Y 8-May-001601 Sayaji Hotels Ltd Y 26-Feb-011602 SBI Home Finance Ltd Y 30-Oct-001603 Scanpoint Graphics Limited Y 30-Oct-001604 Schablona India Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1605 Schenectady - Beck India Ltd

(formerly, Dr. Beck & Co. Ltd) Y 28-Aug-001606 Schlafhorst Engineering (India) Limited Y 25-Sep-001607 Scintilla Software Technologies Limited Y 30-Oct-001608 Search Chem Industries Limited Y 28-Aug-001609 Sekurit Saint-Gobain India Limited Y 24-Jul-001610 Selan Exploration Technology Limited Y 25-Sep-001611 Selvas Photographics Limited Y 30-Oct-001612 Sesa Goa Limited Y 31-May-991613 Seshasayee Paper & Boards Limited Y 24-Jul-001614 SGN Telecoms Ltd

(formerly, SGN Cable Industries Ltd) Y 26-Feb-011615 Shalibhadra Infosec Ltd. Y 8-May-001616 Shambhu Mercantile Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1617 Shamken Multifab Limited Y 26-Mar-011618 Shamken Spinners Ltd Y 26-Feb-011619 Shanthi Gears Ltd 26-Mar-01*1620 Shapre Global Services Limited Y 24-Jul-001621 Shardaraj Tradefin Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1622 Sharon Pharma Chem Limited Y 24-Jul-001623 Sharp Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001624 Shasun Chemicals & Drugs Limited Y 24-Jul-001625 Shaw Wallace & Company Limited Y 24-Jul-001626 Shaw Wallace Gelatines Limited Y 28-Aug-001627 Sheetal Securities Finance Limited @@1628 Shetron Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1629 Shikhar Consultants Ltd Y 25-Sep-001630 Shilp Gravures Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1631 Shimoga Technologies Limited

(formerly, Shimoga Forge Limited) 27-Nov-00*1632 Shine Computech Limited Y 25-Sep-001633 Shivgarh Resorts Limited Y 24-Jul-001634 Shiv-Vani Universal Limited ## 25-Sep-001635 Shree Ajit Pulp & Paper Limited Y 26-Feb-011636 Shree Cements Limited Y 29-Nov-991637 Shree Digvijay Cement Company Limited Y 26-Jun-001638 Shree Rama Multi-Tech Limited Y 26-Jun-001639 Shree Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1640 Shree Shubhlabh Infoline.Com Limited 25-Sep-001641 Shree Synthetics Limited Y 30-Oct-001642 Shreeji Phosphate Ltd

(formerly, Satyam Cement Ltd) Y 30-Oct-001643 Shrenuj & Company Limited Y 28-Aug-001644 Shreyans Industries Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1645 Shreyas Shipping Ltd Y 26-Feb-011646 Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*1647 Shri Ganesh Spinners Limited Y 30-Oct-001648 Shri MM Softek Limited Y 8-May-001649 Shri Niranjan Ayurved Bhawan Limited Y 30-Oct-001650 Shri Shakti LPG Limited Y 28-Aug-001651 Shriram City Union Finance Limited Y 24-Jul-001652 Shriram Investments Limited Y 24-Jul-001653 Shriram Transport Finance Limited Y 24-Jul-001654 Shriyam Securities & Finance Limited Y 24-Jul-001655 Shyam Software Limited Y 8-May-001656 Shyam Star Gems Limited Y 24-Jul-001657 Shyam Telecom Limited Y 24-Jul-001658 Sibar Autoparts Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1659 Sibar Media & Entertainment Limited Y 28-Aug-001660 Sibar Software Services (India) Ltd Y 24-Jul-001661 Siddharth Tubes Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1662 SIEL Limited Y @@1663 Siemens Limited Y 29-Nov-991664 Sierra Optima Limited Y 28-Aug-001665 Silicon Valley Infotech Limited ## 8-May-001666 Silktex Limited Y 30-Oct-001667 Siltap Chemicals Limited Y 8-May-001668 Silverline Industries Limited Y 29-Nov-991669 Silversmith India Limited Y 26-Feb-011670 Simplex Concrete Piles (India) Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1671 Sinclairs Hotels & Transportation Limited Y 24-Jul-001672 Singer India Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1673 Singhal Overseas Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1674 Sintex Industries Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1675 SIP Industries Limited ## 8-May-001676 SIP Technologies & Exports Limited Y 24-Jul-001677 Siris Soft Limited Y @@1678 SIV Industries Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001679 Siyaram Silk Mills Limited ## 24-Jul-001680 SKF Bearings India Limited Y 21-Mar-001681 SKG Consolidated Ltd

