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A Story Of Transformation. Dean Elissat VP Client Engagement

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From ad agency to digital agency. From old blue chip brands to new blue chip brands. A first-person overview of the transformation marketers, agencies and brands must make to remain competitive in tomorrow's marketplace.


  • 1. A Story Of Transformation. ! ! Dean Elissat VP Client Engagement

2. The World I Come From. 3. Three Key Elements. 4. Nice Digs. 5. Creative Thinkers. 6. NOT TOO MENTION. YOUNG AND GOOD LOOKING. 7. Human Curiosity. 8. 1,000+ 9. 9. twenty years = 10. The World I Head Into. 11. Most Valuable Brands 2001 ! 1. Coca-Cola 2. Microsoft 3. IBM 4. GE 5. Nokia 6. Intel 7. Disney 8. Ford 9. McDonalds 10. AT&T Most Valuable Brands 2014 ! 1. Apple 2. Samsung 3. Google 4. Microsoft 5. Verizon 6. GE 7. AT&T 8. Amazon 9. Walmart 10. IBM 12. Adapt Or Die. 13. Average Number Of Household Digital Connected Devices 6-15 10 BILLION DIGITAL DEVICES WORLDWIDE ! 200 BILLION CONNECTED DEVICES BY 2021 ! 2.5 BILLION USERS OF THE INTERNET ! $259 BILLION SPENT LAST YEAR THROUGH ECOMMERCE (U.S) ! 60 BILLION iPHONE APPS DOWNLOADED TO DATE ! 1.2 BILLION FACEBOOK USERS ! TEENS SPEND 7.5 HOURS OF DIGITAL SCREEN TIME A DAY ! ADULTS SPEND OVER 45 HRS/MTH ON THE INTERNET (NOT INCLUDING PORN) 14. 17 Start With Discovery. Recommended activities include: ! Research audit. Internal stakeholder interviews. Competitive audit. Content inventory audit and process review. Key user scenario development. Feature matrix definition. Everything Is Digital Now. 15. 18 The Digital Wave. Me. (and the rest of the ad agency community) 16. 19 17. 20 Leap. 18. 21 Engine Digital. Van & NYC. 19. Three Distinct Differences. 20. 23 Gulp. 21. Old Brief. ! Target Audience. Consumer Insight. Message To Deliver. Reason To Believe. The New Brief. ! Community Served. Value We Add. Engagement Strategy. Content Strategy. Technology Platforms. Measure Of Success. 22. Ad Agency. ! Big Ideas. Conceptual. Has Legs. GRPs. CPMs. Integrated. Award Winning. Digital Agency. ! Engagement. Responsive. Agile Process. A/B Testing. SEO, SEM, PPC. HTML5, PHP,.NET. DRM, APIs. CMS, CRM. 23. Brands Also Transforming. 24. Born Digital. Behaviour Based. 25. Digital Brand Principles. 26. Shift From Messaging Toward Experiences & Content Delivery Be Useful. 1 27. Reect, Change, Empower Values, Attitudes And Behaviours. Cultural Tool. 28. 34 Revolution? 29. Move Past Competitive Bar Of Entry. Look. Then Leap. 30. 36 Internet Of Things. 31. Avoid Silod Interaction With Consumers. We Live Cross-Platform. Think Connected. 32. Consumers Feel More Positive About A Brand When Interaction Is Personalized. Plan For Humans. 33. Focus On What Is Of The Highest Value For Your User. Do Less. Better. 34. I Cannot Live Without Be Essential. 35. Be Useful. Form Culture. Leap Ahead. Connected Platform. Get Personal. Less Is More. Essential. 36. Digital Maturity Transformation.MARKETERS 37. Isnt. Lowest Bar Of Entry. Technology Sake. Interim Toe Dip. 38. Drivers. Leadership Vision. Organizational Intent. Business Insight. Purpose before prot. 39. Barriers. Organizational Culture. Resource Prioritization. Cost Vs Investment. Bans working from home. 40. 3rd.In Search Engine Use 41. Sectors. Banking. Insurance. Travel Hospitality. 42. Digital Maturity Transformation.AGENCIES 43. New DNA. Redene Value. Evolve Service Mix. Restructure Revenue Model. 44. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you design and build our website? ! Respond With: Scope & Budget 45. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you dene what our website should be? ! Respond With: Content Strategy & Approach 46. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you help dene our online strategy? ! Respond With: User-Centered Strategic Plan 47. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner What other digital experiences should we consider? ! Respond With: Digital Roadmap Strategy 48. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you identify new business opportunities in the digital landscape? ! Respond With: Digital Business Transformation Strategy 49. EngineDigital 50. Age Of Transformation Inspiration. 51. Never be afraid to go too far, for true success lies just beyond. Marcel Proust 18th Century Writer & Original Hipster @therealproust #deadbutnotgone