b2b lead generation for social media: tips for generating and tracking phone leads

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B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads white paper

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This white paper provides tips for how B2B marketers can increase engagement and generate leads via social media. It also explains why it’s so important to track leads from social media, and the technologies that can help you do it.


  • white paper B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads white paper
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog Executive Summary Social media marketing is now a way of life for B2B marketers. With new platforms emerging constantly and more business owners looking to leverage these networks than ever before, social media has become an essential vehicle for engaging with customers, building brands, establishing thought leadership, and generating leads and business. A study by Chief Marketer on Social Media Marketing1 found that: 65% of B2B marketers have acquired a customer through LinkedIn 66% of monthly bloggers acquired a customer through blogging 40% of B2B marketers acquired a customer through Twitter Yet according to the same study, 65% of marketers are not tracking how their social media efforts are generating leads. If youre not tracking how your social media strategies are generating leads, you cant tell whats working and what isnt in order to make informed adjustments. Finally, you cant prove to your executives how social media marketing is impacting the one metric they truly care about: revenue. This white paper provides tips for how B2B marketers can increase engagement and generate leads via social media. It also explains why its so important to track leads from social media, and the technologies that can help you do it.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads Original, useful content crafted with your target audience in mind is at the core of every successful social media strategy. If you have good content, you can use social media marketing and lead generation strategies to expand the reach of your content and generate leads. To generate leads from social media, follow these basic principles: Drive social media visitors to landing pages with a clear call to action to download your content. Be sure this content is gated behind a registration form that requires people to provide their contact information. You dont necessarily have to use content. Depending on your business, you can use calls to action such as request a demo or contact us or start a free trial. Lastly, always be sure to include a prominent phone number on your web pages. You may be surprised to find out how often marketers forget to do this simple thing, but including a phone number is a great way to generate high-value phone leads. Of course, in order to generate more leads through social media, you need to grow your social media influence and presence. That means using every strategy you can to build your social media following and to help your content go viral. Below are some tips on how to increase engagement and generate leads from your social media channels. Tips for Increasing Engagement and Generating Leads from Social Media 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 3
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads LinkedIn LinkedIn is the largest social network of professionals on the Internet with more than 160 million users who are active professionals seeking jobs, networking opportunities, and expertise. Since LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, its also an excellent medium for sharing content, having discussions, and generating leads. Optimizing your activity in LinkedIn groups, company pages, and advertising will help you effectively generate more leads. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn groups provide users with a way to share content and have discussions around specific topics. Here are some tips for using groups: Join groups to expand your reach. LinkedIn has more than one million user groups covering hundreds of different industries. Start a group with a topic that is niche to your business. Invite colleagues, former coworkers, and peers in your industry to join and actively participate in your group. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 4 To Gate or Not to Gate? Do you ever wonder which content you should be requiring people to register for and what you should be giving away for free? A good rule of thumb is that if the content is too sales-y or brief, you should give it away for free. Below are some suggestions on what to get and what not to gate. Gated Content: White papers and eBooks that provide actionable tips and best practices Information that can help people do their jobs and grow their business without purchasing a product or service from your company Webinars In-depth research reports Free Content: Sales content such as product one-pagers and brochures Case studies (unless it is an in-depth discussion of how-tos and best practices) Infographics Blog posts Short videos and product demos
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads Once youve joined groups and started some of your own, you can participate in ongoing discussions within these pages. Discussions should include links to related content where participants can learn more about the topic being explored. Links that you post in discussions can either go directly to landing pages that have gated content (so you can collect lead information), or else to other content (like a blog post) that then links to that landing page. Be sure to include a phone number for leads to call you. Ask questions and answer those from other LinkedIn members to establish thought leadership and industry expertise. This trust will make people more likely to click on links you share in the future. You can even generate leads from comments left in LinkedIn groups. Sometimes people will ask questions about your product/service and you can either respond publicly in the discussion, or