(formerly, Shree Krishna Gyanoday Sugar Ltd) Y @@1682 SKP Securities Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1683 Sky Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-011684 Skylid Telecommunication Limited

(formerly, Broadview Credit & Capital Limited) Y 30-Oct-001685 Skyline NEPC Limited Y 26-Feb-01

1686 SM Dyechem Limited Y 24-Jul-001687 SMC Global Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-011688 SMIFS Capital Markets Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1689 Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd. ## 31-May-991690 Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Limited ## 29-Nov-991691 Snowcem India Limited Y 24-Jul-001692 Soffia Software Limited Y 24-Jul-001693 Softpro Systems Limited Y 28-Aug-001694 SoftSol India Ltd Y 24-Jul-001695 Software Technology Group International

Limited (STG International) Y 24-Jul-001696 Solid Carbide Tools Limited Y 26-Feb-011697 Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001698 Som Distilleries & Breweries Limited Y 26-Feb-011699 Soma Textiles & Industries Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1700 Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited Y 28-Aug-001701 Sonata Software Limited ## 21-Mar-001702 Soni Infosys Ltd (formerly, Sony Corp India Ltd) Y 8-May-001703 Soni Softech Limited Y @@1704 Soundcraft Industries Limited Y 21-Mar-001705 South Asian Enterprises Limited Y 24-Jul-001706 South East Asia Marine Engineering &

Construction Ltd. (formerly, PeerlessShipping & Oilfield Services Ltd). ## 28-Aug-00

1707 South India Corporation (Agencies) Limited Y 25-Sep-001708 Southern Herbals Ltd Y 26-Feb-011709 Southern Infosys Ltd. Y 8-May-001710 Southern Iron & Steel Company Ltd Y 30-Oct-001711 Southern Ispat Limited Y @@1712 Southern Online Services Limited Y 24-Jul-001713 Southern Petrochemicals Indl. Corpn Ltd.(SPIC) ## 31-May-991714 Space Computer And Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-001715 Spanco Telesystems & Solutions Limited Y 24-Jul-001716 Sparc Systems Limited Y 30-Oct-001717 Spectra Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-001718 Spectrum Foods Limited 26-Dec-00*1719 SPEL Semiconductor Limited

(formerly, SPIC Electronic and System Limited) Y 21-Mar-001720 Spenta International Limited Y @@1721 Spentex Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*1722 SPL Infoweb Ltd (formerly, Sheth Plastomers Ltd) Y @@1723 SPL Limited Y 28-Aug-001724 Sprint RPG India Limited Y @@1725 SPS International Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001726 SPT Securities Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1727 SQL Star International Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001728 Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chem. Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001729 Srei International Finance Limited Y 24-Jul-001730 SRF Limited ## 26-Jun-001731 SRG Infotec Limited ## 26-Jun-001732 Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Ltd. Y 29-Nov-991733 Sri Chakra Remedies Limited Y 30-Oct-001734 Sri Vishnu Cement Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001735 Srico Software India Limited Y 24-Jul-001736 Sriven Multi-tech Limited Y 8-May-001737 SRU Knitters Limited Y 26-Feb-011738 SSI Limited Y 17-Jan-001739 Standard Industries Limited ## 8-May-001740 Star Paper Mills Ltd. Y 25-Sep-001741 Starlite Components Limited Y 30-Oct-001742 State Bank of India (SBI) Y 31-May-991743 Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) ## 31-May-991744 Steel Tubes of India Limited Y 24-Jul-001745 Steelco Gujarat Limited Y 30-Oct-001746 Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001747 Sterling Tea & Industries Ltd Y 26-Feb-011748 Sterling Tools Limited Y 26-Jun-001749 Sterlite Industries (India) Limited Y 31-May-991750 Sterlite Optical Technologies Limited Y @@1751 STI India Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1752 STL Exports Ltd Y 30-Oct-001753 Stone India Limited Y 26-Feb-011754 Stresscrete India Limited Y 30-Oct-001755 Strides Arcolab Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1756 Suashish Diamonds Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1757 Subex Systems Limited ## 24-Jul-001758 Subhash Projects & Marketing limited Y 24-Jul-001759 Subros Limited Y 28-Aug-001760 Suchinfotech Limited Y 24-Jul-001761 Sudha Commercial Company Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1762 Sulzer India Ltd Y 26-Feb-011763 Suman Motels Limited Y 24-Jul-001764 Sumedha Fiscal Services Limited Y 30-Oct-001765 Sumeru Leasing & Finance Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1766 Sun Beam Infotech Limited ## 8-May-001767 Sun Earth Ceramics Limited Y 26-Jun-001768 Sun Infoways Limited Y @@1769 Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ## 29-Nov-991770 Sundaram Clayton Limited ## 29-Nov-991771 Sundaram Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-001772 Sundram Fasteners Limited Y 21-Mar-001773 Sunehari Exports Limited Y 25-Sep-001774 Sunflag Iron & Steel Company Limited Y 26-Jun-001775 Sunku Auto Limited Y 25-Sep-00

