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Partnering with Nonprofits to Strengthen Your Brand Cause Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • 1. Partnering with Nonprofitsto Strengthen Your Brand Cause Marketing andCorporate Social Responsibility

2. WARNING What lies ahead isnotfor philanthropic planning.Im not presenting ideas to give money awaywithout expecting some form of ROI.WHAT ITS NOT 3. WARNING Its all about building partnerships with other organizations to support your corporate branding, reaching new targets, building sales, supporting HR goals and recruiting or augmenting your social responsibility (CSR) strategies. Its about supporting your company and community. WHAT ITS ABOUT 4. WHAT WELL TALK ABOUT TODAY What is CM and CSR? What Are the Benefits Corporate/Nonprofit Developing the Partnership What Are the Resources for Both Partners Getting Started: How to Reach Your Audience Lets Talk Green Case Studies Inspire Support Our Conversation WHATS UP 5. Whats it all about? A win-win relationship between companies and causes that support community building efforts while providing positive community, HR and marketing ROI for the company, and expanded awareness and mission-related resources for nonprofit organizations. CAUSE MARKETING 6. ITS A MARRIAGE 7. A.R.T.: ITS A MARRIAGE CAUSE MARKETING 8. BENEFITS TOYOUR COMPANY THE BENEFITS 9. Heres Whats Being Said Benefits of Cause Marketing Cutting-edge innovation and competitive advantage is a result of weaving social and environmental considerations into business strategies.(CEO, Hewlett Packard) A vested interest in the well-being of our community ties directly to the companys long-term business objectives. Community relations activities add luster to our brand.(President, American Express Foundation) CAUSE MARKETING 10. What are the areas where partnerships can benefit your company? Increase company awareness Differentiate services/products from competition Improve public and investor relations Promote corporate philanthropic efforts Increase sales and gain market share against competitors Employee recruitment, employee retention Strengthen customer retention Effectively target and reach new markets Increase opportunities and quality of volunteer opportunities Boost employee moral and employee engagement Increase return on marketing investment Generate awareness and revenue using non-traditional marketing approach Strengthen trust and credibility in the company and its brandCM BENEFITS FOR YOU 11. UNDERSTANDING YOUR PARTNERS NEEDS FORMING A PARTNERSHIP 12. The Corporation Brand awareness Sales Employee relations Community relations CEO as brand Public affairs Public relations Crisis communications Catching up on a trend Sales THE PARTNERSHIP The Nonprofit Funds Brand awareness Volunteers New donors In-kind Event Support Public relations Board members New corporate contacts Understanding Your Partners Needs 13. RESOURCES FOR CAUSE MARKETING PARTNERS RESOURCES 14. Resources of Cause Marketing Partners For Corporate Partners Marketing, advertising, PR and promotional budgets and schedules In-kind contributions of goods and services: technical, intellectual Co-brand the cause through company marketing efforts Allocate a percentage of sales to the nonprofit partner, or otherbusiness-building and awareness-building strategies. Provide volunteer opportunities for employees to assist nonprofit partner Provide nonprofit and trust to nonprofit partner Open doors and provide access to business contacts, knowledge andnew technology to support nonprofit business operations Hands-on labor, administrative, fund-raising Contacts to help secure media and other promotional partners YOUR RESOURCES 15. Resources of Cause Marketing Partners For Nonprofit Partners Ability to invest in marketing, advertising and promotion for selectcorporate partners Access to in-kind contributions of goods and services to supportcorporate community positioning and marketing efforts Promote brands that allocate a percentage of sales or other business building elements Engage corporate employees as volunteers to assist communities andbuild positive morale and HR benefits Distribution of company messages or materials to new audiences, manytimes at a lower cost than using traditional media Provide access to new or expanded target markets Access to new audiences through events, web site and databases Lend credibility and trust to corporate partner bridge to the community RESOURCES FOR THE NONPROFIT 16. PLANNING YOUR STRATEGY PLANNING 17. PLANNING Developing Your Plan Step 1.Build the case for cause marketing in your organization. Step 2.Conduct audit of your internal resources and marketing assets. Step 3.Situation analysis what the playing field looks like. Step 4.Develop Strategic Relationships.2 + 2 = 7. Step 5.Evaluation. ROI. 18. THERES MORE TO GREEN THAN DOLLARS PLANNING 19. North County Trade Tech High School A green-build tech academy for building sustainable futures. Preparing leaders for the building and construction industries Architecture for Humanity Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design-services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation EDC promotes environmentally sustainable practices in the community La Maestra Community Health Center Building a LEED Gold-certified health center in City Heights California Center for Sustainable EnergyPublic service for community, green-building assistance The Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship To inspire and nurture a new generation of architects as lifelong leaders GREEN NONPROFITS 20. Children NonprofitsBig Brothers, Big Sisters National Boys and Girls Clubs National Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches Regional San Marcos Girls Softball Regional Campfire San Diego & Imperial County Regional OTHER NONPROFITS 21. CASE STUDIES Cause Marketing Campaigns STUDIO 2055 CASE STUDIES 22. STUDIO 2055 Cause Marketing Campaigns San Diego Performing Arts League Bravo San Diego Mental Health Systems, Inc. California Walk For Recovery CASE STUDIES 23. SAN DIEGO PERFORMING ARTS LEAGUE BRAVO SAN DIEGO Probono Contribution: Creative, Advertising Director, Branding, Design Fund Raising Board Participation 24. SAN DIEGO PERFORMING ARTS LEAGUE BRAVO SAN DIEGO Secured donated advertising space Benefitting companies and cause 25. SAN DIEGO PERFORMING ARTS LEAGUE BRAVO SAN DIEGO Raised $350,000 for the arts benefitting community arts groups: Fern Street Circus Malashock Dance San Diego Symphony 26. MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. CALIFORNIA WALK FOR RECOVERY Raised $260,000 for mental health services in San Diego 27. MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. CITY OF SAN DIEGO, CITY OF OCEANSIDE, NATIONAL CITY Three Public Works Projects Creative Director Illustration, Project Management 28. MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. CITY OF SAN DIEGO, CITY OF OCEANSIDE, NATIONAL CITY Three Public Works Projects 29. MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. CITY OF SAN DIEGO, CITY OF OCEANSIDE, NATIONAL CITY Benefitting at-risk families and children 30. CELEBRATING 25 YEARS SMART THINKING+CREATIVE SOLUTIONS 1985 2011