6 reasons to make your org "freak flag" friendly

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  1. 1. Diversity Valued + Authenticity Encouraged = Engaged Employees! Want more great employee engagement content? Come visit our blog ! www.herdwisdom.com/blog Sources: http://www.herdwisdom.com/blog/let-your-freak-flag-fly/ http://www.slideshare.net/joeg/no-great-minds-do-not-think-alike-7259366 See full list of sources here REASONS TO MAKE YOUR ORG FREAK FLAG FRIENDLY DIVERSITY RAISING THE BAR Percent of engaged employees who are less likely to leave Percent of engaged employees that are more engaged HOMOGENY IS BORING... AND INEFFECTIVE A diverse team will outperform... than top performing homogeneous groups. GREATER DIVERSITY LEADS TO FINANCIAL GROWTH Percentage of increase Percentage of increase Gender Diversity Sales Revenue IT DRIVES UP YOUR STOCK PRICE. LITERALLY. Top-List European companies with gender diversity in management achieved higher than average stock performance: DIVERSITY DRIVES INNOVATION FORWARD. SMART PEOPLE ADVOCATE DIVERSITY, AND COGNITIVE DIVERSITY Companies that drive innovation by leveraging employee ideas and knowledge meet more often than industry peers by these percentages Product Revenue Targets Product Launch Dates Cognitive diversity: The extent to which the group reflects differences in knowledge, including beliefs, preferences and perspectives. Miller, et al (1998) Strategic Management Journal Diversity is about much more than just meeting your EEOC requirements, its about the bottom line and being an organization of choice. While many business leaders are starting to realize the importance of authenticity within the workplace, fewer are getting that practicing diversity within the walls of the enterprise can actually drive the organization forward. Dont believe us? 1 2 3 4 5 6 DIVERSITY 87 43 6xhigher % % Herd Wisdom