1776 Sunstar Lubricants Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1777 Sunstar Software Systems Ltd. Y 8-May-001778 Super Bakers (India) Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1779 Super Forgings And Steels Limited Y 26-Feb-011780 Super Sales Agencies Ltd Y 26-Feb-011781 Super Spinning Mills Ltd Y 29-Jan-011782 Superhouse Leathers Limited

(formerly, Aminsons Limited) Y 26-Mar-011783 Superprecise Medisys & Softech Ltd Y @@1784 Superstar Leafin Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1785 Supertex Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-001786 Suprajit Engineering Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1787 Supreme Petrochem Limited Y 24-Jul-001788 Su-raj Diamonds (India) Limited Y 28-Aug-001789 Surana Strips Limited Y 30-Oct-001790 Surana Telecom Limited Y 8-May-001791 Surat Electricity Company Limited Y 28-Aug-001792 Surat Textile Mills Limited Y 8-May-001793 Surya Agroils Ltd Y 26-Feb-011794 Surya Roshni Limited Y 26-Jun-001795 Suryajyoti Spinning Mills Limited Y 26-Feb-011796 Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1797 Suryalata Spinning Mills Limited Y 29-Jan-011798 Suryanagri Finlease Ltd Y 26-Feb-011799 Suryavanshi Spinning Mills Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1800 Suryodaya Plastics Ltd Y 30-Oct-001801 Sutlej Industries Ltd

(formerly, Sutlej Cotton Mills Ltd) Y 26-Dec-00*1802 Suven Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 28-Aug-001803 Svam Software Limited Y 30-Oct-001804 SVC Superchem Limited Y 24-Jul-001805 Swal Computers Limited Y 24-Jul-001806 Swaraj Engines Limited Y 21-Mar-001807 Swaraj Mazda Limited Y 28-Aug-001808 Swastik Vinayaka Synthetics Limited Y 28-Aug-001809 SWIL Limited Y 28-Aug-001810 Swojas Energy Foods Limited Y 28-Aug-001811 Sword & Shield Pharma Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1812 Syndicate Bank Y 26-Jun-001813 Synergy Log-in Systems Limited Y 8-May-001814 Synfosys Business Solutions Limited Y @@1815 Syngenta India Limited Y @@1816 Systematix Corporate Services Limited Y 25-Sep-001817 T & I Global Ltd Y 26-Feb-011818 Tabassum International Limited Y @@1819 Tai Chonbang Textile Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1820 Tainwala Chemical & Plastics (India) Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1821 Taj GVK Hotels & Resorts Limited Y @@1822 Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) Y 8-May-001823 Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited Y 29-Nov-991824 Tanfac Industries Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1825 Tanlaw Solutions Limited Y 27-Nov-00*1826 Tanu Healthcare Limited

(formerly, Shreeji Analytical Lab Ltd) Y 26-Jun-001827 Tata Advanced Materials Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1828 Tata Chemicals Limited Y 31-May-991829 Tata Coffee Ltd (formerly,Consolidated