trace the lead back to their profile and use that as a jumping off point for contact. ds 3 Times More Likely to 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 5 Become Accounts Ifbyphones marketing team uses our own call tracking technology to monitor the source of all our phone leads, including Google PPC. We used that data to compare conversion rates of PPC web form downloads to phone calls: PPC Lead Type Conversion Rate Web Form Download 3.17% Phone Call 5.28% Total: 8.45% We learned that our PPC landing pages drive nearly twice as many phone leads as web downloads. This is important because LinkedIn Company Pages Businesses often take advantage of LinkedIn company pages for recruiting, but these pages can also be a valuable asset for engaging with customers, informing prospects of the products and services your business provides, and generating leads. Also, if we only measured web form downloads, we might see the 3.17% conversion rate and panic. We might spend time and resources testing new messaging, calls to action, and landing variations to improve it. But when you include phone calls, you get a conversion rate of 8.45%, which is Figure 1. LinkedIn groups enable you to create discussions and share content.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads The most effective company pages utilize target keywords in company descriptions to improve search visibility. The more you appear in search results, the more followers your page will have. Cadence posting on your company page should follow a steady daily cadence. Messaging keep your messaging consistent with your brand, your website, and other social networks. Ensure that all of your product listings are up to date and use keyword-rich text to describe your solutions. Existing customers may come to this page looking to learn more about your other services. Videos and images are key to attracting more followers and leads LinkedIn users are visual and respond well to company pages rich with visual content. Add follow buttons on your website or blog to encourage people to follow your company page on LinkedIn. Like LinkedIn groups, posts on company pages can also drive traffic to register for gated content and become leads. Be sure to prominently display your phone number on your LinkedIn company page. People looking to call your business should be able to find your phone number quickly. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 6 Figure 2. LinkedIn company pages are useful for promoting jobs, content, and products and services.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads LinkedIn Advertising Similar to Google search ads, LinkedIn ads are text ads (with a small image) that link back to a web page of your choosing. One of the main benefits of LinkedIn ads is their ability to target members by geography, industry, LinkedIn groups, demographics, job function, job title, and more. You can run ads on LinkedIn members profile pages, on the LinkedIn home page, and on search results pages, group pages, and more. LinkedIn ads can be a powerful tool not only for generating buzz about your company, but also for generating leads. Have ads link back to a landing page that asks people to provide their contact information for content, to request a demo of your product or service, or to have a sales person contact them. These pages should also include a prominent phone number so members can call you. LinkedIn Analytics The new analytics tools on LinkedIn can help you gain a better understanding of what posts are successful at generating clicks and interactions. LinkedIn analytics will show you how many impressions, clicks, interactions, and followers were driven by each of your posts (see Figure 4). With the wealth of information you can acquire from LinkedIn analytics, you can see the types of professionals (and their industries) who are actively participating with your company on the worlds largest professional social network. This information can help you tailor the content you create to industries that produce the most qualified leads for your business. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 7 Figure 3. Ads on LinkedIn can promote a specific product or service, a LinkedIn group, your company page, and more. Figure 4. LinkedIn analytics helps you understand the effectiveness of your posts and content.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads Twitter Twitter has reached over 200 million active users. If your company is lacking a Twitter social strategy, its missing out on a huge audience of potential customers. Twitter is a place where businesses can interact with other businesses to establish thought leadership and share useful content, but it can also be an effective vehicle for generating leads. Twitter Chats To get more exposure for your Twitter account and content, you can engage users in a Twitter chat. Use a specific hashtag (phrase beginning with a #) for your conversation and encourage people to ask questions and participate in your discussion using the #hashtag you have specified. Twitter Search Using a little piece of code in Twitter search, you can find people who are posting about your target keywords. Enter http ? your keyword here (see Figure 5) into the Twitter search bar and Twitter will return results for people asking questions and having discussions about your keyword. This information helps you target and follow specific people who are talking about what you do and the services you provide. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 8 Figure 5. Search for Twitter users talking about your topic. Figure 6. Sample results from a Twitter search.