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'The Presentation Lab - Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations' was published in April 2014 to an eager worldwide audience. In this short slideshare introduction, we examine why the timing of this acclaimed book is as near to perfect as can be. There's no getting away from it - the confusion, pressures and number of bemusing choices faced by presenters today means that they need a clear and guiding hand to navigate their way through the field of presentations. 'The Presentation Lab' not only provides invaluable guidance for all business presenters, it also equips them with a range of tools and techniques that will see the relationship they have with their audiences change for the better. The net result is more effective and powerful presentations. And when a presentation delivers, both the presenter AND the audience benefit. Sounds like a win-win to us... 'The Presentation Lab' is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and all other booksellers of repute.


  • Being a business presenter today is tough.
  • The new art of storytelling New technology Amazon ban on PPT PPT skills Speaking like the greats
  • Speaking like the greats
  • New technology Amazon ban on PPT PPT skills
  • The new art of storytelling New technology Amazon ban on PPT PPT skills Speaking like the greats Fractured Brain// Confused Presenter
  • Leads to
  • Leads to Bored & confused Audience
  • Time to go to work in the lab
  • Formula:
  • Audience Heatmaps The Presentation Lab explains why you need to understand your audiencesmotivation and gives you a simple process by which to assess their needs and therefore create presentations that they will really connect with and take action from.
  • Audience Pathway The importance of stories is not up for debate but a story need to be structured and skilfully delivered if it is to properly engage your audience. The Presentation Lab shares the methodology by which stories bring audience centric presentations to life.
  • Presentation Landscape Business isnt always done in stuffy boardrooms to a strict agenda. Understanding how the shift in presentation forums, from formal through to informal, affects your presentation and yourpresenting is key to staying ahead of the competition. The Presentation Lab provides guidance to ensure that you always have the right tools for the job at hand. Formal Interactive Informal
  • The Power of Visuals Great visuals can be your best friendor your worst enemy. The Presentation Lab doesnt aim to show you how to create clever charts and animations in PowerPoint but more importantly shines a light on the easily overlooked power of visual subtext -enabling you to create visuals with real meaning.
  • Blended Presenting A great presentation needs to be delivered appropriately. Knowing which approach to use to get the best response from your audience requires more flexibility than just firing up your laptop and opening PowerPoint. The Presentation Lab provides a structure that delivers the most from every opportunity using a wide array of tools chosen with your audience and the presentation forum in mind.
  • Practical Examples