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    17th to 21st November 2010 – Angoulême

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    1. Objectives reminder

    2. Draft project

    3. Planning

    4. Workshop

    5. Bilan

    6. Communication

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    1. Objectives reminder

    The objectives of the seminary was:

    to show to international partners how we can use comics as intercultural tool for communicate with learners and international partners.

    Exchange experiences concerning methods of communication between disadvantaged people, social workers and local communities.

    Apply these communication methods and tools in our partnership organisations

    Create a European network or edutainment structures using intercultural tools for social inclusion of target group (Disadvantaged adults ,learners

    with social difficulties and social differences, migrants)

    Find an agreement on final product to create an intercultural game on drawing comic’s strips.

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    1. Draft project

    Context Lifelong learning programme Grundtvig 2007-2013: to provide adults with the possibility to improve

    their knowledge and competences; it’s a cooperation project between organisations working in the

    field of non formal adult learning, who want to work together on a topic of common interest

    Project Exchanges of communication methodologies at European level, in particular to share a new

    approach for fighting against illiteracy, improving communication skills and recommend strategy

    for social inclusion

    Aims Using innovating tools like “Comic’s, table games, intergenerational transmission of traditional foods, handy-craft......

    Exchanging methods of communication as a first step towards learning a second language

    Implementing of these edutainment tools

    Creating an European network in adult non formal education

    Methodology Presentation by each country structure of its innovative tools they use day by day in order to help learners to communicate

    Workshops dedicated to these communication tools with other learner’s partners

    Dates and places

    October 2010 :France Angoulême June 2011 : Germany Berlin

    October 2011 : Turkey Gönen June 2012 : Italy Palermo

    Target Group Disadvantaged adult

    Learners with social difficulties and social differences


    Product European intercultural learning game

    Partners - Tera- Maison de l’Europe Charente, Maryse Gaillard , France coordinator

    - Come lina marea, Concetta Bruno, Italie , Partner

    - Gönen ïlce Mïlli Egitim Müdürlügü, Ilker Eren, Turkey, Partner

    - Europanorat Gmbh, Thomas Friendländer,Germany, Partner


    Maryse Gaillard - Susana Goncalves

    TERA-Maison de l’Europe de la Charente, 16 000 Angoulême

    : 05 45 39 85 67 ; Courriel : [email protected] [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://

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    2. Planning 17 – 21 November 2010

    Wednesday 17 Thursday18 Friday19 Saturday 20 Sunday 21

    9h00 -


    Departure hotel 8h30


    (Ligne 5 bus)

    Presentation of the


    Departure hotel

    8h30 Maryse

    Workshops: Making

    comic strips with

    youngsters in difficulty

    Angoulême departure


    Hotel d’Orléans

    Visit Cognac Local


    10h-11h30 Participants


    10h30 -

    10h45 Coffee Break Place museum BD



    Workshop : “ Cooking

    with and for seniors” in

    social cultural centre –

    Rives de Charente

    Workshops: Making

    comic strips with

    disabled people


    Travel to Cognac



    Lunch with seniors


    Lunch in Angoulême

    “La table a dessin”

    Lunch in Cognac

    “l’express” restaurant

    with Belgium’s

    authors comics

    14h- 15h30

    14h18 Thomas


    Participants arrival

    12 people (turkey,

    italy, germany)

    Discussion about the

    BBCL project (2010 -


    Making comic strips

    with youngsters in


    Cognac Discovery

    Preparation of a PP

    with the presentation of

    each structure, and the

    project BBCL

    (presentation during

    “Salon Européen de la

    littérature” COGNAC)

    15h30 Visit of the

    Comic’s strip museum

    16h00 Free time


    Workshop with

    Belgians authors


    Public Presentation

    of the BBCL

    In European Literacy



    Meeting point

    Hotel d’orléans

    133 Avenue


    16000 Angoulême

    05 45 92 07 53


    Workshop : Making

    comic strips with gypsy


    In town



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    3. Workshop

    Presentation of each structure:

    Europanorat GmBH :

    Thomas Friedlander: Project manager, Daniel Khafif: Project manager, Ken Nein: English

    teacher, Katrin GrÜntha: German teacher, Yolanda Garcia Hernandez: project manager

    (spanish, tourism)

    Come una marea :

    Maria Cordone: Head of school, Anna Saccullo: Director, Francesco Marsala Fanara : associate


    TERA Maison de l’Europe de la Charente :

    Maryse Gaillard : vice president, Susana Gonçalves : Project manager, Lise Nebot: assistant

    project manager

    Centre Social Rives de Charentes :

    Marie France Camy : President, Myriam Larret : Director

    Centre International de la Bande dessinée :

    Marie Restoin : Project manager “training and development”

    Association NA :