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 9 Twitter Advertising For companies looking to take their Twitter activity to the next level, Twitter also offers Twitter ads. Advertising on Twitter, much like search engine or display advertising, helps your business generate more leads and broadens your reach beyond your base of followers. You create campaigns with specific targeting criteria such as interests, geography, gender, or device type. You then specify your bids and budget, much like bidding on keywords with Google AdWords. Twitter uses a Cost Per Engagement (CPE) model. So instead of Cost Per Impression (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC), you pay based on the number of engagements you generate. An engagement takes a number of forms, including retweets, clicks, follows, replies or favorites. Whats nice about this model is youll only be charged when someone actually engages with your brand in one of these forms: you pay for your successes, not necessarily for the existence of the ad itself. There are three different types of advertising to consider: promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and promoted trends. Twitter is great platform for generating leads through sharing content (be sure to share content that is behind a registration page). Its also an excellent place to interact with your existing customers and inform them of additional products and services that they may be interested in using. Vine Vine is useful for creating quick, creative, and fun marketing videos that you can promote on your other social networks. You have six seconds to get your message across in a Vine video, so it isnt the best vehicle to express elaborate ideas. But it can be useful to generate buzz for a new product launch or marketing campaign. Dont be fooled by the six- second limit, though; it can take an hour or two of editing to make sure the video is just right. To generate leads through Vine you can include a phone number or email address in your video. For example, you can make the last image or slide in your video a Call Us Now call to action with a trackable phone number. You can also have the Vine caption point to gated content or a contact us form to gather contact information. Vine can be also be successful when it is used as a the first step in a content chain that links to other content that eventually leads them to fill out a registration form.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 10 Facebook With more than 800 million daily active users, Facebook is a social channel that marketers cannot afford to ignore. The following are ways to generate a buzz and encourage engagement on Facebook: Contests. Facebook is an excellent platform for B2B marketers to host giveaways and contests. Like this post and be entered to win a free month of or Caption this photo to win are just a couple of examples. Promoted posts. You can boost any post on Facebook to help you get more exposure, likes, engagement, comments, etc. The best promoted posts contain compelling visual elements, offers, exclusive events, or questions. Recruiting. Facebook has proved itself to be an excellent medium for recruiting top talent across a wide variety of industries. B2B marketers can use Facebook to share knowledge of their companys culture and benefits. Visual elements are core to recruiting with Facebook and attracting top talent. Visual content. All posts that your business shares on Facebook should contain photos or videos. Build up your business page with company videos, employee photos, etc. and encourage employees to engage with your business on Facebook. Facebook is an excellent social platform for building brand awareness, generating buzz for promotions and events, and establishing company culture. While lead generation can be more challenging through Facebook, it isnt impossible. The same way you might generate leads through content sharing on Twitter applies to Facebook: link to landing pages with clear calls to action and forms for viewers to download your content, request a demo or consultation, etc. As always, be sure your landing page includes a prominent phone number for people to call to talk to you, and of course make sure your business phone number is displayed on the About Us section of your company page.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 11 Google+ According to a 2013 article in Venture Beat, Google+ grew 33% from June 2012 to May 2013.2 Now, with more than 359 million active users, Google+ is quickly becoming one of the worlds largest and most active social networks. Its a network that not only can help you generate leads through content sharing, it can also help improve your SEO visibility. Google+ and SEO According to a 2013 study done by Moz, after page authority, a URLs number of Google+1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor.3 The study goes on to say that Google+ has qualities that make it impact search engine rankings better than traditional SEO practices. Simply put, if you dont have an active Google+ page, your business is missing out on a prime opportunity to improve your visibility in search results. Read on for more Google+ tips: +1 links. The more people who like your business page, the higher your Google+ page will rank in search engine results. Geotagging. If your business page is set up with location settings, when users search keywords that are relevant to your page, your search engine results will include your address and potentially a map with your location. Its ideal for local users searching for your business, especially on a mobile device. Google circles. Circles are one way that Google+ lets you segment your followers and people you follow into different audiences. You can share different information with certain circles, based on their interests or needs. A popular way to segment your circles is by buyer personas. Circles help you provide relevant content to specific groups on users. Hangouts. Hangouts are chats and workshops that you and other businesses can host and participate in through Google+. You can connect over video with current customers to address customer service issues. You can also use this as a tool to connect with prospects through a weekly chat series or training sessions. +1 button. Make sure you include the +1 button on your website. To set it up, follow the instructions found on https://developers.google.com/+/web/+1button/ Social extensions. You can now use +1s you receive on your Google+ page as a social extension in your Google AdWords PPC ads (see Figure 7).
