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  • Auto Dealer Services Divisions

    System Replacement Preview

    Dealer Preview and Training

    November 4, 2016


  • Agenda



    01 Introductions

    Project Schedule02

    Overview of Proposed Solution


    04 Hands-on Training


  • Introductions Secretary of State and PCC Technology Group


    PCC Staff

    o Cynthia Bates, PCC Project Manager

    o Ed Comstock, PCC Technical Manager

    o Julie Spencer, PCC Lead Business Analyst

  • 4

    The System Replacement Project will be completed in 2 phases:

    Phase 1: Replace the legacy DLS system, provide online Dealer account setup and provide online functionality for Plates on Demand

    Phase 2: Provide complete online functionality

    Project Schedule Project Phases

  • 5

    Demo 1: Online Dealer Portal

    Demo 2: Plates on Demand

    Application Demos

  • 6

    Online Dealer PortalUsers can access the Online Dealer Portal by clicking the link on the Indiana Auto Dealer Services Division website:

    Users will be redirected to the Indiana User Portal.

  • 7

    Online Dealer PortalThe Primary Owner Contact must complete the User Registration and Login process through the INDIANA Single Sign-On Portal.

    If user has already established credentials for IN BIZ, the same username and password can be used for the Online Dealer Portal.

  • 8

    Online Dealer PortalOnce the user is authenticated, they will be redirected to the Online Dealer Dashboard.

  • 9

    Online Dealer PortalThe Primary Owner Contact will be assigned a PIN, which they must use to link themselves to their License(s).

  • 10

    Online Dealer PortalAdditional users can also link themselves to one or more Dealer Licenses, no PIN is required. However, they will not have access to any Online Services until the Primary Owner Contact grants them access by assigning at least one User Role.

    Users can also choose to subscribe to Online Alerts and Notifications.

  • 11

    Online Dealer Portal

  • 12

    Online Dealer DashboardThe Dashboard displays the following information for all of the linked Licenses:

    o Alerts o Notificationso Announcementso Current linked Licenseso Recent Transactionso Recent Payments

  • 13

    Online Dealer PortalAll Users will receive Announcements that are sent from the Auto Dealer Services Division.

  • 14

    Online Dealer PortalUsers can access Online Services by clicking the tile in the left Navigation Pane.

    NOTE: In Phase 1, only Plates on Demand will be implemented. Phase 2 will provide additional online services.

  • 15

    Online Dealer PortalIf the user is linked to only one Dealer License, this license will be defaulted as the Active license for which the user will conduct online activities.

    If they are linked to more than one license, the user must select the appropriate license from the dropdown, then select the Plates on Demand option.

  • 16

    Plates on Demand

    The new Plates on Demand is very similar to the existing Plates on Demand system. Users can choose one of the following tabs to View or Edit Interim Plates, Generate an Interim Plate, or Purchase Credits.

  • 17

    Plates on DemandThe application displays the current Interim Plate Limits, Issued and Credit counts for the Active license and the number of Credits that can be purchased.

  • 18

    Plates on DemandIssued Interim Plates are displayed in a grid on the first tab, in descending order by Issue Date.

    To View or Edit a Plate, simply locate the record in the grid and click the View button. Users will be allowed to edit plate details for 1 day and customer details for 3 days after issuing the Interim Plate. Comments regarding the update are required.

  • 19

    Plates on DemandTo Generate an Interim Plate, select the second tab and select the plate type.

    If there are no purchase credits available for the plate type the user is reminded to first purchase credits.

  • 20

    Plates on DemandThe new Plates on Demand application provides integrated VINtelligence services, which will assist the online user in providing a valid 17-character VIN.

    Enter the VIN and click Submit. The 17-character VIN is sent to VINtelligence and validated returning the vehicle Year, Make and Model values related to the valid VIN.

  • 21

    Plates on DemandIf the VIN is not valid or not 17-characters, the user is presented with one of the following error messages:

    VIN entered was corrected. Please review. You can select to use the VIN as entered or use the corrected VIN. Otherwise, you can select the Cancel button and start over.

    &VIN is invalid. Please review and re-enter a VIN for validation

    The VIN entered is not 17 characters long. Please confirm the VIN is correct before selecting the Use VIN button.

    If an error message is displayed, the user will be prompted to make a determination before proceeding.

  • 22

    Plates on DemandOnce the VIN has been determined, the user should continue to enter the remaining Vehicle and Customer Details and click Submit.

    A PDF of the Interim Plate is displayed for the user to Print. The Issued and Credit counts are adjusted.

  • 23

    Plates on DemandUsers with security can choose to Purchase Credits by clicking on the 3rdtab.

    Enter the number of credits to purchase for either Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle Interim (new!) plates.

  • 24

    Plates on DemandClick Add to Shopping Cart. The user is taken to the Shopping Cart screen and can Proceed to Checkout.

    The user is taken to the secure online Payment Gateway and can complete the transaction using a credit card or guaranteed eCheck.

    Shopping Cart

    Transaction Type



    License Type Dealer # Fee# of UnitsDealer Name Action

    EditIncrease in Plate Limit New 1234567 Indy Motors 25 125.00

    Add Transaction Proceed to Checkout

    DeleteEditIncrease in Plate Limit Used 3333123 Indy Autos 50 250.00

    DeleteEditNew Dealer Application New Indy Corp 1 50.00

    Sub Total: $ 425.00

  • 25

    Plates on Demand

    Once the transaction is completed, the user is returned to Plates on Demand and the purchased credits are displayed at the top of the screen.

  • 26

    Online Dealer Dashboard

    Back on the Dashboard, the user can view their recent Plates on Demand transactions and payments on the Dealer Dashboard.

  • 27

    Hands-On TrainingPlease feel free to Login to the Online Dealer Portal and link yourself to a Test Dealer License.


    Questions?Contact Information:

    Indiana Secretary of StateAuto Dealer Services Division:

    Auto Dealer Services Main Line 317-234-7190

    Fax 317-233-1915

    E-mail [email protected]

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