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How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?

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How effective is the COMBINATION of your main product and ancillary task?

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All the way through the making of my main product, I knew it didn’t belong within the mainstream category. It is very reminiscent of Indie films such as the films the company Fox Searchlight produces; Low budget, simple, alternative (Indie) . So, from the start I had the hint that I would need to research independent print companies for the ancillary tasks, especially for the film magazine as I knew not a lot of film magazines create a front page or a film review for short films.This was very tricky as it meant more work for me, but I did like the idea that I would get more creative freedom as I wouldn’t have to follow conventions of mainstream print products which has very precise and consistent styles to them.

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Creating the Film Poster was tricky because most short films do not include a Film Posters, so for this I had to follow convention of actual full feature films.

However, I researched more alternative or Indie films instead of mainstream, big budget films to achieve a look that would be a good combination with my short film and that would attract the same target audience.

It is incredibly important that both products gave off the same image and vibe as you do not want to give the audience the wrong impression of what they see on the poster and on screen. You want it to have the same image that interlinks and complimented each other.

In my opinion I think I did a good job in portraying my short film within the poster. The picture linked in with the story line and all of it interlinks with the film’s narrative.

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Creating the Magazine Front Cover was the most fun process through the making of this project. I got full creative control and I got to play around with different softwares.

I knew that picking a mainstream magazine to base my magazine cover on, such as EMPIRE or TOTAL FILM, would give out the wrong impression for it. This is why I researched into independent film magazines and found LITTLE WHITE LIES an independent film magazine which bases its articles on more independent films and artistry. I completely fell in love with their style and immediately knew that I wanted to work in this style.Their front page usually consists of an edited picture of the protagonist/s of the film their featuring with nothing else on the page. I thought using LWL’s style would make a good combination with my short film as both are very different and alternative. I think that the target audience for my film would be the type of audience that would buy this magazine as it is artistic and not mainstream.

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The film review was by far the easiest part of the making of this project, since I felt that LITTLE WHITE LIES magazine gave off the right impression for my short film and having already made the Front cover for the magazine, it was just common sense to carry on using the magazine layout for the film review of my film, as the combination between my film and magazine was already very good.The only thing that I found hard about making the film review was using the right language within the review which would portray the film as I want it to be portrayed. Overall though I am very happy with the results.

Creating the Film Review was quite easy as I decided to stick with the styling of LITTLE WHITE LIES magazine, I just tried to mimic the layout they use for the review to achieve a believable film review.