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    Handbook 2014/15

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    Table of Contents

    Student Media Mission, Vision & Goals

    Who is Student Media3




    Student Media Goals3

    Strategic Initiatives3

    2014/15 Student Leader Strategies3, 4

    Departmental Priorities for Students4

    General Information

    2014/15 Student Media Leaders5

    2014/15 Student Media Staff5, 6

    About Student Media6


    Student Media Rules & Procedures

    Academic Requirements7


    Copyright/Plagiarism8, 9

    Dress Code9

    Press Pass10


    Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco7 Email Accounts9 Smoking Policy10, 11

    Business Hours7




    Social Media11


    Computing Resources8

    Conference Rooms8

    Keys & Door Codes9


    Termination11, 12


    Conflict of Interest8 Mail10

    University Student Media Committee


    Operating Policies & Guidelines14-18

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    Mission, Vision & Goals

    Who is Student Media:

    The Daily Barometer, Beavers Digest, Prism Art & Literary Magazine, KBVR-FM &


    Student Media Mission:

    Student Media educates and prepares students to inform, record, inspire and engage the



    *Provide a world-class media learning experience with access to industry leading professionals,

    newsmakers and state-of-the-art facilities

    *Produce award-winning media

    *Inspire multimedia innovators

    *Expand the scope and size of our audience


    *free speech *professionalism

    *accuracy *learning

    *integrity *creativity

    *respect *innovation

    *excellence *collaboration

    *dignity *equality

    *business *communication

    Student Media Goals:

    Oregon State University Student Media will set the pace for all media.

    1. Student first service 2. Highly developed integrated team 3. Excellence in everything from print, audio, video, art, discovery and business 4. Highly trained, well prepared students/graduates 5. Innovation in Media

    Strategic Initiatives:

    *Provide facilities, tools and learning opportunities which align with industry standards and are

    able to adapt to future needs

    *Provide guidance for financial stewardship and effective use of capital resources

    *Inspire outstanding media serving a global audience

    *Increase recruitment and retention of participants from a variety of backgrounds

    2013/14 Student Leader Strategies:

    *Standardized training for students

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    *Develop professional standards for products

    *Database for documenting student training and development

    *Develop process for holding students accountable for standards

    *Developing community relationships

    Departmental Priorities for Students:




    *Student Media and/or job

    *social life

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    General Information:

    Student Media Leaders:

    The Daily Barometer

    Sean Bassinger, Editor-in-Chief Eric Pinnock, Business Manager

    MU East 118 MU East 118

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-3191 Phone: 541-737-6373

    Prism Arts & Literary Magazine

    Megan Haverman, Editor-in-Chief

    MU East 126A

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-2253


    Matt Walton, FM Manager

    MU East 224

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-2008


    Justin Matthews, TV Manager

    MU East 203

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-6326

    Beavers Digest

    Jodie Davaz, Editor-in-Chief

    MU East 231

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-3501

    Student Media Professional Staff:

    Interim Director of Student Media

    Bill Gross Assistant Director of Student Media

    Kami Hammerschmith

    118 MU East 111 MU East

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-4615 Phone: 541-737-6379

    Broadcast Coordinator Journalism Coordinator

    Bill Gross Vacant

    218 MU East 103 MU East

    Email: [email protected] Email:

    Phone: 541-737-4860 Phone: 541-737-3383

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

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    Chief Engineer Information Technology Consultant

    Jack Kemp Mark Williams

    210 MU East 126 MU East

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-6322 Phone: 541-737-5676

    Creative Services Coordinator Newspaper Nightshift Coordinator

    Don Boucher Markie Belcher

    123 MU East 123 MU East

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-6374 Phone: 541-737-6375

    Office Manager for Print Media Office Manager for Broadcast Media

    Melissa Knowles Julie Freshwater

    118 MU East 210 MU East

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 541-737-3374 Phone: 541-737-3522

    About Student Media:

    The Daily Barometer, Prism Art & Literary Magazine, KBVR-FM, KBVR-TV and

    Beaver Digest are a few of the many activities at OSU. All student activities fall under the

    jurisdiction of the vice-provost for Student Affairs. The vice-provost reports to the University


    All Student Media entities are part of the university and must abide by state policies and

    procedures. Policies and procedures for bidding, contract negotiations, payroll and accounting

    directly affect Student Media operations.


    As a recognized educational activity, Student Media entities receive an annual allocation

    from the Educational Activities Budget, which is funded by student incidental fees. In

    December/January each year, Student Media entities must follow Student Fees and Educational

    Activities guidelines to prepare the budget for the following fiscal year.

    For the 2014-15 budget cycle, Student Media will be leaving Education Activities and

    moving to the Memorial Union Board as its budgeting board.

    All Student Media entities have an index. Budget reports and quick access to budgeted

    and actual finance activity by index can be viewed online through Oregon States Office of

    Budget & Fiscal Planning at https://bfpsystems.oregonstate.edu/OpenReport/IndexLookup.aspx.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://bfpsystems.oregonstate.edu/OpenReport/IndexLookup.aspx

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    Student Media Rules & Procedures

    Academic Requirements:

    All students in Student Media must carry a minimum of 6 credit hours and maintain at

    least a cumulative 2.00 grade point average.


    All accidents (on or off campus) that are job-related must be reported immediately to the

    Student Media Director, who will complete an accident report form.

    Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco:

    Student Medias policy on alcohol, drugs and tobacco are in accordance with Oregon

    States Student Code and Community Standards http://oregonstate.edu/studentconduct/. Students

    found in violation or exhibiting behavior that violates any part of the Student Conduct Code are

    subject to one or more sanctions outlined by Student Conduct and Community Standards.

    Showing up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated and will

    be immediately reported to the Office of Student Conduct. If you know that you are going to be

    coming in to work in the Student Media Department, take care not to engage in the use of alcohol

    or any mind-altering substance prior to or during your work day.

    The illegal use of drugs on university property is a violation of Oregon States Student

    Conduct and Community Standards. Unlawful manufacture, use, dispensing, possession, or

    distribution of controlled substances by university employees and students in the workplace is

    prohibited under university policy. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination.

    Chewing tobacco shall not be used on Student Media departmental premises. If you engage in the use of chewing tobacco, keep it (and all evidence of it) outside.

    Business Hours:

    Student Media has two office locations:

    Print Media (The Daily Barometer, Prism Art & Literary Magazine, Beavers Digest)

    118 MU East (Snell Hall), hours 8a.m.-5p.m. Monday-Friday

    Broadcast Media (KBVR-FM, KBVR-TV)

    210 MU East (Snell Hall), hours 8a.m.-5p.m. Monday-Friday

    The first and second floor doors of MU East are accessible during non-office hours by

    door code only. Door codes are obtai