diana howard asq ca/rabqsa quality tools. 1.poka – yoke a. heat sink example 2. four up charts...

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  • Diana Howard ASQ CA/RABQSA Quality Tools
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  • 1.Poka Yoke a. Heat sink example 2. Four Up Charts 3. Lean Sigma a. Value Stream Mapping 4. Resources Topics of Discussion
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  • Poka - Yoke Mistake Proofing
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  • What is Poka-Yoke? The phrase Poka-Yoke originates from the Japanese words: yokeru =to avoid poka=inadvertent errors It is a methodology that is used to strive toward zero defects by either preventing or automatically detecting defects.
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  • Mistake Proofing Devices 1.Guide/Reference/Interference Rod or Pin: 2.Template: 3.Limit Switch/Microswitch: 4.Counter: 5.Odd Part Out Method:
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  • Mistake Proofing Devices (p. 2) 6.Sequence Restriction: 7.Standardize and Solve: 8.Critical Condition Indicator: 9.Detect Delivery Chute: 10.Stopper/Gate: 11.Sensor:
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  • Other Prevention Techniques Eliminate the Condition This method isolates the specific characteristic and removes it. For example: Certain non-functional holes cause confusion about where to insert parts during assembly. We simply plug the non-functional holes and eliminate any possibility that they might be used and cause errors. Redesign for Symmetry Redesign for symmetry means to revise or modify the appearance or function of a part, tool or fixture so that its opposite sides are identical or nearly identical. In this way they become interchangeable. Redesign for Asymmetry This involves revising or modifying the appearance or function of a part, tool or fixture so that its opposite sides are no longer identical. In this way they can no longer be confused and mistakenly interchanged. This is especially useful when a particular orientation is critical.
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  • Four Ups charts Used for Reporting to management Graph of measurement over time Analysis of quarterly data Issues/causes Action Items
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  • Pre-Ship Acceptance Hardware Missing: Developed UV/black light marker check. Operator to use pen and Touch for Quality - QA to audit with black light. Due date: 2/3/06 PDC: 10 different refdes locations across 8 different assemblies. No common trend. Missing: Nozzle replacement program instituted and refresher on operator training. Great improvement! Customer intro during quarter( XXXXX volumes ramped during qtr) Hardware Missing: XXXXXX 9131-0031-0004 Screws PDC: Misc customers and locations. Missing: No Common locations or assemblies.
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  • Lean Sigma The combination 15 Rationale for combined approach History with concepts since 1996 Independent successes Amplified by using both together Industry trends toward Operational Excellence The Lean Sigma philosophy: U tilizes the DMAIC approach Incorporates Toolsets from both Guide to faster solution Maintains accuracy Provides standardization and improves control
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  • Lean Sigma
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  • X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X x x x Define Measure Analyze Improve Control What to DoTools Identify project CTQs Develop Charter Define the process Estimate Financial Benefits Determine project Ys based on CTQs Define performance standards for Ys Establish data collection plan Validate measurement system Collect data on Y (before) Determine process stability & capability Identify probable vital few Xs. Capture all potential sources of variation Confirm vital few Xs are significant Decide what to change. Identify optimal solution(s). Implement solution(s) Collect data on Y (after) Verify effectiveness of solution Confirm improvement is significant Hold the gains Document project Translate learnings Celebrate Project Scoping Tools Team Engagement CTQ Definitions Surveys, Benchmarking Mistake proofing/Control plan SPC, Audits, FMEA Product/Process design changes Kaizen Mindset Preventive Actions Line Design/Balance Kanban, SMED, TPM DOE, Simulation Statistical analysis Roadmap Capability Study (after) FMEA, Product Process Maps Paretos, Value Stream Maps Multivari (basic graphing) Tools Sample size calculator Statistical analysis Roadmap Process Map, Value Stream Map Cause & Effect FMEA Gage R & Rs SPC Capability Study (before) D M A I C
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  • What is Value Stream Mapping ? A tool used to create a material and information flow of a product or process The value stream includes the following: People Tools Technologies Physical facilities Material and Information flows Policies and procedures
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  • Why Value Stream Maps? It helps visualize what may be otherwise un-seen Find the sources of waste and quantifies those wastes so that efforts for reduction can be prioritized
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  • Value Stream Map - Manufacturing Encourages Value Stream Thinking not silos
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  • Target Waste with Value Stream Maps Lean Manufacturing / Enterprise Excess Inventory Apply line balancing (Lean) and Kanban to reduce or eliminate inventory Long Setup Apply lean tools (SMED) to reduce set up time Value Add Non-Value Add
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  • Summary Poka Yoke Make it fool proof 4-Ups Picture representation for Management Combine Lean and Six Sigma to reduce lead time, increase productivity,reduce WIP, better utilize space.
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  • Resources http:isixsigma.com http://en.wikipedia.org Sasa Todorovic Quality Engineer, Black Belt Master Learning to See by Mike Rother and John Shook Available at www.lean.org