dean of the faculty 2008-09 annual report

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This annual report is one tool to facilitate communication with the Arts & Sciences community regarding successes and progress toward strategic priorities.


  • A R T S & S C I E N C E S

    D E A N O F T H E FA C U L T Y 2 0 0 8 - 0 9

    A N N U A L R E P O R T

  • Since 1932, the Annie Russell Theatre hasbeen the heart of the Department ofTheatre Arts & Dance. This spring, Rollinshonored the legacy of Russell once againwhen a stone was placed along the Walk ofFame to recognize her many contributionsto theatre.


    As we approach the beginning of another academic year, I writewith pride to share the accomplishments of our talented students,distinguished faculty, and dedicated staff. This annual report is onetool to facilitate communication with the Arts & Sciences communityregarding successes and progress toward strategic priorities.

    We remain committed to integrating curricular and co-curricularofferings focused on a common set of student learning outcomes,supporting academic excellence by providing engaged learning andresearch experiences, offering strong professional developmentopportunities, and ensuring competitive faculty and staff salaries.

    In the pages ahead you will see that we have much to celebrate.

    Faculty approved the Rollins Plan pilot program to test a new approachto general education focused on providing a more integrated studentlearning experience.

    We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Student-FacultyCollaborative Scholarship Program, our nationally recognized Officeof Community Engagement, and an expanding faculty commitmentto internationalization.

    We congratulate more than a dozen colleagues for earning tenure,promotion in rank, and/or endowed chair appointments, and wewelcome talented new faculty.

    We spotlight our A&S faculty scholars and congratulate those whohave been awarded external funding to support their work.

    We recognize the remarkable accomplishments of our students,including the six who were awarded prestigious scholarships orfellowships during the past year.

    We have maintained a clear focus on our institutional mission of providinga rigorous liberal arts education designed to instill a commitment tolifelong learning and service in our students. There is no doubt thatchallenging economic conditions will require even greater disciplineregarding our priorities in the future. Im confident that through effectiveshared governance we will make decisions that contribute to the greatergood of the institution.

    As a next step in facilitating ongoing communication, Dean of FacultyAssemblies will be scheduled. I will also continue the practice of openoffice days as well as end-of-semester updates.

    Thank you for your continued commitment to the Rollins mission and yourmany contributions as we all work to help students find their purpose.

    Laurie M. Joyner, Ph.D.Dean of the FacultyProfessor of Sociology

    TOP COVER PHOTO: Bryan Seaman 09,takes part in the marine biology winterfield study in Oahu, Hawaii.

    TOP COVER PHOTO CREDIT:Gabriella Lavine 10

    2008-09 FACTS

    First-year student SATmid-range was 1110-1300

    Total undergraduateenrollment 1,785

    Student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1

    29 majors, 39 minors, andpre-professional programs inhealth and law

    3/2 programs in acceleratedmanagement, pre-engineering,and environmental management

    More than 173 full-time faculty(94 percent hold a Ph.D. or thehighest degree in their field)

    21 Endowed Chairs inArts & Sciences


  • Strengthening the Curriculum

    Rollins has long been recognized for its commitment to innovation and experimentation in the areas of

    curriculum and pedagogy. A distinctive feature of a Rollins education is a strong emphasis on the liberal

    arts coupled with recognition of the practical need to prepare students to be responsible leaders and

    global citizens. The renewal of the general education curriculum is being undertaken in the spirit of these

    defining commitments.

    In September of 2008, A&S faculty approved the Rollins Plan (RP) pilot program for consideration in the

    development of a new general education curriculum. RPs are designed to actively engage students both

    inside and outside of the classroom, deepen the connection between theory and practice, and strengthen

    the relationship between the College and the larger community.

    This spring, five RP proposals were submitted for

    consideration. Two RPs, Florida: Laboratory for the

    Global Future and Revolution, were chosen as pilots and

    will begin during the 2009-10 academic year. The two

    pilots are each composed of a series of seven courses

    balanced across divisions and organized around these

    two big ideas. RPs will be multidisciplinary and

    developmental and will foster curricular innovation. RPs

    will also introduce and reinforce common learning

    outcomes with assessment measures outlined for each.

