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  • 1. AS Point of SaleRoss Capon

2. Hamilton WatchesThe layout of the watches creates a messy, unorganisedlook. Even though this makes the products lessexclusive, it allows the brand to display a variety of theirproducts. This means that when a customer comes to buya certain watch they may see a nicer, more expensivewatch next to and spend the extra money, leading tomore profit for the brand. Hamilton Watches is an originalMilitary watch makers, However this PoS does not portraythis very much in the way that it is designed. The colourscheme of this PoS does not fit in at all well with thebrands history and the use of orange and grey makes thewatches look of less value.Guerlain FragranceThis PoS concentrates on one specific fragrance of thebrand, this implies the idea of exclusiveness. This suggestthat the product is a one off, limited edition product evenwhen it isnt. Customers are attracted by the largecardboard cut out at the rear of the PoS portraying a fairylike figure. This allows for easy recognition that thisproduct is directed to the female market. The PoS makesthe products price justifiable as it implies the product is aone off, limited edition product. However, as a PoS noprices are displayed which may turn away customers asthey cant be bothered to go and find out the cost of theproduct. This may be because the fragrance is quiteexpensive and the price may put off customers if theywere displayed, furthermore increasing the theme ofexclusiveness.DiorThis PoS allows a large amount of the brands products tobe displayed in one place. This means that the customercan get the majority of what she needs in one place. ThePoS also has six draws at the bottom allowing for staff toeasily re-stock the PoS. Some information about each ofthe products is displayed under each product, this meansthat customers are more likely to purchase them becausethey dont have to find out the price etc. However, thePoS does look slightly cluttered and maybe there areslightly too many products displayed. Despite this, thevariety of colours stands out on the sleek and modernbackground which catches the attention of customers.SwatchThis PoS is very eye catching and can be seen as soon as acustomer enters the shop. This means that the customeris more likely to go over and have a closer look. This PoSalso displays a large amount of products sold by the brandand this allows for comparison and decision making to bea lot easier. The PoS is of a rather Art based design andportrays the brands clean and simple, Swiss styling. Thisalso attracts the attention of younger customers. This PoSallows the customer to try the watches on which willmean that once they have tried it on, they are more likelyto purchase the product. However, this PoS does notdisplay much information on the price of the watches.This could turn customers away as they have to go andask about the price etc.SwatchThis PoS shows the brands newest product in the shopswindow. The use of the glass case adds to the idea ofexclusivity, and relates to the idea of containing preciousitems in places such as museums. Also the layout of theproducts adds to the Arty side of the brand. The productsdisplayed next to the main products show the customeranother model of watch that the shop sells. This meansthat the customer, after seeing this in the window, mayventure into the shop to have a better look, possibly evenmaking a purchase. The products are clearly displayed inthe PoS and show the range of colours that are availablefor purchase. Despite these things the use of the glasscabinet restricts access to the product. This means thatthe customer cannot try the watch on and no price isdisplayed for the product which could turn customersaway as the cannot be bothered to go into the shop andask.WaterstonesThese PoSs concentrate on one single product. This couldbe showing that this product is more special than the restas it has its own, individual PoS. These PoSs arepositioned right at the front of the shop, as soon as youwalk in. This means that these products will have beenseen by anyone that enters the shop. This could be tomake the customers interested in why they have beenpositioned there, consequently looking and possibly goingon to purchase the book. However, these PoS dont havethe price clearly shown. This means that customers couldquite easily walk past them as there is nothing eyecatching saying that they are reduced etc. The New thisweek PoS draws the attention of the customer by the useof the coloured New sign below each row. This attractsthe attention of customer due to the way that mostpeople are interested and intrigued by a New Product. 