Coffee Ltd & formerly Asian Coffee Ltd.) Y 25-Sep-001830 Tata Elxsi Limited Y 29-Nov-991831 Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd (TELCO) Y 31-May-991832 Tata Finance Limited Y 26-Jun-001833 Tata Honeywell Ltd. Y 28-Aug-001834 Tata Hydro Electric Power Supply Co. Limited Y 21-Mar-001835 Tata Infomedia Ltd (formerly, Tata Donnelley Ltd) Y 24-Jul-001836 Tata Infotech Limited Y 29-Nov-991837 Tata Investment Corporation Limited ## 24-Jul-001838 Tata Metaliks Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1839 Tata Sponge Iron Limited ## 28-Aug-001840 Tata SSL Ltd (formerly, Special Steels Ltd) ## 8-May-001841 Tata Tea Limited ## 31-May-991842 Tata Telecom Limited Y 28-Aug-001843 TCI Finance Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1844 TCI Industries Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001845 TCP Limited Y @@1846 Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd. Y 26-Feb-011847 Techtran Polylenses Limited Y 30-Oct-001848 Tej Infoways Limited (formerly, Sitco Fine

Pharmaceuticals Ltd) Y 26-Dec-00*1849 Tele Data Informatics Limited Y 24-Jul-001850 Telephoto Entertainments Limited Y 24-Jul-001851 Telesys Software Limited Y 25-Sep-001852 Television Eighteen India Limited (TV18) Y 26-Jun-001853 Tera Software Limited Y @@1854 Terrygold (India) Ltd. Y 30-Oct-001855 Texmaco Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1856 Textool Company Limited ## 28-Aug-001857 Tezpore Tea Company Limited Y 26-Feb-011858 The Ahmedabad Electricity Co. Limited Y 21-Mar-001859 The Andhra Petrochemicals Limited Y 30-Oct-001860 The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited Y 28-Aug-001861 The Andhra Sugars Ltd Y 30-Oct-001862 The Andhra Valley Power Supply Co. Limited Y 21-Mar-001863 The Antifriction Bearings Corporation Limited Y 24-Jul-001864 The Arvind Mills Limited ## 31-May-99

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Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

Sr.No. Company Name Available Compulsoryfor Demat Retail

1865 The Assam Company Limited ## 24-Jul-001866 The Associated Cement Companies Ltd. (ACC) ## 31-May-991867 The Bishnauth Tea Company Limited ## 21-Mar-001868 The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd. Y 8-May-001869 The Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co.Ltd. Y 29-Nov-991870 The Champdany Industries Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*]1871 The Dhampur Sugar Mills Limited Y 26-Jun-001872 The Dhar Textile Mills Limited Y 25-Sep-001873 The Federal Bank Limited Y 31-May-991874 The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. Y 26-Jun-001875 The First Custodian Fund (India) Limited Y 30-Oct-001876 The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.(GESCO) Y 31-May-991877 The India Cements Limited Y 29-Nov-991878 The Indian Hotels Company Limited

(Taj Group of Hotels) ## 31-May-991879 The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*1880 The Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Limited Y @@1881 The Industrial Finance Corpn. of India Ltd. (IFCI) Y 31-May-991882 The Karnataka Bank Ltd Y 26-Feb-011883 The Madras Aluminium Company Ltd. (MALCO) Y 28-Aug-001884 The Motor & General Finance Limited (MGF) Y 29-Jan-01*1885 The Paper Products Limited ## 28-Aug-001886 The Phosphate Company Limited Y 26-Feb-011887 The Prag Bosimi Synthetics Limited Y 30-Oct-001888 The Premier Automobiles Limited Y 26-Jun-001889 The Ravalgaon Sugar Farm Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*1890 The Sandesh Limited Y 28-Aug-001891 The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) ## 26-Jun-001892 The Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Limited Y 26-Mar-011893 The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd Y 26-Feb-01*1894 The South Indian Bank Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1895 The Standard Batteries Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1896 The Supreme Industries Limited Y 17-Jan-001897 The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd. (TISCO) ## 31-May-991898 The Tata Power Company Limited Y 31-May-991899 The Tinplate Company Of India Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*1900 The United Western Bank Limited ## 26-Jun-001901 The Vysya Bank Ltd. Y 21-Mar-001902 The West Coast Paper Mills Limited Y 24-Jul-001903 Themis Chemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001904 Thermax Limited Y 31-May-991905 Thermax Systems & Software Limited Y @@1906 Thiru Arooran Sugars Limited Y 21-Mar-001907 Thirumalai Chemicals Limited ## 21-Mar-001908 Thomas Cook (India) Limited Y 17-Jan-00]1909 Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1910 Times Guaranty Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1911 Timex Watches Limited Y 8-May-001912 Timken Limited (formerly, Tata Timken Ltd.) Y 26-Jun-001913 Tinna Overseas Limited Y 29-Jan-011914 Tips Industries Ltd Y @@1915 Titagarh Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001916 Titan Biotech Ltd (formerly, Titan Medicares Ltd) Y 30-Oct-001917 Titan Industries Limited ## 17-Jan-001918 Titanor Components Limited ## 26-Jun-001919 Today’s Writing Products Limited Y 30-Oct-001920 Tolani Bulk Carriers Ltd Y 26-Feb-011921 Top Cassettes Ltd Y 29-Jan-01*1922 Top Media Entertainment Ltd