    Lisa Lugrin and Clément : leader

    Gönen Directory of National Education

    Ibrahim Tuncer : Director of National Education

    Sadik Dere: assistant director of National Education

    Ilker Eren: English teacher

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    First workshop: 18th


    Presentation of the BBCL project with discussions and different points of views around the

    theme: edutainment with comics and board games. Discussions about next workshop in

    Berlin and interrogation from Turkey. They have no experience in these kind of project and

    prefer to let Germany start in order to prepare themselves the best they can. Moreover,

    November is the best time for them

    Propositions about final products and repartitions of rules : it was difficult to finish this point

    and decide to have a reflexion about this point by mails

    Some ideas : A game-written in strip’s comic with traditional activities from different

    countries ( as for example receipts cooking from Italy , cheeses from France) but it could be

    others activities in this game as handcrafts , dances, puppets, and also computer games.

    Next meeting in partners countries planned: Germany the second first week of June 2011,

    Turkey in November 2011, Italy in June 2012.

    Europanorat (German partner’s) Present methodologic’s evaluations Presentation of Tera intercultural game: European puzzle

    This puzzle has been created by Susana Gonçalves in order to make animations in schools

    with children between 10 and 18. She worked with an association which help young and

    disabled people and this association made wooden puzzle in order to be more respectful

    toward environment. The puzzle is available for rent or sell. The point was to show to the

    participants how we can play with children/teenager just with a puzzle and deliver a

    concrete message without a lot of words.

    Association Na animation in a gypsy camp:

    Lisa and Clément started to work with a gypsy camp 6 month ago. They try to help young

    gypsy to express themselves by drawing. They invited us into the gypsy camp and families

    accepted to work in front of the European group. Children are working in a new comic strip,

    they invented a story and they draw the characters. They also work to adapt an alphabet

    book with gypsy words. This workshop has let to understand how to work with

    disadvantaged people with comics, especially with young children and to exchange about

    gypsy situation in each country.

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    Second workshop: 19th


    All the group went in the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée local to meet the

    association ADAPEI an association which help disabled person and their families. A group of

    8 people (and 2 educators) came to draw and present their work in front of the group. They

    explained to the group that for them it’s very important to practice arts like drawing because

    its help us to develop creativity and feel confident. The European group participated to the

    activity and they kept all their drawings.

    This activity showed to the group how this disabled people can express themselves by art.

    The social workers, educators had to innovate with new methods of communication to help

    disadvantaged people in their organization. The CIBDI and ADAPEI developed alternative

    approaches to integrate disadvantaged citizens into society

    In the afternoon the target group changed, 8 under 18 came with 2 educators and the

    European group worked with them. They are youngsters in difficulties, with judicial

    problems. Victims and delinquents work together. These people don’t live in their parent’s

    home but in a specific center called “Jeanne d’Arc”. Some of them don’t have any contact

    with their family anymore. Each week they come to the Centre International de la Bande

    Dessinée to draw something.

    In this workshop the group worked around the theme of the colours. Each picture can

    express something different if you change the colours. They had to represent: breaks up and

    love. All the drawing have been posted.

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    Third workshop: 20TH November

    TERA stand with participants

    The Salon des littératures européennes de Cognac started and the group went to spend the

    last day there to participate to the event meeting Belgium authors and presenting Grundtvig

    project in front of general public. The meeting with Belgium people was in order to exchange

    best practices and ask personal questions to the authors in the way to understand how arts

    can help a person in its personal achievement.

    At the end of the day the European group presented the project in front of the public

    audience helping by a common power point. Each leader partner present its own structure.

    Maryse Gaillard presented the project and translated all the presentations in French.

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    The presentation has been listened by a various public and by elected representative of

    Angoulême such as:

    Mister Yves Brion: ecologist

    Départemental Council

    Public audience

    And of course they could appreciate regional speciality of Charente like the


    Discovery of traditional product in

    Charente: Cognac distillery

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    4. Bilan

    The European group had a very positive value about these workshops. They were sometimes surprised by the methods, especially in the gypsy camp, but they came back with a lot of ideas to adapt. It’s permit to have a reflexion around integration with non formals tool. All these workshops have let to recognize French tool, comics, as a tool of integration for disadvantaged people. All the group exchanges about the best way to create the final product, a lot of ideas have been mentioned but any consensus have been found. All the evaluation participants are on the whole positive and the next 3 seminaries are anticipated. Europanorat (German partner’s) collect methodologic’s evaluations

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    Press : Zaman France (Turkish newspaper)

    Press : « Charente Libre » and « Zaman France Haber»

    Littératures européennes Cognac programm :

    Invitation Salon des littératures européennes de Cognac

    Facebook TERA : Maison de l’Europe

    Ilker website:

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    Annexes : Press « Zaman »

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    Charente Libre Press :

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    Press charente Libre 18th November

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    Invitation :Salon des littératures européennes de Cognac