32 1500x500 cropped photo twitter headers

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by @markmaps

Author: mark-joyce

Post on 14-Jul-2015



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  • by @markmaps

  • What I Did

    1. Read Create a New Twitter Header in 3 Easy Steps.

    2. Noted the potential problems w/ header text in the post Comments.

    3. Opted to focus on creating cropped photo headers.

    4. Selected a random photo and cropped it in PicMonkey (see post).

    5. Uploaded the cropped photo into Twitter as a header.

    I wanted to see what the input of a 1500x500 cropped photo looked like as a header output.

    Recropped to adjust content at the edge of the image. Practiced until I was confident I could control crop-to-header process.

    6. Curated an new ImageHolder folder of images with header potential.

    7. Cropped, tested and saved 32 photo headers in a new Twitter Header file. They can be used as is or as starting points for layered work in the future.

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