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads Again, in order to be successful at generating leads through Google+, you should drive traffic to a registration page that also includes a phone number. Blogs Most businesses by now have figured out that blogging is a necessary piece of their marketing strategy. It helps you stay relevant in search engine results pages, establish thought leadership, announce product launches and updates, and upsell and cross-sell to customers. Blogging can also be a great way for B2B social marketers to generate leads. You can include a clear call to action within or at the end of your blog post that guides your readers to download gated content on your website, request a demo, email you, or call your business to learn more. Make sure that your business phone number is prominently displayed on your blog to make it easy for readers to call you if they have an immediate interest in your post. For gated content, be sure it expands on your blog topic. It should provide actionable insight that readers can follow to help their own business not simply a sales pitch. Its important to monitor comments on your blog in the same way you would monitor LinkedIn group comments. Its a good idea to require people posting comments on your blog to provide an email address, that way when someone posts a comment asking for pricing or additional information, you can have a sales rep follow up with them immediately. You may also want to approve comments first instead of having them automatically go live spam is always present, and sometimes takes innocuous forms. Finally, it can be a good idea in your blogs to link to free non-gated content on occasion. Regularly sharing free content will help you to retain followers and encourage people to share your blogs with their networks. And dont forget to make sharing easier by including +1, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter share buttons. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 12 Figure 7. Google +1 social extension lets you show how many followers and +1s your company has on Google+.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 13 SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon are all visual social media networks. To succeed in each of these networks, you should produce a steady stream of compelling (even humorous) visual content in the form of photos, videos, and slide decks. SlideShare has more than 60 million monthly visitors.4 Its an ideal platform for sharing webinar decks, PDFs and other visual presentations. The six most-used tags on the network are statistics, business, marketing, trends, research, and social media, making it a very relevant social platform for B2B marketers. SlideShare has a free plan that enables you to upload content undera certain size, and also offers paid plans where youcan collect leads from content, view analytics, upload videos, and more. Educational content performs better than salesy content, so choose what to share wisely. YouTube is an excellent place to host recordings of webinars, product launch videos, demos, and other creative video assets that your customers and prospects will find useful. Be sure to have your own company channel set up and include a description for each video using keyword-rich text. You can include links in your videos that drive viewers to downloadable content with registration forms or contact us requests. Be sure to display a phone number in your video messages to encourage people to call your business. If you use a unique call tracking number (more on that later on), youll be able to tell how many phone calls your YouTube video generates. You can also advertise on YouTube as part of the Google Display Network (GDN) to generate leads through banner ads and text ads.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads StumbleUpon is an online content discovery tool and one of the Internets top sites for web traffic referral. To give StumbleUpon a try, set up your company profile and begin submitting content to promote. Its always a good idea to promote other peoples content just as often(or more often) as your own, so you dont appear too self- promotional. You should also focus on promoting only your most useful content in order to cultivate a reputation as a trusted and valuable sharer. Give your content good titles and descriptions so it stands out, and include important keyword tags to help people find it. StumbleUpon also offers paid promotion options if wish to spend budget to achieve short-term boosts in content traffic. Pinterest isnt only for fashionistas and wedding planners. If you have a compelling photo attached with a blog post or white paper, dont be afraid to share it on Pinterest. As long as the written content is accompanied by attention grabbing visual elements, it will share well on this platform. Once your content gets the attention of pinners, you can encourage them to click on your image to learn more. Then send them to landing pages with relevant, gated content. Businesses have also had success sharing infographics on Pinterest. By including a prominent phone number on your infographic, you can encourage viewers to call your business to learn more about the content you shared. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 14 4 Tips from Olivia, Ifbyphones Social Media Specialist 1. Be consistent with your voice and keep the content as personalized as possible. Your audience wants to feel like they are engaging with a real person on social media, not just canned marketing messaging. 2. Dont fear Pinterest If you have great content accompanied by interesting images, your content will share well on this platform. Even if your product isnt inherently visual, dont be afraid to find images to illustrate the concepts you want to share. 3. Decide when to gate content with a form and when it should be free to your visitors. Not all content is created equal - you must be willing to give some away for free on your social networks. 4. Maintain a steady cadence on each of your networks. If you are posting 3-4 times per day on each network, stagger the times you post throughout the day. No one wants 4 of your tweets showing up in their news feed in a row. Also, use tools like followerwonk to find out when users are most likely to engage with your content. You may be posting at the least ideal time for your audience. See more marketing tips from Olivia by subscribing to our blog: http://feeds.feedburner.com/IfbyphoneBlog
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads Social Marketing for Mobile Devices No social media strategy is complete without accounting for mobile. Social media usage accounts for 31% ofall mobile Internet time nearly twice as much as thetime users spend on email, the second most popular smartphone activity. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+...you name it, people are accessing it on their smartphones. Social media can be an effective tool for generating visits to your mobile site and landing pages. Thats why its important that when you drive people to your web pages via social media, be sure those pages are optimized for mobile viewing. Also, when your social media marketing sends people to landing pages to register for content, keep in mind that smartphone users would usually rather call a business than fill out a form its just easier and more natural when youre surfing with a smartphone. So be sure to include a phone number prominently on your page and make it clickable to instantly trigger a call from the visitors smartphone (see Figure 8). 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 15 Figure 8. Click-to-call phone numbers on web pages trigger immediate calls from smartphone users.