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Beyond the Classroom Walls. Providing Leadership Opportunities to your Biomedical Science Students. What, Why, Where, Who. student-run workshop of hands-on science, focusing on physiology concepts and health t o get kids excited about doing science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Beyond the Classroom WallsProviding Leadership Opportunities to your Biomedical Science Students

  • What, Why, Where, Whostudent-run workshop of hands-on science, focusing on physiology concepts and healthto get kids excited about doing scienceexpose BMS students to younger students in the community provide an opportunity to demonstrate classroom learningpotential performance assessment to PLTW skills and conceptshigh school cafeteria60 freshmen students from PBS20 senior leadership students150 5th and 6th grade students

  • PhUn Week at Edison High SchoolFresno, CAMonday-Thursday: classroom practicehigh school students learning lab activities and teaching each other (I teach you)Friday: Science Day Eventhigh school students leading small groups of younger students through lab activities in a rotational setting (You teach them)

  • Framing the Day EventEarlier in the week:teach activities to high school studentstrain leadership students as chaperonesassign BMS students to one lab activity, table booth, and shift, submit clear list to office, post shift roster in classroom for student referencehave primary classroom teachers arrange their students into teams of 5-8, provide different colored string to teachers to tie on student wrists the day of as team color braceletscreate table signs in corresponding colors to student braceletspack boxes of supplies separated by table boothphotocopy lab papers and sharpen pencils

  • Framing the Day EventSet-Up the Day Of:first shift of students carry boxes from classroom to their table booth, set up suppliesstudents take seats, begin practicing on each other for one last reviewaudience chairs arranged so that each color group will have their own row of seats, marked by construction paper corresponding to team colorspowerpoint equipment set up, microphone and speakers set-up and tested

  • Framing the Day EventExecution:2 leadership students assigned to each student group, greet at bus drop-off zone and escort through campus to cafeteriastudents seated in rows of chairs, greeted by PLTW teacher with short overview of day, hear from visiting professor about what physiology isstudent teams assigned to starting booth to begin activities, led by BMS studentsevery 20 minutes, teacher announces time to rotate and groups move clockwise to next boothstudents brought back to rows of chairs for final 10 minutes for a recap of what was learned, then escorted back to bus by leadership students

  • How does this relate to BMS?expensive equipment can be used to reach more than just your studentsalready teaching these concepts through BMS labs and activitiescould be used to enhance the lessons youre currently teaching with additional hands-on lessonscould be set up as a performance assessment for BMS students

  • Examples of Possible Applicationprofessional guest speaker aligned to career journal topicsdisplays set up of BMS student projectsBrochures, models, postersdemonstrations led by BMS students of higher-tech labs (calorimetry, electrophoresis)incorporate probes into lab activitiesNervous system, cardiovascular system

  • Benefits of Hosting an Eventprovides leadership opportunities for studentslinks high school campus to feeder primary schools in your area for vertical alignmentallows for networking opportunities centered around a specific event with a common goalprovides an opportunity to showcase your BMS program to community members or administrative personnelmoves students out of the classroom, teaches them the power of investing back into others

  • Contact: Leslie WortonEdison High SchoolFresno, [email protected] ext. 74833

  • Why Work With The American Physiological Society? has many activity resourcesprovides gift bags for students and t-shirts for educatorsencourages networking with local college professors in the fieldflexible design to fit your needs