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Communicatio n Dos and Don’ts Jazmyn and Briana

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Page 1: Communication Dos And Donts

Communication Dos and Don’tsJazmyn and Briana

Page 2: Communication Dos And Donts

What is Communication?

• Exchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

• Can be – Verbal– Oral– Physical/ Nonverbal

Page 3: Communication Dos And Donts

Classroom Etiquette

Dos• Go to class• Take notes• Come prepared• Ask questions• Plan ahead• Communicate with your

teacher if you’re having problems

• Don’ts• Sleep in class• Text/Facebook/Tweet/

Instagram, Pin, etc. while in class

• Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying/homework/projects, etc.

• Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Page 4: Communication Dos And Donts

Social Media

Page 5: Communication Dos And Donts

Social Media Etiquette

Dos• Only allow people you

KNOW to be able to see your personal profiles

• Use your real name on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other networking sites

• Use social media to create your own personal “brand”

• If you’re in a leadership position, watch what you post

Don’ts• Use alternative spelling on media

outlets (Yhu shud n3v3r typ3 lik3 dis) • Post things on your profile that you

don’t want everyone to see• Post photos of yourself doing illegal

activities• Post nude photos of yourself• Use profane or offensive language• Put your full name on Twitter if

you’re tweeting things that you wouldn’t want everyone to see

• Don’t make your middle name a sentence

Page 6: Communication Dos And Donts