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Email and digital marketing

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Connected Vets are creating great content to help vets get noticed. We write personalised emails, personalised news stories from you to your clients.


  • 1. Email and digital marketing

2. What are the corporates doing? Good looking websites full of fresh content 3. Regular email newsletters 4. Well maintained social media 5. What do most vets do? A Web site (really an online brochure in many cases) But is the content being updated and how often? Are customers being drawn back every week? Is the site set up well for SEO?How high do you rank on the search for vet and town? 6. Newsletters Most vets use a Industry standard paper newsletter posted to clients at booster reminder time and left on the reception desk But do they work? How many clients even get them? 7. Why not use email? 8. Interactive e-news Personalised to; your practice your clientand youSocial Media LayerLinks to news Stories and information sheets 9. Personalised to; your practice your client Social Media Layer Links to news Stories and information sheets and you 10. linking to e-News stories Also personalised to; your practiceWith Calls To ActionSEO optimisedCan be liked and Shared on Facebook/Twitter etc 11. Key advantages of email news over paper newsletters Up to date with a short shelf life Personal, personalised & SEO friendly Regular circulation requires no input from the practice but will benefit from your content when & if you have the time Sent direct to participating clients Can be shared with Social Media 12. Effective for other industries 13. Its easy, all we need is... email address of your clients as a .csv file. you to tell clients about the new email newsletter service that is full of FREE advice for their pets. 14. Questions? Call us or email We are happy to visit you to give you a demonstration [email protected]