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  2. 2. About Us ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services Centered in Clarington and surrounding areas, ConsumerView offers a unique perspective on your business from the outside in. You may be the best at what you do in your business or industry, but is anyone finding you in the crowd? If your small business lacks a strong online presence, you may be missing out on potential new clients and connections every day. Outsource your marketing and leave it to those who are focused on building new business, communicating with your existing client base, and sharing your expertise with a wider audience. ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services provides you with the ongoing support for your marketing task work, managing your social media, advertising, content development, and sales support. Evaluate your business from the consumer perspective, and improve your chances of connecting with new prospects. Begin to take advantage of your current database, and re- engage your past clients. Leave the Marketing to Consumerview, and get on with what you do best.
  3. 3. Our Team Centered in Clarington, Ontario, Victoria Sautner takes 30 years of skills out of the traditional office setting and into the heart of small business with ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services this May, 2015. Combining creative talents in administration, sales, and marketing, ConsumerView delivers a unique set of services, filling a gap in the local marketplace delivering affordable web-based solutions. After working in various industries including retail, event planning, financial service, and wellness, the elements that remained the most perplexing to both corporate and small business clients were the same across the board. To reach new clients, and engage existing connections, the fundamental element of business success lies in exceptional Communications. If all facets of a marketing strategy are not employed in the new era of online commerce, many may face losing out on potential opportunities to engage with the public, while the competition picks up new faces. Along with her team of qualified referral partners centered in Clarington, Victoria will be happy to consult with new clients to build individual and unique plans to evolve new, rewarding small business strategies. No idea or effort will be left behind. No money will be left on the table. Bring your ideas and challenges to Victoria and discover how ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services can work for your small business marketing.
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Let us help you become social with the public, sharing your unique services, engaging with new prospects, providing a mix of education, community, sales, and resources to your followers. Full set up and management of multiple social media platforms, including video and advertising solutions. Database Management and Communications Make full use of your existing database with email marketing strategies that connect you to your current and past clients. Remain top of mind when clients are considering your services, promote your offers, events, share industry news, educate and engage using email marketing solutions. Remote Marketing Services
  5. 5. Content Creation: Be an Original Creation of quality content from concept to publication for newsletters, blogs, and social media, sharing your individual message to existing and new audiences. What would you like to say about your business? What would you like to share with the public? We work with your core concepts and create original pieces ready for publication. Marketing Materials and Presentations Creation of dynamic, printer-friendly marketing materials and presentations to promote your small business. From the largest event banner to individual posters, we provide original design incorporating your branding message with attractive, distinct promotional messages and printed products. Sponsorship and Community Event Opportunities Step out of the office and into the public eye, using your advertising dollars to full advantage with local sponsorships, events, and community projects. Source and connect locally, leaving a lasting impression with new prospects. Unique Marketing Solutions
  6. 6. Affordability and Convenience Choose from packages to suit your budget and needs, or design a unique plan with our team. Pricing Available upon request. Consultation Package Evaluation: Complete analysis of all current marketing strategies including your Website and Social Media. Receive your Evaluation Report, which will become your working plan, with actionable recommendations for improvement. See your Small Business from the view of the Consumer, making changes only where necessary. Moving forward with one of our packages? Discuss Hourly, Monthly, or Per Campaign payment options to suit your needs. Affordability and Convenience Choose from packages to suit your budget and needs, or design a unique plan.
  7. 7. Get Social: Not using Social Media yet? Need to start your Website? Need great Print Materials? Our team will set up your profiles for you, allowing you to get noticed quickly on Social Media for your Small Business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Training option available for your staff or yourself to continue platform communications, or explore Outsourcing options for ongoing Social Media Management offsite. We work with you to develop content for your website, blog and marketing campaigns. Our web developer will design a site that works for your budget and needs, and our graphics expert will produce quality print-ready materials, offering quotes on large-print projects for advertising. Affordability and Convenience Choose from packages to suit your budget and needs, or design a unique plan.
  8. 8. Get Active: Engage, Retain, Educate and Convert Are your Social Media Platforms gathering dust? Have you abandoned your Blog, and stopped updating your website? Discover new strategies to boost engagement and remain competitive in the web-based marketplace on all your active profiles and communication platforms. Brush off the dust and begin running smoothly again, opening doors to a broader audience than ever before. Database and Communication Management with Constant Contact: Keep in Touch Those lists of clients you have worked with or gathered information from may be out of date, and out of order. Collect your contacts into one simple database, and have the ability to create a new platform for communications with Constant Contact. As a Constant Contact Partner, receive your account for as little as $20 a month for 500 email contacts, adding to your plan as your budget and needs change. We can create your newsletters for you, or train your staff on this important engagement tool. Add products for Survey or Events, Grow Your List, and Analyze the success of your campaigns with Reports. Affordability and Convenience Choose from packages to suit your budget and needs, or design a unique plan.
  9. 9. Get Out There: Community Sponsorships and Event Planning What have your advertising dollars done for your business lately? Have you explored the option of a Community Sponsorship Campaign? Work with us to design a community based sponsorship or event that will bring new attention to your services like never before. Plan your own Event and showcase your small business to an audience you didnt have access to previously. From concept to completion, we will help you Get Out There. Offsite and Ongoing Management: No time to manage your marketing? Let our team manage all of your marketing initiatives, content creation, social media platforms, fresh new projects and campaigns on an ongoing basis, all offsite. Evaluation Package + hourly or monthly rates, or, Per Campaign pricing plan available. Affordability and Convenience Choose from packages to suit your budget and needs, or design a unique plan.
  10. 10. Referral Partnership Plans: Promoting You is Our Business As a communications and marketing firm, we can develop a Referral Partnership Plan where applicable, sharing about your business with our extensive network of followers, or becoming an outside representative for your services. Contact us to discover if a Referral Partnership is right for you. Join our Team: Referral Partnerships Available for Qualified Professionals
  11. 11. Contact Us Get Social with ConsumerView: Facebook Linked In Twitter Google + Pinterest