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"I Made America" is a transmedia comedy story about six founding fathers who are kidnapped from their own time and brought to 2012 to be used as props in the upcoming election. After discovering the founding fathers disagree politically with everyone now (and one too many practical jokes) they are cut off, leaving them penniless, unemployed, and alone in Chicago. The story follows these six men, the rock stars of their time, fighting to regain their former status when they are 200 years out of place.


  • 1. Storytelling through Transmedia

2. TheEvolution ofStorytelling 3. 2011TheEvolution ofMedia 4. Now is the Time to bea Publisher 5. Now is the Time to bean Entertainer 6. I Made America is a transmediastory delivered through multiplechannels online andoff, displayed in different formsof content 7. Relationships and story arcs are told through videoxyz Supported by micro-content insocial networks that allow forsub-plots and character development 8. Our heartbeat is videoThe blood cells are micro contentBoth delivered via veins (online / live)Pumping to our heart (website, IMA profiles) 9. The Story 10. Six Founding FathersADAMS FRANKLIN HAMILTON JEFFERSON MADISON WASHINGTON 11. Kidnappedfrom theirtime. brought to 2012 12. Living Their LivesADAMSFRANKLIN HAMILTONJEFFERSON MADISONWASHINGTONFacebook FacebookFacebookFacebook FacebookFacebook TwitterTwitter Twitter TwitterTwitter Twitter and sharing it along the way 13. The Timeliness 14. Prior Trend Around Political Humor in 2008 15. Creates anopportunity to rideon the buzz wave ofthe 2012 election 16. Tracking Success 17. Subscribers CommentsViews Likes Sign-ups Attendees DownloadsACTIVE PARTICIPANTS 18. LaunchesJanuary 2012 19. VisitIMadeAmerica.com 20. For More Information, Content Partnerships & Sponsorship OpportunitiesFrank McDade Marc MuszynskiRobin ClementSocial Media ProducerCreator / Executive ProducerPRfrank@imadeamerica.com marc@imadeamerica.com robin@imadeamerica.com


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