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  • President: Bill Walters Editor: Peg Boyne

    Circulation: Kathy Bellows

    The Legend


    Sleepy Hollow

    Volume 64 Number 3

    March 2019

    Taste of the Hollow March 30th at St. Alban’s

    Sleepy Hollow's Annual Taste of the Hollow event is on March 30 at 6:00pm at St. Alban’s Episco- pal. After a cold, wet winter come out, celebrate spring, and socialize with your neighbors while enjoying delicious appetizers/heavy hors d'oeuvres. A few important highlights about the event:

    #1 - Please RSVP by 3/22! Admission is $10 per person. St. Alban’s is located at 6800 Columbia Pike, Annandale. There will be some fabulous door prizes!

    #2 - Do you have that one dish for which you are famous? The dish everyone asks you to bring to every event and people always ask you for the recipe? The dish your family asks to have for every special oc- casion? Now is your chance to submit that dish for the bragging rights of "Best of the Hollow 2019." Only ten entries will be accepted for this competition! There are some rules .....like it has to be finger food and/or served in a way that doesn't require utensils (if this creates a problem, let’s talk. We will figure something out.) Email [email protected] to register or ask questions. Upon re- ceipt, all details will be shared. Who will be able to brag all year long that their dish is "Best of the Hol- low 2019" !?!?! Only a few slots are left to join in this friendly competition!

    #3 - This is an adult-only event with childcare provided. Advance registration of children is neces- sary to ensure we have sufficient childcare providers.

    If you register children on or before 3/22, the childcare fees are: $15 for one child for the evening $20 for two or more children for the evening

    A flat $25 fee per family will be charged for any child(ren) brought to the event who weren't registered in advance

    Register by clicking on this link, or, if you are reading this in hard-copy, by sending an email to [email protected]


  • Volume 64 Number 3 Page 2 Page 2

    President’s Letter

    Welcome to Spring?

    As we turn the corner and look forward to warmer weather, please keep in mind that now might be the time to think about scheduling any maintenance necessary for your house or property.

    One of our many hot topics, that has concerned us all in recent times, is security in the neighbor- hood. If you have not volunteered to be a part of the neighborhood watch, please seek out Curtis Anderson and sign up. It is a very low amount of commitment for a very good cause. Recently, there have been several attempts to break into our homes. Please keep doors, windows, cars and sheds locked. For those of you heading out on spring break vacations, be sure to let your neighbors know your status.

    Courtesy of the Fairfax County Police Department, here are some tips on how to protect your home while you're away on vacation:

    • Think about making an investment into a Ring door bell or like product to provide you with vis- ibility of who is approaching your house.

    • Make your home look as though you are there; set lights, televisions, and radios on timers, and don’t leave outdoor lights on all day

    • Check your locks to make sure that they are locked and working properly.

    • Do not leave a hidden key outside your home. Consider installing electronic door locks

    • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home or get a house sitter.

    • Consider sharing electronic photos and memories AFTER you return home to prevent too many people from knowing that you’re away from home.

    • Consider installing an alarm system.

    As the time has changed, it will be darker in the morning. Keep an eye out for our early runners/ walkers and their dogs. Please consider wearing a reflective vest, headlamp and/or tail lamp and don’t forget to make your dog visible as well. Some or most of us have not had coffee and will not see you walking in the dark.

    A final note/plug for our famous event - The Taste of the Hollow, which will be held again at St Al- ban’s Church on 30 March. Please check your email for a note from Kellie Bock. As we continue to evolve, we have a new twist on the event, so check out the details. Child care will again be pro- vided and will most certainly help more families attend. We will also be presenting the slate of of- ficers to elect new Board members.

    Thank you and be safe!

    Bill Walters, President, SHCA


  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow Page 3 Legend of sleepy hollow Page 3

    - - - - -Paid Advertisements- - - - -

    Thanking Our First Responders

    On behalf of the Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood, the Pika and Walters families delivered holiday greetings and a small monetary gift to our local police and fire stations in December.

