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ABATE (V) 1 To make less in amount, degree, etc. to subside, become less; to deduct S-diminish, decrease, subside, let up A-intensify, increase, magnify

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Abate (V) 1. To make less in amount, degree, etc. to subside, become less; to deduct S-diminish, decrease, subside, let up A-intensify, increase, magnify. Absolve (V) 2. To clear from blame, responsibility or guilt S- acquit, exonerate, vindicate, excuse, pardon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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To make less in amount, degree, etc. to subside, become less; to deduct

S-diminish, decrease, subside, let upA-intensify, increase, magnify

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Absolve (V) 2 To clear from blame, responsibility or guilt

S- acquit, exonerate, vindicate, excuse, pardon

A-condemn, convict, incriminate, inculpate

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Accrue (V) 3 To grow or accumulate over time, to

happen as a natural result.

S- collect, accumulate, proceed from A-dwindle, decrease, diminish, lessen

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Acrimonious(adj.) 4

Stinging, bitter in temper or tone

Synonyms: biting, rancorous, hostile, peevish

Antonyms: gentle, warm, mild, cordial

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Adulation(n.) 5

Praise or flattery that is excessive

Synonyms: adoration, idolization, hero-worship

Antonyms: ridicule, derision, odium

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Affable(adj.) 6

Courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to

Synonyms: genial, amicable, cordial

Antonyms: surly, cantankerous, dour, inhospitable

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Aggrandize 7

• Verb• Definition: To increase in greatness, power, or

wealth; to build up or intensify; to make appear greater.

• Synonyms: Augment, Amplify, Enhance, Exalt

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Amorphous 8

• Adjective• Definition: Shapeless, without definite form;

of no particular type or character; without organization, unity or cohesion

• Synonym: Formless, Unstructured, Inchoate

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Anathema 9

• Noun• Definition: an object of intense dislike; a curse

or strong denunciation (often used adjectivally without the article)

• Synonym: Malediction, Imprecation, Abomination

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Annotation(N) 10

A Critical or explanatory note or comment, especially for a literary work.

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Assuage(V) 11

To make easier or milder, relieve; to quiet, calm;To put an end to, appease, satisfy, quench

Syn: Mitigate, slake, allayAnt: intensify, aggravate, exacerbate

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Avarice(N) 12

A greedy desire, particularly for wealth

Syn: cupidity, rapacity, acquisitiveness

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Bedlam 13

(n.) A state or scene of uproar and confusionSynonyms: Commotion, Pandemonium, Chaos, AnarchyAntonyms: Peace and Quiet, Order, Tranquility

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Bizarre 14

(adj.) Extremely strange, unusual, atypicalSynonyms: Grotesque, Fantastic, OutlandishAntonyms: Normal, Typical, Ordinary, Expected

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Bulwark 15

(n.) A strong defense or pret4ection, a solid wall-like structure for defense; (v.) to provide such defense or protection.Synonyms: Bastion, RampartAntonym: Breach

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Caricature 16

Noun- Representation, such as a drawing,

that exaggerates a characteristics features. To present something or someone in a deliberately distort way.

- Syn-cartoon

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Carousal 17

• Noun• Noisy, revelry, or merrymaking. (often with the

suggestion of heavy drinking)• Syn- binge

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Castigate 18

• Verb • To punish severely, to criticize severely• Syn- chastise• Ant- honor, praise

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Caveat 19

(n.) a warning or caution to prevent misunderstand or discourage behavior

Synonyms: admonition, word to the wise

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Clangor 20

(n.) a loud ringing sound; (v.) to make a loud ringing noise

Synonym: (n.) din, clamor, uproarAntonyms: (n.) silence, stillness

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Collate 21

(v.) to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities, ect.; to arrange in

order for some specific purpose

Synonyms: sort out, cross-check

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To prepare by combining ingredients To make up (as a dish) Devise, invent, fabricate

