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eLearning Best Practice module (eLBP)

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  • 1.eLearning Best Practice module (eLBP)

2. Aims By the end of this hour, we might have a better idea of: The structure and look & feel of the eLearning Best Practice Module The resources and content that we need to work on as a team and where these should go Who can create what by when The relationship between the ELBP Module, the eMatrix and the CELT elearning website 3. Context Low participation rates in Workshops and demos (average under 2 staff per session) Usual problems - Time-poor staff/HPLs/lack of Faculty support etc. How do we know what staff really require/want? Diverse levels of digital literacy among staff Traditional training models ineffective 4. CELT elearning online How can we create a more effective and coherent online presence? How can we ensure that what we do well is reflected by our online resources? Ex. The ELBP can be used to link the pedagogy and the practical within a London Met context a link to an eMatrix entry + links to basic how-to documentation 5. What to do Open the Google Doc Workshops & demosFor each section, think about: 1. Is an online workshop (using Learning Module) appropriate for this topic? 2. How could the topic be presented on the eMatrix? 3. What resources could be included in the Demos & Support area? 4. Who can create / find the resources? 6. Getting it out there Creating lots of beautiful content and resources is meaningless without a coherent strategy to push it what can we do as a team? Use / demonstrate ELBP/eMatrix in f-2-f sessions Links from Weblearn entry page + Message of the day Engage key staff in helping to evaluate existing resources and suggest / contribute to further content All make more consistent use of our social media channels and push these more (e.g. London Met eLearning FB page, Twitter etc. Think about alternative training models e.g. mentoring, on demand etc.