    All the Police cars in the area were called in and 6 cars showed up to say hello. The Fire house tour included a bunk room, hose hanging station, meeting room and kitchen tour. The trucks were out on a call. This was a great experience for the kids and adults alike. If you’d like to participate in

    this community outreach next year, please reach out to the communica- tions chair at [email protected]

    Easter Egg Hunt!

    Sunday, April 7 (rain or shine)

    1:00 pm

    Twin Oak Place

  • Volume 64 Number 3 Page 4 Page 4

    2019 / 2020 SHCA OFFICERS


    Below is the proposed slate of SHCA Executive Committee

    Officers and Delegates. We will vote on these at our general

    meeting, to be held during the annual Taste of the Hollow on

    March 30.

    PRESIDENT Joe Pika

    FIRST VP Bill Walters

    SECOND VP/ Membership Chair Virginia Robinson SECRETARY Robert Kokta TREASURER John Cockayne


    Mason District Council

    Of Civic Associations Jan Keyes

    Fairfax County Federation

    Of Citizens Associations CharlieWilliams

    Are you a member

    of the

    Sleepy Hollow


    Yahoo Group?

    Get all the latest news, get help, offer help… To join, simply send an email to SleepyHol- lowNeighborhood- subscribe @yahoogroups.com This is a private group, intended only for resi- dents of Old Sleepy Hol- low. Please include your full name and address in your email so our ad- ministrator can verify that you are eligible to join.

    SHCA 2019 Events All Sleepy Hollow neighbors are invited to these events, regardless of membership status.

    Sat Mar 30 6:00 pm Taste of the Hollow/General Meeting – SHCA Elections

    Sun Apr 7 1:00 pm Easter Egg Hunt (rain or shine)

    Sat Apr 13 9:00 am Spring Community Clean-Up (rain or shine), South Street at Sylvan Drive and Tripps Run Clean-Up, Tripps Run at Holmes Run Road

    Sun Jun 9 4:00 pm Summer Picnic (rain date June 16)/General Meeting

    Sat Jun 29 8:00 am Summer Community Clean-Up (rain or shine), South Street at Sylvan Drive

    Sun Sept 15 4:00 pm Fall Picnic (rain date Sept 22)/General Meeting

    Sat Sept 28 8:00 am Fall Community Clean-Up (rain or shine), South Street at Sylvan Drive

    Sun Oct 27 11:00 am Halloween Parade/General Meeting

    Sat Dec 7 8:00 am Winter Community Clean-Up (rain or shine), South Street at Sylvan Drive

  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow Page 5 Legend of sleepy hollow Page 5

    Mason District Council The MDC had a recent meeting to primarily discuss two proposed updates to county planning and zoning regulations that will be reviewed by the county's planning commission and Board of Supervisors this Spring:

    1) Amendment regarding wireless telecommunications infrastructure related to small wireless facilities and their sup- port structures. https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/planning-zoning/zoning-ordinance/wireless-telecommunications- infrastructure The new regulation is meant to assist with wireless network upgrades from 4g to 5g. Residents ex- pressed concerns about the look and location of potential new wireless infrastructure to accommodate the new tech- nology.

    2) Amendment on community gardens, farmers markets and gardens

    https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/planning-zoning/zoning-ordinance/community-gardens-farmers-markets This amend- ment will create a process for creating community gardens on plots of land under 5 acres; update regulations for farm- ers markets; and potentially allow gardens in residents' front yards. Attendees expressed concerns about the impact

    of vegetable gardens in front yards to county staff.

    SHCA 2019 Earth Day Commemorations Saturday, April 13

    SHCA celebrates National Earth Day on April 13 with our Spring clean-ups. Choose between the activ- ities below and bring a friend! Students, come out for community service credits! Contact Jeanine Manley for more information at [email protected]

    SHCA Spring Street Clean-up: 8:00 -10:00 a.m.

    SHCA’s quarterly clean-ups of our boundary streets are a partnership with VDOT’s