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Charlie Hawkins


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ANCILLARY TEXTS?• For my main product I chose to create a music video. I was given the options of creating 2 out of the

following 3 pieces for my ancillary texts:


-DVD cover

-Magazine Advertisement

• I chose to create a website and a DVD cover for my piece and created my cover on Photoshop and my website on WIX.

• I made sure that my ancillary texts and my piece all had the same theme and worked well together so it was clear they were all linked. Therefore I made sure they had similarities such as the repeating of the flies on the website logo and the golden ones on the book cover. This is called branding, a common technique in the world of media to establish a creator and link all their work together, for example Tim Burton and his colour theme.

• I also kept my ancillary texts consistent with my media piece through including the main character in my piece on both my website and dvd cover and using the same picture. I created synergy and continuity by keeping everything consistent in theme and imagery which helps with promotion and getting your product out their and making it known which is important for an artist and their work.

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HOW I CAME UP WITH MY THEME• Deftones’ genre is defined on wikepedia as Alternative metal experimental rock nu metal,

I decided to convey this through dark imagery and colour themes. Another way I conveyed this is through picking the dark subjects of abuse and freedom being taken away to focus my music video on and also one of their slowest and, in my opinion, most emotional tracks.

• I used red as the background for my dvd cover as red is a colour often associated with death, anger and murder and so I felt it was fitting and also eye catching. In a study of which colours best catch your eyes: a subjective study of colour, Osberger suggests that some particular colours (e.g. red) attract our attention more than others. Therefore I decided that this was exactly what I wanted to do so I used red to draw attention to my dvd cover and hopefully lead people to watch my music video.

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I chose to do a DVD cover because I felt that if I made it look like a fairy-tale book it would add to the feel of my piece. I wanted to play on the fairy-tale theme and came to the conclusion that I could do this best by laying it out like a leather bound fairy book. To make my DVD cover look as close to a leather-bound fairy-tale book, like the ones written by the Grimm’s brothers, I included ornate gold vines and a leather texture to make it as aesthetically similar as I could. I think by replicating a book cover it made the audience more aware of the base of my plot that it was definitely about a fairy, and I think by including the bloodied hands it makes the audience more aware that my piece has a sinister twist. Without these hints, regarding the fairies and fairy tale theme, I feel like it would be easy for the audience to get confused as to whether the piece was supposed to be realistic or not.

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I chose to do a website due to it giving background behind the piece

Putting things online to attract a younger/wider audience they won’t see a poster or dvd as they predominantly spend their time online so it gives them a chance to hear about the band and their new video through the internet.

I also chose to do a website due to it enabling me to put more info about the band and the background of the music and video, something neither the poster or dvd cover would enable me to do. The option of a website was also more interactive than a poster for example I included the links to the bands social networking sites, which I felt made everything feel more professional and legitimate. Another way that I felt that I was able to make the website more eye catching and interactive than I could of done with a poster was because I was able to add gifs and links that the audience could watch and use..