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Question 2- How effective is the combination of your short film, film review and film poster?

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Question 2- How effective is the combination of your short film, film review and film poster?

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“Father’s Day” Short Film


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Film Poster and Review

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What message did you want to send to your audience through your poster and

review?• The message I wanted to send my audience when creating

my poster and review was that the film is quite dark and mysterious. I also wanted to show that it has an interesting storyline and uses different techniques such as flashbacks. I conveyed these messages in my poster by using low key lighting/colour scheme and using an image of my protagonist with a scared facial expression on his face. Using the low key lighting/colour scheme, this tells the message of a mysterious and thrilling short film and the scared facial expression connoting danger and confrontation. In my review I used an image when the flashback occurs to show the audience that we used different media techniques connoting that the message of my short film is unique.

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What is your film’s unique selling point?

• My film “Father’s Day”’s main unique selling point is the unusual relationship between the Father (George) and Son (Martin). This is introduced at the beginning of the film. Throughout the short film it is evident that George bullies Martin a lot. The use of the flashback (another unique selling point) describes and explains their relationship when Martin was much younger. I believe this is a unique selling point because it makes the audience wonder and question why their relationship is like this. It also gives the storyline enigma and tension throughout.

• The film begins with Martin running down the street away from George. Here the unique selling point is thrown into the mix straight away and makes the audience ask questions almost instantly like, “Who is he running from?” “Where is he running to?”. Once the audience discovers he’s running from his father this instantly draws people into the short film more.

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What mode of address does your film use?

• As a mode of address my film uses language, imagery and colour scheme to attract my audience. As my short film is a thriller it is conventional to use low key lighting which makes the scenes dark and mysterious. Due to the dark scenes this made the colour scheme rather dark.I have used this mode of address to attract my audience and make them ask questions. By using low key lighting it also gives a claustrophobic effect and I wanted the audience to feel as though they were in the film to give the most realistic audience experience. When the flashback occurs we used a desaturated filter to indicate going back in time. This worked well in working like an old film, plus it adds interest to the film as it’s modern with old fashioned techniques.

• I wanted to use normal imagery throughout my short film as a mode of address. The use of normal looking characters and an everyday setting is a key mode of address because it relates to the audience watching it. This encourages audiences to watch more because it’s an extraordinary situation in an ordinary setting.

• Language used in my short film is quite formal and serious. I used this as a mode of address because not only is it the most suitable to the narrative but because my target audience is older teenagers and young adults I believe they would prefer for the characters to speak more formally in this situation.

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What unique selling point and mode of address does your poster and review

have?• USP Review-The unique selling point for my magazine review is the image I have used and also the bursts of colour I have used. It’s conventional in a magazine review to have a large image and small pieces of text which stand out to the audience which I have done. I definitely think that the size of the image is a USP as it grabs the audience’s attent ion and makes them look at the review. I also think the image I have used works as a unique sel l ing point as the two characters are looking directly at each other, George (left) looking rather angry and young Martin (right) looking scared and intimidated makes the audience ask questions. I also think the use of different fonts which stand out works as a great selling point as it makes the review stand out more and more interesting.

MOA Review- The mode of address I wanted to use in my film review was quite formal with sharp lettering and a image that relates to the film and review. I chose to use a white background with black and red text over i t to make the colours pop more. The language I used in the written review was formal, along with the layout. I think the red circle with t h e q u o t e i n w o r k s particular well as a mode of address because it rea l ly pops out and at t ract the audience more. Overall, I wanted quite a simple mode of address which I think I have used.

USP Poster- The unique selling points of my poster is the facial expression on the actors face in the image I have chosen to use, the font style and the tagline. I think the tagline works really well as a unique selling point as it’s indicating to the audience that there is an unusual event happening between father and child. This works as a unique selling point as it address the audience and makes them want to watch the film. I also chose to use this certain image of my actor who has a scared facial expression. This again creates enigma and suspense even when looking at the poster which like the tagline makes my audience want to watch the film. I also chose to use quite a bold white font as the title for the title of my film and placed it against black to make it stand out more. I think this is an excellent unique selling point as it stands out against the poster but it also doesn’t take to much attention away from the image and opening date. The use of the colour red for the release date also works well as it stands out and it’s clear to the audience when the film will be released.

MOA Poster- The mode of address I wanted to use for my poster was again formal through the use of font, imagery, lighting and layout. Firstly, I created my poster to look like a professional film poster. To do so I looked at existing film posters to make sure I got the layout correct. By using the correct layout this makes the poster professional and rather formal. I also placed the image central in the poster. This works as a mode of address as it draws in the audience and enhanced with the low key lighting makes the image the clear focal point of the poster. The font I used is an important mode of address as it looks formal. Using a bold font it makes the poster look important and g i ves t he t i t l e g rea te r significants. I obviously want my title to address to my audience in a suitable way.

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How are they similar to your short film and how does it represent it?

• My poster and review are similar to my short film as I have used similar font styles, the same colour schemes and images which relate to the film. My poster is similar to my short film as I have used a dark background which relates to the low key lighting used in the most crucial scene. I have also included my production logo in my poster which is included at the beginning of my short film which makes a link between the two. My review is similar to my film because I used a white background which relates to the desaturated scene when the flashback occurs. I have also used the an image of the two actors when the flashback occurs. I decided to use a photo of older Martin on the poster and an image of George and young Martin on the review to make a link between all three.

• My review and poster represent my short film through their similarities. Again, colour scheme and imagery are crucial as I used images of the actors who represent my short film in my review and poster. I also included the title of the film on both to again represent my short film and make a link between the two.

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How do the three products work together and how effectively does the review and

poster advertise your film?• They work together as a three as they address my target audience but in different ways.

The poster addresses the larger group of my target audience as posters are normally seen everyday on things such as buses, billboards and outside cinemas. The poster works as a great eye catcher which intrigues the audience. The film review works in encouraging audiences to watch the film as it discusses the narrative but also gives the audience another image to look at which is interesting to them. The film ties the advertising together as it’s the finished product which the audience want to see. In my review and poster I have been honest in my imagery, tag lines and production. The three work together through their similarities, addressing different parts of my audience and promote it in an honest and interesting way.

• The review and poster work really effectively in advertising my short film as like I said above I was honest and used interesting tag lines to make the audience ask questions which makes them want to watch the film. By using images of the actors involved in the film, similar colour scheme and including positive comments in the review this makes the advertising of my film effective. I have used a reoccurring theme in my work in using colours which relate to different scenes in the film (e.g white background represents the de-saturated scene and black represents the low key lighting scenes), making the title of the film big and bold to attract the audience and using interesting images.