(formerly, Navyug Electric Ltd). Y 30-Oct-001923 Toplight Commercial Limited Y 30-Oct-001924 Torrent Cables Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1925 Torrent Gujarat Biotech Ltd Y 30-Oct-001926 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 17-Jan-001927 Toubro Infotech & Industries Limited Y 30-Oct-001928 Tourism Finance Corpn. of India Ltd. (TFCI) ## 26-Jun-001929 Trans Financial Resources Limited Y @@1930 Trans Techno Foods Limited Y 30-Oct-001931 Transchem Limited Y 28-Aug-001932 Transcon Research & Infotech Limited Y 29-Jan-011933 Transmatic Systems Limited Y 26-Mar-011934 Transpek Industry Limited Y 28-Aug-001935 Transport Corp. of India Ltd Y 26-Feb-011936 Trent Limited (formerly, Lakme Limited) ## 17-Jan-001937 Tricom Finance Limited Y 25-Sep-001938 Trident Projects Limited Y 30-Oct-001939 Trigyn Technologies Ltd

(formerly, Leading Edge Systems Ltd) Y 25-Sep-001940 Trillenium Technologies Limited Y 8-May-001941 Trishakti Electronics & Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-011942 Triumph International Finance Limited Y 28-Aug-001943 Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*1944 TTK Prestige Limited ## 28-Aug-001945 Tube Investments of India Limited Y 26-Jun-001946 Tudor India Limited Y 24-Jul-001947 TVS Electronics Limited ## 26-Jun-001948 TVS Srichakra Ltd. Y 26-Feb-011949 TVS-Suzuki Limited ## 31-May-991950 Twin Cities Infotech Limited Y @@1951 Twinstar Software Exports Limited Y 24-Jul-001952 Tyche Peripheral Systems Limited Y 24-Jul-001953 Tyroon Tea Company Limited Y 26-Feb-01*1954 UB Engineering Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*1955 Ucal Fuel Systems Limited Y 28-Aug-00

1956 Ultramarine & Pigments Limited ## 26-Jun-001957 Unichem Laboratories Limited Y 17-Jan-001958 Uniflex Cables Limited ## 28-Aug-001959 Uniport Computers Limited Y 25-Sep-001960 Unisys Softwares & Holding Industries Ltd.\ ## 8-May-001961 Unitech Limited Y 28-Aug-001962 United Breweries Limited (UB Group) Y 28-Aug-001963 United Phosphorous Limited ## 17-Jan-001964 Universal Cables Limited Y 8-May-001965 Uniworth Ltd (formerly, Woolworth India Ltd) Y 26-Jun-001966 Uniworth Textiles Ltd (formerly,

