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Commuter Connections. Jeff Chow, Selim Ikizler, Mickey Massicotte, Josh Seideman, Greg Wood. What is Social Change?. Social Change improves community Must be feasible Widespread support Commuter Involvement Program Resident/Commuter Mentor Program Resident Hall Study Lounge Access. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Commuter ConnectionsJeff Chow, Selim Ikizler, Mickey Massicotte, Josh Seideman, Greg Wood

  • What is Social Change?Social Change improves communityMust be feasibleWidespread supportCommuter Involvement ProgramResident/Commuter Mentor ProgramResident Hall Study Lounge Access

  • Sense of UrgencyLack of convenient locationsLack of commuter involvement in student organizationsRift between residents and commutersComparatively less use of facilitiesUMD

  • Groups Necessary for ChangeAdministrative PositionsStudent RepresentativesThe Student Body

  • Lessons LearnedContact was not readily availableOther organizationsMore people necessary

  • Initiating ChangeIndividual and group involvementEvaluation of projectChecklistHow to improve readiness

  • Ready for change?Target group

    Support from focus group

  • ResistanceForms of resistanceOvercomingThings which could have been done better

  • ContributorsAdvisorsIndividuals


  • Strategic Plan4 Major objectivesGather statisticsCollaborate with student organizationsRefine & adjust program ideaPresent program to officials

    What would we change?

  • Defining SuccessShort-term wins

    Long-term goals

  • Future PlansDiscuss plan with Resident Life

    Speak with community directors

    Collaborate with UCA & RHA

  • The End