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    3D Cadastres: Fundamental enabler for future smart cities


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  • Gain perspective in real-world GNSS simulation The GNSS simulator in the ¸SMBV100A vector signal generator



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  • Articles

    Towards smart future cities: 3D cadastres as a fundamental enabler ABBAS RAJABIFARD AND SERENE HO 8 Cadastre in a Changing World: Issues and directions BRENT A JONES, CECILLE BLAKE, CHISTIAAN LEMMEN, IAN P WILLIAMSON, KEES DE ZEEUW, PETER VAN OOSTEROM, STIG ENEMARK AND VANESSA LAWRENCE 12 Developing Land Registry and Cadastre Base Data Model to Support Turkey National GIS Initiative ARIF CAGDAS AYDINOGLU AND HALIL IBRAHIM INAN 22 Applicability of rotary UAV for vegetable crop investigation INSU LEE, JIHUN KANG, KIL JAE LEE AND MYONG KUN LEE 26 Automated digital workfl ows and transactions using machine readable language to represent 2D & 3D cadastral surveys IAN HARPER 37 Modern acquisition technology of spatial data TOŠA NINKOV, VLADIMIR BULATOVI , ZORAN SUŠI , DEJAN VASI AND MARKO MARKOVI 44 Monitoring the changing landscape of Sutlej catchment SHASHI SHEKHAR 49

    This issue has been made possible by the support and good wishes of the following individuals and companies Abbas Rajabifard, Arif Cagdas Aydinoglu, Brent A Jones, Cecille Blake, Chistiaan Lemmen, Dejan Vasi , Halil Ibrahim Inan, Ian Harper, Ian P Williamson, Insu Lee, Jihun Kang, Kees de Zeeuw, Kil Jae Lee, Marko Markovi , Myong Kun Lee, Peter van Oosterom, Serene Ho, Stig Enemark, Toša Ninkov, Vanessa Lawrence, Vladimir Bulatovi and Zoran Suši ; Antcom, CHC, Ef gis, HiTarget, Javad, Labsat, Micorsoft Vexcel, Navcom, Pentax, Spirent, Riegl, Rohde & Schwarz, Trace Me, Trimble, and many others.


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    My Coordinates EDITORIAL 6 Conference UN-GGIM: ARAB STATES 21 News GALILEO UPDATE 56 IMAGING 56 GNSS 57 GIS 58 INDUSTRY 59 Mark your calendar MAY 2015 TO NOVEMER 2015 62

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  • ADVISORS Naser El-Sheimy PEng, CRC Professor, Department of Geomatics Engineering, The University of Calgary Canada, George

    Cho Professor in GIS and the Law, University of Canberra, Australia, Professor Abbas Rajabifard Director, Centre for SDI and Land

    Administration, University of Melbourne, Australia, Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes PhD Associate Director of Geosciences, Brazilian Institute of

    Geography and Statistics -IBGE, Brazil, John Hannah Professor, School of Surveying, University of Otago, New Zealand


    The Government of India

    Has a vision of developing ‘one hundred Smart Cities’,

    As satellite towns of larger cities,

    And by modernizing the existing mid-sized cities.

    The government aspires

    To manage the cities better

    In view of increasing pressure on urban infrastructure

    Due to fast pace of migration

    From rural areas to the urban establishments.

    However, one of the enablers

    For this ‘smart’ proposition

    Appears to be 3D cadastres.

    Is India cadastre-ready?

    Bal Krishna, Editor [email protected]

    Smart cities

    6 | CoordinatesCoordinates April 2015

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    Towards smart future cities: 3D cadastres as a fundamental enabler It is essential that cadastral systems be linked with broader environmental information to support urban management