3. Oakley Golf ShoesThis PoS displays an individual product. This brings in theidea of exclusivity and suggest that the product is alimited edition piece when it actually isnt. The use of aimage in the centre of the PoS implies that there is allot oftechnology behind the project. This may persuadecustomers to purchase the product on the grounds that itis worth spending the extra money as they think they aregetting a product that has a lot of proven technologybehind it. However, the use of a contained glass case alsohas a negative effect on the sale of the product. It doesntallow the customer to try on the product or examine itfurther. This could lead to the customer walking awaywithout purchasing the product.Samsung Galaxy S IIIThis PoS is positioned right in the middle of the room. Thismeans that it is impossible to miss and the lighted text atthe top of the PoS attracts customers. This PoS is veryinteractive. It allows you to fully use the product itself toget a good understanding of the product. The use of theHi written on the mount is showing how interactive theproduct is and almost suggesting that it will be like yournew best friend. The PoS uses very modern, sleek, almostfuturistic colours and materials. This shows the customerthat they are buying an incredibly advanced piece oftechnology. However this PoS does not provide muchinformation on the product. This means that thecustomer would have to go and ask a member of staff.Despite this the customer would be able to interact withthe product so would then know whether they would liketo purchase it.Oakley SunglassesThis PoS concentrates on one specific product. Thissuggests that this product is a one off, limited editionproduct. This makes the customer think they are getting amore exclusive product when they arent at all. The use ofthe image on the front of the PoS suggests that a lot oftechnology and detailed design has gone into the productwhere actually it is just injection moulded plastic. Thisdoes not suit the brand very well. However, the use of anenclosed glass cabinet means that the customer cannottry the sunglasses on which is crucial when purchasing apair of sunglasses. This means that the customer couldjust walk off as they would want a closer look beforepurchasing.Old SpiceLOreal Men ExpertOld Spice was traditionally a Groomingproduct aimed at older men. Recently theyhave changed their branding to appeal to theyounger generation. They have done thisthrough the use of comical advertising andrebranding their products, (However stillselling the original product). Old Spice is nowaimed at Men aged between 20 to early 30s.LOreal Men Expert has only been around for a fewyears (Since 2005). They concentrate on Mens anti-ageing skin products. LOreal Men Expert is aimed atMen aged between late 20s to whenever male antiageing skin products become un-effective. LOrealmen expert is aimed at customers younger than thefaces of their brand, this is to make men purchasetheir product because they want to look like themen portrayed in the adverts when their skinappearance starts to decrease with age. 4. Fish Hackett LondonLynx Mr NattyHackett London is a expensive clothing brandbased in London. It is aimed at higher incomepeople and relates itself to sports such as Poloand Motor Racing. Hacketts is aimed atcustomers aged around 20 to early 30s. Despitethis, Hacketts grooming products are no wherenear as expensive as its clothing. This may bebecause people want to be using products of awell known brand, but do not want to spend a lotof money on such products.Fish Soho originated from a Hair Salon inSoho, London. It customers are often fashionconscious yet unique and individual. It offers arange of styling products, which wereoriginally used in the Salon. Fish is aimed atcustomers around 18 to mid-20s. However,Fish uses a traditional salon feel, yet I do notthink that this is portrayed well in theirbranding and use of modernistic colours.Lynx is aimed at the teenage generation. Its mainsale point is that if you use its products you attractmore attention from girls. It uses a sexy, howeveralso quite sexist themes. It is aimed at customersaged between 13 and 18. After this age group menoften look for a more mature, more expensivebrand of grooming products. It uses models such asKelly Brook to feature in its advertising to increaseattention of teenage boys.Mr Natty is based around thetraditional British barber shop. Itconsists of a range of products butalso has a large selection of facialhair and hair moulding products. Itsaimed at customers around mid-20s to late 40s. The brand portraysits traditional roots through the useof wood in its branding andadvertising and a old fashioned styleof font. 5. LOreal is one of the most world renowned beauty and hair carepowerhouses and has 23 well established brands to its name, which currentlyappear in 130 countries worldwide. With 64,600 employees and nearly acenturys worth of specialist expertise its a market leader in male grooming.LOreal Men Expert is LOreals line of made-to-measure skincare solutionsdesigned specifically for mens skin whatever their age and lifestyle. LOreallaunched the first mens anti aging line in April 2005, consisting of eightseparate products, produced at LOreals state of the art laboratories. Theyare proud o