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  • 1. BFI Research By Michael Selby


  • The empire magazine outlining the similarities between Ringo Lam s City on fire and Quieten Tarantino s Reservoir Dogs.
  • Plot points

City on Fire (1987) 3. More City on Fire

  • You may, however, find that the first hour of City surprising, in that it has no more in common with Dogs than it does with Deep Cover or White heat .
  • In the end, Tarantino s took no more from this than he did from The killing, the taking of Pelham 123
  • What did he take from each film:
  • Pelham colour coded names
  • The killing the fractures narrative style
  • I ve always thought that the closer we can hitch movies to books,
  • the better off movies will be

4. Reservoir Dogs

  • Reservoir dogs is Tarantinos first hit with audiences, even though it didnt make much money.
  • What did he do different from other heist films:
  • Left out the heist. In a typical Hollywood movie this would have been the being scene.
  • Although he had a low budget


  • Other styles:
  • In the opening eleven pages you learn nothing abut the characters or the story.
  • Contrasting music sequences
  • watchv =MRbtEjv29z0&feature= related
  • the role of these soundtrack albums are not to be underestimated.

6. inglorious Basterds 7. Thanks for listening