Synonyms- create, fashion, rustle up

Concoct (V) 22

Page 23: Abate (V) 1

An expert One who is well qualified to pass critical

judgments, especially in one of the fine arts

Synonyms- savant, pundit Antonyms- ignoramus, philistine

Connoisseur (N) 23

Page 24: Abate (V) 1

Dismay, confusion

Synonyms-shock, amazement, bewilderment, dismay

Antonyms- calm, composure, aplomb

Consternation (N) 24

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Contraband (n)(adj) 25

• (n) Illegal traffic, smuggled goods

• (adj) illegal, prohibited

• Synonyms: Bootleg, Unlawful

• Antonyms: Legal, Lawful, Licit

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Contrive (v) 26 To plan with ingenuity; to bring about

through a plan Synonyms: Think up, Concoct, Fabricate

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Corpulent (adj) 27 Fat; having a large, bulky body Synonyms: Overweight, Heavy, Obese,

Stout Antonyms: Slender, Lea, Spare, Gaunt

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Corroborate (verb) 28 To confirm, make more certain, bolster, substantiate, verify.

Antonyms: refute, contradict, undermine, discredit.

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Crass (adj) 29 Coarse, unfeeling; stupid Synonyms: crude, tasteless, oafish,

obtuse. Antonyms: refined, elegant, tasteful,

polished, brilliant.

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Credulous (adj) 30 Too ready to believe, easily deceived. Synonyms: Gullible, Trusting. Antonyms: Dubious, Skeptical.

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Cupidity (n.) 31

• An eager desire for something; greed• Synonyms: avarice, rapacity, craving, lust• Antonyms: contentment, satiety, gratification

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Debase (v.) 32

• To lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate; to cause to deteriorate

• Synonyms: cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate

• Antonyms: elevate, uplift, improve, enhance

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Deleterious (adj.) 33

• Harmful, injurious• Synonyms: detriments, destructive,

pernicious, damaging• Antonyms: helpful, beneficial, harmless,


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Denizen ( N.) 34

Definition: An inhabitant, resident; on who frequents a place

Synonyms: dweller, habituéAntonyms: alien, outsider, foreigner

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Desecrate (V.)35

Definition: To commit sacrilege upon, treat irreverently; to contaminate, pollute

Synonyms: profane, defile, violateAntonyms: revere, venerate, consecrate

Page 36: Abate (V) 1

Dilatory (ADJ.) 36

Definition: Tending to delay or procrastinate; not prompt; intend to delay or postpone

Synonyms: stalling, slow, tardy, laggardAntonyms: prompt, punctual, speedy, expeditious

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Disavow (v.) 37 • To deny responsibility for or connection withs. disclaim, retract, abjurea. Acknowledge, admit, grant , certify

Page 38: Abate (V) 1

Dispassionate(adj.) 38 • Impartial; calm, free from emotions. unbiased, disinterested, cool, detacheda. committed, engaged, partial, biased

Page 39: Abate (V) 1

Disseminated (v.) 39• To scatter or spread widely s. disperse, publicize, broadcast, circulatea. Bring together, concentrate, muster, conceal, hide

Page 40: Abate (V) 1

Dissension (noun) 40

• Disagreement, sharp difference of opinion • Synonyms: strife, discord, contention• Antonyms: agreement, accord, harmony

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Dun (verb, noun & adjective) 41

• (v) to demand insistently, especially in payment of debt

• (n) a creditor • (adj) dark, dull, drab, dingy• Synonyms: (v) hound, harass, nag • Antonyms: none

Page 42: Abate (V) 1

Elicit (verb) 42

• To draw forth, bring out from some source• Synonyms: evoke, extract, educe• Antonyms: repress, quash, squelch, stifle

Page 43: Abate (V) 1

Enhance (verb) 43

• To raise to a higher degree; to increase the value or desirability of

• Synonyms:– Improve, elevate

• Antonyms:– Diminish, degrade

Page 44: Abate (V) 1

Enthrall (verb) 44

• To captivate, charm, hold spellbound; to enslave; to imprison

• Synonyms:– Fascinate, attract

• Antonyms:– Bore to tears, repel

Page 45: Abate (V) 1

Equanimity (noun) 45

• Calmness, composure, refusal to panic• Synonyms:

– Tranquility, imperturbability • Antonyms:

– Excitability, flappability, agitation

Page 46: Abate (V) 1

Equivocate 46

• to use unclear language especially to deceive or mislead someone

Synonyms-palter,hedgeAntonym-to speak ones mind plainly

Page 47: Abate (V) 1

Expurgate 47

• remove matter thought to be objectionable or unsuitable from

• Synonym- Bleep Bowdlerize cleansestar Decontaminate Lustrate purge

• Antonym-dirty Open Allow permit

Page 48: Abate (V) 1

Extenuate 48

• make (guilt or an offense) seem less serious or more forgivable

• Synonym- palliate Minimize Excuse Qualify Decrease Diminish downplay

• Antonym- Enlarge Grow Increase Expand Extend Raise develop

Page 49: Abate (V) 1


free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty.

Syn unlock releaseAnt lock away

Page 50: Abate (V) 1

Fetter 50

• Noun

• a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles.– Synoum chain – Ant unlock

Page 51: Abate (V) 1

Filch 51

• pilfer or steal (something, especially a thing of small value) in a casual way. Verb

• Syn theft steal• Ant give back free

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V. -To mock, to treat with contempt

Page 53: Abate (V) 1


• ADJ. – tending to be troublesome; quarrelsome, contrary; unpredictable.

Page 54: Abate (V) 1


• N. – the essential part, main point, or essence.

Page 55: Abate (V) 1

Heinous (adj)

Definition: Very wicked, offensive, hateful

Synonyms: Evil, Odious, OutrageousAntonyms: Excellent, wonderful, splendid


Page 56: Abate (V) 1

Immutable 57

adjective not mutable; unchangeable; changeless.

Page 57: Abate (V) 1

SLIDES 55-58!!!!!!

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Inculcate (v.) 59• To impress on the mind by repetition,

teach persistently and earnestly• Syn.- instill, implant, infuse, ingrain,

imbue• Ant.- efface, extirpate, root out

Page 59: Abate (V) 1

Inscrutable (adj.) 60• Incapable of being understood;

impossible to see through physically• Syn.- impenetrable,

incomprehensible, enigmatic• Ant.- comprehensible, intelligible,


Page 60: Abate (V) 1

Insular (adj.) 61• Relating to, characteristics of, or

situated on an island; narrow or isolated in outlook or experience

• Syn.- narrow-minded, parochial, provincial

• Ant.- catholic, cosmopolitan, liberal

Page 61: Abate (V) 1

Invective 63

• Noun and Adjective • (N) a strong denunciation or condemnation;

abusive language; (A) abusive, vituperative • Synonyms: (N) vituperation, abuse, philippic• Antonyms: (N) tribute, panegyric, encomium

Page 62: Abate (V) 1

Motley 63

• Adjective and Noun• (A) showing great variety: composed of

different elements or many colors; (N) a jester’s costume; a jester

• Synonyms: (A) variegated, heterogeneous, diverse; (N) fool

• Antonyms: (A) homogeneous, monochromatic

Page 63: Abate (V) 1

Nebulous (adj.) 65Cloudlike, resembling a cloud; cloudy in color, not transparent; vague, confused, indistinct

Syn: hazy, fuzzy, cloudy, opaque, indeterminateAnt: definite, distinct, clear, sharply focused

Page 66: Abate (V) 1

(n.) faithlessness, treacherySynonyms: betrayal, disloyalty, treasonAntonyms: faithfulness, loyalty, steadfastness

Perfidy 68

Page 67: Abate (V) 1

Pernicious 69Adjective

Extremely harmful; deadly , fatal

Synonyms : injurious, deleterious , baleful, noxious

Antonyms : harmless, innocuous , salutary, salubrious

Page 68: Abate (V) 1

Pillage 70


To rob of goods by open force (as in war),plunderSyn: Ravage,Sack Ant; None

Page 70: Abate (V) 1


Part of speech: Noun

Definition: A collection of diverse or miscellaneous items; a general mixture; petals mixed with spices for scent

