chimpanzees and skunks

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Chimpanze es and Skunks By Thomas Lippiard Man! Somethin g stinks! Sorry !

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Chimpanzees and Skunks. By Thomas Lippiard. Sorry!. Man! Something stinks!. Chimpanzees and humans are alike in many ways. A baby chimp laughs when its mother tickles it. Ouch!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Chimpanzees and Skunks

By Thomas Lippiard

Man! Something stinks!


Page 2: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Chimpanzees and humans are alike in many ways. A baby chimp laughs when its mother tickles it.

After Chimpanzees fight, they kiss and make up. When one chimpanzee comforts another, it gives it a hug or a pat on the back.


Page 3: Chimpanzees and Skunks

You might think that because chimps are so much like us we would let them live in peace . But we don’t.

Page 4: Chimpanzees and Skunks

It’s easy to tell the two types of chimps apart. Bonobos are slightly smaller than common chimps.

And they usually have a part running down the middle of their heads. Sometimes their hair even sticks out sideways!

Page 5: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Like humans and other primates, chimps use the precision grip for holding objects between the thumb and fingers. They use this grip when picking up small objects.

Page 6: Chimpanzees and Skunks

A chimp’s FEET ARE REALLY LIKE AN EXTRA PAIR Of hands. Using their thumb- like big toe, chimps can wrap their feet around a tree trunk or a branch.

So when climbing, they can grip with both their feet and hands.

Page 7: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Skunks and their relatives make up a family of mammals known as mustelids.

Page 8: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Mustelids may be small, but they can hunt animals that are much bigger than they are. This is partly because they have very strong jaws and sharp teeth.

Page 9: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Otters spend most of their time in water.

Page 10: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Wolverines are aggressive hunters, but they have never been known to attack people.

Page 11: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Musk is a skunk’s only defense, and it doesn’t have an endless supply. So a skunk only sprays when it has to.

Page 12: Chimpanzees and Skunks

Thank you for watching this Power Point by Thomas Lippiard. I hope you enjoyed it and have a good day.

I’m a star!

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