    Ongoing updates and evaluation results will be presented

    to the full faculty during the pilot period.

    Special acknowledgment is given to the Curriculum Review and Renewal Committee: professors Mark

    Anderson, Tom Cook (chair), Laurel Goj, Karen Hater, Phil Kozel, Carol Lauer, Marc Sardy, Rachel Simmons,

    and student representative Christina Bucci 09, along with members of the RP Curriculum Selection

    Committee: professors Wendy Brandon, Sharon Carnahan, Denise Cummings, Laurel Goj, Eileen Gregory,

    Phil Kozel, Susan Cohn Lackman (chair), Robert Sherry, Eric Smaw, and student representatives Christina

    Grass 10, and Alexandra Grammenos 10, for their commitment to curricular reform. The Curricular Review

    and Renewal process at Rollins is supported in part by a generous grant from The Arthur Vining Davis


    For more information on the two RP

    pilots visit the Curriculum Committee

    Course on Blackboard.

    External Reviews of AcademicPrograms

    During the 2008-09 academic year,

    the Classics and Latin American

    Caribbean Studies programs were

    externally reviewed. Both programs

    adopted suggestions to strengthen

    student engagement and learning.


    C O L L E G E O F A R T S & S C I E N C E S

    Faculty participate in RP summer workshops


  • Undergraduate Research that Reflects Intellectual Curiosityand the Search for Knowledge

    Tomorrows great problem solvers are todays undergraduate students. A liberal arts education exposes

    students to a broad range of disciplines while cultivating intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the

    ability to apply knowledge in a complex world.

    During 2009, the Rollins Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program, led by program director

    Thomas Moore, Archibald Granville Bush Chair of Science, is marking its 10-year anniversary.

    By the end of this summer, a total of 307 students, (many of

    whom participated for more than one year) will have taken part

    in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program. In its

    first year, eight faculty members from five departments worked

    with 29 students. That year, only one project was funded from

    outside of the Division of Science and Mathematics. Since

    then, 71 faculty members representing 24 disciplines have

    collaborated in research with students. This program offers

    students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly

    research that is typically only available at the graduate school

    level. By the end of 2009, Rollins will have invested nearly $1.5

    million in this program.

    In spring 2009, 46 students were selected to collaborate in

    summer research with 22 faculty members from 13 departments.

    Examples of this summers projects include David Charles,

    associate professor of theatre arts & dance, and students

    working on a new long-form improvisational play based on

    Greek tragedy, and Chris Fuse, assistant professor of physics,

    working with two Class of 2010 Cornell Scholars, Emma

    Broming and Aditya Mahara on classifying and modeling

    certain galaxies in an effort to understand them and how they relate to other extra-galactic entities. The

    anticipated outcome of every project is a peer-reviewed publication or the professional equivalent (for

    scholarship in the arts) with the student(s) and faculty member listed as co-authors. The foundations that

    supported this program in 2008-09 included The Chatlos Foundation, John Hauck Foundation, and The

    Edward W. and Stella C. Van Houten Memorial Fund.



    C O L L E G E O F A R T S & S C I E N C E S

    Associate Professor of Art Rachel Simmons 2008 community-based research project Cultures and Music.



    Athletics of the Ancient World,Gordie Howell


    Field Study in German: Corneringthe Christmas Markets in Germany,Nancy Decker


    Environmental Issues in theBahamas, Michael Gunter

    Oahu, Hawaii

    Marine Biology: Central Pacific,Fiona Harper and Katie Sutherland

    St. Maarten/St. Thomas

    Effects of Poverty on Schools andStudents, Madeline Kovarik andDebra Wellman

    Costa Rica

    National Parks and ProtectedAreas, Barry Allen


    New York CityArt in the City: NYC,Dana Hargrove andRachel Simmons

    PeruDiscovering the Incan Empire,Jalh Dulanto


    GuatemalaHealthcare and Identity inGuatemala, Ashley Kistler

    Guatemalan Peacebuilding,Daniel Chong

    ScotlandMaking Art in Scotland,Dana Hargrove

    EcuadorEnvironment and Developmentin the Andes, Barry Allen andLee Lines

    Costa RicaLatin American B

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