[500distro] measuring on mobile: making the most of the signup funnel & other analytic hot spots

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  • Measuring on Mobile Making the most of analytics


  • The sign-up process is front and center

    The invitation flow must be carefully managed

    A/B testing is harder but more vital with smaller real estate

    Retention is a crucial metric

    Lessons from the Battlefield

  • The Signup: Your new landing page


    Your authentication process should happen immediately

    Make the sign-up process very simple

    Say yes to social auth!

  • Why Social Auth matters


    Targeting more users

    PIXLR: serve in-app ads based on demographic data

    Sending relevant offers/rewards

    Increasing engagement

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    Managing the invitation funnel

    Venmo users who download app through invite are 20% more likely to signup

    Yet conversion decreases as invites per user increases

  • @aliisahodges

    A/B Testing

    Venmo activity feed boosted signups by 20%

  • @aliisahodges

    A/B Testing: Duolingo

    With hundreds of A/B tests, Duolingo increased 1-day retention by 2x

    Run ~13 A/B tests concurrently at any time

    Heart Test 4 hearts had the greatest impact on tutorial completion

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    A/B Testing: Why not?

    -We dont need to -Feedback takes too long -Complicates codebase

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    Retention: different on mobile

    2 years ago, Fred Wilson

    set the bar with 30/10/10

    But at Mixpanel weve found that retention varies tremendously across industries

    Social industries that use Facebook auth have the highest rates of retention

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    Retention: different on mobile

  • @aliisahodges

    Retention: different on mobile

    Push notifications can have a huge impact on retention Firefly found that push notifications had more than a 20% increase on their retention numbers

  • Retention: different on mobile

  • @aliisahodges

    In Summary

    The Signup funnel is the most important part of your app to obsess over

    Test, test, test!

    Keep your eyes on retention as you push new app versions, and compare across your industry benchmark

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