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 16 When it comes to proving the value of social media marketing to execs (many of whom are social media skeptics), marketers often look at the wrong data. While top-of-the-funnel metrics such as clicks, likes, shares, and engagement are all important metrics and useful in helping you determine which content works best, most execs dont care about the top of the funnel. They care about the middle-of-the-funnel metrics such as form registrations, phone calls, store visits, and more that actually impact the bottom of the funnel, i.e., accounts, revenue, and ROI. Thats why B2B marketers should focus on data that shows how their work generates qualified leads and revenue. Marketers and execs alike should keep in mind that, when it comes to lead gen, social media may not perform at the same speed or level as other campaigns. Social media conversion rates, days to close, and number of accounts generated will probably be less than that of paid search, webinars, and other campaigns. How to Track Web Leads from Social Media Tracking web form registrations from social media is the first step to tracking leads. When someone visits one of your landing pages and fills out a web form, the lead should be tagged as belonging to the appropriate social media source that referred it. You should then track that lead through your sales funnel to see if it becomes revenue. Doing this requires three pieces of technology, two of which you are probably already using: marketing automation and a CRM system. Marketing automation tools like Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot enable you to capture leads from web forms and tie those leads to the marketing source (in this case, the social media service and specific activity) that referred them. This means that you can create reports on how many leads each of your social media channels generate. Whats more, when you integrate your marketing automation tools with a CRM system like Salesforce.com or SugarCRM, you can track each of those social media leads through the sales cycle, and that means being able to prove to execs that each of your various social marketing activities has generated X amount of web leads, Y amount of opportunities, and Z amount of revenue. Proving the Value of Social Media Takes the Right Data
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads The Often-Overlooked Analytics Tool: Call Tracking If your social strategy is effective, tracking web leads makes a strong statement about the value of social media marketing. But it still only tells part of the story. What if instead of filling out your form, the lead picks up the phone and calls you? Can you tell exactly which social channel and activity drove that call? Can you tell if the call even came from social media at all? Failing to track the inbound phone calls your social media is generating can be problematic for two big reasons: 1. You might not be getting credit for a ton of social marketing leads. If someone reads a blog and calls sales, for example, or calls after watching a video you post on LinkedIn or after reading about a contest you posted on Facebook, you cant prove it. And any CPL (cost-per-lead) data will be wrong because your lead numbers are off, making it appear as if you are spending more per lead than you actually are. 2. Inbound phone calls are often from leads who are ready to engage with a sales manager, and therefore more likely to become revenue than a web lead. (An internal study of our own leads at Ifbyphone uncovered that phone leads are 3x more likely to become accounts.) Phone leads are also the lead type more sales managers prefer (see Figure 9). Phone calls are the leads you most need to track back to your social channels. Thats why the third tool marketing teams should use is a call tracking tool. Call tracking software enables you to include unique trackable phone numbers in your social media pages, profiles, landing pages, and posts (as well as the content you drive people to through social channels). Even if a lead visits your web site before calling you, call tracking tools can still tell you how that caller found your site and the specific social post they called from. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 17 Figure 9. Larger percentage of sales managers rate telephone leads as excellent or good more than any other lead type.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads What Is Call Tracking? Call tracking is a form of lead attribution and marketing analytics technology. Marketers use it to track inbound phone calls back to the specific marketing source that originated them and then follow those leads through the sales cycle to revenue. Call tracking enables marketers to understand what marketing sources including offline, online, and mobile ads; campaigns; keyword searches; web pages; pieces of content; direct mail or email blasts; and social media activity generate phone leads and revenue and which dont. How Call Tracking Works Call tracking technology works by giving you clean trackable phone numbers (local, toll-free, or vanity) that you insert in your marketing material. When someone calls one of those numbers, youll know exactly what source theyre calling from and be able to pin that source data with the lead information. If that lead goes on to become an opportunity or a customer, you can tie those events and revenue back to the original source, so you can understand and prove how your marketing is impacting lead generation and sales. For tracking leads that call you directly from offline ads (like print or TV), content (like eBooks, webinars, or videos), and social media profile pages (like LinkedIn and Facebook), call tracking is a fairly basic concept. You simply: 1. Insert a trackable phone number obtained from the call tracking software in your marketing materials or on your profile pages. 2. Attribute those numbers in the software to their respective source. 3. Tell the software where to route the call, and youre off. All calls will still come to you, and the callers wont know the difference, but you will be able to tie the call back to the specific source that originated it. 4. Use call tracking software to generate reports on the calls each source generates. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 18
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads For online and mobile sources such as Twitter or LinkedIn PPC ads where people visit a web page first before calling, call tracking works a bit differently by using a technique called dynamic number insertion (DNI). DNI automatically displays a unique call tracking phone number on your web pages based on the referral source. Heres a summary of how it works: 1. First, you should include a phone number prominently on your web pages for people to call. 2. You then replace that phone number in the HMTL with a small snippet of call tracking JavaScript code you get from the call tracking software. 3. The code then automatically displays a unique phone number on your web pages for each visitor based on how they got there (i.e., Google or Bing keyword search, Twitter PPC ad, banner ad, social media post, etc.). 4. When the visitor calls the number, the phone lead is attributed in call tracking reports to the right referral source, including the exact keyword search. And like marketing automation tools, you can integrate call tracking tools with your CRM system (see Figure 10)to follow each phone lead from social media through to revenue. If you use these three technologies (marketing automation, call tracking, and CRM) together, you have the datayou need to paint a simple, powerful picture of social medias effectiveness at generating leads and customers. Instead of forcing execs to sit through 30 slides of data on how social media marketing is driving likes and retweets, you can show them what they really care about: a single impactful slide proving how your social strategy (along with all your other marketing) is generating leads and revenue. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 19 Figure 10. Include social phone call data in your CRM dashboards and reports.