Fabworth (India) Ltd) Y 30-Oct-00*1967 Uno Metals Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1968 Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Limited Y 25-Sep-001969 Upsurge Investment & Finance Limited Y 25-Sep-001970 Usha (India) Ltd Y 26-Jun-001971 Usha Beltron Limited Y 21-Mar-001972 Usha International Limited Y 26-Mar-01*1973 Usha Ispat Ltd Y 26-Jun-001974 Usha Martin Infotech Limited Y @@1975 UTI - Mastershare 86 ## 17-Jan-001976 UTI - UNIT SCHEME 64 Y 26-Jun-001977 UTI Bank Limited Y 21-Mar-001978 Utkal Soap Products Limited Y 29-Jan-01*1979 Uttam Commercial Limited Y 26-Mar-011980 Uttam Steel Limited Y 28-Aug-001981 V & K Softech Limited Y @@1982 V I P Industries Limited Y 26-Jun-001983 Vaibhav Gems Limited Y 28-Aug-001984 Vajra Bearings Limited Y 30-Oct-001985 Vakrangee Softwares Limited Y 8-May-001986 Valiant Communications Limited Y 25-Sep-001987 Valson Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-001988 Valueline Securities (India) Limited Y 26-Dec-00*1989 Vam Organic Chemicals Limited Y 24-Jul-001990 Vamshi Rubber Limited Y @@1991 Vanavil Dyes and Chemicals Limited Y 28-Aug-001992 Vans Information and Investor Services Ltd. ## 8-May-001993 Vantage Corporate Services Ltd

(formerly, Vantage Financial Services Ltd) Y 25-Sep-001994 Vantel Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-001995 Vardhman Polytex Limited Y 24-Jul-001996 Vardhman Spinning & General Mills Limited Y 24-Jul-001997 Varun Shipping Company Limited Y 24-Jul-001998 Vashisti Detergents Limited Y 26-Jun-001999 Vatican Commercial Limited Y 26-Mar-01*2000 Vatsa Corporations Ltd Y 26-Feb-012001 Vatsa Music Limited Y 21-Mar-002002 Vax Housing Finance Corp. Ltd Y 26-Feb-012003 VCK Capital Market Services Limited Y 27-Nov-00*2004 Venkateshwar Vanijya India Ltd

(formerly, Sarda Vanijya India Ltd) Y @@2005 Venky’s (India) Limited

(formerly, Western Hatcheries Ltd.) Y 28-Aug-002006 Ventron Polymers Limited Y 26-Mar-012007 Venus Eyevision Limited Y @@2008 Venus Leasing & Finance Ltd Y 26-Mar-01*2009 Venus Remedies Limited Y 29-Jan-01*2010 Venus Sugar Limited Y 30-Oct-002011 Vera Laboratories Limited Y 30-Oct-002012 Veronica Laboratories Limited Y 25-Sep-002013 Vesuvius India Limited ## 21-Mar-002014 Vickers Systems International Ltd Y 26-Feb-012015 Videocon Appliances Limited Y 28-Aug-002016 Videocon International Limited Y 17-Jan-002017 Videocon Leasing & Industrial Finance Ltd. Y 26-Dec-00*2018 Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) Y 31-May-992019 Vijay Growth Financial Services Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*2020 Vijaya Bank Y @@2021 Vikas Leasing Limited Y 24-Jul-002022 Vikas WSP Ltd. Y 28-Aug-002023 Vikram Software Limited Y 24-Jul-002024 Vimta Labs Limited 29-Jan-01*2025 Vinati Organics Limited ## 28-Aug-002026 Vincent Commercial Company Limited Y 26-Feb-012027 Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. ## 28-Aug-002028 Vintage Cards & Creations Limited Y 24-Jul-002029 Vintage Securities Limited Y 29-Jan-012030 Vintron Informatics Limited Y 8-May-002031 Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited ## 28-Aug-002032 Viral Syntex Limited Y 25-Sep-002033 Virat Crane Industries Limited Y 26-Mar-012034 Virinchi Consultants Limited Y @@2035 Virtual Dynamics Software Limited Y 24-Jul-002036 Visaka Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-002037 Vishal Exports Overseas Limited Y @@2038 Vishesh Infosystems Ltd Y 28-Aug-002039 Vishwas Steels Limited Y 30-Oct-002040 Visie Cyber Tech Limited Y @@2041 Vision Organics Limited Y @@2042 Vision Technology India Limited Y 30-Oct-002043 Vista Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 26-Feb-012044 Visu Cybertech Limited Y 26-Mar-012045 Visual Vistas Limited Y @@

