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  • GCSE History Revision

    A guide for parents

  • Paper 1 – mock/preliminary exams

    • USA

     How do interpretations differ?

     Why do interpretations differ?

     Which is most convincing?

     Describe…

     In what ways…explain your answer

     Essay (bullet point)


     How do you know?

     Which source is most useful?

     Write an account…

     Essay (how far do you agree?)

  • Paper 2


    How useful is?

     Explain the significance of…

     Compare…in what ways are they similar?

     Essay (has XXX been the main factor?)


    How far do you agree with…interpretation?

     Explain…

    Write an account…

     Essay (linked to specific site)

  • 1hr 45mins

    The 1st 3 topics…answer ALL 3!

    Topics you MUST answer

    35mins per section = 1.5mins/mark 4marks = 6mins 6marks= 9mins 10marks = 15mins This gives 5mins to read and plan!!!

  • Revision Techniques

    • Good revision does not mean just reading work over and over again!

    • Try to encourage your child to do something with the information

  • Mnemonics-MAIN causes of the FWW

    M Militarism

    A Alliances

    I Imperialism

    N Nationalism

  • The league of nations failed because it…

    Weak The League did not have any real power. Apart from shame, sanctions didn’t work and it did not have it’s own army.

    America The strongest nation after the First World War never joined.

    Structure The League’s organisation was disorganised so it took a long time to do anything. Members couldn’t agree but decisions had to be unanimous.

    Depression World-wide depression causes countries to look for more land and power. Countries were more worried about themselves and not world peace.

    Unsuccessful The more the League failed the more people mistrusted it. In the end countries just ignored it.

    Members The League’s main members let it down.

    Big bullies The League showed it could deal with smaller countries in the 1920s. However when powerful countries like Germany, Italy and Japan defied the League the League was too weak to stop them

    TASK: Find an example to support each of these reasons.

  • Quizzes-you can find these in the revision Guide or online


    Who was King of Germany in 1900? When was the Triple Alliance signed?

    Which countries made up the Triple Alliance?

    What does “splendid isolationism mean”?

    What two things happened that made Britain think about ending it’s policy of “splendid isolationism”?

    When was the Entente Cordiale signed?

    Which countries signed the Entente Cordiale?

    What does Entente Cordiale mean?

    What was the German foreign policy called? (In German or English)

    When was the Triple Entente signed?

  • Assassination

    • Where is Sarajevo?

    • Who was visiting Sarajevo in June 1914?

    • Why was he visiting Sarajevo?

    • What was the name of the terrorist group planning to assassinate him?

    • When was this group formed?

    • How many members did this group have by 1914?

    • What were the aims of this group?

    • Which country was the group connected to?

    • What was the name of the assassin?

  • Assassination

    • Where is Sarajevo?Bosnia • Who was visiting Sarajevo in June 1914?Archduke Franz

    Ferdinand • Why was he visiting Sarajevo?To encourage positive

    relations between A-H and the local people • What was the name of the terrorist group planning to

    assassinate him? Black Hand Gang • When was this group formed?1911 • How many members did this group have by 1914?2,500 • What were the aims of this group? unite all Serbs in to a

    greater Serbia • Which country was the group connected to?Serbia • What was the name of the assassin? Gavrillo Princip

  • Making Connections on diagrams


  • Thought showers or Spider diagrams

  • Questions on the League

    Why did it fail?

    Economic depression








  • Treaty of Versailles_______



    Guilt and CompensationMilitary

  • Treaty of Versailles 28th June 1919



    Guilt and CompensationMilitary

    Colonies = mandates


    Danzig=Free City

    North Schleswig=Denmark

    West Prussia and Posen = Poland

    Saarland = LoN for 15 yearsAnschluss forbidden

    Army limited to 100,000

    No conscription

    6 battleships

    No subs or aircraft

    Rhineland demilitarised

    Article 231=War guilt clause

    £6.6billion set in 1921

    Pay until 1984!Young Plan 1929

  • German Foreign Policy 1933-35

    Rearmament 10yr Non-Aggression Pact

    Failed Anschluss Anglo-German Naval Agreement

  • German Foreign Policy 1933-35

  • German Foreign Policy 1933-35

    • 1932 – Disarmament Conference • France= never disarm • 1933 – Hitler withdrew from Conference • 1935 –Gr introduced conscription • 1935 – Br, Fr & It = Stresa Front against Germany • TofV= unfair • FR = not act alone

    • 1934 - Germany and Poland signed a 10yr non-aggression pact

    • Hitler promised not to take Polish corridor

    • Pleased Britain

    • 1934 – Austrian Nazi Party encouraged to rebel

    • Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss killed • Mussolini moved army to Austria to

    prevent Hitler from achieving Anschluss • Hitler not strong enough so backed down

    • 1935 – Britain pleased with Hitler • Germany navy limited to 35% of

    British navy • Britain agreed to German

    rearmament • Br acted without Fr or It • 1938 = 800,000 men; 47 u-boats;

    2,000 aircraft

  • Nazi Soviet Pact





  • Nazi Soviet Pact


    August, 1939


    Stalin prepare USSR for future attack

    Stalin unhappy with Br&Fr leaving him out of Munich

    Stalin= Br and Fr using Germany against USSR

    Hitler avoided a war on 2 fronts

    Br&Fr lost a possible ally


    Not to fight against each other in the

    event of war

    Secret agreement to divide Poland


    Ribbentrop = Germany &

    Molotov= Russia

  • Colour coding-Cause, Event and result Bosnian Crisis, 1908-09

    • Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire) was breaking up • Serbia wanted to unite all SLAVS – Yugoslavia • Russia and Serbia = allies • Russia called for an international conference to discuss Bosnia • A-H refused to attend • Germany supported A-H because of their support during Morocco • Russia had to back down as it was not ready to fight Germany • Serbia wanted revenge against A-H • Russia was humiliated and now unlikely to back down • A-H had the support of Germany – even if it meant war this was

    important in 1914 • Russia became closer to Br and Fr


    Manchurian Crisis

    Wall Street Crash in 1929 meant that Japan lost trade with the USA.

    Manchuria was rich in natural resources

    Chinese soldiers were accused of blowing up part of the Japanese railway

    China appealed to the League for help.

    Lytton Commission was set up to investigate

    Japan invaded the next province Jehol

    The League condemned the actions of Japan and told Japan to leave the area.

    Britain and France were not willing to support the League by providing an army

    The League had failed to deal effectively with Japan

    The League encouraged aggressive actions from Germany and Italy

    Abyssinian Crisis

    Abyssinia was the only independent Africa country in that area

    Mussolini wanted to increase Italy’s power

    Italy wanted revenge for defeat in 1896

    Well at WalWal were attacked. Italy invaded.

    Haile Selassie appealed to the League for help

    Britain and France tried to get Italy to agree to the Hoare-Laval Pact – this would give Italy 2/3 of Abyssinia

    The League imposed sanctions on glass, rubber and weapons

    League members were not willing to stop aggressive countries

    Britain and France were undermining the League

    The League was no longer taken seriously

  • Steps to War –sequencing and putting in order

    28th June Russia offers support to Serbia

    6th July Germany declares war on France; German troops enter Belgium

    23rd July A-H sends ultimatum to Serbia

    24th July France declares war on Germany

    28th July A-H declares war on Serbia

    30th July Germany promises to support A-H= “blank cheque”

    1st August A-H declares war on Russia

    3rd August Russia

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