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 20 If you decide to explore call tracking, you may wish to try a technology called voice-based marketing automation (VBMA). VBMA is cloud-based software built specifically for marketers. With VBMA, marketers can easily implement call tracking for all of their marketing campaigns (including social media) and integrate that data with their CRM and even Google Analytics and Universal Analytics data. Whats more, call tracking is just one piece of VBMA. It also includes phone lead routing, recording, scoring, and more that marketers use to fully understand and control their phone leads the same way they do for their web leads. Call routing: Ensure phone leads go to the right sales rep by routing inbound calls to groups of sales agents or individual agents based the callers geography, time of day, the marketing sources they called from, and more. Agents can answer calls from anywhere on any device they choose. Lead scoring: If you want to qualify inbound calls before passing to sales, VBMA provides IVR (interactive voice response) technology than can automatically score phone leads using any questions you choose. The IVR will only pass high-scoring leads to sales. Call recording: Call recordings provide a wealth of information for marketers to mine. What terminology do prospects use? How do they describe their pain points? Use this knowledge to build more effective marketing campaigns and sales pitches. Convert web leads into instant sales calls: When a lead fills out a wen form, the longer it takes sales to contact them, the worse the chances of conversion. VBMA can help by triggering an immediate call to your sales reps whenever someone fills out a form. If the rep accepts, VBMA will then call the lead and connect the two in conversation. To learn more about the different ways you can use VBMA for lead reporting, scoring, routing, recording, and management read, Tracking Phone Leads: The Missing Piece of Marketing Automation. Voice-Based Marketing Automation for Social Media Call Tracking and More
  • B2B Lead Generation for Social Media: Tips for Generating and Tracking Phone Leads The first step in a successful social media strategy is original and useful content. Once your business has established a set cadence for content creation, you can follow the tips outlined in this white paper for each social media channel to increase engagement, generate and track leads, and prove ROI to execs. 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (866) 245-4479 | www.ifbyphone.com | twitter.com/Ifbyphone | Ifbyphone.com/blog 21 Next Steps Call (866) 245-4479 to learn how Ifbyphone can help you track leads back to social media. You can also request a demo of Ifbyphones solution at www.ifbyphone.com. Sources: 1. Chief Marketer, Social Media Marketing Survey, 2011 2. Venture Beat, July 2013 3. Moz, August 2013 4. Social Media Examiner, March 2013 Conclusion
  • About Ifbyphone Ifbyphone, the leader in voice-based marketing automation (VBMA), connects, measures and optimizes sales and service calls for businesses and organizations. Ifbyphones VBMA solutions capture and manage phone leads and information that often slip through the cracks of traditional marketing automation and CRM software solutions. The Ifbyphone product suite is a set of software-as-a-service applications including call tracking, hosted IVR (interactive voice response), call routing, virtual call center and voice broadcasting. Organizations of all sizes in all industries use Ifbyphone, including marketing agencies, lead generation, e-commerce, direct response, financial services and insurance, health care, retail and logistics, and SaaS and technology. For more information, visit www.ifbyphone.com www.ifbyphone.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/ifbyphone Facebook: http://facebook.com/ifbyphone (866) 245-4479 300 West Adams Street, 9th Floor Chicago, IL 60606 2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. All rights reserved.