2046 Visualsoft Technologies Limited Y 17-Jan-002047 Vital Communications Limited Y 24-Jul-002048 VJIL Consulting Limited Y 28-Aug-002049 VLS Finance Limited Y 29-Nov-992050 VMC Software Limited Y 8-May-002051 VMF Soft Tech Limited Y 8-May-002052 Volplast Limited Y @@2053 Voltas Limited Y 17-Jan-002054 VST Industries Limited Y 26-Jun-002055 VXL Instruments Limited Y 25-Sep-002056 W H Brady & Company Limited Y 28-Aug-002057 Walchandnagar Industries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*2058 Warner Multimedia Limited ## 24-Jul-002059 Warren Tea Limited Y 28-Aug-002060 Wartsila NSD India Limited Y 31-May-992061 Washington Softwares Limited Y 8-May-002062 Watson Software Ltd

(formerly, Dhara Packaging Ltd) Y 30-Oct-002063 Ways India Limited Y @@2064 Weal Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-002065 Websity Infosys Limited Y 8-May-002066 Weizmann Limited Y 26-Jun-002067 Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited Y 26-Feb-012068 Wellwin Industries Limited Y 24-Jul-002069 Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Limited Y 24-Jul-002070 Welspun India Limited Y 24-Jul-002071 Welspun Syntex Limited Y 24-Jul-002072 Wendt (India) Ltd Y 26-Feb-012073 Western India Shipyard Limited Y 26-Mar-012074 Western Outdoor Media Technologies Ltd. Y @@2075 Whirlpool of India Limited ## 26-Jun-002076 White Diamond Industries Limited Y 29-Jan-012077 Widia (India) Ltd. Y 28-Aug-002078 Williamson Magor & Company Limited ## 8-May-002079 Wimco Limited Y 28-Aug-002080 Wimplast Limited Y 24-Jul-002081 Winsome Breweries Limited Y 26-Dec-00*2082 Winsome Textile Industries Limited Y 26-Feb-012083 Winsome Yarns Ltd Y 27-Nov-00*2084 Winy Commercial & Fiscal Services Ltd. Y 29-Jan-01*2085 Wipro Limited Y 31-May-992086 Wockhardt Life Sciences Limited Y 29-Nov-992087 Wockhardt Limited ## @@2088 Wyeth Lederle Limited Y 26-Jun-002089 Xedd Telecom Ltd Y 26-Feb-012090 XO Infotech Limited (formerly Xo Tronics Ltd Y 30-Oct-002091 Xpro India Ltd. Y 26-Feb-01*2092 Yash Management & Satellite Limited Y 8-May-002093 Yogi Sungwon (India) Limited Y 25-Sep-002094 Yokogawa Blue Star Ltd. Y 28-Aug-002095 Yuken India Ltd Y 30-Oct-002096 Yule Financing & Leasing Company Limited Y 27-Nov-00*2097 Z F Steering Gear (India) Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*2098 Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Y 28-Aug-002099 Zee Telefilms Limited Y 31-May-992100 Zen Soft Solutions Limited Y 25-Sep-002101 Zen Technologies Limited Y 24-Jul-002102 Zenergy Ltd Y 25-Sep-002103 Zenith Computers Limited Y 28-Aug-002104 Zenith Exports Ltd Y 26-Dec-00*2105 Zenith Fibres Limited Y 30-Oct-002106 Zenith Global Consultants Limited Y 24-Jul-002107 Zenith Health Care Ltd. Y 26-Mar-01*2108 Zenith Infotech Limited Y 24-Jul-002109 Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. Y 25-Sep-002110 Zodiac Clothing Company Limited Y 28-Aug-002111 Zodiac-JRD-MKJ Limited Y 25-Sep-002112 Zuari Industries Limited ## 26-Jun-002113 Zydus Cadila Ltd

(formerly, Cadila Healthcare Ltd) ## 24-Jul 00

Y - Live with CDS

## -Live and Transfer-cum-demat available with CDS

*-The compulsory dematerialised trading in these companies will commencethree months from the date mentioned alongside the asterisk.

@@-not in any compulsory list

The compulsory dematerialised trading date, for companies coming out withIPO’s after February 16, 2000, will be the date of listing.

Page 24: 298 KB CDSL Infoline January-2000

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