Synonyms: Hodgepodge, farrago, medleyAntonyms: homogeneous or uniform group


Page 71: Abate (V) 1


DEFINITION • A vague sense of

approaching misfortune OR• Knowing something bad

is going to happenSYNForeboding, premotion, hunch

Page 72: Abate (V) 1





Page 73: Abate (V) 1

Profligate(adj & noun)

(adj.) given over to dissipation and self-indulgence, immoral; recklessly extravagant

(n.) a person given to wild spending

Synonyms: (adj.) prodigal, improvident; (n.) spendthrift Antonyms: (adj.) penny-pinching, frugal, economical


Page 74: Abate (V) 1

Provincial (Adj.) 76

• of or concerning a province of a country or empire

• Synonym: narrow-minded

• Antonym - broad

Page 75: Abate (V) 1

78.Querulous DEFINE• Peevish, complaining,

fretful Or • Annoying, irritating SYNPetulant, irritable ANYUncomplaining, stoical

Page 76: Abate (V) 1

Relegate (Verb)

• To send or consign to an inferior position, place, or condition.

• Synonym: Downgrade• Antonym: Promotion


Page 77: Abate (V) 1


springing back; rebounding

Synonmys: elastic, flexible, springy.


Page 78: Abate (V) 1

Restitution 81

Part of speech: NOUN

Definition: The act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good on a loss or damage

Synonyms: Reimbursement, Redress, Restoration

Page 79: Abate (V) 1


v.To revive, bring back to consciousness or existence

Syn – revitalize, reanimate, restore, reactive


Page 80: Abate (V) 1

Reverberate (V.) 83

to continue in a series of quickly repeated sounds that bounce off a surface



Page 81: Abate (V) 1


(v.) to satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj.) full, satisfied.


Synonyms: (v.) surfeit, gorgeAntonyms: (v.) deprive entirely of


Page 82: Abate (V) 1


Def:animated; vivacious; effervescent witty; brilliantly clever: a scintillating conversationalistSyn: Sparkling; Dazzling Ant: Dull 85

Page 83: Abate (V) 1

86. sear(verb)

Definition: to make or become dry and withered; to char or scorch the surface of; to harden, to make unfeelingSyn: scorch, parchAnt: wet, moisten

Page 84: Abate (V) 1

Sedentary87 (adj.)

Characterized by or calling for continued sitting; remaining in one place

Syn: static, stationary Ant: active, peripathetic

Page 85: Abate (V) 1

Sepulchral 88(adj.)

Funereal, typical of the tomb; extremely gloomy or dismal

Syn: lugubrious, mortuary Ant: no antonyms

Page 86: Abate (V) 1

Sleazy 89(adjective)

Definition: squalid; sordid; filthy; dilapidated; thin or poor in texture, as a fabric; cheap; flimsy

Syn: cheap, flimsyant: nice, respectable

Page 87: Abate (V) 1

Slovenly 90(adjective)

• Deffinition: untidy especially in personal appearance• Syn: slobbish, slobby, sloven, slovenly, unkempt, untidy• Ant: groomed; neat, ordered, orderly, tidy; careful, fastidious

Page 88: Abate (V) 1

Soporific 91Adjective/Noun

• adj: tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness or lethargy; n: something that induces sleep

• syn: (n) narcotic, anesthetic; ant: (adj) stimulating, (n) stimulant, stimulus

Page 89: Abate (V) 1

Squeamish (adj)

• Definition: Inclined to nausea, easily shocked or upset; excessively fastidious or refined

• Synonyms: Nauseated, queasy, delicate, oversensitive

• Antonyms: None


Page 90: Abate (V) 1

Surreptitious #94

adjective 1. obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth; secret or

unauthorized: a surreptitious glance.

Page 91: Abate (V) 1

Thwart 95(Verb)

To oppose successfully; To prevent, frustrate.

Syn: foil, baffle Ant: aid, assist

Page 92: Abate (V) 1

97. Transmute(verb)

Definition: to change from one nature, substance or form to anothersyn: transform, convertAnt: maintain